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Author’s Note: Apologies for the long delay.

Thanks for reading and for all of the past comments and e-mails about this and other stories.

This story contains incest, group sex, at least one orgy, dudes sucking cock a little bit, and a lot of unrealistic behavior and physical proportions. If that doesn’t seem like your particular brand of vodka, help yourself to as much food as you like and have a safe journey, no hard feelings. Otherwise, come with me.

My parents were both enthusiastic about the Halloween party idea, so Leo, Megan and I got to work planning and inviting friends. All our study-group fuckbuddies loved the idea and agreed to attend, as did Megan’s parents. Now it was Friday afternoon, the day before the party, and Leo, Cory and I had two jobs. Get our costumes, and recruit Leo’s mom.

My idea was simple. Leo had walked in on his mom masturbating a few weeks ago, right there in the living room of their house, fucking herself with a big dildo. The fact that she was doing it right out in the open with Leo due home from school at any time made me think that a good way to get her to join or growing group of fuck-enthusiasts would be to simply allow her to walk in on me and Leo fucking Megan and see what happened. But Megan was busy working with Madison, Brianna, and Lisa on their own costumes tonight. We’d all enjoyed a big group fuck in The Room at school before splitting up. So instead of me, Leo, and Megan surprising Leo’s mom, I was going to have to figure out something with me, Leo and Cory.

Leo wasn’t going to be a problem. Since the night he and Megan had stayed for dinner at my house and we’d sucked each other’s cocks for the first time (not to mention my Dad’s), we’d been working it in frequently to our group sessions. Cory had been there, even seen us sucking each other’s cocks, but so far, he’d not participated. We were usually outnumbered by the ladies, and the ladies loved Cory’s monster cock almost as much as they loved mine, so he was usually busy fucking the pussies and mouths of the young ladies in our fuck-group.

The other issue was that Cory didn’t know about me and Megan fucking our parents and siblings, or that Leo wanted to fuck his mom. So my plan depended on him not freaking out about me and Leo getting familiar with our bi sides, and Leo, hopefully, fucking his mom.

Cory and I started walking to Leo’s house. He had gone from acquaintance to actual friend in the weeks since he, Madison, Brianna, and Lisa had joined our fuck club. He couldn’t be there as often as he wanted because of football, but then again, basketball practice was starting to take up a lot of me and Leo’s time by now too. My parents weren’t home from work yet, so I locked the front door when I left, and we set off in the direction of Leo’s house on foot with our costumes stuffed into our backpacks.

Jamie and Jenna were just getting home from soccer practice and they greeted us at the sidewalk. My gorgeous busty blonde twin next door neighbors smiled and waved and jogged up to us.

“What are you boys up to?” I didn’t know which twin was which, Jamie or Jenna.

“Getting ready for the Halloween party tomorrow night,” Cory said. “You guys coming?”

I hadn’t invited them, though I wanted to. I just didn’t want to invite them to what was guaranteed to turn into an all-out orgy with no warning. But Christ it would be nice if they were into that sort of thing.

“Where’s the party?” the other twin asked.

“Connor’s house,” Cory said.

“Why are we just hearing about this now?” the other twin teased.

“Actually,” I said, “because I wasn’t sure if you guys were eighteen yet. This is an eighteen-plus kind of party.”

“Oh, that sounds dirty,” Jamie or Jenna said. “I love it.”

“And yes, we turned eighteen right before we moved in,” Jenna or Jamie said.

“Well then it’s tomorrow night at seven,” I said. “Costumes highly encouraged. We’re going to meet up with Leo now to modify ours.”

Cory couldn’t hold back a laugh. “Modify,” he chuckled. “That’s a good one.” My plan for our costumes was supposed to be a surprise for the girls, and only he, Leo, and I knew about it.

“Do you guys wanna come hang out at Leo’s?” I asked.

“We can’t, dummy,” one of them said. “We have to go get costumes because you invited us to your party the day before your party!” She slapped my arm and got close enough to me that I could smell the sweat of her soccer practice exertion.

“Plus, we stink,” the other twin said.

“Do you ladies need any help in the shower?” Cory said and laughed as Jamie and Jenna both squealed and slapped his arms in unison.

We parted ways at the end of their driveway, and I told them to text Megan before they went costume shopping, because she was already working on some ideas.

“Those two are ridiculously hot,” Cory said as we walked away. “They need to join our study group.”

“I couldn’t agree more,” I said.

* * *

My costume idea was stupid as fuck, but Cory and poker oyna Leo were both into it. We were going to be the Three Musketeers, and our cocks would be playing the part of our swords. Which is why we needed to modify our costumes, and why I wanted to make sure Jamie and Jenna were eighteen before I invited them. Of course, none of us knew anything about sewing, so our plan was to take the cheap pirate costumes we bought and cut holes in the pants so our cocks could just hang out. The fact that pirates and musketeers were not remotely the same thing did not bother any of us.

When we’d done the cutting and tried on the costumes, it was the perfect time for Leo’s mom to come in from work. Lydia had never been married, and Leo had only met his father twice. The dude was a deadbeat and literally a criminal, and as far as any of us knew, was still in prison in Montana. Lydia had raised Leo alone. Once we got our costumes on and got over the initial awkwardness and laughter, all three of us started to get hard, a first for any situation not involving all our eager cock-hungry female friends. Our “swords” were all pointing straight up in the air when Lydia came into the house from work.

She stood for a minute in stunned silence, staring openly at our cocks. “Holy shit those are some big cocks,” she said. Then she seemed to realize that one of those big cocks belonged to her son, another to his best friend since childhood, and the third to a young man she’d never met. But she didn’t freak out. Instead she laughed out loud. “Oh my God, you idiots are the fucking Three Musketeers, aren’t you?”

* * *

“Oh my God, Lydia, yes,” I groaned as she sucked my cock. Cory and Leo crowded in on either side of me, both of their cocks glistening with Lydia’s spit and bouncing off her face as she worked her lips up and down my shaft. She was built a lot like Megan, but with even more generous curves to her tummy, butt and thighs. Her big naked tits swayed as she sucked my cock, and Leo and Cory each reached down to grab one.

“Suck Connor’s monster cock, Mom,” Leo groaned.

“Can I finish getting you naked, Lydia?” Cory asked.

After she’d laughed at us for our ridiculous costumes, she’d immediately taken off her shirt and reached behind her back to unsnap her bra, releasing her big luscious tits to our view, and further hardening our already hard cocks. Usually that would be enough of an invitation for the three of us to go to work, but this was one of our mothers, so we stood still and watched in expectant awe as Lydia crossed the kitchen to where we stood near the island where we’d made our costume modifications. We watched her big gorgeous naked tits sway as she moved and the way her eyes darted from one cock to the next. Mine, then Cory’s, then her own son’s. When she got down on her knees, Leo was the first to step forward, and the first to be rewarded with the warmth of his mother’s skillful cocksucking.

“How did I not know my baby boy and his friends had such big beautiful cocks?” she said after pulling back for a breath, leaving Leo’s cock almost completely covered with a sheen of her spit. She’d turned her head and started sucking Cory’s even bigger fuck-pole next, bathing his entire length as she continued to stroke her son’s cock with her right hand and reach for mine with her left. Her fingers didn’t quite reach all the way around my girth, and they were cool to the touch, but the thrill of my best friend’s mom stroking my cock made it even harder than it had been when she had taken off her top.

“Holy fuck, Connor,” she said before taking my bulging cock head into her mouth for the first time. “This is the biggest cock I’ve ever seen. Shit, all three of you are fucking huge, but this fucking thing is a beautiful monster-cock.” Then she went to work sucking my rock-hard meat while Leo and Cory moved around me and crowded their big thick cocks in over Lydia’s face while she sucked. They rubbed their cocks together on her face and on the exposed portion of my shaft when it wasn’t in my mouth and she moaned on to me as she basked under our cocks.

When Cory asked if he should finish undressing her, she moaned onto me again, then pulled my cock out of her mouth with a loud pop. “Of course you can, sweetie,” she said. “But I want Leo to be the first one to fuck me.”

Leo gasped as his mother looked up at him and nearly swallowed his entire cock, working him into her throat and forcing her lips and nose closer to his trimmed pubic hair.

“Holy fuck, Mom!” Leo groaned. “You’re sucking my cock so fucking good!”

Cory pulled down Lydia’s pants to her knees, and we all realized at once she had no underwear on.

“Oh shit, look at this fine fat ass,” Cory said, giving her a light slap on one of her luscious white butt cheeks. Lydia groaned on to Leo’s cock at the contact and groaned again when Cory reached between her legs and touched her pussy. “So wet already,” he said. “These big cocks made your pussy all juicy, didn’t they Lydia?”

“Fuck yes,” she growled canlı poker oyna after pulling her son’s iron-hard cock out of her mouth. “Huge cocks make me so fucking wet. I can’t wait for all three of you to fuck me.”

Lydia’s enthusiasm was infectious, and Leo and I helped her to her feet, Cory pulling her pants down the rest of the way as she stood and stuffing his face up between her legs to taste the juiciness he’d just found with his fingers.

“Oh fuck yes, lick me, Cory!” Leo and I played with Lydia’s tits while she stroked our spit-shined cocks and moaned at the work Cory was doing on her pussy. “You guys should take off these sexy-ass costumes, so they don’t get ruined before the party,” she said. “I’m a squirter.”

The three of us couldn’t get out of our clothes fast enough. Lydia left us in the kitchen while we stripped, and when we strode naked into the living room, we found her sitting naked on the sofa with her legs spread wide. She was rubbing her clit with the fingers of one hand and squeezing one of her big melons with the other.

“Fuck me, Leo,” she said. “Put that big beautiful cock in my pussy, baby.”

Cory and I stood back and stroked our cocks while we watched our friend slowly stuff his big thick cock into his mother’s pussy.

“Holy fuck, Leo!” Lydia wailed. “Your cock is fucking huge, baby!”

“Oh my god, your pussy feels so fucking good, Mom!”

I almost jumped out of my skin when a felt another hand wrap around my cock and looked down to see Cory stroking me on the top half while I grasped closer to the base. “I’ve been waiting to find out what this monster feels like,” the muscled star linebacker said. “Can I suck it?”

“Wow,” I said. “Yeah, man, if you want to, that would be awesome!”

Cory got down on his knees and started sucking my cock with as much enthusiasm as any of the girls in our fuck-group. He sucked my bulging head mainly, while stroking the rest of my shaft with both of his hands. “Jesus Christ, this thing is fucking massive,” he said after the first minute of sucking.

“Oh my God that’s so fucking sexy, guys!” Lydia groaned. “Yes, Leo! Fuck me! You’re going to make me fucking cum!”

I watched my best friend increase his pace, plunging his big stiff fuck-pole deep into his mother’s pussy faster and faster, clearly getting close to blowing his first load of the evening. His timing was perfect, because just before he started to bellow that he was cumming, Lydia began to buck and thrash on the sofa in front of him, her big beautiful tits crashing wildly as her pussy clenched and quaked all over her son’s cock. Leo began to fill her cunt with his cum, and her pussy started to squirt its juice all over his big balls and bare thighs. They wailed and thrashed together and Cory stood up to watch with me, leaving my cock even harder than he’d found it and covered with his saliva.

Leo pulled his cock out of Lydia’s pussy and shot a few more thick ropes of cum all over her stomach and tits before she managed to get him in his mouth to gulp down the rest. Cory immediately took Leo’s place, plunging his even bigger cock into her cum-filled pussy and causing her screams of orgasm to intensify even as they were muffled by her son’s cock. I joined Leo and Lydia on the sofa, offering her my cock to suck alternately with Leo’s and she grabbed them both and rubbed our cock heads together over her grunting, gasping, licking, sucking mouth.

“Holy fuck your pussy feels amazing, Lydia!” Cory groaned as he worked his huge cock deep into her juicing cunt.

“Give me that monster cock, Cory!” Lydia wailed. “Fuck my fucking cunt!” Cory increased the pace of his thrusting and Lydia muffled her own orgasmic screams with my cock while she furiously stroked Leo’s.

“Holy fuck, you’re going to make me cum, Lydia!” I gasped. “Are you ready to swallow a huge hot load?”

She moaned and wailed onto my cock and managed to nod her head with half of my cock in her mouth. My balls began to churn and Lydia continued to suck and scream and Cory announced that he was cumming just as the damn broke and my throbbing fuck-meat started to belch huge gobs of cock-cream directly down Lydia’s throat. Over and over again my balls roiled and pumped my cum in long pulses up through my cock and into her mouth. Lydia gulped down my load as fast as she could, but took me out when she realized exactly how much my cum-cannon was going to give her.

While Cory unloaded his spunk deep in Lydia’s pussy, I covered her face and tits, already liberally streaked with Leo’s cum.

“Fuck yes, blow those delicious fucking loads all over me, boys!” Lydia screamed. “Cum all over me!”

Cory pulled his cock out of her pussy and added his own stream of cock-sauce to the mix, bellowing and stroking his massive prick as he hosed down Lydia’s tits and stomach and pussy.

When our orgasms had subsided, we backed away with our cocks still rock-hard and looked at our handiwork. Lydia gasped for air on the couch, her big tits heaving with the effort, internet casino thick ropes of creamy cum streaked across them and her stomach and face and pussy.

“I hope you young studs don’t think we’re finished just because I’m covered in cum,” Lydia said.

* * *

“OH MY FUCKING GOD I CAN’T STOP CUMMING!” Lydia screamed as she rode my cock, her pussy clenching continuously on my cock and squirting juice all over me and her sofa.

“Fuck yeah,” I growled. I took a handful of her dark hair in one hand and squeezed one of her luscious tits in the other. “Cum all over that fucking cock, Lydia!”

“Ride Connor’s monster cock, Mom!” Leo said, slapping his own stiff prick on his mother’s face as she bounced up and down. He and Cory stood to either side of us, feeding their cocks to Lydia whenever she could concentrate enough to suck or lick one of them.

“Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck,” she gasped as her most recent orgasm began to fade away. “I haven’t been fucked like this is weeks, boys,” she said. “Thank you so much!”

Leo and I shared a look. Weeks?

“Leo, baby,” Lydia said. “I want your big thick cock in my ass.”

“Are you serious, Mom?”

“Yes, baby,” she said. “There’s lube in my top dresser drawer. Fuck my ass while I ride Connor’s fucking baseball bat. And Cory, you can fuck my mouth. I want you boys to fuck all three of my holes and then throw me down on the floor and cum all over me again.”

Cory snapped a mock salute, his body and his cock both standing at attention. He climbed up on to the sofa to my left and fed Lydia his cock, and Lydia dove onto it, forcing him into her throat. Leo trotted down the hall to his mother’s room with his own raging erection bobbing in the air in front of him. And Lydia rode my cock hard.

I squeezed and massaged her big tits while I lifted my hips and fucked up into her pussy as she fucked herself down, driving my cock even deeper. Almost three quarters of my fuck-pole was plunging into her cunt on every stroke and she started to cum again before Leo had a chance to jog back into the living room with the bottle of lube. She screamed onto Cory’s cock as her pussy convulsed around my cock and she bucked and thrashed on my lap.

“Fuck yeah, cum all over that giant fucking cock, Lydia,” Cory grunted as he fucked her mouth and throat.

Leo returned and spread a generous portion of lube around his hard cock and put some more on his mother’s asshole. I felt some of it drip down onto my cock as she rode me. Lydia was starting to recover from her orgasm, and her eyes went wide when she felt Leo’s cock head press up against her asshole.

She pulled her face off Cory’s cock. “Yes, Leo!” she wailed. “Stuff that big fucking cock in my ass, baby! Fuck my holes! FUCK ME!”

She greedily sucked Cory’s cock back into her mouth and Leo went to work slowly working the head of his cock past the impossible tightness of his mother’s sphincter. Lydia lifted herself up so only my cock head was still in her pussy, allowing her to push back against Leo and help him force his way inside her. Cory gasped when Lydia screamed onto his cock as Leo’s bulging purple head popped inside her ass along with the first two or three inches of his shaft. Very slowly, Leo worked his way deeper and deeper, and the entire time Lydia remained half-suspended between us with only my cock head still in her cunt, but as much of Cory’s massive prick in her mouth as she could swallow.

When Leo started to fuck her, Lydia went ballistic. Unable to hold herself up anymore, she dropped back down onto my cock, and now she was stuffed full of both of our cocks. Her pussy was even tighter now, with Leo taking up considerable space in her ass, and I could feel his cock moving in and out as her pussy clenched and squeezed my cock.

“Cory,” I said. “Let me try your cock.”

“Me too!” Leo said, as he fucked his mother’s asshole.

Cory pulled his cock out of Lydia’s mouth, unmuffling her howls of pleasure, and turned to present it to me. He still tasted like her pussy, even after all the sucking she’d done in the last few minutes. I sucked almost half of his length down, right up until I could almost feel his cock head in my throat. He let me suck him for a good minute before popping out of my mouth and moving again to offer his cock to Leo.

Leo moaned onto Cory’s cock at the pleasure shooting through his own cock as he pumped in and out of Lydia’s ass. Lydia’s orgasms were unceasing. She came all over my cock over and over as Leo and I fucked her holes.

After another minute, Cory put his cock back in Lydia’s mouth, and we passed a look around indicating that we were all ready to sprint for the finish.

Lydia’s screams stopped completely when she forced Cory’s cock down her throat, tears running down her face as she choked herself on his cock. Leo and I quickened our pace thrusting into her ass and pussy. My balls began to churn before Cory and Leo were ready, but thankfully not much before. I only shot the first three or four blasts of cum into Lydia’s pussy before they both pulled back and out, leaving Lydia quivering on my cock as they took places in the middle of the living room floor furiously stroking their cocks.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32