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“Daddy, can I have a puppy?” I asked suddenly, peering over my computer at my dad.

“No, Kitten,” He said distractedly, submersed in his book. I slipped off the couch and army crawled over to the lounge chair he was in.

“Pleaaaaase?” I put on the most pathetic pouty face I could muster, my hands on his knees as I gave him puppy dog eyes. He looked down at me over his book, raising an eyebrow at my attempts.

“Kitten, you’re eighteen years old, not five,” He chuckled, sending shivers down my spine.

“It didn’t even work when I was five,” I grumbled, pouting for real. I leaned back and turned around, sitting with my back against his legs. I heard him sigh as he shut his book, now too distracted to read. He leaned over and rested his chin on the top of my head.

“What kind of dog?” He asked cautiously, not getting my hopes up but not completely shutting them down.

“A Yorkie!” I grinned, “A small one.”

“A Yorkie? Kitten you had one before,” He sat up, looking at the side of my face. My nostrils flared a bit as I snorted.

“You’re right dad, I did have a Yorkie. What happened to him again?” I asked, feigning memory loss. My late mother had been a terrible drunk, and one day decided that she was going to take a drive, backing up over my dog. She never came home that night. Oh well.

“Kitten,” Dad sighed softly. I felt his strong hands reach around my waist and bring me up to his lap. “It’s been over a year now; mom’s gone along with all her problems. It’s just the two of us now,” He said gently, hugging me into his chest. My heart started to race as I looked up at my dad. He was so handsome; 43 years old, but looked maybe 34. Tan skin and strong muscles, he worked out at his company’s gym every week, and the most gorgeous green eyes.

“It could be the three of us, me you and a puppy…” I tempted, snuggling close against him perhaps more than a daughter should. He laughed, hugging me tight.

“Okay, Kitten. Tomorrow we’ll go find you a Yorkie,” He gave in, kissing my cheek. I squealed and clapped my hands, hugging him back tightly.

“Thank you Daddy!” I exclaimed, kissing him on the cheek. My lips lingered near his face for a moment, before I realized what I was doing. I blushed slightly, leaning back. “I’m going to go get ready for bed Daddy, I’ll see you in the morning!” I smiled, back to being his daughter instead of some girl fawning after him. I climbed off his lap and ran up the stairs to my bedroom to get ready for bed.


I sat downstairs, looking after the hallway my daughter had just pranced down. Maybe I was exhausted from work and imagining things. Or maybe I was a sick man hoping for things that should never happen. Regardless of what the answer was, I could have sworn my Kitten was going to kiss me with those soft pink lips of hers. It was so wrong of me to think of my little girl in the way I have been lately. She’s grown up so beautifully, it’s impossible not to notice her.

Her long brown hair that she left naturally wavy around the curves of her incredibly perky breasts; he guessed a C cup. Her legs went on for miles, which was kind of funny since she was so short, just barely 5″1. She was so slim and toned from swimming laps in their pool every morning; he wanted to just die every time she walked around in her scanty bikinis. He could feel his cock stirring in his jeans, making him feel so guilty thinking about his baby girl like that. He groaned quietly, his hardon straining against his jeans almost painfully. He could still feel her warm body pressed against his chest, sitting on his lap.

His fingers had a mind of their own as they popped open the button, immediately relieving some of the pressure. His zipper slid down as his hand reached into his boxers and grasped his thick cock, giving it a squeeze. No, he couldn’t do it. Not thinking about his little girl, it was too wrong. Oh but those lips, he couldn’t help himself as his hand started pumping up and down the length of his cock quickly, cumming almost instantly. Ashamed, he wiped up and went to his bedroom to shower.


The next morning I got up early, excited about going with daddy to get my puppy. I slipped into one of my favourite bikinis, a tight white string bikini that barely covered my 36 C breasts and stretched tight over my ass. Grabbing a towel from the closet I padded downstairs, skipping down the hallway.

“Morning Daddy!” I smiled brightly, hopping into the kitchen and poking my head in the fridge. I could feel his eyes roaming over my body, making me smile even wider. I grabbed a cold water bottle and shut the fridge, giving him escort kızılay a big grin.

“I can’t wait to go get our puppy!” I squealed, jumping up and down slightly. I was genuinely excited, I had been begging for one for months.

“Well Kitten, get your swimming done and we’ll head out afterwards,” Daddy said, giving me a loving smile, even though I could tell his eyes were having a hard time focusing on my face.

I ran into the backyard, tossed my towel on a chair and dove into the pool. I loved the feeling of gliding through the water like a bird does in the air. I started making my laps, until finally I was too tired to go anymore. Dragging myself out of the pool, I sat on the edge for a moment, soaking in the warm sunshine.

“Mmm,” I sighed, laying back on the warm concrete. My fingers traced my tummy, making a path between my breasts and the edge of my bikini bottoms.

“Kitten, come on and shower so we can go get your dog,” Dad startled me, I had actually forgotten he was home. I blushed slightly, I had been about to touch myself!

“Okay Daddy!” I called back, standing up and brushing the water droplets off my skin before headed back to the house. I forgot to grab my towel, leaving it abandoned outside on the patio furniture. When I stepped back into the house I shivered immediately, feeling my nipples harden at the cool air. Daddy was sitting in the same chair he was last night, reading his book again. I stopped in the kitchen and put my half empty water bottle back in the fridge before I walked quietly behind to daddy’s chair. I grinned wickedly, thinking I would be able to startle him. As soon as I crept up behind him and was about to pounce, he swiveled his chair and grabbed me, making me scream and laugh.

“Daddy! I was trying to scare you!” I laughed, leaning into his lap. He laughed with me, hugging me close.

“You’ll have to do better than that to pull one over on me, Kitten,” He smiled, kissing my shoulder. We sat and relaxed for a moment, he went back to reading his book while I rested in his lap, sore from swimming so many laps. One of his arms was wrapped around my waist, the other holding his book open. I started to notice his hand rubbing the side of my waist softly, and it felt so nice. I wondered if it was weird for a daughter to feel this way about her father, to tease him the way she did with tight clothes and hanging all over his lap.

I shifted in his lap slightly and was surprised to find that my daddy’s semi-hard cock was nestled between my ass cheeks. It felt so nice that I was afraid to move, that he might notice and make me get off of his lap. I glanced at daddy’s face, but he seemed passive, still engrossed in his book. Then I felt his fingers drifting slightly higher from my waist, playing on my ribs near the bottom of my bikini top that was straining against my still hard nipples. I felt so comfortable and safe with my Daddy, I let my eyes flutter shut and a soft purr escape my lips.


I stiffened slightly. Had my Kitten just purred? I groaned silently, feeling her nearly naked body pressed against me. She had shifted to where my cock was smack dab in the middle of her perfect ass, making it impossible to hide my growing arousal. I tried to pay attention to my book, but just like last night my fingers had a mind of their own. They started to play at the edge of her bikini top, and after that purr I got a little braver, and a lot more aroused. With my rock hard cock pressed against her ass, I lifted my hips slightly, pressing myself to her so she was sure to feel me. She wriggled in response, my breath catching in my throat.

“Daddy?” Her little murmur startled me, making me fear the worse that she would run off screaming that her daddy is a massive pervert.

“Yes Kitten?” I asked nervously, looking up at my beautiful little girl. Her expression was zoned out, like she was dreaming.

“My legs hurt from swimming, do you think you could rub them for me?” She asked in the sweetest voice.

“Of course little one, but what about your puppy?” I asked her, my hands sliding down her firm legs.

“Can we get him later?” She asked, pouting down at me slightly, making my heart leap. I hooked one arm under her knees and stood up, supporting her back with my other arm.

“Yes Kitten,” I murmured into her hair, carrying her into my bedroom. She smiled and snuggled against my chest, letting out a content sigh.

I laid her down on my bed and smiled down at my girl, watching her young sexy body stretch out over my sheets. Her tiny white bathing suit barely covering any of her beautiful curves. I held my breath escort kolej as I sat down on the bed, taking one of her small cute feet in my hands. I began massaging her feet, gradually working my way up her smooth strong calves. I looked up at her face and saw her eyes had fluttered shut, her lips pursed slightly in a smile. I slid my hands up to her thighs, my cock ready to burst through my jeans. I gave her thighs a squeeze, and she groaned softly, making me jump.

“Too hard baby?” I asked, grazing my fingertips across her silky smooth skin.

“No Daddy, a little higher?” She asked, her legs parting slightly. I stared at the white patch of material stretched tight across her young pussy, the outline of each lip clear as day, just as the dark moist patch was. With shaky hands I began to massage up her thighs, closer and closer to that forbidden paradise between her legs.


I couldn’t believe this was happening! My handsome daddy was just inches away from my pussy, I could feel myself shaking in anticipation. I bit my bottom lip, it was now or never. I sat up slightly, startling Daddy. I smiled at him sweetly, reaching behind me and releasing the ties that had been struggling to keep my top on. The bikini top sprung off like I had pushed the magic release button, freeing my tits to my Daddy’s surprised eyes.

“The top was too tight Daddy, I couldn’t relax,” I explained shyly, laying back down. I could feel his eyes memorizing every inch of my chest as it rose up and down with each breath.

“Kitten…” He groaned, his fingers playing over my skin, getting nearer to my pussy. I was itching to take off my bottoms too, but not yet.

“Yes Daddy?” I asked innocently, sitting up and reaching over to touch his leg. He jerked at my touch, encouraging me to slide my hand over towards the noticeable bulge forming in his jeans.

“Do you understand what we’re doing, Kitten?” He asked me, looking deep into my eyes with so much love. I hooked my thumbs under each strap of my bottoms and slid them from my body, letting them fall to the floor.

“I understand, Daddy,” I smiled, licking my lips. The look in his gorgeous eyes was driving me crazy, so full of lust and love.

“Kiss me Daddy?” I whispered, looking up at him, naked before my daddy for the first time since I was a baby.


I couldn’t move fast enough. I leaned over my daughter and kissed her deeply, finally getting to taste those pink lips. I tugged on her bottom lip, overrun by desire for my beautiful teenage daughter. Her back arched, pressing her gorgeous tits against my chest.

“Oh Kitten,” I groaned, kissing down her slender neck to that chest. Her fingers dragged through my hair, leading my mouth to one of her nipples. I latched on like a babe, my tongue swirling around the hardened nub while my fingers pinched and squeezed the other.

“Daddy,” She gasped, tugging at my hair, her eyes closed tight. I switched nipples, giving it my tongues total attention while my free hand rubbed down her flat stomach to her smooth teenage pussy. I used one finger to push apart her lips, and nearly came that moment.

“Kitten you’re so wet,” I moaned, sitting up. I got off the bed and pulled her gently to the edge so her legs were hanging off.

“Daddy? What are you- Oh God,” She moaned loudly as my tongue dove into her dripping pussy. Nothing had ever tasted so sweet as the juices running from her excited sex. I alternated between tongue fucking my daughter and sucking on her hard little clit. I could feel her body shaking, getting so close to her orgasm. I slipped one finger into her pussy and couldn’t believe how tight she was. I pushed in deep and felt resistance, surprising me.

“Kitten, are you a virgin?” I asked, looking up at her while I gently lapped at her clit. She blushed slightly and bit her bottom lip, looking down at me. I took that as a yes, and smiled proudly up at my baby girl. I slipped another finger into her tight pussy, sucking on her clit. I finger fucked her slowly, building up my Kitten’s orgasm nice and big. I knew it was going to happen before she did, as her pussy tightened around my fingers and began to gush that delicious cum, her back arched in pleasure as she cried out for me.

As she recovered I kissed back up to her lips, my hands unbuttoning my jeans and sliding down the zipper. I stood up and slipped out of my boxers and jeans, finally releasing my aching hard cock. I threw my shirt to the floor, standing naked before my panting daughter.


I watched my daddy strip, still escort maltepe trying to catch my breath from the incredible orgasm he had just given me. As soon as his cock sprang free I gasped, never having imagined it would be so large, at least seven inches long and over an inch wide. I eagerly sat up, sliding off of the side of the bed and kneeling before him. I tentatively wrapped my hand around his length, making my hand look so small.

Daddy groaned, his hips bucking, making his cock thrust in my hand. Encouraged, I stuck out my tongue, licking on the head. Looking up at my Daddy I slipped the head of his cock between my lips, curling my tongue around his length while my head bobbed up and down. Hearing Daddy moan was all the support I need to work my lips down his length, making me gag as he hit the back of my throat. His strong hands gripped the back of my head, fingers tangling in my hair as he began to fuck my mouth slow and deep. I could feel my pussy starting to drip down my leg as he continued to thrust his cock down my throat, making me moan, muffled by his thickness. I could feel his cock start to twitch, as he began to thrust faster.

“Fuck, Kitten, that’s it baby, keep sucking like a good girl,” He urged me, running his fingers through my hair lovingly while he continued to face fuck me.

“That’s right Kitten, Ah,” He moaned, pulling his hard cock out of my eager mouth as it began to shoot out ribbons of thick hot cum, covering my chest and face. Daddy groaned, before pushing his cock back into my mouth, my tongue cleaning every drop. He gathered all the cum off my face on his fingers holding them to my lips which I eagerly lapped clean. Lifting me from my knees, Daddy kissed me deep and hard, picking me up and placing me on the bed. My heart began to race as he leaned over me, positioning the head of his cock against my dripping pussy lips.

“Be gentle Daddy,” I whispered, looking up at him with love filled eyes. He smiled and gave me the softest kiss, as he slowly began to sink the thick head into my drenched cunt. It was so tight and felt so good, until he hit a wall of resistance. He stopped and looked at me, kissing me on the forehead before he suddenly thrust into me, making me cry out in pain. A tear leaked from my eye which he kissed away, letting me get used to his thick size and length.

“It’s okay Kitten,” He murmured softly, kissing the nape of my neck. “Soon you’ll be begging for it, my beautiful babygirl begging for her daddy’s cock,” He said, trailing kisses down my neck. I squirmed, moaning from his kisses.

“Okay Daddy, I think I’m ready,” I gasped softly, my pussy contracting around his thickness. He kissed me deeply, thrusting slowly in and out of my aching pussy. I whimpered, nibbling on his bottom lip, the pain slowly ebbing away and being overrun by pleasure.

“That’s right Kitten, take Daddy’s big cock,” Daddy growled, his kisses trailing back down my neck as he started to thrust faster into my tight little pussy.


I couldn’t believe I was nut deep in my babygirl. The wrongness of the action just made it so much better, I couldn’t help but thrust away at her no longer virginal pussy. The way it wrapped around my tool, squeezing and massaging my hard cock was unreal. I bit down on her neck, making her cry out and wrap her legs around my waist. My Kitten wanted me to fuck her. She was starting to hump against my cock desperately, wanting more and more. The vision before me was more erotic than anything I had ever seen. Her perfect perky tits still covered in my cum bouncing with every thrust, her stomach muscles flexing as she pushed up against me, trying to get my cock deeper into her eager snatch.

Untangling her legs from my waist, I spun my little girl around, propping her up on her hands and knees. Sinking my cock back into that delicious pussy, I leaned forward, grasping her perky tits and pinching her nipples. Listening to her sexy moans as she pushed that phenomenal ass against me. I started fucking her frantically, feeling her getting closer and closer to her orgasm.

“Daddy, fuck me, fuck me!” She cried out, bucking back against me. Grasping her tone hips I began pumping in and out of her as deep and hard as I could, holding off my own orgasm until my Kitten was satisfied.

“Alright Kitten, cum for me, cum all over Daddy’s cock,” I groaned, fucking that sweet pussy with everything I had. With a cry she exploded all over my cock, her hot cum dripping out over my cock. Feeling her cum sent me over the edge, and with a final thrust I released spurt after spurt of cum into my sexy little girl. With a groan we both collapsed on the bed, my Kitten snuggling close against me, my semi-hard cock still embedded in her pussy.

“I love you Kitten,” I murmured into her hair, kissing her cheek. “We’ll get your puppy another day,” I promised, stroking her back.

“I love you Daddy,” She whispered back, falling asleep in my arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32