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You mother called me frantic with complaints that you have been uncontrollable since turning 18. Your anger coming out in how you dress and even talking back with curses being used freely. The seven years since we divorced have been tough. The split not fun and feeling that she turned you against me still hurting. The courts siding with your mother and you played your part. I knew I lost you when you told all of them that I was never home… not a real dad at all and you loved your “mommy so, much”. The little girl eyes watering up with tears making the final tip over to her irreversible.

Its early in the morning. I am sitting in the family room of my former house more focused on what has changed since I left. Since custody was 100% with mom and I just mail checks. I figured it was a good trade off. Pay some cash once a month and just be away from the hell of a bad marriage and a brain washed kid.

I almost don’t even notice you sitting there as your mother rips into a tirade of how you have changed, how you have blocked any chance of her being happy. Her boyfriends come over and they are more interested at you than her. She calls you a slut for parading around the house half dressed. Not caring who looks at you. Your answers are short and mean. Proud of what you look like, proud of the attention.

“I can’t help they look… I have to stay locked up while you get some loving. If you want I can give you some tips on how to keep a man.”

Your dig hurting her but true in many ways. Her relationship skills have always been to manipulate and boss others while you have learned to get what you want by giving a little. By submitted when you need to for the long term.

Mom turns and her eyes look at me, try to engage me into the fight but I sit there passively. Just now noticing you in your v-neck white T-shirt. Seeing no bra underneath and cleavage showing from a very intentionally stretched collar.

Mom doesn’t hold back and screams “Tell her that she needs to mature and be my partner in this house!”

I shrug. “Can’t you just listen to your mom… just cover up some. Whats the big deal?”

Your reply hard, fast and calm. “Fuck her and fuck you.”

My eyes focus in and my body heats up from the blood racing through me as it registers that you care even less about me than ever before. Your body language indifferent. Legs exposed in shorts and knees wide. Almost laying on the sofa. Your hair a little wild from sleeping and your eyes big with full lips staying a little apart. A rehearsed look that has gotten you dinner, better grades and a little spending cash from mom’s boyfriends.

All with them thinking they had a chance to fuck you pinned against a wall for hours. To hear you moan to get fucked harder and harder. The dirty image planted by you and left to grow into a dream that few could resist to think about. Even catching your mom’s last boyfriend stroking off upstairs after a very rough teasing session. You worked your magic stretching on the sofa and chest pushing up and out. Your little teasing words of asking if he would like to be called daddy sometimes. It was the last straw for your Mom. Seeing him run out stammering.. nervous and shamed into admitting that he may have just wanted you over mom.

My eyes start to roll over you a little as you stretch in boredom. Taking in your curves and seeing how you like to tease. The cause of all these problems and what has made my Saturday morning a revisit to a past life that I was happy to be rid of.

With a sigh I finally speak “You share this house. just learn to live with casino siteleri each other. And, actually I need to go. I don’t know if I can even help the two of you at all to be honest. Seems like a cat fight is all.”

I stand and with one last glance at you almost on your back I turn to leave quickly. The growing bulge almost giving away how my body reacted to seeing you on your back and wondering in the back of my mind if you did just tease or if you had followed through.

You grin and seem to rest on your elbow as if inviting me next to you. “Just leave like you always do. You left me with this crazy bitch. Why change now? A good fuck you to you too!”

I stop in my tracks. “You picked her over me and you two are perfect together. And a fuck you to you as well.”

You sit up bolt straight. Not wanting to lose and playing your only card. “You want to fuck me too… don’t you? That’s why you are leaving. You are like all the rest. Can’t keep it in your pants and just a pervert.”

I turn to see you sitting now with your feet on the floor. You starting to stand there with your back slightly arched. Hair at your shoulders and your mom looking at you in disgust. Even with me she is jealous of the attention getting away from her and back to you..

“You’re my daughter.. if only on paper. You want to throw it away and be a whore? Okay then. Just call me when you’re forty, alone and figure out that your grew up to be a cunt just like your mother. Shit happens… good bye.”

The words hitting hard and you realizing where you get your attitude from. Where you get your sharp tongue from. Thinking deep down that maybe if you could have gotten to know me better things might have been different. That maybe you needed someone to verbally spar with you rather than yell at you.

All you can say is. “Fuck you! Both of you!”

Mom stands up. Her face flush, mind spinning and exhausted. “No! I am leaving. I hate this life and I want to be free of all of this! You (pointing to you.) are an ungrateful little slut that will never appreciate what I gave up to have you. I wanted to be happy. To travel, have a man that treated me like a princess and you fucked it all up. You being born was a mistake. The biggest mistake! Fuck you both.. with every fiber of me… FUCK YOU!”

With that she leaves. Rushing, stumbling and getting her keys. Maybe to a man’s arms. Maybe to just run away and not think about how her life is in reality. The room empty and just the two of us alone and the tension there. The “fuck you!” still hanging in the air and my blood being kept in check barely. You smirk and toss your hair as you turn slightly to dismiss me. “Well, what are you waiting for, get the fuck out to.”

You turn and then feel the firm press of a palm around your throat. Pushing you as quick as an eye blink and then hitting the cold plaster of the wall on the back of your head. My hand holding you tight but only tight enough to hold you in place. My face two or maybe three inches from your face. Lips pulled back and showing my teeth. The anger evident in my eyes as they lock in on yours.

“I didn’t want to fucking come here but, I did. I guess I thought maybe you fucking needed me a little. You are a born bitch. The next time you see me just stay out of my way. Okay, you little cunt.” My hand lifting you up a little more to the balls of your feet. Still not choking you but, clear that I can.

You look at me and hold your breath and let out a moan but not a scared moan. Just a deep exhale moan. Your mind racing thinking how to get out of this. How slot oyna to get control rather than be controlled.

Your eyes lock on my mine and without a blink you whisper. “I’ll suck your cock.”

I almost let go as I pull back a little. The words that I didn’t expect as I held you there against the wall. You see me falter and whisper again. “I can do an amazing job with it. I swear.” Your hand just sliding over my cock. Feeling it shift as I react to the touch. I slap it away and hold you up a little higher. Your moan deeper. Your eyes close for a second and then open to lock on mine again.

I take in your sent as I hold you there. Allowing my eyes to look at you whole now. Not like a bitter man or shunned father but a man. A man that was in the back of his head enjoying your curves and teasing. One that enjoys your smell. My cock reacting faster now. Letting my imagination flow while looking at your lips. Looking at your little mouth that would need to stretch to take my cock all the way in.

I growl. “Don’t think you can tease me. I am not mom or one of her stupid boyfriends that can get mind fucked.” I release you slowing but stay focused on your lips. “You, sort this out when your mom gets home.”

I turn before you can get a good look at me. Trying to hide my stiff cock that is pushing more and more north. The throbbing reaching my temples and pounding in my head.

You stand there stunned and react again. Trying to gain control of what just happened. “You can’t even do it anyways! I bet I would make you shoot in 30 seconds if you haven’t already”

Your words bite hard into me and I turn in a burst. Again pinning you against the wall but, my free hand busy already deep inside your shorts. My finger finding your slit quick and hard as it pushing inside you. Making you rise up to the balls of you feet by their own free will. Your moan deeper now with your mouth remaining open and jaw hanging as I look at your face and the rush of blood goes to your cheeks. The heat rising up through your torso and your face flush in want. My finger deeper and deeper. Pushing harder. Feeling that you are so slick already. I am taken aback by how warm you are. Your smooth mound feeling sweet against my palm. My other hand around your throat and I kiss you roughly. Tongue deep inside your throat as an indicator of what will come.

The kissing more and more intense as I finger you harder. My finger grinding inside you, stretching you as rough and hard as I can. Grunting as I kiss you. Tasting your skin as I kiss along your neck. Your wetness all over my fingers and hand, leaking down your thighs. I pull my hand back and rub over your clit with the tips of my fingers, rubbing as hard as I can. I pull my face back. Looking at your mouth staying open, panting. I speak quickly and in a matter of fact tone. “Turn around, now. ” I slap your mound playfully. I pull my hand out of your shorts and push my soaked fingers into you mouth letting you clean them. Pulling them away and my mouth right over your mouth again. Kissing you. Drawing your tongue out to suck it and getting your taste to me.

My hand slips to your hair as you turn and I make sure you are bent over and adjusting your hands to the wall. Without asking you push down your shorts with one hand as you balance against the wall with the other. Feet stepping out of them as they hit the floor and go wide. A peace offering of sorts as I look at your round ass and try to peek at your smooth cunt. I release your hair and kneel behind you. Licking your ass cheeks. Tongue bathing your curves and then reaching your canlı casino siteleri sweetness. Pushing my tongue rough and wide inside you quickly. Pushing my face against you and feeling you push back. Your wetness covering my chin instantly. Moaning as I taste you. Forgetting what we are to each other. The years apart making it easy. Not thinking you are the little girl I remember but the woman that likes to fuck who is pushing against my mouth. Reaching under I rub your clit with the tips of my fingers. Tongue probing hard as I moan inside you. My eyes flicker open and I see you looking back at me. Your back arched and hands on the wall as you push back against me and grind harder and harder. Making me want to taste you more. I pull back and ram two fingers back in. Watching you take them easily. Your walls tighter as they swell from the finger and tongue fucking. Licking your thighs.

You turn you head with a whip of your hair.

“I did say I would suck your cock.” Your words almost soft and caring. but dirty at the same time. You gasp as you say “cock” due to me ramming in harder with my fingers. I hold them in you and grind as I stand. My chin still shiny from your sweetness.

Standing behind you and letting them slide out and you turn as if on cue. Looking at me and you pull your top off before you do anything to get me to react. Eye fucking you as soon as I see you totally naked there for me and your hands undo my jeans as you smile right at me. Your lips so wet and sweet. I feel your hand around my cock and pulling at it with a hard yank. Making it come out just for you.

You drop slowly and make sure you squat there at my feet. Knees wide and cunt showing as you close your eyes and swallow me whole. I gasp as I feel your lips and mouth bob up and down hard and quick. The instant rush and instinct to cum held back with great effort as I watch you.

Hands in your hair just holding on. Feeling you take control of my cock and want it. Working it harder and harder. Hand stroking it as you pull back and just suck around my head. I hold so very still not wanting to shoot now. Holding my breath as I watch. Holding back to make it last. The fear in me of not getting this again. Of not fucking you again is making me crazy.

I pull back and out from your hungry mouth and making you stand with a hair tug. Letting my jeans drop. Kissing you hard and letting our sex mix with the kiss. Hands feeling your skin exposed. Hands to your ass. Lifting you and pushing your back against the wall. You rise up a little as you hold your hands onto my shoulders. Anticipating my head under you and I bite my lip as you lower onto me. I grunt and push up not able to wait even a second more. Pushing harder and letting you fall back onto me. Kissing, biting and panting mixed between us. Your legs wrapping around me hard as I push you against the wall harder and harder. Your hand on the back of my head and kissing me back. Lips pressing against mine.

You pant “say slut”

My words almost lost as I gasp. “what…?” I don’t stop fucking you harder and harder. Pushing up against you and keeping you on the wall.

“Call me a slut. Please daddy.”

I ram up hard and grunt “Fucking slut!” pushing up again and again. Feeling your legs go tighter around me.

“Fuck me daddy!”


“Fuck your slut, daddy!”

“Fucking little tease! Take my cock! Take it!”

“Daddy! Daddy!”

Feeling you go tight around me. I tremble as I hold my cock deep between your swollen Walls shooting deep inside you. Moaning as I release and then I feel you shake. Your nails dig deep into my back and shoulders.

I hold us there. Kissing your neck. Whispering. “I think it’s time you came home, baby. Home to be with me.”

Your response is soft, sweet and loving “Yes, Daddy”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32