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Daughter and Dad – Part 4

Over the last two weeks, Jim and Anita’s life had developed a routine that included oral sex for breakfast and as much sex as their bodies could stand for dessert after dinner. Anita was pleased that her continued attentions to her Dad‘s libido was extending his stamina. It wasn’t breaking Jim’s heart either as he found the ability to love his daughter gave them both that much more delectation.

As they sat down to dinner one evening, Jim opened the conversation by dropping an unexpected bombshell on his daughter’s lap.

“Sweetheart, you still interested in that trip up to the lake you mentioned?”, he asked her during a rare lull in the chatter that they revelled in. It had become a part of their everyday lives that they would talk about everything and anything that came to mind. The bond had become so strong that there were more and more instances when they had both thought the same thing at exactly the same time on an unintroduced subject. Jim was beginning to wonder if Anita had secretly found a way to read his mind!

But a trip to Lumby Lake wasn’t one of those instances. In fact, the idea had slipped to the back of Anita’s mind until her Dad brought it up again.

“You’re kidding! Me? Forget something like that? In your dreams!”, she rattled to him loudly. “Does this mean we’re gonna start planning soon? Dad, that would be so awesome!”.

“You have Spring Break coming up soon, don’t you?”, he questioned.

“Yeah, the week after next, I think. With all these exams I’ve been writing, I’ve lost track of the dates! Umm, this is June 32nd, right?”, Anita quipped. “Seriously though, Dad, can you get a cabin for that week on such short notice?”, she added.

“I’ll give them a call in the morning and find out. If I can, would you like to go up on the Friday evening, or leave it until Saturday morning? I’ll try to get that whole week plus both weekends. How’s that sound?”.

“Let’s make it Saturday. Then we can take our time, and maybe I can get you to stop at the summit for an hour or two? I’d love to do a photo shoot around that little lake just below the peak!”. Anita had aspirations of becoming a landscape photographer and took every opportunity to find new scenes for her growing portfolio.

The rest of the evening followed their usual routine. Anita cleaned up the kitchen while Jim took care of any other chores. They were finished by 8:00, giving them time to sit and listen to some relaxing music. Jim knew that Anita usually unwound more with soft instrumental music, and when she was relaxed, she got horny!

As Jim watched his daughter undress, he was amazed at just how lovely she actually was. His conclusion tried to allow for his personal prejudices, which was partially successful, but despite them he had to admit that Anita really was gorgeous. She had taken to sleeping nude ever since he had invited her to share his bed. For Jim, sleeping nude had always been a part of his lifestyle, but with his daughter’s soft and wonderful body beside him all night, it was now something that he couldn’t imagine not doing.

Curling up under the covers, Anita lay on her side, with her Dad behind her. She could feel his flaccid cock against her, and wiggled her ass to induce his erection. She moved so that it pressed against her butt crack. Jim draped his arm over her, his hand cupped her breast. Her wiggling aroused his cock. He paid more and more attention to her hardening nipples, moving his hand from breast to breast. Anita considered him an equal opportunity lover in that he left no part of her body ignored. Her pussy juices lubricated her pussy, anticipating his cock in her cunt. She guided his hand down to her pubic patch.

Jim lightly scratched her fuzzy fur. Anita really enjoyed his teasing touch. She had the softest pussy fur, and running his fingers up and down caused her vulva to part just enough to expose the tip of her clit. He slipped a finger into her slit and tickled her clit until it hardened. She pushed herself tighter against his hand. She wanted at least one finger probing her vagina. He began to finger her, spreading her cunt juice. His target was the ridges in her cunt that marked her G-spot, knowing that lightly rubbing would send her into orgasm. That first cum always flooded her pussy with her cream, making it soft and wet to take his hard cock inside her. She’d rock her hips on his turgid pole until he flooded her entire cum-tube with his hot sticky spunk.

That blast of cum inside her always pushed her over the edge into a mind-shattering climax. She trembled and shuddered with its impact. Jim loved the feeling of her taking every drop of his seed. Her walls fluttered and pulled on his cock. She seemed to instinctively push herself back against him when her orgasm overtook, pulling him into her deeply. The sensation of her cunt stroking his cock induced the strongest cum in him. He’d shoot more baby batter inside Anita than he could recall! God, she could drain his nuts! The girl-cum she left on his cock and balls covered his hand. He’d return to her breast softly manipulate her nipples, smearing their combined juices over both breasts. Sometimes they would just lay there in the afterglow until his cock softened, but more times they would fall asleep with him still semi-erect. as she squeezed her vaginal muscles in a valiant attempt to hold him in her as long as she could.

The next morning, Anita woke to the feeling of someone’s tongue lapping and lathering her crotch. Her Dad had spread her legs and was lovingly licking her clit, her entrance, and the residue from their lovemaking the night before. She had no idea how long he had been eating her horny pussy, but she did know that he was about to receive a heaping helping of fresh girl-cum! Just as the consciousness of waking up crossed her mind, it was instantly displaced by the overwhelming bliss of her climax! As soon as her muscles stiffened with the rapture that exploded inside her, she could feel that gush of girl-cum spray all over his face! This morning, she had a hard time regaining any semblance of normalcy as wave after wave of pleasure swept through her being! Even opening her eyes for a glimpse of Jim’s hard cock was an energy-draining effort. Her revenge on him for such a passionate attack would come when they had their morning shower. She’d suck his hard cock until there was nothing left in his nut sac, swallowing every last drop in him until he went soft in her mouth! Just the thought of a belly full of his hot gooey stuff gave her another mini-orgasm!

“Morning, Dad”, she wheezed as her breathing finally slowed down. “I assume you got enough for breakfast?”.

“Uh-huh, sure did”, Jim smiled as he lifted his head from between her silky smooth thighs. “I would call that the Breakfast of Champions! Only problem is that it always tastes like . . . more! But I did save you some, if you want”, as she spied the wetness covering his face. She liked the taste of her own juices, but not as much as she loved the taste of his cum as it swirled around in her mouth before sliding down her throat and into her belly.

“Hmm, guess we’d better hit the shower. I’ve gotta pee so bad! Meet you in there?”, she suggested.

“Your wish is my command, Your Horniness!”, Jim teased her as he got off the mattress and headed for the bathroom. Anita struggled out of bed and dashed in right behind him. She grabbed a couple of towels out of the closet on her way, giving her Dad just enough time to adjust the water for temperature. As soon as he was satisfied with it, she pushed him into the stall and followed him.

“Damn!”, she lightly cursed. “I was gonna go sit on the throne and pee!”. She started to reach for the door when Jim stopped her with a light touch to her hip.

“Guys pee in the shower all the time, so why can’t girls?”. Why not indeed! Staring her Dad in the face, she defiantly widened her stance and let her bladder muscles relax, allowing the golden stream to spray on the shower floor as it washed down the drain. It was not something she’d done before, but peeing while her Dad watched felt different, but good. When she thought about it, it was also kind of exciting! She’d seen her Dad piss, had held his cock as she aimed his stream! This was almost the same thing, and she knew they just might watch each other again some time!

“Ahh, that feels better!”, she breathed. “Never peed in a shower before, but it’s kinda neat, especially when someone’s watching! How ‘bout you? You gotta go too?”, she added with a light tone of challenge.

“Not right now, but I’ll let you know. Besides, seeing you go is starting to give me a boner, and I can’t pee when I’ve got a hard-on”.

Anita dropped her gaze to her Dad‘s cock, noting that he was starting to harden. A wicked idea formed in her head. When he least expected it, she would drop down in front of him and suck his cock until he came in her mouth! That would pay him back for eating her out while she was asleep!

They washed and lathered each other, with Jim spending a lot of time on Anita’s tits, then her pussy from the top of her pubic fur down to the bottom of her crotch and up her ass cheeks to the top of her crack. He tickled and lightly fingered her asshole, waiting until her sphincter muscles loosened, then slipped in to the first knuckle. Anita had said that she wanted to feel his cock plow her rectal virginity into oblivion. The more he thought about it, the more he was looking forward to taking her that way. This morning, he would help her get used to the invasion of her butt. She started pushing her ass a little harder against his probing finger, encouraging it deeper to open her up some more. As much as he lusted for the feel of his cock being tightly captured by her anus, there wasn’t as much time available right now to love her the way he wanted to. The week at the lake would be better, and he promised himself that whatever it took, his daughter was not coming home afterwards with any virgin orifices!

Jim suddenly felt his daughter’s lips engulf his cockhead. She had been stroking him until he was standing at attention. Now she knelt in front of him swallowing his cock, swirling her tongue around the ridges of his cockhead and down the underside of his shaft while sucking on him, sliding his cock in and out of her mouth. What really got his attention was her muscles gripping his cock as she took him down her throat! God, she was going to suck him until he filled her belly with his hot cum! By the feel of it, it was going to be a big load, too! Jim just stood and let her enjoy his manhood. She’d take his seed any way she wanted. As his balls loaded his cum-tube for its first spurt, he had to lean back against the wall to keep his balance. Anita’s hand was stuffed in her pussy, and the vision of her exhibiting herself masturbating in front of him the other evening flashed brightly across his mind. That was all it took to push him over the top as his hot sticky cream erupted into her antalya escort bayan mouth! She slid her lips up until they just held his cockhead inside, moving down towards the base a little more with each successive ejaculation until her nose was tight against him as he emptied his load into her. Each spurt had been swallowed, with the last ones swirled around in her mouth as she whipped his cockhead with her tongue to extract every drop his nuts had produced!

It took a couple of minutes to recuperate, and Anita spent the time licking her Dad‘s cock clean. The combination of his scalding seed and her pistoning fingers on her G-spot had given her a wonderful orgasm as well, leaving her swollen clit feeling super-sensitive. She stood back up and leaned into him, pulling his lips to hers, sharing his semen. Jim slipped his hand over her mound, seeking her exposed love button. She jumped at his touch, not wanting it to stop, but unable to stand the intensity of that touch without some kind of reaction, either.

“Umm, easy Dad! That thing is super–sensitive right now!”, she whispered over the noise of the water spray. “I just wanted to show you how much I love you. Besides, your cum tastes so good that I wasn’t about to let you out of here without a big serving!”.

“Honey, you have got to be the best cock sucker there is!”, Jim purred back. “When you made me cum, I damned near fell over! Kinda wished you’d warned me what you had in mind, though. My mind was on something else at the time, and now I can’t remember what!”.

“Huh! Well, getting sucked off when you’re not ready will learn you not to wake me up with a pussy full of tongue unless I’ve been warned!”, she shot right back at him. “Do you have any idea just how intense it feels to wake up and then cum almost immediately? Hmm?”.

“Well, actually, now that you mention it . . . yes! That’s what you did to me yesterday morning! I wasn’t sure if I was cumming or pissing the bed!”, Jim exclaimed. “And speaking of pissing, I gotta!”, and he turned to head for the toilet. Anita still had his cock in her hand and she wasn’t going to let go.

“I thought you said guys always pee in the shower? So where the fuck do you think you’re going, huh?”.

“Okay, if that’s the way you want it . . . “, and Jim relaxed his muscles as his urine pressed to escape his bladder.

Anita still had her grip on his semi-erect penis, and as the first of the golden stream began to flow, she aimed it right at her still-extended nub! The heat and the pressure of his stream hit her clit and she was gripped in the throes of a mini-cum herself!

Jim couldn’t believe what he’d just seen! “Holy shit! Did you just cum, Baby?”, he asked her incredulously.

“Yeah, I did!”, she gasped. “Wow! That’s unreal! I have no idea what possessed me to try that, but is it ever wild!”.

Once dried off and dressed, they both made their way down to the kitchen, shared a half pot of coffee, and got on with their day. Jim caught himself daydreaming a lot. His boss mentioned that only part of him was there, then asked if everything was alright at home. Jim reassured his boss, Tom Bergeault, that everything was fine. He was just a little distracted by a plan that he was developing to surprise his daughter. Tom had known him long enough to understand that Jim adored his daughter, and chuckled. If he only had half an idea of how Anita was adored!
The rest of that week and the weekend were full of warmth, love, and devotion for Jim and Anita. She put in a lot of time studying, but still found the energy to show her Dad all the love in her heart. Most of the following week was spent preparing and writing exams. Jim worked hard to get ahead on his projects. His phone call to the lake’s Outlook Lodge had secured an isolated cabin with its own private dock near the edge of the lake. Tom gladly gave Jim the week off, mostly to get his mind back onto the projects at hand! The two men had a good working relationship, and it showed in the quality of their production for Tom’s clients.

On the Friday, Jim treated Anita to dinner at their all-time favourite restaurant, the Seven Seas. With both of them being huge seafood fans, the seafood buffet filled their stomachs, but did not do much for the restaurant’s cash register! Jim had gone back to the tables six times, and Anita seven! Her theory was that she was supposed to visit each sea at least once!

Returning home, they sprawled on the sofa, unable to move after so much food. They listened to Anita’s favourite music. When their stomachs had finally settle down, each one packed for the next morning’s trip, and the bags were stashed by the front door for loading into Jim’s van. They were in bed by 11:00, made love for an hour or so, and fell asleep short minutes later. Anita was looking forward to her week off, and Jim was dreaming of his time with his daughter.

Saturday morning they were up by 7:00, finished their shower before 8:00, and out the door a half hour later. It was just a 3-hour drive to Lumby Lake, but Anita wanted to stop at Monashee Summit to try and get some photographs for a project she was starting. Jim had grabbed some sandwich fixings and soft drinks, loaded them in the cooler, and piled their bags into the van.

They arrived at the summit just before 11:100, and Anita had quickly surveyed the photographic possibilities. By the time an hour had passed, they had circled the lake and found a small meadow that was being warmed by the full sunshine of the day.

“Damn!”, Jim remarked. “If I’d been thinking, I would have brought the cooler! By the time I go there and back, we’ll both die of starvation!”. Well, it was a good excuse to start that diet after the previous night’s dinner, he rationalized.

“Dad, don’t worry about it. I’m still stuffed from last night. I’d like to go through these shots while we’re still here. If I have to reshoot any, I can do that on the way back. If I remember correctly, we’re on vacation. So who said we have to follow a schedule? Matter of fact, I thought we didn’t even have a schedule!”, Anita declared. She found some shade under a big old willow and made herself comfortable in the meadow grasses. Jim laid just behind her so that he could see the camera screen over her shoulder. Some of her shots were amazing to him. She had an eye for composition that he found simply staggering! As she reviewed the pictures, she deleted some that Jim would have kept. But she was the photographer, so he kept quiet. Besides, she’d probably forgotten more about photography than he’d ever learn!

Leaning over his daughter’s shoulder, Jim became aware of how close her erogenous earlobe was to his lips, and couldn’t resist flicking his tongue over it a few times. Okay a lot of times! At first, Anita had tried to concentrate on the task at hand, but the more insistent her Dad was with his kisses and licks, the more her resistance dissolved. Within minutes, the camera was turned off and back in her equipment bag, and she had her arms around her lover as she lay back on the cool grass. Several kisses later, she whispered to him that if he didn’t stop his advances immediately, she’d rape him right there!. Jim’s reply was one long, deep kiss that made them hornier than two hamsters in heat! Anita pushed her Dad over onto his back, gazed down into his lustful eyes, and declared that if he really wanted to be ravished that bad, he’d better prepare himself! There was no way either one was about to capitulate to the other without a concerted effort first, and the battle was on. Anita pressed herself to her Dad, pinning him with her beautiful breasts against his chest. He tried to defend himself by slipping his hands under her shirt and up to the underside of her tits. Attempting to lift her up, he found that she had pinned his biceps in her hands, and would squeeze them mercilessly whenever he tried to flex his arms. His strategy of dominance began by rolling both of them over so that Anita was now on her back with her Dad staring down at her, instead of the other way around. She manoeuvred herself so that he was directly above her, then wrapped her legs around his waist and squeezed as hard as she could. Jim’s only defence was a strong offense, and he launched his retaliation by pushing his groin down hard into hers, mashing their pubic bones together. Anita determined that direct assault wasn’t going to save her, and embarked on a completely divergent tactic.

She seduced her Dad right out of his clothes and into her pussy! Between the energy he expended and her feminine wiles, he declared her to be the winner, and let her take the spoils of her victory as she made love to him! It was the best war he’d ever lost!

Returning to the van with their arms around each other, all thoughts of photography escaped Anita’s mind. All she wanted was to get to the cabin, rip her Dad‘s clothes off, and enjoy her victory. They finally arrived at the lodge just before dinner time, checked in, and Jim made them a hasty meal of submarine sandwiches with some rosé wine to wash it down. Afterwards, they wandered down to the private dock of the cabin and gazed at the sunset. It bathed the entire lake with a burst of colour. With twilight upon them, they wandered back to the cabin, then undressed each other, clinging tightly in a lover’s embrace.

“Dad?”, Anita whispered in Jim’s ear, “if that wasn’t the best day of my life, it was a damned close second. Thank you!”, then she accented her statement with another deep and passionate kiss that literally curled her Dad‘s toes.

Jim told her that she was most welcome, not with words, but with his body. Lightly fondling her breasts, he softly twisted and teased her nipples until they became hard little marbles between his thumbs and forefingers. He kissed her passionately, probing and tasting her mouth in every place he could reach. She could feel the hardness and heat of his cock pressed against her abdomen and the wetness it drew from her own pussy. Lifting herself up and forward, she offered her breasts to his hungry mouth, his lips sucking and nibbling her nipples. In this position, she could feel the tip of his cock against her clit, and started humping herself against its turgid length. She slid up and down his manhood, her juices coating his shaft. Slowly easing her vulva over him, she ground her pelvis against his molten meat until his cockhead was at her entrance, then deliberately moved herself down, capturing him in her vagina. Gently she continued to slide down his length until he was buried in her to the hilt. As his cock pushed itself tightly against her engorged clit, Jim both heard and felt her moan of desire. With slow strokes, he lifted his hips and began to slide in and out of her cunt, syphoning her love juices as he withdrew so that they covered his cock, and displacing any that remained unclaimed as he slid back in. She matched his rhythm with her own rocking motions, feeling him fill her to the brim as they made slow and delicate love. The escort antalya heat of their passion rose, and soon Anita was rocking furiously up and down her Dad‘s steel-hard cock. She felt the twitch in his cock that informed her over-sexed mind that he was about to fill her with his scalding hot cream. It was enough to push her past that point of no return as his steamy seed coated every part of her cunt. She attempted to extinguish its fire with her own girl-cum! Their minds were torn between the enjoyment of their own climaxes and the burning need to pleasure the other. The result was an orgasmic duration that felt like several minutes, and a cum that finally released the day’s built-up desires almost completely.

Well, almost.

Anita held her Dad‘s softening cock inside her with her vaginal muscles. Normally she could keep him inside until he became totally flaccid, then he would slip out. But this time, she exerted her maximum grip and entrapped him. She also managed to make him harden again before his cock had left her! The heat of her pussy felt so delicious to Jim that he couldn’t resist. As the blood engorged his cock, her heat engulfed his desire.

When he was fully erect again, he rolled her over while remaining inside her in the missionary position. The pressure of his pubic bone against her clit ignited Anita’s desires again, and soon that mutual rhythm returned. Jim stroked in and out of his daughter faster and faster while her hips rocked in perfect time. She felt the tingling of a climax take hold in her belly, then spread throughout her body. With a sharp gasp, she was once again consumed by indescribable pleasure. Her muscles tensed, and as she trembled in the grip of her cum, Jim felt her grasp and squeeze his assaulting cock, milking and pulling on him, draining his balls one more time. It induced his shaft to fill with semen and propel the scalding hot spunk into his daughter’s waiting cunt. Each spurt sent her into another wave of lustful wonder, washing over her again and again in multiple mini-climaxes. The air was filled with their grunts, groans, and screams of passion as both lovers shared series of massive sexual releases. It was several minutes before either one of them could move, so powerful were the spasms!

Jim was first to recover, and he held his daughter tightly. God, she was magnificent! He had no idea how she had managed to do that, but he felt awed by his third helping of her loving in one day!

“Umm, Sweetheart?”, Jim mumbled. “What just happened here? I feel like you’ve drained me of more than just cum. Wow! Now that’s what I call loving!”, and before she could say a single word, he pulled her lips to his and held her. When he finally broke their kiss, she just sighed, rolled onto her side with him still inside, and wheezed, “Dad, I think I just got laid . . . again!”.

It was sometime later that they eventually found their way into the bathroom and shared the shower. Anita was so exhausted that she threatened to fall asleep, but the warm water revived her some. Jim, on the other hand, felt like every muscle in his body was turning to Jell-O. Once they had dried each other off, they flopped onto the mattress and moved into a spoon position. Neither one of them remembered a thing until late the next morning.

Jim woke with major discomfort in his bladder. He made his way to the bathroom to take care of that. When he returned to the bedroom, Anita was lying on her back, her right leg spread open and bent at the knee, and the tangle of her pussy hair matted to her mound. She looked so peaceful as she slept, Jim thought. He leaned over her tummy and kissed her belly button. She rewarded his attentions with a soft moan. When he extended his range to the top of her slit, she convulsed in a reflex action, pushing him back and away from her womanhood.

“Not this morning, Daddy, okay? I’m still sensitive from last night, and it doesn’t feel very comfortable”, she tried to explain to him.

“Sweetheart, are you okay? It’s not like you to pass up your morning pussy licking. Something the matter?”. He sat beside her on the edge of the bed, with a look of worry growing over his face.

“No, nothing’s the matter, Dad. My pussy’s just feeling really sensitive this morning. I’ll give it the day off, and it’ll be fine tonight. Tomorrow morning at the latest”, she tried to alleviate his worry, then added, “But I do love you, you stud, you! Shit, what did you do to me last night? I sort of remember holding you inside me after we made love the first time, and the next thing I knew, you were getting hard again. Then you made me cum in wave after wave after wave! I thought I was going to pass out! Everything else is a blur! Don’t get me wrong. I love getting lost in your loving, but that was almost scary!”.

“Honey, maybe we should think about taking it a little easier? I mean, I came hard the first time last night, and harder still the second. My nuts hurt for I don’t know how long. I woke up a couple of times feeling like they were caught in a vise, and I haven’t gone through that since I was in high school!”. Jim really was worried for his daughter. There would be other weekends, other opportunities to make love, but there would never be another Anita. Besides, he was so deeply in love with her that he knew there was nothing he wouldn’t do for her.

“Dad, I think it’s just the long hours studying for those exams, the stress of them. It’s all catching up to me. Shit, you should see yourself in the mirror this morning! You look like someone shoved your cock in a light socket and flipped the switch! So tell me the truth. Are you as fried as you look, and I feel?”.

Jim did have to admit that he felt frazzled. Like her, he had been putting in some pretty long hours trying to get ahead at work. She was probably right. They both just needed some time to rest, then they’d be fine. She reached up and pulled him to her, kissed him lightly on the cheek, then held him tightly for the longest time. He wasn’t sure, but he thought he heard her crying. She wasn’t about to let him go enough to find out for sure. Then he heard the sobs wrack through her.

“What’s the matter, Anita? I hear tears, and you never cry unless something’s terribly wrong! Even when your mother left, you never cried! So what’s started this?”.

Through the sniffles, she answered him. “Nothing’s wrong, Daddy. I’m crying because I’m so happy. You make me this happy, you Goof! Here we are, almost in the middle of nowhere, and all you can think about is me! No one else has ever done that! And I feel so lucky, so special, so loved, all because of you! I just hope that I can be enough of a woman to make you happy! As happy as you make me! Understand?”.

“Yeah, I understand, Sweetheart. But I am your Dad still, among other things, and I’m allowed to worry about you. Being your lover only adds to that, but the love you’ve shown me, given me, and shared with me is more than worth the worry. Anita, honey, there’s no one on this whole planet that’s as important to me as you are, and there never will be. Oh, and as for your concern about being enough woman? For what it’s worth, I’m just trying to be enough man for you. So, how am I doing so far?”.

Through her sobs, Anita whispered in a voice filled with pure love, “Just fine, Dad! Just fine! You’re the man I love, that I need, if you can put up with a bratty daughter that long. Any chance?”.

“Umm, I think we can arrange something. And at the risk of getting clobbered for changing the subject, what can I whip you up for breakfast? After all, I’ve gotta make sure you keep your strength up, right? Then let’s just take it easy and relax for the day. Only, let’s do it together. I need you to keep me straightened out. We may not be experts in that marriage stuff, but that part about in sickness and in health would fit in here pretty good, don’t ya think?”.

In mock disgust, she softly growled, “Men! Even in a time of crisis, all you guys can think of is food? If I didn’t love you so damned much, I’d . . . I’d . . . and I would so, too! But toast and coffee sounds pretty good to me, if you’ve a mind to try cooking , that is”.

They spent most of that day doing nothing in particular. Anita found a few locations to add to her growing collection of photographs, but had intentionally left her laptop computer at home. Her image editing software was on that machine. Her mind, however, wasn’t on composing pictures. Jim, on the other hand, spent spare moments going over design details of various projects in his mind. Most of their time was spent, however, just being together, enjoying the peace and quiet, and each other’s company. The weather had been gorgeously warm and sunny. It had been a perfect day to just get away from the work-a-day world of the city.

Dinner that evening consisted of barbequed rib steaks, baked potatoes, and a garden salad. Another bottle of their favourite rosé wine had rounded the meal off nicely, and they shared the clean-up chores between themselves. After dinner, they had gone back down to the small dock, dangling their feet in the warm lake water with conversation that had touched on almost every subject they could think of outside of school or architecture. By sunset, they were ready to return to the cabin and curl up in each other’s arms and dream of the future. Anita found a soft music station on the little tabletop radio, then snuggled up to her Dad on the big over-stuffed sofa to enjoy the fire that Jim had built in the cabin’s open fireplace. The crackle of burning spruce almost lulled them to sleep, as Jim luxuriated against his daughter’s soft warm skin, and the scent of her hair. Anita felt blissfully lost in her Dad‘s protecting embrace.

Fighting to escape his trance-like state, Jim stirred just enough to regain control of his lethargic muscles, then kissed his daughter on the top of her head. She groaned sleepily in acknowledgement, lifting her lips to his, and kissed him back softly.

“Come on, sleepy-head. I think it’s time we shut up shop and called it a day. Otherwise, I’m gonna fall asleep right here. Not that I’m in any hurry to let you out of my arms or anything”, he whispered to her.

“Mmm, I could sleep right here with you, with no problem”, Anita murmured. “But, a shower right about now could be a plan. I feel a little sticky, and I hate that feeling when I’m asleep”, she added. “Care to join me?”.

“Umm – hmm, think I just might do that”, Jim advised her.

Anita shed her clothes in the bedroom, grabbed a couple of robes and towels, and went into the bathroom to turn the water on. Her Dad was right behind her, bringing the soap, shampoo, and her body wash with him. She leaned her back against his chest as his hands massaged and soaped her neck, arms and shoulders, then found her firm round breasts. Lightly rubbing his fingers over her nipples, he felt them harden to his touch as Anita moaned her approval of his attentions. She could feel his cock hardening against antalya escort her ass. Amazingly, this was the first time all day that she’d felt horny, and it was a good feeling. By the time Jim was fully erect, she was almost fully aroused, too. His soaped cock easily slipped between her equally-soaped ass cheeks, and was soon tickling her pucker. Anita groaned lustfully at the idea that she might have that hard and hot organ plow her butt, invading and violating her last remaining virgin orifice. The desire was strong enough that she seriously considered pushing her ass against Jim’s cock to force it past her sphincter. She would have, too, but for the fact that her asshole wasn’t yet opened sufficiently to grant access to him without a lot of pain.

Anita pulled Jim’s hand off her right breast and guided it to the top of her pussy slit. He accommodated her desire, sliding his finger down her slit and over her clit, lightly rubbing that centre of her pleasure until it hardened to his touch. Her pussy was being flooded with her cunt juices, which he dipped into and smeared inside her outer labia lips. His finger alternated between her entrance and her nub, diving inside her a little deeper every visit. Anita shifted her legs apart to grant his loving digits full access, while maintaining just enough pressure on his cock to keep it against her other hole. God, the feel of his cockhead pressing against her rosebud excited her more and more! Tonight, she wanted his hard throbbing cock up her ass, pumping and fucking her until he filled her shit-tube full of his hot sticky goo! But first, she needed to be opened up wider so that he could enter her without damage or a lot of pain. Guiding her Dad‘s other hand from her tit to her ass cheek, she invited him to assault her willing body.

“Umm, Dad? Finger me! Open my asshole up. Tonight, I want your hard cock up my ass, fucking me and filling me with your cum.”, she implored him with a lusty growl. Jim slid his hand to the base of her ass crack, then ran a finger up her until he found her pucker. His cockhead moved just above her hole as it twitched in its excitement. Coating his finger heavily with her cunt lube as he slipped from one hole to the other, he began to press against her resistance until, eventually, her muscles relaxed enough to accept him to the first knuckle.

Anita moaned her lust heavily as she anticipated the pending violation of her ass with almost joy. “Y-e-e-s-s-s!”, she growled. ”Take me there! Open me up and plow me! Stretch my asshole wide open! God, I want your cock in my ass so bad!!”, and she impaled herself further onto his finger, pushing herself down on it as he continued to ream and stretch her. When he was as deep as he could be, the pressure of his palm on Anita’s ass was pure heaven to her.

“Fuck! Ream me open! Finger-fuck my ass so I can have that cock of yours! Damn Dad, that feels so good!”. The fact that Jim’s other hand was pumping up her cunt while it rasped over her engorged clit only made her hornier and hornier. Damn! She had such a gorgeous ass! Jim wanted her, lusted for her, desired every part of her, especially when she almost begged him like that! His lust had his finger pumping her cunt like a steam engine in heat! He rubbed his cock up and down in her gash, smearing her liquid fire over his shaft, then eased the head of it against her butt-hole as his fingers left her anus. Pressing just enough to re-open her sphincter, the head popped inside her ass, and her hole closed over him, trapping him so he could neither advance nor retreat.

“Y-e-e-s-s-s-s! Damn, Daddy! That’s makes me feel so full! Shit, I may never let that beautiful cock out of me again!”, Anita grunted loudly, then she screamed as Jim’s invading cock began to slide further up her asshole. “A-a-a-g-g-g-h-h-h! O-o-w-w-w-w! Shit! That hurts!”. He began to withdraw. The thought of his baby-girl in pain turned Jim right off. But Anita had come this far, and she wasn’t about to turn back now. Pain or no pain, she wanted her Dad deep inside her, filling her, taking her last vestige of virginity, thereby making every part of her, his!

“No! Dad! Don’t you dare pull yourself out of me!”, as she clamped her ass cheeks tightly to halt his withdrawal. “I want this, and I want it now! It hurt like hell when that asshole took my cherry, and this is gonna be the same kind of pain! But I want it, and I want you! Dammit, get back in me!”, she insisted.

“Baby, just relax, okay? You’ve got my cock clamped so tightly, it hurts me too. Just let me know when it hurts too much and I’ll stop”, Jim coaxed her. As his daughter unclinched her cheeks, he could feel her sphincter relaxing too, allowing him to enter her slowly. In all the commotion, his other finger had been almost forgotten. He resumed stroking her cunt, paying attention to the movements on her clitoris. A few minutes later, he was balls deep in her bowel, and felt her juices begin to flow faster from her pussy.

“God, am I full!”, Anita growled again. “Dad, if you get any deeper in me there, you’re gonna give me heartburn! But you feel so good! Do me! Take me! Please?”, she encouraged her Dad.

Jim began to stroke his cock in and out her ass while massaging the inner walls of her pussy. He had re-established his touch on her G-spot again, and could feel her walls starting to flutter and quiver. As her asshole loosened up more and more, he pumped himself into her faster, until the rhythm of his finger and his cock were virtually identical. Damn, but her ass was tight on his shaft! That finger dancing in her vagina kept tickling and teasing the underside of his manhood, exciting his balls so that they wanted to lift and pump his scalding hot cream up his cum-tube!

Anita could feel that magical sensation start at the top of her mound, spreading up to her tummy even as it coursed down through her pussy. At the same time she felt another source emanating from somewhere in her ass, flooding her ass cheeks and invading her thighs. God, was she gonna cum! Her Dad had filled her up before, but never like this! She felt so overpowered my his masculinity, but there was no fear in her heart. Her very soul screamed at her that she wanted him to take her, possess her, have his way with her! As she sharply gasped at the intensity of her climax’s encompassing of her whole body, all she could do to keep from falling was put her hands on the shower wall and hold on for dear life!

“Yes Daddy! Yes! Take me! Do your little girl! In my ass, in my cunt, everywhere! F-u-u-c-c-c-k-k-k! I’m c-c-u-u-u-m-m-m-i-i-i-n-n-n-g-g-g!!”.

Anita’s bowel grabbed Jim’s attacking cock-shaft as her pussy walls grasped and clutched his finger. He felt her girl-cum spray him as she splashed his legs, drenching them both. If he had any reserve to hold back his orgasm, she broke his resolve instantly with the intensity of her climax. His hot sticky goo shot up his shaft and exploded from his cockhead, coating his daughter’s bowels with its heat.

“Baby! I’m cumming! Take my spunk! Let me give it to you, up your beautiful ass!”. Spurt after spurt gushed out of him, and he could feel its residual heat as he drowned both of them in the confines of his daughter’s poop-chute! He had shoved himself as far up her hole as he could and held his cock deep inside her, but the power of his cum was making his legs quiver and shake. He held himself to her, relying on her to keep pushing on that shower wall.
Slowly they came back from the sensual explosion of their joining. Anita discovered that they had used most of the hot water and turned off the spray. Standing up carefully, she could feel her Dad‘s semi-erect cock still in her. Squeezing her ass cheeks around it, she captured it there, not wanting him to leave her newly-deflowered hole. Jim leaned against the wall with his daughter supporting herself against his chest, as she wrapped his arms around her midriff, her own holding them in place. His cum was seeping out of her, running over his nut sac, and dribbling down her thighs. Even now, she could still feel its warm heat radiate on her smooth skin.

“Wow! I never dreamed getting my ass fucked would be so awesome!”, she moaned to her Dad. “When you came in me, I could feel the heat from the bottom of my butt to the middle of my tummy! Christ, did you ever make me cum, too!”.

“Mmm. Sweetheart, you have the tightest, smoothest ass there is!”, Jim replied. “Speaking of, how’s your’s doing now? Still sore?”.

“Yeah, a little bit, but it’s a good soreness. After we’ve done it that way a few more times, I’ll have learned how to take all of you and really enjoy you! Might even have to make that a nightly event! God, but can you ever fill me up that way!”, Jim was informed.

As Jim’s cock softened and finally lost its perch in her, he sensed that she had covered their legs with most of his seed. He wondered if she was going to evacuate herself of the rest of it, or keep it inside her. She turned the water back on and they finished washing themselves, then dried each other and made their way to the bedroom.

Instead of their usual spoon position, Anita pushed her Dad so that he was laying on his back, then curled herself up with his chest as a pillow, wrapping one leg over his thighs. It was warm enough now that they didn’t need blankets, but when the air cooled down overnight, that would change. Jim hooked the bedding with his toes and dragged it up, covering them to the waistline. He kissed the top of her head, inhaling the scent of her hair. She smelled so delicious, even when moist.

“Daddy? Am I really a good lover? Be honest, okay?”, Anita quietly asked.

“Sweetheart, you’ve taken me every way a woman can, given me the most incredible orgasms imaginable, and you expect an impartial review? Girl, I gotta quit pouring all that wine into you!”. he squeezed his daughter tight, holding her pinned to his chest so that she might feel the warmth in his heart, the love that she made well up in him for this precious girl. “Honestly though, Anita. Any man that still had a pulse would die to be loved by you. I just hope that I’m a good lover for you. You deserve the best, Sweetheart”.

Anita craned her head up to her Dad‘s lips, kissed him tenderly, then returned to her perch on his chest.

“Dad, you’ve loved me in so many ways, and every one seems better than the one before. You’ve taken my body to places I didn’t even know existed. You give me more love than any one girl deserves. I feel . . . honoured . . . to give myself to you, ya know. But how are you gonna feel about me when I get old, hmm?”.

“What constitutes old? Don’t forget that I have almost 20 years on you, young lady. I don’t care how hard you try, you’re never gonna catch up! You know that, right?”, he teased her.

“Old is anything past 29! Well, for us women, anyhow . . .”, she giggled.

“Yeah, you’re right! By then, you’ll almost be a grandmother, won’t you?”, he snickered. Smack! She wacked him on the chest. “Hey! What the hell was that for?”.

“Just practising my coronary resuscitation . . . Grandpa!”.

They both fell asleep with dreams of loving each other again tomorrow, and every day thereafter, too.

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