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This is a letter I wrote to a close friend of ours, who has helped us live out many of our fantasies. We miss her dearly and hope to see her again soon. Thank you, K4, for your love.

Dearest Karen,

My wife recently wrote you about our night together. Tonight it is my turn, this is the follow-up to her letter, this is what happened the next night. Thank you, babe, you mean so much to us!

My wife was crawling into the bed as I turned the TV off. She had just gotten done talking to you, and was now tired and ready for sleep. I lean over to give her a kiss on the cheek and she says, “That’s all you’ll be getting, mister! This chick is tired and ready for sleep.” I chuckled, not arguing with her over it. It was already 10:30 at night, I knew she needed her rest. We snuggle in close to each other and just talk about things.

Ss it has happened nearly every night for the last three or four weeks, you came up as a topic of discussion. We talked about you wanting to move here again, about how much fun we could all have with you being closer. I don’t know what it is about you, but my wife just gets this look in her eyes when we talk about you. She spaces just a little. But she didn’t want to have this conversation now, she wanted to go to sleep!

She rolled over on her stomach and lifted her ass in the air, trying to stretch her back out and settle in. I was getting out of the bed to use the bathroom when she did this, so I took the opportunity to playfully swat her on the rear. As I expected, she wasn’t wearing any panties under her nightgown, which only encouraged me to do more. I moved around and kissed her on the rear, then I quickly moved down to kiss her right on the twat. She started to complain about how she wasn’t in the mood to play like this, she just wanted to sleep, but her body was telling me differently. She was already very wet, I could taste her sweetness on my lips. I stuck out my tongue and probed her slick lovehole some more. “Noo!” she tried to complain, but I wasn’t hearing it. I flicked my tongue over her clit several times, then traced the outside of her labia.

“You mean you want me to stop doing this?” I mockingly asked her. halkalı bdsm escort

Her mood changed. “I guess not. You can do whatever …”

She started to drift off as I resumed her proper licking. I spread her open from behind and pressed my whole face in, my mouth opened wide, sucking everything, my tongue making laps around her clit.

“You owe me anyhow,” she said.

“Oh? I do? For what?” I replied back.

“I let you get off last night without me!” she whined.

“But didn’t I finger-fuck you earlier that night, and didn’t I tell you to e-mail that to Karen?”

“Mmmmmmmm”, was all she could reply back with.

She was now getting more wet just thinking about that incident. I stopped what I’m doing, and I moved back up to the headboard.

“Come snuggle next to me,” I whispered out, “and drop your pussy right back on my fingers, just like we did for Karen.”

My wife moved over without saying a word. I looked up into her face and she had the look of a well-fucked woman, looking to get fucked even more. We’ve had a lot of sex over the last couple of weeks. Ever since she started flirting with you, and since we went out on our lunch date, she’s been very passionate in bed, very willing to make love, even when she really wanted to sleep.

“So, did you and Karen have fun netsexing each other last night while I was out with the boys?”

I teased her. Yes, I checked the IM logs when I found out you two were online when I got home Saturday night. Remember, I’m not worried at all – but she was going off to bed and I didn’t want to bug her about it right then.

“We wern’t netsexing!” she squealed as I slid one finger along her clit and back into her slit.

“C’mon, now,” I replied with a slight grin. “When you two start talking talking about licking and sucking on each other, that’s netsex.”

“Mmmmm … but I didn’t get off,” she said, trying to concentrate as I slid a second finger inside her, in the same manner as the first.

“Don’t blame me, I wasn’t stopping you.”.

She opened her eyes to with a bit of surprise in them. “Does it upset you halkalı elit escort that I had netsex with her?”

I leaned up and kissed her on the lips, and started to move my fingers in and out of her warm pussy. “Like I told you, babe, you’re a grown woman. I’m not jealous of you, I’m not going to be jealous of the decisions that you make for yourself – because I know you’re going to keep me in mind.”

She dropped her head and kissed me passionately, dropped her rear end on my entire hand, finding a third finger and started to grind her clit into it. We break the kiss, and I continue.

“Do you think I need to be jealous?”

“Mmmm … you tell me, lover,” she purred back, “are you jealous of my girlfriend?”

“Not at all,” I chuckled, “it turns me on in fact. I find you very attractive. I find it appealing that others find you attractive as well.”

She picks up the pace of her humping my hand, kisses me more and breaks it just as quickly.

“Just remember,” I went on, “she may be your bitch right now, but she was my Kunt first, and always will be.”

We stopped talking at this point and let raw animal passion take over. My fingers now ran all through her slit, starting at the top with her clit, circling around it and on down until they dipped into her hole, and then going back in reverse. I did this for a few minutes, then took two fingers to spread her lips out. I took my middle finger started to trace light circles around her clit, feeling her spasm just a little, knowing that her orgasm was slowly building, but not yet close to cumming. We kept up this pace for several more minutes still, our tongues darted in and out of each others mouths as we kissed.

“I’m sooo close to cumming,” she cried. “I need to get off sooo badly!”

I reluctantly withdrew my fingers, knowing that she did need to get to sleep. Right now, however, she needed to release herself, and I knew what would do it.

“Get up,” I tell her, “come over here and straddle me, I want you to fuck my face!”

She grins a country mile as she shed her nightgown, moved the pillows from under my head, and placed halkalı escort herself into position. She drops herself down on my waiting tongue, and instantly started to buck as soon as my lips touch her pussy. I slid my hands up along her sides until I reached her breasts. I start squeezing them and tweaking her nipples as I go on. I love the feel of her tits as she slides herself along my face, her melons fit so perfectly in my hand. My wife starts to lean back, forcing me to work my head up and down along her dripping cunt, tightening her slit to increase the stimulation. I keep running my hands up and down her body, from her breasts down to her hips, and back up again. She keeps leaning further and further back, until the back of her head is touching my cock.

I let one hand slip from her nipple, and I traced it down her midriff until it reaches her clit. I quickly dive my finger in, letting my tongue probe her tight hole while my finger rubs her nub. I opened my eyes and I follow her outline all the way up, it ends with the curve of her cleavage and the shadow of her nipples, fully swollen. I take my free hand and start to massage her breasts again, while she’s bucking her hips against my face and finger.

“Damn,” I comment, having to break my stride, “I wish we had the video camera hooked up. I wish you could see how you look bent back like this while I’m eating you out. I wish Karen could see how damn sexy this looks!”

I bury my face back in her cunt again, juice runs down my nose, off my lips, and hangs in my goatee. I bring my other hand down, spreading her pussy out and plunging four fingers in, all of them touching and rubbing her now sensitive and swollen clit. She starts to buck on me hard, it doesn’t take her long for her orgasm to build. She starts panting and moaning hard, my tongue moves up and takes a lick off her nub, and she goes off. Her hips buck hard and high, pulling my fingers out involuntarily, my mouth and tongue trying to lock on to finish the job. She leans back even more, fully arching herself in a full-on orgasm that is rocking her world for a good minute, maybe longer.

And just as quickly as her orgasm hit, her body goes limp, and she falls next to me. Completely spent, she is barely able to drag herself back up to the headboard onto her pillow. She crashes to sleep. Leaving me with a fucking huge hard-on and just my own two hands to finish the job. Now isn’t that gratitude?!?

Sleep well, my lover. Thank you again. We’ll see you soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32