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The next incident with Dad happened when he called my Mom and said he was stuck at work. He informed her he needed to meet a deadline with customer’s vehicle he had been working on by tomorrow. After work he stopped at a local pub for a few beers with some of the men that worked with him at his auto body shop.

When he arrived at home he came in through the basement entrance so not to wake anyone. I had just moved into the basement bedroom. As he reached my room he noticed my door ajar and my night light on. He looked inside and was amazed at what he saw. I was on my bed on all fours shoving one my mother’s dildos in my butt.

“Fuck dad, shove that big hairy cock in my ass” I said as I fucked my hole with the dildo.

I was so entrenched in fucking my hole that I did not hear my father creep into my room removing his work pants and underwear. He stroked his hard cock while walking over to my bed. He was enjoying the view of me using my hole with the dildo.

“Yeah, boy that looks so hot” I was startled at first but when I glanced over my back and saw my dad standing next to my bed stroking his hard cock, I just smiled.

“I can see you are enjoying the view!” I said. “Why don’t you give your son a helping hand!”

My father reached out to grab the dildo out of my hand and pulled it out of my hole. He slid his fingers in my casino siteleri wet hole and moaned.

“I think you are ready for the real thing” he said as he spit on his cock.

“Yes, sir I want you to slide that big cock in my wet hole” I exclaimed.

My father proceeded to slide his saliva coated cock in me. I could feel every inch as he pushed into me. Once he was all the way in, he let out a moan. I felt like I was on cloud 9 enjoying that hard fat cock of my dad’s fill me up. He had leaned over me and was pinching my nipples and fucking my ear with his tongue.

“Yeah, boy your wet hole feels so good on my cock!” he said as he grabbed my hips and pulled out his cock and pushed it back in hard.

“Oh, yeah!” I moaned at the hard pounding he started giving me. I could tell he was a bit drunk as I smelled the beer on his breath. He proceeded on pounding my ass.

“Yeah, bitch, you like daddy ramming your hole” he was really getting dominant with me. I guess he wanted me to know he is still the dad. I must admit it was really getting me excited, my cock was rock hard.

“Yes daddy, ram that cock in my ass!” my head was spinning with the sexual heat that my father was providing.

He spit in his hand and reached around and grab my cock in his wet fist and started jerking me off while he banged my ass with hard cock. slot oyna

“You going to cum for daddy, boy?” he whispered in my ear. “Daddy wants you to cum.” It did not take me long with the constant drilling my dad was doing to my hole to release my load.

“Oh, dad, I Cumming!” I said as he caught my load with his other hand.

He pulled his cock out, coated his cock with me cum, slid it back in me and continued banging my hole.

“You like that boy, having daddy coat his cock with your cum and fucking you?” he growled. “Daddy is going to fill you with his cum!” he moaned as he emptied his balls deep in my hole.

Dad pulled his cum covered cock from my hole, he crawled up on the bed toward my head, grabbed my hair, pulled my head back and told me to clean his cock. I did as was told and opened my mouth and he slid his wet cock in and I sucked it clean. I was so horny from all the sexual activity that just transpired, that my cock was rock hard again. My dad noticed the state of hardiness I was in and looked down and me and smiled.

My dad softly asked, “How would u like to fuck your old man?”

“Do what?” I asked.

“Fuck me. I’d love to feel that up my ass.”

“Sure,” I replied. I grabbed the lube I had used on the dildo and greased up my cock while my dad greased up his hole. My dad had me lay on my back canlı casino siteleri and he straddled my hips, holding my lubed cock upright, he slowly lowered his hairy ass on to my cock letting it slide up his ass. Damn I could feel his ass lips open and sucking my cock in. It felt amazing! Once my 7.5″ of hard cock was all the way in my dad sat on it for a little while moaning.

“Yeah, son, your cock is filling me up. Feels so good” he said as he kept moaning.

My dad lifted his ass up my cock and started to ride it. He leaned over and started tongue kissing me. With that I had grabbed his hips and stared lifting myself off the bed to fuck him as he lowered himself onto my cock.

“Dad, I am about to shoot” I said as he was riding my cock.

He whispered in my ear “Deep in my ass, breed your old man!” I let loose, my load exploded in my dad’s ass. Slowly my dad lifted himself off my cock. I got up to get a wash cloth from the bathroom. I handed the cloth to my dad to clean up.

“Did you enjoy that?” I asked my dad.

“Yes, son. I truly enjoyed riding your hard cock and the love we just shared.” My dad said as he got up from my bed.

He headed in the bathroom and I heard the shower going, I guess he wanted to make sure he was cleaned up before heading upstairs to go to bed with mom. I put on my pajama bottoms and crawled into the bed listening to shower and reliving our recent episode in my head.

My dad came out of the bathroom in his work clothes, came over to the bed, leaned over kissed me goodnight, turned off my light and left my room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32