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Tim’s daughter, Alexis, was 19 now, and dressed like other 19-year-old women in the year 2050. Which meant she never wore a bra so that her nipples were almost always poking through her top, along with shorts or skirts that hardly covered any thigh. She was visiting home from college, along with her brother, David, who was a year older. When she came home for break, she was in a white too that showed her pink nipples and a black skirt that barely covered her ass.

Alexis was a grown woman now, and she looked so much like his wife, her mother, albeit a younger, tighter version of her. Thoughts of what other guys must think of her intruded Tim’s mind. Slowly thoughts of what others must think turned into his own thoughts. It was thoughts that a father shouldn’t have about his daughter.

To make matters worse, Alexis wasn’t shy with her body. She had few qualms of walking around the house in her panties, and thought nothing of going from the shower to her room in nothing more than a towel. That was before she left for college. Now that she was back on winter break, she seemed to be even more free. On her first day back, he was stunned when he saw her leaving the bathroom totally naked.

“I don’t want to bring the wet towel back out of my room,” she told him while he tried very hard not to look at her dripping wet features. He looked down to avoid her breasts, but instead found he stared at her shaved pussy. Thoughts of slipping into her tight lips entered his mind.

“That, uh, makes sense,” would be all he could say while her wet hair dripped onto her creamy breasts and then off her pink nipples. She turned to her room, and he couldn’t help but watch her ass muscles move her toned legs. His cock was throbbing and he shamefully went to the bathroom, still steamy from Alexis’s shower, and rubbed one out. Nobody could ever know what he masturbated to.


“Someone could be having sex with you, and you won’t even know about it.” The anchorwoman’s voice spoke in the background as attractive men and women walked along the sidewalk. A building with the words ‘Lusty Robotics’ written across the large glass window. “Lusty Robotics provides the service that allows someone to have sex with you, using only your DNA.”

A man of about Tim’s age appeared on the screen with the anchorwoman. The name Dr. Robert Glenn appeared on the screen at the level of the man’s chest.

“Is it true that someone can get a robot made in the likeness of anybody they want here?” The anchorwoman said.

“Well yes. A DNA sample is needed for exact replication, although sometimes we can construct based on description.”

“And you feel this is ethical?”

Dr. Glenn shrugged. “People want to sex with people they see. I provide them with the service that they can fulfill those fantasies safely. The statistics speak for themselves. Rape has decreased by 65% since I have opened my business here. Sexual assault by almost 90%. People who have tried my service report higher self-esteem. It helps with their confidence.”

“Yes, but these people aren’t consenting to machine made in their likeness.”

“All I give is machines that closely resemble the people. The people themselves are unharmed. The AI mimics the personality, sincan escort bayan which I am quite proud of, but the person on whom it is based upon still remains untouched.”

Tim’s wife clicked off the television. “Disgusting that people would go there.”

It was late, and his son and daughter were already in bed. They truly seemed inseparable since they came home from college. His son, David, was a year older than his daughter, and has been at college longer. Tim was glad that they were getting along well at college. When they both came into town yesterday, Alexis made sure to tell them how much David was helping her adjust.

“I’m surprised it even exists.”

“They could make a sex robot out of anybody,” his wife said. “Me. You. Alexis or David. All they need is DNA.”

A thought popped into Tim’s head that sank in his gut. A sex robot of anybody. “Uh, yeah, that’s terrible.”

“DNA Tim,” his wife reiterated. “Just a hair sample. I’m definitely going to sweep up my own hair at the salon from now on.”

“That, uh, sounds like a good idea, honey.”

“I can’t believe this is legal!”

Shame filled thoughts occupied Tim’s mind that night as they drifted asleep. All he’d need is a hair sample. It would be so easy just to take it from her hair brush. Later when he was sure that his wife was asleep, he went to the bathroom. Alexis’s hairbrush was right there on the counter next to his wife’s. All he’d need is a few strands. Nobody would ever know. It wasn’t even wrong, he assured himself. Like the commercial said, the person it’s based on is untouched. He stuffed the hair strands in his wallet and could barely get back to sleep.


Tim went to work as usual the next day. The hair in his wallet distracted him all day, and he couldn’t wait to clock out and go to Lusty Robotics. He wondered how realistic the robot would be. Would it even feel like flesh? He looked at the prices online. The prices were surprisingly reasonable for what it was, and he expected it to be a letdown. Still, this was not a chance that he could pass. Setting up the appointment was a bit of a hassle. There was plenty of availability, but he had to submit a personality test for his daughter before he could prepay.

Work finally ended, and he set his autopiloted car to Lusty Robots. A beautiful woman greeted him at the door and guided him to the receptionist. He told her of the appointment he made online and she guided him to the back.

Dr. Glenn, the man from TV, was sitting at the desk waiting for him. Glenn gestured for Tim to have a seat and typed into his computer. “Let’s see, Tim is it? And you reserved an hour with the robot, and an hour in one of our rooms. You marked on here that you have the DNA?”

Tim retrieved the hair from his wallet and Glenn donned a glove before taking it. A mechanical receptacle took the hair strand and loaded the DNA. A holographic representation of Alexis appeared before him. She was fully nude, but also fully bald everywhere.

“She’s not bald.”

“DNA doesn’t show haircuts.” Glenn grinned. “Tell me her hair length, and I will adjust it for you.”

“About shoulder length, and she shaves down there.” It was so disorienting tandoğan escort bayan to see his daughter on full display like this. In front of him and in front of Glenn. He didn’t like that Glenn also got a show, but couldn’t complain if he wanted this done. The only way to make the machine would be for him to see it. And if it was wrong for Glenn to see her, it was definitely wrong for her own father to see her.

Glenn typed the information in and brown hair grew from Alexis’s scalp. No hair grew above her perfect pussy, just as when she left the bathroom yesterday. Tim was throbbing between his legs. It looked just like his naked daughter now. “Looks good.”

“Great,” said Glenn. “My receptionist will take you to the room, and Alexis will be right with you. Since you only reserved an hour, I’ll adjust her personality and make her extra horny.”

The receptionist came and escorted Tim to a bedroom. As he walked next to her, he pondered something and was brave enough to ask. “So, can I ask for a robot of you? For in the future.”

The woman sighed. Clearly it wasn’t the first time this has been asked. “Happens all the time. Just browse under preset robots.”

“There’s preset robots?”

“Celebrities and stuff. And me. They even have one for Dr. Glenn himself.”

“How does it make you feel?” Tim was starting to feel guilty for asking. “People having sex with an exact copy of you.”

“Does it matter?” She opened a door and gestured to the room. “Here’s your room. Your robot will be in shortly.”

Tim walked into the room. It was like a hotel with a large bed, a wall sized TV, and a lamp on a night stand. Speakers were embedded into the wall and were playing soft jazz by default. He didn’t have to wait long before Alexis walked in the door. “Dad?”

Tim turned around and couldn’t believe his eyes. It was 100% like seeing his daughter. She even sounded like herself. “Hey sweetie.”

Alexis walked in and closed the door behind her. “This is a nice room, Dad.”

Tim nodded as he filled simultaneously with shame and lust as he knew what was going to happen. Shame did not stop his cock from growing and aching in his pants. This version of Alexis even dressed like the real Alexis, with nipples poking through her shirt, and an incredibly short skirt that barely went down her shapely thighs at all.

Alexis climbed onto the bed and bent on all fours to stretch her back in a downward dog pose. Tim was treated to a sight of her lovely pussy lips since she wasn’t wearing panties. She was already glistening. “Such a comfy bed.” She let her body fall onto it and patted next to her. “Come join me Daddy.”

“Oh sweetie.” There was hesitation in Tim’s mind. He didn’t expect such a thorough simulation. It was easy to masturbate to his daughter, but her she was. This felt so real, and even if it wasn’t his daughter, then surely it was at least cheating on his wife. How could he go through with this?! “I shouldn’t.”

“Don’t be shy, Daddy.” Alexis stood and approached him. “I’ve seen the way you look at me. I saw when you looked at me when I got out the shower. I see the way you’re looking at me right now.”

“This is wrong, sweetie.” Tim stood frozen as tunalı escort bayan his daughter approached him. Nipples barely shielded by thin fabric brushed against his arm. Her lips got close to his ear, and he felt her warm breath that made him shudder.

“Nobody has to know, Daddy.” Alexis whispered. “I won’t tell Mom.”

“Look, sweetie—”

Alexis put a finger to his lips. “I’ve wanted this as long as you have.”

Alexis undid her father’s belt and pulled his pants down. She freed his aching cock from his boxers and kissed the tip. “This made me. And this I must have.”

Tim exhaled as her lips wrapped around him. Her mouth was warm and wet, just as a real mouth would be. Not just any mouth. His daughter’s mouth. “Oh, Alexis.”

She bobbed her head back and forth as she sucked on his member. Her lips and tongue slid up and down his veins cock. Nimble fingers massaged his balls and rubbed the base of his dick.

“You learn this in college?”

Her mouth vibrated around his dick. “Mhmm.”

Alexis slurped and ducked harder. Precum dipped into her tongue, and moans escaped him when her mouth moved to swallow droplets of fatherhood. “Mmmm,” Alexis moaned her approval, vibrating his cock more. “I’m cumming sweetie!”

Waves of pleasure burst through Tim. Streams of cum filled her mouth and she swallowed every drop. Her mouth cleaned him off before she finally came up for air.

“Was that it Daddy?”

Tim shook his head. “Take off your clothes.”

Alexis took her top off, and this time Tim didn’t try to look away. He looked over his topless daughter shamelessly. Her tits were full and perky with hard pink nipples begging to be sucked. She accepting the ogling while she undid her skirt to stand completely naked. Every bit of her was gorgeous. She climbed onto the bed and spread her legs to invite him into her. Without hesitation (that ship had sailed), Tim took off his shirt and climbed over his naked daughter. His cock was already hard again, and wet from her spit. Flashbacks of fucking his wife back in college came to his mind as he looked over her. “Fuck me Daddy.”

Tim pushed into his daughter’s tight pussy and she moaned loudly. “Daddy, your cock is so big.”

Alexis wrapped her arms and legs around him while he slowly pushed into her. She was so tight and wet that he barely moved inside her. He looked into the eyes of his beautiful daughter while he slowly pushed his cock in and out of her. She made whispers of “oh Daddy” into his ear, which sent thrills straight to his cock. He whispered back “oh honey” and pushed into her harder.

Whispers turned into moans of ‘Daddy’ as Tim slowly sped up and fucked her harder. Moans turned into screams of passion when he slammed into her with full strength. All her nubile muscles gripped him while he pushed in and out of her. Her titties bounced as she looked up and begged for more with her eyes.

“Fuck me Daddy! Fuck me like you fuck Mom!”

Hearing his daughter say these words was too much. He grabbed onto her curvy ass and fucked her with everything he had. They screamed out their pleasure together while Alexis’s muscles shuddered around his cock. Waves of pleasure exploded within him as he filled her pussy with hot cum. She was breathing heavily when he pulled his cock out, still shining with both their fluids. Her hand ran over his chest hairs and she kissed him on the cheek.

“I love you, Dad.” She let out a long exhale and rubbed his softening cock. “So this is where David gets it from.”

“I love you too honey.” Tim said. “Wait. What?!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32