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“Hey girlfriend!” Stacy greeted Carrie, opening the door to our room for her. She’d guided her into the parking lot and then to our room by phone. “Carrie, this is my cousin Ricky,” she said, turning back into the room and extending a hand. That Carrie didn’t have a face mask didn’t surprise me, Stacy had told me beforehand that either we considered Carrie to be safe, or she wasn’t going to come over. For the first time in months there were three of us in the room at the same time without masks and social distancing seemed strange.

Carrie and Stacy were like long lost sisters; despite that they’d talked several times, for several hours, over the last two weeks, they still had to get each other up to speed on their lives. We’d previously stopped and gotten some wine coolers and Corona’s; Stacy got Carrie a wine cooler to go with the one she had while I continued with my beer. They settled into talking, about everything else in the world, but I couldn’t help but notice Carrie was eyeing me, checking me out as much as I was checking her out. Although I joined into the conversation when addressed, it was their gig.

Carrie was, just as Stacy had advertised, the girl with the ‘famous boobs.’ Easily as busty as Victoria had been, her body was slimmer and narrower, so in comparison she looked top heavy. When I greeted her and told her that Stacy had told me all about her, she said “She told you all about my brains? I’m famous for my brains,” which cracked Stacy up. Unlike Victoria, who had worn an underwire support bra and whose boobs had seemed heavy and saggy in comparison, Carrie’s seemed firm and upright – later confirmed when I found they were nearly as firm and upright without a bra as they were with.

“Yeah, only if your brains are on your chest.” Carrie grinned and they both laughed. I checked out Carrie, but also exchanged glances with Stacy. The subtle sexual tension was there, although I couldn’t decipher whether it was between Stacy and me, Stacy and Carrie, or that Stacy was thinking of me with Carrie. Maybe all of the above?

I had finished my beer, Stacy and Carrie had about finished a wine cooler, so without asking I got us all a refill, which was a lot of alcohol for Stacy. When she suggested I go get the pizza, ordering for take-out and then going to fetch, I readily agreed, leaving the two of them at the apartment.

By the time I got to the pizza joint and back, having had to wait a few minutes for my turn at the pizza shop, my 15-minute round trip had turned into 45. When I walked back into the one bedroom and living room “apartment” that was a Residence Inn hotel room, I found the living room empty and didn’t hear the girls at all. Putting the pizza on the table, I figured perhaps they’d gone out to the swimming pool as I knew Stacy had told Carrie to bring her bikini, and we’d briefly talked about it a few minutes before I left, but still I just called out, “Stacy?”

“In the bedroom,” she replied. Although the door was open, I couldn’t see them, so stepped over to the bedroom door and stopped, stunned.

Carrie and Stacy were both lying on the bed, neither one dressed as they had been when I left. Stacy had on her baby doll negligee, the same one she’d worn for me the night she came home, her nearly naked body totally visible through the sheer material. Both of them were lying on the bed, beside each other but not touching, a fairly large gap between them. “We saved you a spot,” Stacy said, patting the space between them.

Carrie was also dressed in lingerie. Although not as sheer as the gossamer baby doll coverup of Stacy, it was lacy and see-thru. A red thong teddy with a vee that started just below her belly button and wrapped up across both breasts, joining again behind her neck. The red-lace material allowed me to see the dark patch of her pubic hair and pussy lips pushed against it, as well as the round dark patches of her areolas. Later, when she moved, I found her backside totally nude, the thong back becoming just strings that kept the front in place but for the moment, facing me, I couldn’t see her bottom or back. Later I found her bottom to be just as firm and athletic as her boobs, if it wasn’t that I was already attached to Stacy, I could easily see myself making a play for this woman.

“Oh, my goodness,” I said, stepping up to the bed and reaching down with two hands to touch a leg on both of them. I looked down at Stacy, an enigmatic smile on her face, and then over to Carrie. “I take it we’re not eating first?”

“It depends on what you want to eat…” Stacy giggled, teasing. I looked at Stacy when I came in, a brief glance at Carrie and accepting her display with my peripheral vision, but now I shifted my eyes right, running up and down Carrie’s body. Her nipples, visible bumps protruding through the red material, were more accented than truly visible. The red vee of material went well below her belly button, leaving a small diamond which accented her belly button, visible. It seemed to be virtually identical to Stacy’s; later Stace confirmed that along with Josette, all three casino siteleri had all gotten their bellies pierced together just before they graduated, so they really were the same. The red vee ended just above her pussy, a darker patch of pubic hair perceptible, ending in a slightly dark spot where the hair ended at her pussy. It was just a slight leakage, but enough that I could tell she was wet. Nipples visible, pussy wet, I instantly knew that Carrie was already aroused. I already knew Stacy enough to know that she was also. Stace and Carrie were separated now, and although I had not seen anything as I’d come in, I suspected perhaps they’d both been playing a bit while waiting for me.

“Pizza for dessert?” I said, rubbing my hand onto Carrie’s calf.

“We thought you would probably say that. I hope you don’t mind that we dressed for dinner…” Carrie said, “but you’re still a bit overdressed.

I looked back at Stacy, and she almost immediately sat up and rolled onto her knees. I put my arm around her shoulder as she started pulling on my shirt, pulling it out of my pants to help me undress. “Are you sure about this?” I whispered into her ear.

Her mouth came up to my own ear, nibbling as Carrie rose up and approached me just as Stacy had, her hands reaching for my belt. “Very,” she whispered back into my ear, her hand sliding down my belly and behind the belt and button that Carrie had just undone. Sliding her hand into my pants she found and arranged my cock, which had grown quite hard in just seconds, so that it rose out of the top of my pants. I caught the back of my shoe with the toe of the other foot, just stepping out without unlacing, but had to reach down with a hand to get the other one. As I did, Stacy pushed my pants further, and my erection sprang free.

“Stacy’s been telling me you had a really nice one,” Carrie said, leaning down and gripping my cock before slipping me into her mouth.

“Oh my god,” I said, straightening up once again, now totally naked, putting my arm again around Stacy with Carrie sucking on my cock. Carrie pulled away and pushed my cock towards Stacy who smiled and leaned in to also take me in her mouth.

And so began my first threesome. My girlfriend and cousin sharing me, in every way, with her girlfriend and lover. I had been a bit unsure about the whole thing to begin with. Sure, I’d imagined a threesome before, I think probably every guy has, but would Stacy really not be jealous? Would she really not mind Carrie and me having sex? Would it really be the three of us? It was all of those things and more, while I allowed Stacy to set the rules, just as she had when we got together. The rules, from the very beginning, seemed to be that Stacy wanted me to fuck Carrie.

Pushing up onto my knees I moved forward between the two of them on the bed, leaning in to kiss Stacy, letting her know she was the primary focus of my attentions, but she wanted me to pay attention to Carrie. She returned my kiss, hot and passionate, but almost immediately pulled away from it, and said, “Carrie needs a kiss too,” and pushed me toward her.

On my knees as I was, all I had to do was lean down her way a bit and I met her face coming up to greet me. She tasted just like Stacy; I could taste the flavor of the wine cooler on both of their breaths. Carrie’s buxom body was below me; I hadn’t yet reached up to fondle her gorgeous beauties, and although I wasn’t totally pressed against her, I felt something between us. Pulling away just a bit, I looked down to find Stacy’s hand, pulling aside the red lingerie and exposing Carrie’s magnificent tit. Leaning over, Stacy’s head forced me aside and I watched her take Carrie’s exposed nipple into her mouth. “Oh fuck!” I said, practically shaking with arousal at the sight of my girlfriend sucking her friend’s nipple.

“Like that?” Stacy giggled, pulling away momentarily. “I knew you’d like them. She’s got another one you know…” and with that leaned in to suckle her nipple again.

I quit trying to ascertain what I should or shouldn’t do. Stacy was definitely directing traffic, and I just went with the flow. I slipped the other half of Carrie’s teddy aside, exposing her other breast, and leaned in to suckle it myself.

Carrie’s breasts were huge compared to Stacy. Lying on her back they were gorgeous and upright; later I’d find they were quite firm even when she wasn’t lying back, so they didn’t sag but just a little, even without a bra. Her nipples were much larger around than Stacy’s but didn’t grow nearly as much and didn’t seem to get nearly as hard. Stacy’s nipples were the proverbial “diamond cutters” when they got hard, rigid and inflexible, whereas Carrie’s nipples expanded but didn’t get as hard. “Oh Fuck,” Carrie moaned, a shiver racking her body. “I’ve needed something like this for so long…” I felt Carrie”s hand beneath me, finding and wrapping itself around my cock, pulling it so that I aligned with her body.

“I think our playmate wants to fuck…” I said to everyone, but primarily telling Stacy, one last time, that we were slot oyna moving on.

“Just a minute,” Stacy said, pulling away and turning. Reaching to the bedside table she opened it and pulled out a condom. I recognized the package as matching what we had left at home – meaning she’d planned and brought this along. Reaching down between us, I straightened up a bit and Stacy unwrapped the rubber onto my cock. “Are you ready?” she said to Carrie after she’d jacketed me, her hand dropping between Carrie’s legs, a finger sliding into her pussy.

“Oh God yes, I was ready before I ever came in the door.” I leaned forward onto my hands, and as I started to align myself with Carrie’s womanhood, Stacy didn’t let go, holding and guiding my cock to Carrie’s pussy.

If it wasn’t obvious before, it became obvious that it wasn’t just me pleasuring Carrie, it was “us” pleasuring Carrie. It was my cock in her, but Stacy’s hands and mouth were all over her. She kissed her, with her hands on her breasts, Carrie kissing her back. Later her lips surrounding Carrie’s nipples, eliciting shudders. Her hand snaked between us, her fingers rubbing against my cock but primarily rubbing against Carrie’s clit. I felt Carrie spasm once, I assumed it was in orgasm, but as I wasn’t close and continued, her shuddering increased. Whether her orgasm continued, or built to a stronger one, her body stayed in sync with mine. I thought from the pure eroticism of being with two beautiful women that perhaps I’d shoot my wad quite rapidly, but instead – perhaps from the desensitizing effect of the rubber, I felt my own orgasm growing quite slowly. Finally, I erupted, slamming my cock home into Carrie, the blood pooling behind my eyes with my temples pounding from the intensity. I groaned, but when I started to pull back out, I involuntarily shoved my cock back in deeply, finally just staying there until I was back under control.

Carrie had cum, later she admitted to three times. I had cum, exploding into the condom, and the only one who hadn’t cum yet was Stacy. Stacy, if anything, was on fire. No sooner had I pulled out of Carrie and rolled to one side than Stacy was all over me. Her lips attacked mine, her hand gripped my cock, slipping the condom up and off, apparently dropping it into Carrie’s lap. Her mouth attacked me, moving down my body; her lips found my nipples and my belly; gradually inverting herself and climbing over me into a 69. It didn’t matter that my cock was covered with my own cum, she sucked me into her mouth, sliding her pussy to my mouth. Although I had begun to shrink and initially my sensitivity to the touch of her mouth was almost unbearable, as I expanded to her touch the sensitivity went away and she devoured my cock. I don’t know whether Carrie sensed something and just allowed me to love on Stacy alone or she just enjoyed watching me pleasuring her girlfriend, but she didn’t join in this time, just allowing me to love on Stace. It wasn’t long before Stacy also exploded in orgasm, her pussy grinding against my face and tongue, her mouth filled with my erect, but not even close to finishing, cock.

Over the last few months, she had been with me enough to know my reactions and realized I wasn’t going to cum again, eventually pulling off, turning around, and sinking into the bed beside me. Lying back, I put out both arms, one around Carrie, the other around Stacy.

“Oh my God, that was so hot…” Stacy whispered, “seeing your cock in Carrie.”

“I’ve needed that for months.” Carrie whispered in the other ear, “thank you for sharing.” I was pretty sure she was speaking to Stacy.

Pizza supplied sustenance, but sex provided the entertainment for most of the rest of the night. Stacy was just as interested in having my cock in her as Carrie was, and except that she didn’t get a condom out for us when we fucked, it was virtually the same. Carrie and Stacy shared each other as well as me, Carrie even licking Stacy after I’d cum in her. They both sucked me, sharing my cock between them. Carrie watched while I fucked Stacy, Stacy watched while I fucked Carrie, and they both helped. My first orgasm was fast, my second took longer, and by the third I was able to stay hard for a long time without even coming close to an orgasm, although I think I came 5 times before morning.

Stacy and I, being together all the time, didn’t need continuous sex, but Carrie was virtually insatiable. Again and again, all night long, until we were exhausted and fell asleep. In one of our lulls, I told Carrie that she seemed to be really enjoying herself, and she confirmed that she just really tired of masturbating all the time. I dozed off eventually, sometime before morning, with Carrie between Stacy and me. I wasn’t sure exactly what woke me, but not unexpectedly, when I did, I found Stacy going down on Carrie. I reached over and caressed her arm, and when she realized it was me and I was awake, she rose to her knees, stuck her bottom into the air, and I knew exactly what she was asking without asking it. I slipped into her doggie style, and the three of us came virtually canlı casino siteleri together.

I ran down the street for coffee and donuts a bit later, coming back and finding the girls really were in the swimming pool this time. Although am indoor pool, the picture windows opened onto the parking lot and I saw the two of them as I was heading back to the room. I changed and joined them, and although the pool was nice, we found the heavy chlorine of the pool wasn’t friendly for sex and we ended up showering and having coffee and donuts before picking up where we’d left off hours before.

It was late morning when Carrie headed for her parents’ home, Stacy and I going to Stacy’s parents’ home for an evening meal, and then returned to our hotel to spend the night. After a virtual all-nighter with Carrie, we fell asleep easily enough after Stacy had told me again and again how hot it was to see me fucking her friend as I fucked her to sleep.

Sunday, we had a lunch with my parents, heading home early afternoon.


“Did you really have fun?” Stacy asked as we were headed home. I sensed a touch of sadness in her voice, but it disappeared when we started talking.

“Of course. Carrie is quite the hottie, isn’t she?”

“She is.” She didn’t say anything else for a couple of minutes. “Could you ever fall for her?”

“Carrie?” I answered, glancing at her, confirming she meant what she was asking. “I mean, that was fun, she’s definitely got some great tits, but why would I fall for her? I’ve got my girlfriend.” I answered, squeezing her leg with my free hand. She didn’t say anything, just put her arm through mine and hugged my arm to her.

“How about you?” I queried a few minutes later, understanding that something wasn’t being said. “Did you have a good time?”


“You didn’t mind sharing me with her?” I said, emphasizing the “sharing”. She shook her head no but didn’t answer. When I looked down again, she wouldn’t look back and I sensed that she was upset. “What’s going on babe? Are you upset?” Again she shook her head no, her body language saying that was a lie. There was something she wasn’t saying, something was upsetting her, and she wasn’t telling me.

“We shouldn’t have done that.” I said, realizing she must not have been as happy about sharing me with Carrie as she’d acted. “I should have just let you play with her like you did this summer.”

Asking about whether I could fall for Carrie, not answering when I asked about sharing; I’d assumed that my being with the two of them was OK with Stacy since she’d set it up; I’d gone along, but now – I wasn’t so sure. “If I’d known you’d be upset for sharing me with her, I’d have never done her.”

“No… that’s not it.” She said, obviously trying to get her emotions under control.

“No? Then what?”

“I…” she started and then stopped.


“I… was more hoping that maybe you could fall for her.”

“Fall for Carrie?” I asked, certainly surprised if not shocked at the answer. I’d just told her moments before I wasn’t interested in falling for “her” girlfriend, but reiterated “Why would I do that? You’d want me to fall for your girlfriend over you?” She nodded her head. “Good heavens, babe. Why would I want that? I don’t need her, I’ve got you.”

Once again, she gripped my arm to her, pulling it against her chest. “Yeah, but what happens when you don’t have me? This virus thing isn’t going to go on forever, they’ll be opening schools again soon, and then I’ll probably be going back up to the campus.”

“Why?” I said. “Couldn’t you do like last week, commute on those days you have to? And besides, this virus isn’t going away soon. Do you know we still have the worst response in the world against it? We’re over a million dead around the world, with two hundred and fifty thousand dead in the US alone, the president finally got it, along with most of his staff, half of congress and it’s barely easing up, if at all?”

“You would want me to stay around?”

“Well of course! Why would I want my girlfriend to leave?”

She didn’t say anything for a moment. “I’m your girlfriend?”

“Of course you are my girlfriend,” I responded totally surprised. “What did you think you were?”

“I wasn’t sure. Fuck buddies? We were Cousins, With Benefits, at least when I wouldn’t let you fuck me.” She dipped her head, shyly, “but you never asked me to be your girlfriend.”

Damn. We’d never talked about anything except for sex, and most of that being when we were just Cousins, With Benefits. She was right, we’d never talked about that relationship. She’d moved in, we were both horny and had become sexual together, but the reality was, in my mind, she’d been my girlfriend at least since we’d started having full-fledged cock-in-her-pussy sex. When she’d left over the summer, it felt like we’d broken up, although officially we’d never been together. Yes, I’d hooked up with Victoria; despite her kinks we’d had some fabulous sex, but that had only been because Stacy had left me. Stacy and I had broken up our unofficial relationship when she left. And then being apart had made it that much more obvious that Stacy was more than “just” a Cousin With Benefits to me – I couldn’t wait for her to come back.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32