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Many thanks to Stephen for the editing job.

Chapter One – Bill cross the line

Sara Ramsay woke up with a scream. She was sweating all over. She had had that nasty nightmare again. She’d had those nightmares for two weeks now. Sara reached for her cigarettes at the bedside table. She lit up in a rush and double pumped her precious Red Prince 100’s. She was still shaking, she needed someone to hold her tight. Someone to hug. All the other times she had been with Blondie. But not this night. She was all alone in the her bed. Her father was sleeping in his bedroom. But she couldn’t. Or? Could she cuddle up with her dad? What if “something” happened? She wanted “it”. But would her daddy approve?

Bill Ramsay was a real sweet daddy. When Sara was 14 years old her parents had gotten a divorce. There hadn’t been any questions. Bill kept the house and Sara wanted to stay with her dad. Mandy, Sara’s mother, packed her things and left Bill and Sara.

Through the years Sara had developed from a cute little girl to a really sexy woman. She was now a 20 old piece of art. She was a natural blonde, her hair long and straight. Sometimes she curled it. Sara loved to try different hair styles. At one time she had even colored her hair black. But now she was back to blonde. Sara had never done much to keep her body in shape, nor did she have a body to die for. Wherever she went, she made people turn their heads. Sara loved to show off her body. And she did nothing to hide her big round tits. The first time Bill had seen his daughter wearing one of her many skimpy outfits he got mixed emotions. On one hand he didn’t like his daughter going out dressed like a whore, but on the other hand, damn, she was sexy! Wearing knee-high black leather boots with spiked heels, a tiny, tiny pink skirt that barely covered her cute ass, and a small black top with the word “PORNO” written in silver over her tits.

“Honey, you can’t go out dressed like that. You look like a slut” Bill had said.

“I am a slut daddy.” Was Sara’s only reply. Then she had walked away, leaving her dad speechless and with a hard on.

For being in his late 40s Bill was still in good shape and an attractive man. He hadn’t had any serious relationship since the divorce with Mandy. There were many women standing in line, but Bill preferred to be single and fucking whoever he wanted, whenever he wanted. During the last year a lust for younger women had grown inside Bill. Everytime Sara brought home female friends, Bill made sure to be around. One time Bill hadn’t been able to control his lusts and been hitting on Blondie, Sara’s girl friend. It had ended in misery. Blondie had slapped his face and called him a dirty, old, perverted freak. Blondie was still Sara’s girl friend but she hadn’t said a word to Bill since that day.

Sara was bi-sexual. She was in love with Blondie, but both Sara and Blondie had male sex partners. Some on their own, some together. After trying several male partners Sara had come to the conclusion she liked being fucked by older men the most. Sara’s oldest fuck had been 61 year old man. He hadn’t been good looking, but he had brought Sara to many wonderful orgasms. Sara often fantasized about being older man’s fuck toy when she masturbated. Although, the last months a specific older man had become her most common fantasy; Bill Ramsay, her own father.

As Sara finished her third cigarette in less than 20 minutes she had made up her mind. She got up and headed to her daddy’s bedroom.

Bill was sleeping peacefully as he was awakened by someone shaking him.

“Dad, can I sleep in your bed?”

Bill looked up and saw his daughter standing beside his bed. She was naked.


“I had those nasty dreams again and I can’t get back to sleep. Please dad, I need someone to hold me.” Sara begged.

Never in his life had Bill said “no” to his precious daughter. And even if Sara now was a grown woman he couldn’t refuse her request to sleep in his bed. In fact, part of him wanted Sara to sleep in his bed. He made space for her to lay down beside him.

“Come here my princess. Daddy is here for you. You don’t have to be scared.”

“Thanks daddy. I love you.” Sara kissed Bill on his forehead. She turned her back against him and he held her close. They lay in silence for half an hour.

Then Bill couldn’t help himself. With his left hand he begun to touch Sara’s left tit. She said nothing. He moved close to her nipple. It was erect. He pinched it and awaited her reaction. As she did nothing to stop him, he continued.

Sara was smilling, it felt so good as her dad played with her tit. She moaned softly. She could feel it now. She could feel her dad’s erect penis. It was right behind her pussy. God! Dad’s cock is only an inch from my pussy. They were both naked. Then Sara did something that shocked Bill.

Suddenly as Bill was playing with his daughter’s tit he felt Sara’s hand taking hold of his cock. Without a word she guided it to her pussy. Bill did nothing to stop it. Within a second he was inside his daughter. She was so wet. She was dripping. Bill just lay still with bostancı escort his cock in Sara. He didn’t know how to react. She was his daughter! Sara had become a really sexy woman and IF she weren’t his daughter there would be no doubts. But could he fuck his own daughter? That would be incest. Bill was scared and confused.

“What are you waiting for, daddy. I know you wanna fuck me.” Sara sounded disapointed.


” No buts daddy. I know you want to fuck me. I’ve seen you spying on me. You always get that lusty look when you see my tits. You think I’m sexy, don’t you?”

“Yes.” Bill confessed in a low voice. “But I…”

“I said no buts dad,” Sara snapped. “You think this is wrong because I’m your daughter?”

“Yes I do:”

“But you do think I’m a sexy woman. You got a hard on when I lay down close to you. You’ve got the hots for me daddy. Confess it.”

“You are right princess. But that would still be incest.”

“Stop bullshitting daddy.” Sara was getting irritated. “You already have your cock in me. You’ve already crossed the line. Now, do what you wanna do. Fuck me daddy. I want you to fuck me. And I know you want it too.”

Sara was right. He had already crossed the line. He was inside his daughter. There was no turning back. Just as he was about to fuck his daughter. Sara released herself and got up on her knees. She turned Bill on his back.

“Fill me up, daddy. Tonight I’ll be your slut.” She whispered before she straddled her dad and begun to ride his cock like crazy.

Bill and Sara, father and daughter, fucked for over an hour. As Sara didn’t wanted to risk to get pregnant by her dad, she had taken his loads in her mouth. Three times he had pumped his sperm into his daughter’s beautiful mouth. She had swallowed it all. Sara had cum four times.

They were both all tired out and were lying on their backs close together. As Sara was lighting a cigarette she turned to Bill.

“Thanks daddy. You are a really great lover. Promise this wasn’t just a one timer.”

“My beautiful girl.” Bill begun. “I never had such a great time in bed ever before. If this doesn’t bother you. I’ll be more than happy to have sex with you again.”

“Yes please. I want you to be my dad AND lover.” Sara exhaled as she was talking.

“I’m more than happy to be that, my princess.” Bill kissed his daughter right on her lips. As he did he could taste Sara’s smoky breath. It smelled wonderful.

“Dad. I don’t think I’m gonna need my own bed anymore.” They both smiled to each other. From that night Sara would always sleep in her daddy’s bed, with her daddy.


When Sara woke up the next day, Bill had already left for work. Sara lit her first cigarette for the day. She always started her day by smoking two cigarettes in a row before getting out of bed. After her two cigarettes she went down to the kitchen. She didn’t put any clothes on. Sara loved strutting around the house naked. Till now she had only done it when she was home alone, but from now on she had nothing to hide from her dad. Sara wondering when she would have his cock in her pussy next time. It had been so wonderful. Her dad was an awesome love maker. Just then she noticed the note Bill had left on the table.


I can’t deny it was wonderful what we did. But it was WRONG!

We can’t do that again. It was a mistake.


Sara sat down and lit a cigarette. Why? She thought they had an agreement. No one would ever know. She wanted her dad to fuck her. What was wrong? He was a man and she was a woman. How could he? He had promised.

Bill had a really hard day at work. He couldn’t focus on anything. His daughter was on his mind all the time. Never before had Bill had such a wonderful time in bed. Sara was perfect! He couldn’t imagine any other 20 year old girl being such a beautiful lover. Pictures of his daughter’s beautiful face covered with his own sperm flashed before his eyes. “Damn! Why does she have to be my daughter? I love her and I want to make love to her.” As a father he had done the only right thing by writing that note for Sara. But there was another part of him who regreted it. It was that other part that made Bill go to the rest room and release his hard on.

Bill felt really guilty as he walked back to his desk. He’d been thinking about fucking his daughter all the time he had masturbated. This is sick, he thought. He then opened his email box to see if there was some new email. He almost jumped. There was one email. From Sara. She had never before sent him any email. Bill opened the email.

Dad, I know you want to.

Bill thought for a minute. Then he typed back.

Princess, we can’t.

Yes we can. No one has to know.

Bill didn’t write back. He didn’t know how to handle the situation. Five minutes later he got a new email from Sara.

Dad, do you know what I’m doing right now? I’m pushing my 12 inch dildo deep into my pussy. I’m pretending it’s you who are fucking me. Fucking your daughter’s dripping pussy. I need to cum daddy. Don’t ümraniye escort bayan deny me. I know you want to.

Sara Ramsay. Stop it! This wrong!

With that, Bill closed his email box.

Sara screamed out loud as she came. She was sitting by her computer. Her eyes were fixed at the picture on the screen. An older man was fucking an 18 year old girl from behind. Beside them was an 18 year old boy fucking an older woman the same way. The picture was driving Sara wild and crazy.

It hasn’t been easy, but after about two hours on the net Sara had found what she’d been looking for. The name of the site was. “Parents taking care of their children”. It was all about incest. No child abuse or pedophilia, just real love between fathers & daughters and mothers & sons. Of course there was also mothers eating their daughters too. As Sara had calmed down from her wild orgasm, she begun to browse the forum on the site. She was logged in as “Slutty Sara”. A thread posted by a girl called “Mummy’s Angel” caught Sara’s attention. The title was “Mummy wants me to have sex with daddy”. Sara read.

“I’ve been having sex with my mum for about a year by now. We’re eating each other out as soon as we get a chance. We are having a wonderful time together. Yesterday mummy told me, that next time I was eating her pussy she wanted daddy to fuck me from behind. I said NO! Then she told me, that if I didn’t let daddy fuck me I would never see her pussy again. I DON’T want daddy to fuck me. Please help me. What shall I do?”

“Silly girl.” Thought Sara. “I WANT daddy to fuck me. But he doesn’t.” Sara didn’t reply to the thread. Instead she sent a PM to “Mummy’s Angel”. She introduced herself and told about what had happened last night. Then she asked “Mummy’s Angel” to write back if she wanted too. After that she wrote one last email to her dad.

Daddy, we are not alone.


When Bill got home from work Sara wasn’t home. He couldn’t decide if it were a relief or not. He missed his daughter, but he knew that if she tried to hit on him he would have a hard time refusing her. Bill went to the kitchen to grab a beer. At the kitchen table he stopped. Sara had left the dildo on the table, beside it there was a note.

Wanna taste me daddy? My pussy juicies are still on it.

Bill’s first thought was to grab the dildo and suck it dry, tasting his daughter’s pussy. But he hesitated, he mustn’t give in. Sara was playing with him. No, she was torturing him. Bill left the dildo in its place and opened up a beer.

“Yeah! Fuck me, John!” Sara was screaming in extasy.

John was fucking Sara from behind. He loved pumping his cock in and out of the hot young girl. As always when John and Sara had sex she wore her “cum fuck me” boots. A pair of black leather thigh high boots with spike heels. John loved those boots and Sara loved showing off in them. Wearing nothing but her boots.

John was ready to cum as the phone rang. Without stopping the fucking, John reached for the phone and answered.

“Hi John, it’s Bill. I need to talk to you. Am I interrupting?”

“Well, I’m fucking. Is it important?”

“You fucking!? I thought Trisha was out of town this week.”

“Hehe. I didn’t said I was fucking Trisha,” laughed John.

“Oops! Who’s the lucky one then?”

“It’s a wonderful young blonde with a perfect body.” John held a hand over the phone and mouthed to Sara. “It’s your dad”.

Sara frooze for a moment. Then she whispered. “Tease him”.

“I know you would love to fuck her. She’s really great.”

“I believe you.”

“Why don’t you come over. I’m sure she could handle you too.”

“Sorry John. But I’m not in the mood. I’m having some problems with my daughter.”

“You are? Sara doesn’t seem to have any problem.” John and Sara smiled at each other.

“Have you seen Sara today!?”

“You bet, Bill. I’m looking at her right now.”

“What!? What are you talking about John?” Bill got really confused, “wonderful young blonde with perfect body”. It couldn’t be……? Or could it? “I know you would love to fuck her.”

“Are you still there, Bill? There’s someone who wants to talk to you.” John handled the phone to Sara, while still fucking her sweet young pussy.

“Hi daddy. How was work?”

Bill almost dropped the phone. His best friend and co-worker was fucking his daughter. Impossible!

“Daddy, John is so good. He’s fucking me from behind, just like you did last night.”

“Sara! What the hell! Have you told him!? Are you really fucking him!?”

“Yeah! Of course we are fucking, daddy. And don’t worry, he won’t tell anyone. In fact John got really excited when I told him about us.”

Bill’s head was spinning. This was getting out of control. John was cheating on his wife. And he was doing it with his daughter, and she had told him that Bill had fucked her! What a mess! How long had John been fucking his daughter? What if Trisha finds out? Trisha was a really hot lady. If she hadn’t been taken by John, Bill could easily have fucked her. Bill kartal escort felt sorry for her. Little did he know right then.

“Yeeeaaahhhh, cum for me baby!! Cum in my young slutty pussy. Yeeeeaaahhhh!!!” Sara was screaming into the phone.

That was too much for Bill. Without a word he hung up the phone.

John and Sara lay close together holding each other tightly. It had been wonderful fucking. In one hour John had cum three times. First, in the kitchen while Sara had been lying on the kitchen table, smoking two cigarettes at once, spreading her booted legs wide. Then, John had filled Sara;s mouth up twice in the bedroom.

“Do you think Trisha will be jealous of me?” Sara asked John and smiled.

“No, honey. I think she will be more jealous at me. I know how much she loves to have sex with you. You are Trisha’s li’l angel. You know that.”

Sara nodded and kissed John passionately.

It had been Trisha who had introduced Sara to John. At first Sara had no idea Trisha’s husband was her dad’s best friend. Sara and Trisha had met in a fetish club, Sara used to visit once a month with her girl friend Blondie. They always dressed up in slutty leather and high boots. Sara loved getting kinky and dressing up. She couldn’t remember how it all started. But she could clearly remember how she’d been eating Trisha’s pussy right in front of everyone. Trisha had tasted so good. Since that day Sara had been obssessed by Trisha. She was so precious. A sweet lady and a shameless slut at the same time.

Bill was moaning loudly as he sucked the dildo. The dildo which had been deep inside his daughter. He could still taste his daughters pussy on it. It tasted wonderful. At last Bill hadn’t been able to refuse the dildo on the kitchen table. He had to taste his daughter. He was stroking his cock with his other hand. Images of his beautiful daughter flashed before his eyes as he came.

Sara spent the night with John. She didn’t want to see Bill. And she could easily use John’s cock for some more good fucking. The next day John drove Sara home before going to work. To thank John for the ride, Sara did him a special favor. Without a word, Sara unzipped John’s pants and let his delicious cock out. John was already semi hard. Sara begun to stroke him slowly and nicely. John moaned and had a really hard time concentrating on the traffic. Getting a nice hand job by a sexy blonde young girl while driving was too much for John.

“I need to cum, Sara”. He cried.

“I’ll take care of that.” Sara said. She leaned in and took John’s cock in her mouth. John pumped loads of sperm into Sara’s hungry mouth. She took it all, but didn’t swallow.

“Wanna taste yourself?” She asked John with her mouth full of his own cum. John nodded. Sara kissed John deeply and let the sperm traveling back to the man who had had it first. It was a naughty kiss. John had never before tasted male cum. It tasted lovely!

With a bright smile on her lips, Sara got out of the car and went into the house. She left John speechless.

That girl is amazing! No wonder Trisha picked her up. He thought as he watched Sara walk away in her thigh high leather boots and long leather coat. No one else could see it, but John knew she wasn’t wearing anything under her coat. A perfect outfit for a perfect SLUT, John smiled.

Sara was pleased to see that the dildo she left on the kitchen table was gone. Daddy couldn’t resist the taste of my pussy. She smiled. She found the dildo on Bill’s bedside table. She picked it up and sniffed. It smelled strange, and it tasted like shit. When Sara realised that she smiled. Her dad had been fucking himself in his ass hole with her dildo. Hmmm…….you are a bad boy, daddy. If you are good I’ll fuck your ass for you. Sara was really excited to find out her dad’s nasty secret.

After a nice shower Sara turned on her computer. She immediately logged in at “Parents taking care of their children”. She was happy to find a PM from “Mummy’s Angel”.

Hi Sara. Thanks for writing me. I will try to explain why I don’t want daddy to fuck me. When I was 18, dad raped my big sister. One day mom told me to come into hers and dad’s bedroom. I was shocked when I entered. On their bed laid Chrissy (my big sister). She was all naked and her hands and feet were tied to the bed, spread eagle. And she was ball gagged. Mom told me to sit down and watch how sluts will be treated. With full force dad ramed his cock in and out my sisters pussy. I could see tears running down her cheeks. He was fucking raping her. Mom handed me a dildo and told me to pleasure myself as I watch the “beautiful” scene. Yes, it was her words. Mom thought it was beautiful to see her husband raping their helpless daughter. I could clearly see how excited mom was. The whole time she was encouraging dad to fuck Chrissy harder and harder. The scene was terrible and so disgusting. That day I promised myself to NEVER let daddy come near me. I have kept my promise. But. The funny thing is, Chrissy and dad have been fucking almost everyday since that day. Chrissy has even brought home some of her girl friends to let daddy rape them. Everytime, dad has been encouraged by mom and Chrissy. I could really need some help in this. I can’t talk to either mom or my sister about it. I am having sex with both mom and Chrissy and I love them both. But I will never let daddy rape me. Sara, please help me out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32