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My name’s Holly and I’m 24 and responsible for corrupting my new husband’s family life. Well, actually only his relationship with his mom has been corrupted. We just got home from our honeymoon and we have been fans of this site for a year and he urged me to tell our story. So I’ll give you a quick background to let you know why things have become what they are.

Family Fun started for me years before. I had been somewhat naïve as a teenager and although all through high school I had many boyfriends, I had managed to remain a virgin. In fact I had done almost nothing with the boys I dated. I let them play with my boobs (I did enjoy this because I have always had sensitive nipples) and one guy that I dated for a long time got the treat of receiving hand jobs after we had been dating for months. He urged me to suck him but I never did. I guess I was scared or selfish or whatever, but that’s how it was. It changed when I was 18 and I have my uncle to thank for that. My uncle Steve was always my favorite because he was my mom’s youngest brother and was only 31 at the time.

We were having my party at his house because he had a new swimming pool and a huge backyard and when I went upstairs to pee in his master bathroom I was initiated into the joys of giving head. And it is a joy for me; I adore the feeling of sucking a man’s cock. I was sitting on the bowl when the door opened. I hadn’t locked it because no one was allowed on the second floor so I didn’t expect to be interrupted. Uncle Steve walked in and I was so shocked that I closed my legs together and was about to yell for him to get out but he held his finger to his lips and before I knew it he was standing in front of me.

He told me in a quiet voice that I was turning into a real knock out and that he bet every guy downstairs would kill to get into my panties. I didn’t answer him. He told me that I drove him crazy and with that he pulled his cock and balls from the leg of his swim trunks. It was so much bigger and thicker then the only other one I had ever seen. He was already ¾ erect and as he stood there I just stared. He told me to touch it and I did. When he told me to kiss it I told him I had never done anything like that and he smiled. He gave me my first lesson and my first taste and as he was exploding in my inexperienced mouth I had my first real orgasm. I was hooked from the very first time.

All through college he was my lover. My first fuck, the first man to eat my pussy, the first guy to fuck my titties. He was dating a stripper and soon she became part of things and she initiated me into bisexuality, which I also am grateful for. They moved to London during my senior year and we haven’t seen each other since although I have received several e-mails containing wonderful pictures of them and their friends fucking and sucking.

As I said, I’m 24 and I’m a California girl. I’m 5’6” and blonde all over. I have 34C breasts and a 25-inch waste and 34 inch hips. I’m lucky because I have almost no body hair and have never had to shave my bikini area. My mom and sister are the same way. I remember as a teenager when I started showering in gym class I asked my mom why I didn’t have pubic hairs like the other girls and she assured me I was perfectly normal and told me she was the same way. I have since seen my little sister naked and she’s like mom and myself. I have green eyes, a good nose and although my lips are a bit thin, they still look great wrapped around a cock.

Jake (my husband) was a starting casino oyna linebacker in college and is built like a brick shit house. He’s very muscular and his main muscle is built like the rest of him. He’s 6’3” and weighs 230lbs and that lovely cock is a very thick and very hard 8” with the most amazing purple helmet on top. After having my uncle’s big cock, I ran through a lot of guys before I found one who measured up. Jake and I were all over each other from the first night that we met. Our sex life started out amazing and has just gotten better.

Jake’s mom has dark hair like Jake and she’s also a couple of inches taller then me. I didn’t meet her for the first time until after college but as soon as I saw her I knew she was one of those MILF’s and Jake confirmed to me that all of his friends had the hots for his mom growing up. Jake’s dad had passed away when Jake was 8 and he was an only child so he and his mom had always been very close.

Amanda was 43 when I met her. She’s about 5’9” and although she’s slender (her long legs are very shapely) she has bigger breasts then mine. She also has deep blue eyes and a very stunning face. I was attracted to her immediately. After my uncle’s girlfriend I had enjoyed relationships with several girls in college. Never as a substitute for cock but in addition to it. I remember the first time I met her at the airport. She was wearing jeans and a loose fitting t-shirt but I immediately thought how pretty she was and that she definitely looked more like Jake’s older sister then his mom. The best part though was how well we got along right from the start. I really did like Amanda a lot.

Jake and I spent two weeks there living with her and it was during that time that I realized my boyfriend had the hots for his sexy mom. I couldn’t be sure but I also detected a certain way that Amanda looked at Jake that seemed a bit more then motherly admiration. I especially noticed the one time Jake got a bit aroused while we were all at the pool and he was showing a lump in his trunks, Amanda held him in conversation for several minutes despite him wanting desperately to jump in the pool. He was horny as hell the entire two weeks we were there and we fucked often.

Towards the end of our visit I was sure I would be able to seduce Amanda. Jake had gone out for the day with his friends and Amanda and I had decided to spend the day by the pool drinking frozen margaritas and soaking up the sun. I wore a thong bikini; the bottoms were just a string that disappeared between my butt cheeks. I was surprised when Amanda came into the backyard wearing a bikini of her own. It wasn’t a thong but it was very sexy. She had been wearing the same two bathing suits since we got there, both one-piece and both conservative. She really looked hot in her bikini.

As we sat by the pool I tried to steer the conversation towards sex but she was reluctant. After several drinks though I noticed she was laughing a bit louder and her guard was coming down. I asked her if she minded if I sunned topless and she looked around the backyard and said it would be okay since the only house that could see into her backyard was vacant, its owners on vacation. I was quickly topless and couldn’t help noticing how she watched me while I rubbed oil into my tits. My nipples were like rocks by the time I finished and she commented that I had lovely breasts. She said she could remember when hers were that firm. I told they still looked pretty firm to me. I eventually convinced slot oyna her to remove her own top and join me. Her breasts were a sight to behold. They were bigger then mine by just a little bit but they were shaped differently, and the dark areola’s were the size of silver dollars and wrinkled and sexy looking. I felt a stirring in my crotch but tried to remain calm.

She asked me how Jake and I first got together and I asked her if she wanted the sweet version or the X-Rated version. She surprised me by asking for the latter. “I think we need one more pitcher of these.” I said holding up my empty glass and she said she would be right back. I watched her ass as she ran to the house and I let my hand wander down over my pussy. My thong was already wet with moisture. I knew she would love hearing how Jake and I fucked the first night we met. I also knew how badly I wanted to describe her son’s big, thick cock to her. She seemed to be falling right into my seductresses plan.

She returned with the margaritas and poured us each a fresh one. I asked her again if she was sure she wanted the X-Rated version and she smiled and said she did. She told me she missed sitting around with her girlfriends and discussing their sex lives. It had been a long time, she said. I turned towards her and sat up. I was facing her and I knew if she looked down she would see the wet spot over my crotch. I wanted her to see it and to know how horny I was just then.

I told her how I was at a party for the football team and how I had gone with this guy Dave that I was seeing casually. Everyone was drinking and having a good time. She asked me if I had known Jake already and I told her we had met a few times before that night. This guy Dave I was with got all horny and out of control and I went up to one of the bedrooms with him. I gave him a blowjob, I told her that was the first time we did anything more then just petting, and I didn’t want her to think I was a slut.
She asked me if he was big and I smiled and told her he was pretty big, but nothing compared to Jake. I could swear I saw her eyes light up when I said that.

So I told her how I was giving him head and explained that when I did that I got really excited and she laughed and told me she did too. She added at least that’s how she remembered it. “I haven’t done that in way too long.” We both giggled like schoolgirls. So the guy I was blowing pulled out and shot his cum all over my face, into my hair and on the front of the blouse I was wearing. I was so pissed off because I was covered in cum and my hair was ruined.

I went into the master bathroom to clean up. It was off limits to the rest of the partygoers but I didn’t care at that point. Even as I told her this part of the story, I remembered my uncle walking in on me in his master bathroom and how similar things were with Jake.
I was trying to fix my hair, I asked her if she knew how nasty cum made your hair and she said she did, I had to suppress a smile. Amanda was a bad girl in her day. So in walks Jake, he just barged in without knocking. He was startled when he saw me and told me he was about ready to piss his pants and both the other bathrooms had long lines. I told him to be my guest and pointed to the toilet. He hesitated and I sarcastically told him to look at me, I had a face full of cum. His cock would not be the first I ever saw. “It won’t even be the first I’ve seen tonight.” I finished. He took it out and I swear I tried not to look at it. I was able to watch canlı casino siteleri him through the mirror.
“It was big?” she asked. She was sitting up now and facing me. We both held our drinks in our hands and it was obvious we were both getting very horny. “Very.” I said and I added that the head was huge.
“Just like his father. His dad was so thick and he had the kind of crown that made me cum during intercourse.” I told her it was the same way with Jake. She said no one but Jake’s father had ever made her orgasm during penetration. I so desperately wanted to tell her that Jake was the second man to make me cum like that, after my uncle. I needed to finger my pussy but I couldn’t do that.

So Jake and I started to talk in the bathroom and he said Dave was a real loser and that he would never leave his girl in need of orgasm. I told him it was too bad I wasn’t his girl and he said we could make an exception. So I told her how he kneeled in front of me while I sat on the counter and he peeled my sticky panties off and licked me until I came. Then he just stood up and pulled “it” out and he fucked me. I told her I came 3 or 4 times before he did. “He came inside you?” she asked sort of concerned which made me giggle.
“No… I pulled him out and sucked him. He came in my mouth, and let me tell you Amanda, he can shoot a load.” That’s when I noticed Amanda rub the crotch of her bikini bottom. That’s also when we both jumped at the sound of Jake’s voice. Amanda grabbed her top and tried to cover her breasts but I could tell Jake had gotten an eyeful.

She excused herself and went into the house. I saw Jake’s hard-on through his shorts.
“She has awesome tits.” I said looking towards the house. He didn’t answer me. “I was telling her how we met that night and she was getting so horny.”
“For real?” he asked and as I started to tell him what I was telling his mom I unzipped his pants and pulled his perfect cock out and just swallowed it. I sucked him hard, stopping every so often to share a bit of info about his mom that I learned. I told him his dad was hung just like him and how his mom used to get so wet when she sucked him off. I was adlibbing a bit but it was working. Jake’s cock exploded in my mouth within a few minutes. I imagined Amanda standing by the door fingering herself while she watched me suck off her son.

We rushed into the house after he came and we ran right up to his room where he fucked the hell out of me. I made sure I was a bit louder then usual in hopes that Amanda would hear what her son was doing to me. After Jake had gotten me off several times and shot his second load into my pussy this time, I lay next to him and started telling him how hot his mom was. He wasn’t upset at all as I told him how nice her breasts were and how she really needed to get fucked in a bad way. I asked him if he ever thought about fucking his mom and for the first time he admitted that he did and that he used to jerk off thinking about her naked. It used to make him jealous to hear his friends say what a hot babe his mom was and he would get upset on those rare occasions when his mom would spend the night at a date’s house. He said he should be the one fucking her. I told him I would love to watch the two of them fuck. He told me he would love for the three of us to fuck. I asked him how serious he was; he took my hand and placed it on his rock hard cock.
“Does that answer your question?” I smiled and swallowed his cock and we fucked again fast and furious until we both lay there covered in sweat and exhausted. When I opened my eyes it was early evening already. We would be leaving in two days and I desperately wanted this to happen. I would have to be more aggressive tomorrow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32