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The Following is a complete work of fiction and any relation to any person living or dead is 100% coincidental

My name is Tom. I’m 21 years of age and I go to college at The College of NJ. I live in a dorm with my best friends Brad and Kenny and, just like you I like to hang out with my friends and get drunk every weekend when I’m not going to class. I guess you could call me your “typical college guy”.

Well…that’s almost true. You see right before I went away to college I had a set of experiences over a couple of days that NONE of my buddies could ever DREAM of having and probably never would want to. What happened? Well I’ll tell you about it!


It was a typical Saturday morning at my house: I slept till about 10 and then turned on the TV and watched ESPN for an hour before finally getting my lazy ass out of bed. After this I would go make a quick sandwich and then head out to my job at a local Burger King about three blocks from my house where I was one of the cooks there. I was one of their better cooks and the managers always told me that if it wasn’t for me the store would have closed! I always took this with a grain of salt because I knew there were a lot of good people that worked there and maybe one occasional moron but they were always the late shift which thankfully I was never punished with!

It was about 3 in the afternoon and I was just getting off my shift when I saw my mom out with this guy that I never met. He was tall and muscular and wearing a white dress shirt with black dress pants. When I saw the two together I inwardly said to myself “This won’t last” of course praying that I was WRONG, but knowing how fucked up she was that it just was a matter of time before those two broke up. I didn’t wish that on her, but knowing her history it was just something you could count on ya know?

I went home and immediately flopped on my bed. The sheer fact that the assholes there were making me run the counter and the fryer was the worst thing ever! It sucked worse considering they really decided to wank off around the end of lunch rush and I got stuck with it!

But boy were things about to get interesting…

Mom came home about 5 minutes after I did and went to her room before virtually SLAMMING her door! Typically when this happens in our house something got fucked up with her in her date and sure enough something had…I dunno what it was, but something casino siteleri happened!

I stayed in my room and got changed into my street clothes when I heard a noise coming from the next room. It sounded like someone….moaning! Someone was in our house getting off? This deserved a bit of proper exploration.

I cautiously walked out of my bedroom and took a peek into the crack of the door and there was my mom, in all her glory, massaging her breasts and playing with her slit to bring herself to an orgasm that no man had ever given her! It was enough to get my cock hard, but even I knew that this was wroing in two respects: First she was my mother and second I shouldn’t have been watching her do that, but still…in a way it kind of turned me on like no other porno ever had!

I went back into bedroom and unzipped myself to “relieve the pressure” that was in my pants after watching that scene. Thankfully when I was a Senior in high school I shaved myself and made sure that there was nothing “in the way” if I were to ever give to anyone. Call it odd but I felt if I was going to stick my dick in a woman that it was going to be clean shaven and displayed properly before either they sucked it or I fucked them…problem was that I was a 19 year old virgin at the time and had no one to share it with. Could the answer be next door?

Bizarrely I wouldn’t have long to wait as the next day when I awoke and got dressed I made some coffee and and took a seat at the kitchen table getting ready to eat breakfast but mom had other ideas…

Now my mother was an absolutely gorgeous lady! About 5 foot 8 inches, 175 pounds of lean muscle and a pair of C Cups that would leave any man drooling! There were rumors that she had another woman in the house before according to the neighbors, but those were never confirmed. What WAS confirmed was that she this brown haired, blue eyed maiden was standing before me with a look in her eyes that I’ve never seen before. Was it lust, Passion? What could it have been? I, apparently was about to find out!

“I know that you saw me yesterday Tommy” She began “you were a bad, bad boy for spying on your mother, but…I think I know why you did it and I want to repay you for it…” was all she said before she knelt down in between my legs wearing only a pair of red high heels with a 4″ heel and a plain bra and matching panties. She wasn’t going to….OH SHIT!!!

The kiss was the first shock to slot oyna the system and it was the softest kiss I’d received ever! So much love and passion was involved that I thought I was gonna blow my load right then and there, but mom was an…expert shall we say in making sure that I didn’t go off. She was either punishing me for spying on her or wanting to make this moment last and to be honest my brain couldn’t catch up with what she was doing!

After a few minutes of a lingual caress she broke off the kiss and took off my shirt exposing my chest and started slowly kissing my neck and down to my stomach taking her time to lick each nipple on the way down and all the while all I could think was “Oh shit! I’m going to explode soon!*, which wasn’t lost on her at all as she started to get down to the button on my fly and undid me. To say that I was too fucked up to figure out whether or not to protest or not would be an understatement as she started the process of lowering my jeans and my boxers and then just casting them aside as she got ready to perform her “duty” as she called it and it was the last thing I honestly remembered hearing from her mouth as she started licking and sucking on my balls before VERY slowly and painfully licking up and down both sides of my 6 inch shaft and darted her tongue right into my piss slit which caught me off guard for sure.

I couldn’t tell you how I managed to last during this “treatment” as she continued licking and sucking me in the chair before finally stopping and I though she was done: NOPE!

“Get Up Tommy!” She ordered and I did as she told standing clad in nothing but my birthday suit she resumed what she had been doing for what felt like an eternity, but was in fact about 10 minutes and then she did something I would have never expected: She jammed two fingers up my ass!

I contorted my face to try and hold back from cumming but she had been doing too well a job massaging me on the inside and I finally came and came HARD! I pulsed for a good 5 minutes nearly choking her with the deluge but she managed to swallow almost all of it with only a little strand dangling from her mouth and after she wiped it she smiled before speaking

“Mmmm that was better than your father ever did Tom” She began “I think we might need to do this again soon!” she exclaimed and I nearly fainted! My mother, the woman that gave birth to me, want to give me head more often? What the fuck was she thinking canlı casino siteleri and more importantly why did I do what I did next?!

Having just gotten one of the best(OK the only) blowjob in my life I decided that my mother needed to receive the same amount of pleasure she gave me…if not BETTER! I swept her up into my arms and carried her to her bedroom and when we got to her bed I gently placed her down and then locked her door. I was going to enjoy what I was about to do and there were going to be no interruptions!

I started by kissing her on the lips lightly and then working my way down to her throat and neck. Upon reaching the nook of her neck I made sure to give a good suck so that it left a mark there! I wanted to make God Damn sure that she had a present from me that was going to last and I felt that a love bite would be one of the better mementos I could give her.

Feeling satisfied I went down and started fondling and sucking on her breasts. Having watched her the day before I knew exactly where she liked it and got her nipples hard almost instantly but I wanted to savor the taste of her flesh and took my time working my way down her stomach and then her slit and then a rather devious idea entered my mind! I was going make her enter a position that she hated and I always knew I was going to try the first time I had sex with anyone and whom better than the sex crazed bitch that just blew me once!

I climbed on the bed and laid my head down onto one of the pillows and put her ass right in my face with my now rigid cock hitting her in the face and then I couldn’t help but act a way I never thought was in me…

“Since you like my cock so much bitch suck it while I lick your fucking hole!” I exclaimed and she did as told almost too obediently for my liking, but then again my mom was into some weird shit. Rumor had it that when she had sex with my dad she enjoyed being dominated by him. I personally never asked her, gave a shit to ask or wanted to know, but I know the more I smacked her ass while licking it and her pussy the more she purred like a kitten while sucking me off for the second time today! We came at the exact same time after a good 20 minute bout and we both were exhausted from the two bouts in the morning and I kissed her softly on the forehead before whispering to her softly

“What just happened mom?” I asked slightly confused as to what came over us during the morning

“We just had some ‘cuddle time’ sweetie and don’t worry my dear. IF you ever have problems with relationships in college I’ll be here to help you I promise.” She said as we pulled the covers over us and we fell asleep safely in each others arms!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32