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If Daisy had envisioned a fun, carefree stay at her friend’s house, she was in for a shock.

That evening she was forced to cook for Shawna and her brother. The pair sat in the kitchen, laughing and flirting, while Daisy tottered about in a pair of Shawna’s ridiculously high-heeled sandals and a tiny pink string bikini. The top was so small it barely covered her nipples, and the bottom merely disappeared between her swollen lips. Every step she took forced it deeper until it simply rubbed back and forth against her clit and anus, making her wet in spite of herself.

At one point, Dylan called her over. She approached the kitchen counter awkwardly, trying not to stumble. “Turn around and bend over,” he ordered her, and she obeyed clumsily, doing her best not to topple over. Her tits strained heavily against the string bikini, threatening to tumble out or snap the thing in two at any moment.

Suddenly she felt hands on her ass cheeks, spreading them apart. Something was placed against her asshole, and Daisy gritted her teeth as the dry object was forced inside. It opened her anus wider and wider until at last the object narrowed, allowing her sphincter to close around it-probably a butt plug of some sort.

“Good girl,” Shawna praised her, giving her a slap on the ass. “Now finish making dinner.”

It wasn’t until Daisy was allowed to stand and take a few steps that she realized the plug had also forced the string bikini into her ass, pinning it up inside her. Her pussy bulged out lewdly on either side of the taut string, bouncing and wiggling with each step. There was also a large round handle on the end of the plug which stuck out between her cheeks. As she walked, the silicone ring bounced back and forth, slapping her rudely.

Shawna and Dylan ate dinner at the kitchen table. Daisy was forced to kneel on the floor on her hands and knees, eating out of a dog dish. She was made to face away from the pair so that they could observe and access her backside. Shawna reached out periodically to grab the protruding handle and use it to fuck the plug in and out of Daisy’s ass. Dry as it was, Daisy was accustomed to such abuse, and it didn’t take long for her own natural lubrication to ease the fat plug’s way in and out. Just as she began to enjoy the treatment, Shawna would stop and go back to her dinner, laughing cruelly. She seemed to sense when Daisy’s anus had tightened back up again, for that was when she would abruptly wrench on the large rubber ring, opening her sphincter once more from the inside out.

When they had finished eating, and Daisy had cleaned up the dishes, Dylan produced a dog leash. He ordered Daisy on her hands and knees and, with her ass pointing up at him, attached the leash to the ring kartal escort protruding from Daisy’s plug. “Crawl upstairs to the master bedroom, you little bitch,” he ordered, holding the leash in one hand, and took a swig from the beer he held in the other.

Daisy began to crawl, obediently, across the kitchen floor, through the dining room and up the staircase. She knew her ass was swaying at the two as they followed her, knew her pussy was winking at them from between her thighs. On the third step, her bikini top lost the battle and snapped, allowing her tits to tumble out onto the carpet. Shawna laughed. Daisy’s nipples now dragged painfully against the carpet with every step, and her enormous tits bounced against the stairs as she climbed. Finally, she made it to the top, then down the hallway to the master bedroom.

“Up on the bed,” Dylan ordered. Daisy obeyed. Once there, she felt the plug shift, and suddenly it was ripped painfully from her anus. She cried out, but the two ignored her. “It didn’t gape very much,” she heard Dylan say.

“No, you need to fuck her longer,” Shawna responded. “Get it to open up more.”

She heard a zipper, and wondered for a moment if Dylan was going to fuck her ass. Then she heard Shawna say, “No, no, no. Not yet. Here, use this.”

Dylan laughed in response, but he must have approved, for something immediately burrowed between Daisy’s ass cheeks and prodded at her sore hole. “Blindfold her,” she heard Dylan say, and a moment later Shawna was wrapping a strip of fabric over her eyes. Daisy felt panicky. She trusted her father to torture her, and she had just begun to trust Nate, but she had no idea what would happen to her in this house. She braced herself as a wide, blunt object began to work itself into her aching asshole.

“Wait ’til it gets really deep,” Shawna giggled. “It looks hilarious.”

“I think it’s kind of hot,” Dylan murmured. “Take a video as it goes in.”

The object paused for a moment, only an inch inside Daisy’s sphincter, until she heard Shawna say, “Smile, honey! Yeah, there’s a naughty girl. She loves it in the ass. Look at this.” The object began to force its way in deeper. Daisy gritted her teeth as she was opened wide. The object was smooth and slid straight in, but it seemed like it would never stop. She was reminded of the snake her father had used inside her ass, but this was different-it was firmer, less maleable. It pictured it contorting her insides as it buried itself deeper and deeper.

Shawna was in front of her. “See that look on her face? She likes it.” Daisy felt a hand on her tit, squeezing the flesh casually. Fingers plucked at her already stiff nipple. “So hot,” she heard Shawna say just before the hand disappeared, maltepe escort bayan and she felt her move off the bed. “It’s almost all the way in,” she said. “It looks really good. Should we use the other one?”

“Oh fuck, you have two?” That was Dylan. “Yeah, let me do it.”

Daisy almost moaned aloud as the same wide, blunt object thrust itself between her fat pussy lips and up into her swollen cunt. “I can barely find her fucking hole,” Dylan said, but by then there were several inches inside her. Daisy felt so full she could hardly stand it. The two dildos, or whatever they were, rubbed against each other inside her. Inch after inch buried itself in her pussy until she felt it bottom out. She grunted, and the object stopped.

“You got this?” she heard Dylan ask.

“Fuck yeah.” Shawna sounded…aroused. Daisy wished she could see what was going on.

“You like that, sis?” Dylan asked, his voice teasing.

Shawna did not sound amused. “Fuck, it’s hot. Yeah, I like it.”

“You wish this was you?”

A little moan.

“Fuck yeah, girl, let me see that.” She heard another zipper, heard the unmistakeable sound of clothes falling to the floor. Someone crawled or sat or lay down on the bed next to her. Suddenly the objects inside her began to slide out, both of them at once. Daisy moaned helplessly. But they didn’t come out. Just as they were about to slip out of her holes, they were forced back in again, ramming in deep. She moaned again.

“Get this on video, sis, come on,” Dylan demanded, his voice gravely. “You look so fucking hot like that, believe me, but fucking look at this.”

Shawna got up off the bed, and Daisy knew she was filming her again. “Yeah, look at that. So hot.” She sounded irritated, almost resentful.

“Baby, don’t be like that,” Dylan whined. “Here, watch.” Slowly, Daisy felt the object in her ass slide out, out, out, all the way. She groaned, feeling her anus spasm around thin air. Then the object was plunging back inside, sliding in deep, then in and out, in and out, and then back out, suddenly, leaving her asshole wide open. “Fuck, look at her gape,” Dylan moaned. “That’s beautiful.”

Again the object buried itself inside her, and the one inside her pussy fucked her hard and fast for a moment before they were both ripped out of her. Daisy cried out, feeling too empty. A moment later her pussy was filled again, the motion accompanied by a loud queef. “Fuuuuck,” Shawna groaned, giggling. “I told you she was fucking nasty.”

This was repeated four or five more times, each thrust inside her producing a louder pussy fart. Daisy knew her face was beat red, and when Shawna brought the video camera around to her face, she announced it. “Aww, escort pendik Daisy’s embarrassed,” she said cruelly. “She fucking should be. Only nasty pussies fart like that. Mine doesn’t.”

Daisy felt Shawna lie down next to her. She heard her breathing quicken and, over the crude sounds of her own body, heard wet rhythmic slaps. Shawna began to moan. Dylan said, “You like that, sis? You like fucking that fake cock?”

A moment later, he said, “Pull up your legs. Let me in that other hole.”

Daisy knew then that her former best friend was fucking her pussy with a dildo while her own brother slid his cock into her ass. Daisy’s own holes had been vacated once Dylan’s attention had been drawn to his sister, and she found herself longing for satisfaction. As disgusting and unbelievable as it was, she was oddly aroused by the incestual activity occuring mere inches from her.

Suddenly she felt a hand on her pussy, groping between the swollen lips and thumbing her clit. She moaned. Three fingers worked themselves inside and began to fuck her. “Finger her ass,” she heard Shawna say, her voice hoarse, and suddenly there were fingers in her slackened anus, too. They fucked her ruthlessly, and there was something about the callous nature of their attentions that made Daisy hotter than she had been in a long time. She felt her orgasm coming from miles away, and braced herself for it. When she came, she screamed.

Even over her screams, she heard Dylan announce that he was cumming “deep in your ass, baby!” Shawna moaned and squealed, and the wet slapping sounded grew more urgent. Even after Daisy’s own squirting, gushing orgasm had subsided, she heard those slaps, heard Shawna desperately trying to cum.

The blindfold was ripped off. Dylan pulled Daisy off the bed and they stood together, watching Shawna slam the huge dildo into her camel toe, her camera trained above it. Beneath, her anus winked opened and closed, occasionally releasing a dollop of cum onto the duvet. “Help her,” Dylan urged. He took the dildo from Shawna and handed it to Daisy.

Daisy stared at the reddened flesh that peeked out from between those pale puffy lips. She aimed the dildo into that narrow gash and buried it inside her former friend. Shawna moaned eagerly, and Daisy began to pump in and out of her pussy. Her titties bounced and jiggled with the effort, but she managed to hold them to her chest with one arm as she fucked Shawna with the fat dildo. At last, Shawna let out a cry. When she came, it wasn’t the flood of juice it was with Daisy, but she did manage to send a few squirts splattering against the duvet cover and across Daisy’s tits.

Standing there, watching the other girl recover from her orgasm, Daisy felt a hand on her ass. She turned and found herself face to face with Dylan. His cock was hard, thrusting out towards her. She knew where his cock had been just a moment ago, and was reminded of it as he forced her to her knees and shoved the thick shaft, fresh from Shawna’s ass, between her lips.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32