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I had been enamored of Danielle, or Dani as everyone called her, since she had been in high school. She was a young beauty –I will describe her in detail in a minute – who had always run with my son’s crowd. I, obviously, was old enough to be her father. She dated my son for a brief time, but seemed to play the field through her high school years as the young seem to do these days. She interned her junior year in my graphic design firm and seemed to have an affinity and flare for design. It had been a treat having her physical presence around the office and it was wonderful way to get to know her better. She was a pleasure to look at and a warm and friendly person to boot.

After graduation I would occasionally hear from or about her. She completed college and when she was applying to the master’s program in graphic design at Colorado University, she e-mailed me and asked me for a recommendation letter, which I happily supplied. She wrote back some time later thanking me for my letter and sharing the news that she had been accepted into the program and would be starting in the fall. She also mentioned letting her know if I was ever in the area.

It was a year or so later that I found myself traveling to Denver for a conference and the thought occurred to me that I should check in on Dani and see how she was doing. I had played somewhat of a mentor role over the years and figured she might benefit from my wisdom and experience. Or so I told myself. Truthfully, the thought of spending even a brief time with this beautiful creature certainly had some bearing on my decision to contact her.

We had always had a kind of eye contact thing that I could never get beyond. It was like she knew what I was thinking about her, and even though I was 26 years her senior, I always had the feeling she was flirting with me – or so I liked to think. A few e-mails back and forth and we set up a time for me to come visit one evening for dinner in Boulder. She sounded excited to see me. I could never have fantasized what lay in store.

Now – a little more about Dani. If I had to describe her in a few words it would be a “sultry girl-next-door” or an “innocent vixen”. While she exuded a wholesome charm, there was an underlying sexuality that was impossible to ignore, even when she had been in high school.

Dani was perfection, at least in my eyes. She stood 5’5″ tall and had a model’s face surrounded by a mane of unruly auburn hair that usually seemed completely untamed. Her skin was a silky soft shade of golden brown and I often wondered what it would be like to stroke her body. Her face was amazingly expressive with huge brown eyes that were captivating and sexually charged. She could look like an innocent teen one minute and a mature seductive woman the next. She had full pouty lips and I could only imagine what they would be like to kiss. I had always fantasized about my cock slowly sliding into her full, wet lips while she looked at me with her big sultry eyes. Blowjob eyes, I always thought to myself.

And that was just above the neck. Her body was incredible. I’d guess she was a 34 full B cup, very slim waist, say 23, and a gorgeous round, but very tight butt, probably another 34 or 35. She was a walking wet dream. She carried herself like a cat, with a sinuous, slinky stride that was awe inspiring to observe. Her breasts were perfect for her body type and stature and stood proudly on her frame. Over the years I’d been around her enough to notice how sometimes her nipples seemed to pop through her clothes at the oddest times – sitting high and proud on her full breasts. She was blessed with a cute little bubble butt that looked great in a tight pair of jeans or a short skirt. She had the cutest little twitch and bounce to her ass when she walked. Her legs were long, tanned and perfectly shaped. She received double-takes wherever she went.

On top of her looks, she was a great person, warm and friendly, with a sweet personality and a great sense of humor with an infectious laugh. She was seemingly unaffected by her looks and charm. She was incredible – what can I say? I looked forward to spending an evening with her.

My meetings in Denver were complete and I wasn’t heading out until late the next day. I hopped in my rental car and headed north. I hadn’t checked out of my hotel, but I was secretly hoping I wouldn’t be back that night. I brought a toothbrush, just in case.

I arrived at Dani’s small studio apartment on the outskirts of downtown Boulder around six. It was May and the weather was crisp and clear, the days getting longer. Her apartment was toward the rear of a cute bungalow style house. I climbed her porch, rang the doorbell and waited in quiet anticipation. I had not seen Dani in two years. Had she changed? I took a deep breath and waited as I heard a stirring inside.

The door opened and there stood this gorgeous woman. Holy shit! Better than I remembered. I couldn’t believe the beauty standing in the door smiling at me. She opened her arms for a hug.

“Mr. B! It’s so great to see you. Thanks for coming canlı bahis all the way up here.” She had changed, but only for the better, if that’s possible. She looked a little older (maybe because she was), her hair a little longer, and she just seemed to be a little more of a woman and less of a “teenager”. I guess the early twenties will do that for you. Perhaps it was my imagination, but I sensed a serious sexual charge in the air. I was standing in front of this beauty, miles from home with a full evening before us. She seemed truly glad to see me – and, obviously, the feeling was mutual.

She was dressed in a casual, but sexy manner. She wore a thin red flowered summer dress and high heel sandals with straps that wrapped part way up her calves. The dress sat beautifully on her body and it was clear she was not wearing a bra. The thin straps of her dress tied behind her neck, her full breasts stretching against the tight bodice of the sundress. Her hair was tied up in a wild mass secured with a hair clip. It accentuated her beautiful arms and shoulders. Her long smooth neck cried out for nuzzling. Her breasts moved and bounced ever so slightly as she walked and her nipples were sitting high on her breasts, just hidden from view. The thin fabric of the dress swayed beautifully around her thighs as she walked around the room getting ready to go. She bent over to pick up something and I admired the view of her beautiful round ass – absolute perfection. I wondered what kind of thong or panties she was wearing, if any. I was staring at her like a goon.

Her apartment was one big room with art, photos, posters and whatever covering every wall. It was a very comfortable space highlighted by a huge bed over against one wall. To the side was a full length closet with mirrors on the doors. There were unlit candles everywhere. It was sexy and inviting and I couldn’t help but think of the scenes that must have unfolded on that bed. Oh to be a fly on the wall in this little joint.

Anyway, we had more serious things to attend to – dinner – so we headed out the door and started to walk downtown. She talked with great animation as we strolled toward town, her breasts bouncing tightly as we walked. I kept taking furtive glances at her exquisite body.

She suggested a small bistro on a side street of downtown. We sat down at a small table for two, ordered drinks and dinner and continued to talk. I was swimming in her huge deep eyes. When I was talking she would lower her eyelids just slightly, look into my eyes, then at my mouth, then back at my eyes again – a slight smile on her full lips. I had to concentrate to speak intelligently.

We talked about work, school, design, mutual friends and colleagues and an hour or so flew by. By the end of the main course we had downed a drink each and polished off a wonderful bottle of cabernet. Our conversation turned more personal as we were both enjoying one another’s company and feeling no pain. I asked about living in Boulder, her friends, and finally got around to inquiring about boyfriends.

“Any boyfriends in your life? They must be beating your door down,” I exclaimed with not a bit of suavity

“Well, yes and no,” she replied. “I’ve had plenty of boyfriends through high school and college, but I can’t say I’ve met anyone that really does it for me. You might say I’m on a little sabbatical right now”

“I find that hard to believe,” I said incredulously. “You are an amazingly sexy woman. I can’t believe there is a man in this town that wouldn’t kill to go out with you.”

“Mr. B, you’re so sweet. Well, it’s not finding dates; it’s finding a man who can, well, please me to be honest about it. It seems like all the guys I go out with are just looking to get off themselves.” She paused. “Maybe I need to find a more mature guy.” She gave me the subtlest smile and batted those brown eyes ever so slightly.

“These guys must be idiots. What’s their problem?”

“I don’t know Mr. B. But I keep finding duds – interested in their own pleasure, but not particularly interested in mine. Plus a lot of guys just seem scared of me. It’s very depressing sometimes.”

I saw the opening I was looking for. “Dani, I’ve been a guy now for 49 years and I think I know what makes us tick. When I was your age all I could think about was getting off – find a girl and do anything possible to get laid. It’s just with another decade or two under my belt that I can now appreciate a different approach. Now I’m not concerned with getting off until after I’ve brought my lover to climax. I think most older guys are this way. I’m much more interested in pleasing a woman and learning what makes her tick. I know I’ll get off in due time. But, pardon my bluntness here, I absolutely love making a woman come.”

Dani looked at me and smiled seductively. She put her elbows on the table, her chin in her hands and asked “So what’s your technique, Mr. B?”

“Please Dani. Call me Ben. You make me feel old with the Mister stuff. Well – there’s two things that I look to do. First – I put my antenna up bahis siteleri and try to concentrate on what’s working – what’s turning her on? Every woman is different – every pussy, excuse my frank language, is a work of art – and I just try to find out what moves are working. I sense her sounds, the rhythm of her breath, the twitching of her pussy, the clenching of her thighs. What are the things I’m doing that are working? And I try all my bag of tricks.”

“Second – I use all the tools at my disposal. I use my mouth, my lips, my tongue – then I kick in with my fingers and my hand. I use my breath, my nose – I lick, I suck, I kiss, I caress, I bite – I combine everything I can think of to stimulate the woman. I mean I just love pussy, and I love women. I could eat a woman all night long. I get hard thinking about it. In fact, I am hard as a rock right now. Don’t ask me to get up.” I paused as the realization of what I’d just said sunk in. “I’m sorry Dani. The wine has me blabbering like a fool here. How about coffee or dessert?”

Dani stared at me with her luscious eyes. She was a bit flushed.

“Ben. I don’t what to stay any longer.”

Oh shit. Had I blown it? I suddenly felt like I’d missed the mark.

“In fact I’m a little warm and getting very wet. I’m going to go to the women’s room, you’re going to pay the check, and then we’re heading back to my place where we can continue this discussion.” She stood up abruptly and strode off toward the front of the restaurant. I heaved a sigh of relief.

As she weaved her way between the tables, the male patrons all looked up from their meals to take in this delicious woman swaying through the tightly clustered tables. I could not believe where this evening was heading. I grabbed the waiter, paid the check and waited for Dani to return. A few minutes later she was heading back to me. Heads turned again – women and men – wondering who this beauty was returning to. When she grabbed my hand and we headed for the door they must have thought I was either her father or a very lucky older guy.

We walked back to her place with her arm looped through mine. I could feel the fullness of her breast pressed against my elbow. We made small talk, but we both knew what was coming. I put my arm around her waist and felt the tight curve of her hip. The silky fabric of the dress slid seductively over her skin. I could feel the thin strip of a thong hugging the top of her hip. Her body was tight and a study in motion.

We straggled into her apartment. I used the bathroom and came out to find her lighting all those candles I had seen earlier. I leaned against the counter of her kitchen as I watched her move about, preparing her apartment for the events unfolding. She popped on the stereo and Sade began to croon. She looked over at me and began to dance and sway to the music, a very beautiful smile on her face. Damn, she was sexy. And I had her all to myself.

My cock was beginning to get involved. I could feel the blood flowing and my cock starting to thicken with the excitement. She looked me dead on – a complete wet dream looking at me with lust in her eyes. My hard-on was beginning to let itself be known. My silk boxers and linen pants were doing little to hide my excitement. Then again, I figured I had nothing to hide. I may be considerably older than most, if not all, of the men that Dani had seduced in this room. But I was not embarrassed by showing the fact that she turned me on.

She looked at me across the room and smiled. She sashayed over with a big knowing grin on her face. My cock by now was fully erect and creating a huge tent in my pants and I made no effort to hide it. Dani came close, put her hands on my shoulders and said, “It looks like something’s come between us?” Her belly was just grazing the tip of my erection.

“Nothing you can’t handle, love. You are so fucking hot. Obviously my cock fully approves of my being here – despite my advanced age.”

Dani reached down and gently touched my cock through my slacks. “Shit, Ben! Nice package. Glad the environment is to your liking.”

I put one hand behind her head and the other under her chin and lifted her luscious mouth up to mine for a kiss. Her lips were wet, full and pliant, just as I had expected. We started kissing innocently and gently, slowly increasing the pressure. We began to put our tongues into play. I licked her lips, she pushed her tongue into my mouth. Our kissing began to get hot – tongues exploring, slight moans coming from both of us. I pulled her head into mine and kissed her very deeply, her mouth opening to accept me. All the while she was kneading my fully erect penis and reaching down to cup my balls.

I pulled away and kissed my way around her cheek to her ear, nibbling gently. I could feel her sigh, so I slid my lips down her neck and began to lick and probe her neck and shoulder. Her breath quickened. My hands worked my way down to her tight little ass and I pulled her to me. The soft globes of her ass cheeks felt wonderful in my hand. She let go of my cock and put her bahis şirketleri arms around my neck. I pulled on her ass and ground my cock into the mound of her pussy. Her body molded to mine. I pulled back and slowed down.

“Turn around,” I said.

I spun her slowly 180 degrees as I perched on a stool next to her kitchen counter. This brought my cock to just the right height against her butt. I adjusted my erection so it was straight up. I wrapped both arms around her and pulled her smoking body against mine. I spread my legs so she could nestle her sweet little ass on the stiffness of my cock. She gently moved up and down to the music – giving me a private lap dance. I pulled her back so I could lick her ear. I nuzzled in and began to talk dirty; telling her how much I wanted to fuck her and how much I was looking forward to eating her pussy.

She responded by grinding her pussy onto my cock and moaning deeply. I licked her ear, kissed my way down her neck and looked down at the gorgeous view of her breasts. I undid the straps of her dress behind her neck and let them slide to the front of her shoulders. She lifted both her arms up and over my head giving me full and complete access to her breasts. I slid the top of her dress slowly over her nipples and gasped as I saw her tits come into view. Absolutely too much: perfectly full pear-shaped breasts tipped by golden nipples that were erect and pointing skyward. Her tits swayed ever so slightly as she moved against me.

I cupped her tits with my hands, enjoying their supple softness. I gently stroked her nipples with my fingertips. They stiffened to my touch. I tugged on them gently, pulling her breasts out slightly from her body. I let them go and they bounced back to their natural position. Perfect tits. I ground my cock deeper into the crevice of her ass.

“God, you’re beautiful, Dani. You’re breasts are perfect. In fact, everything about you is perfect.”

“You make me need you, Ben” she whispered. “I need you to fuck me – soon.”

I pushed her dress down around her hips. She wriggled her hips and let the dress fall to the floor. She leaned back against me as I explored the front of her body. I slid my hands from her breasts to her stomach, feeling the small studded jewelry piercing her belly button. I could see she still had on her thong. I slid my hand down her lower belly and cupped her silk covered pussy. She arched her back so her pussy mound became more prominent. I softly massaged her pussy slit through the thoroughly soaked material of her thong, slowly twiddling my middle finger on her clit. She caught her breath. I moved my hand away and reached down and massaged her thighs, then gently caressed the front and insides of her thighs. She spread her legs slightly, giving me full access to what lay between.

I reached down low and slid both hands up her inner thigh while I continued to kiss her neck and right ear. She slid her hands back and grabbed my cock with both hands, gently massaging it through my pants. I pushed her thong down past her hips, then reached down and gently touched her pussy mound. Her breath quickened as I began to explore her cunt.

I slid my middle finger down her slit and realized two things immediately. One, she was complete smooth and shaved, and had probably prepared her pussy for me just before our date. She was slick and juicy. Two, she had very full (and very wet) pussy lips. She was a small, tight girl, but her labia were full, wet and ready for me.

I slid my middle finger deeply into her slit and began to rub up and down – her prominent lips loose and fleshy. I slid up until I reached her clit and felt her tighten and catch her breath. I reached my other hand under her ass and up toward the front. I began to work her pussy with both hands – one gently rubbing the folds of her pussy lips and her clit, the other slowly sliding into her wet hole from behind. She bucked against my hands as I worked her pussy, her juices enveloping my fingers and making the inside of her thighs very wet. She was getting very turned on and so was I.

“We need to get comfortable, Dani. Go sit on the bed.” We disengaged and she sashayed over toward the bed, her cute little butt jiggling ever so slightly as she walked. She sat down on the corner of the bed, spread her legs, and leaned back on her elbows – looking me squarely in the eye. Her tits sat seductively on her chest and she spread her legs to expose her pussy to me with no self consciousness.

I still had my clothes on and my cock was stiff, straight and calling for attention. I quickly peeled off my clothes and stood there in my silk boxers, my huge erection being impossible to ignore. I stared into her eyes as I pulled my shorts forward and over my erection. I stood before her naked.

At 49 I’m no walking six-pack. But I’ve kept myself in shape and have a naturally slim body and a very nice ass, or so the ladies tell me. My cock is larger than average, pretty thick, and straight as an arrow. My erection aims up at a very nice angle and is as hard as a rock when I’m really excited – as I was now. I groom myself pretty carefully down there, so my balls and shaft are shaved and free of hair. I’ve never been embarrassed to expose my full erection to a new lover, and Dani was no exception.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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