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Big Dicks

Debra continued her plans to enable her daughter Alice to be able to take the large cock of her boyfriend Jimmy. This involved having her twin sons fuck their sister with their smaller cocks to gradually lead up to his.

Even though her sons were now ready to start college, neither of them knew much about sex. Before they started to fuck their sister, Debra felt they needed some instructions in how to please a woman.

That evening, her husband Raymond had left for a week long business trip and with Alice and her brother Don going to a movie, Debra decided to start with the other twin son, Ron. He also had the smaller cock, so would be first to fuck his sister.

Alice and Don had just left for the movie, when Debra took the hand of Don and said, “Honey, come up to my bedroom with me. There’s something I want to talk to you about.”

Debra always felt a special attraction to Ron. During all those years of breast feeding him and his brother, she felt his sucking was the reason for all the orgasms she had.

“Sweetheart, lets take off all our clothes and get comfortable while we talk,” she added.

“Wow Mom, you look great, can I suck your titties again tonight,” asked Ron.

“Lay down here beside me and let me hold you and we’ll see what happens,” said Debra, as she pulled his head to one of her nipples.

“Honey, all those years I was breast feeding you, sucking on my nipples was the only thing you were interested in, but there are other things a woman likes a man to do.” said Debra.

“I’d like you to swirl your tongue around my nipple between sucks, and flick it lightly with your tongue, she added. That’s it Honey, Oh God that feels good”.

“Run your lips and the tip of your tongue over my breasts, on the bottom, on the sides, kiss down the valley between my titties and suck my other nipple too. Back and forth, that’s it Honey. Oh God here I come. Oh my, Oh my, suck it Honey, suck it Honey, OOooh, OOooh God,” cried Debra as she pulled his face tight against her breasts and felt the waves of ecstasy flow through her body.

“Wow Honey, I think you got it. Let me rest a minute before you move down my belly.”

“Honey, come up here and let me feel your lips again, as she pulled his head up and lovingly kissed her son.”

“Trail your antalya escort lips from my titties down my belly now Honey. That’s it. Rub your cheeks over my little bush, Sweety. God that feels good.”

“I know I’m wet down there, you’re the one that caused it. You really are making your mommy feel good,” sighed Debra.

“Now use your tongue and lips and find my little button. Oh God, that’s it Honey. Flick it and lick it with your tongue. Oh My God Honey, you’re going to make me come again. Oh if only your dad would have done this for me.” she moaned.

“Suck my little button Honey. Suck it, suck it. Oh God, Oh God,” she called, as she pulled his head down on her bush, thrusting her hips as she came again.

“I’ve got to have you Honey,” as Debra quickly moved to take his cock in her mouth and start to stroke and suck it. She wanted to take his load and within minutes, as she sucked up and down his cock, she could feel the surge of his come before it hit her mouth and flowed past her lips.It was still hard and was still bigger then her husbands when she spread her legs and guiding his cock to where he left 18 years before, he entered his mother and began to fuck her.

She answered his thrusts, lifting her ass off the bed, feeling his balls on her bottom, as she pulled him down to kiss him, feeling his chest on her breasts, the breasts that fed him all those years.

She was in a magical world, feeling unlike any other in her life. All the sex she had was meaningless compared to the erotic thoughts and feelings amid the realization this was her son that was fucking her. This was her son that had unleashed in her, feelings and passions all the men before him failed to release.

“Honey, I’m want to come again for you. Fuck Me Honey. Faster, Faster. That’s it Honey. Oh God, Oh God. I’m coming Honey, Hold me, Hold me tight. I love you , I love you,” she cried.

Her legs wrapped round his back, she lifted herself to keep him entered in her, not wanting to part.

Time went by. They lay in each others arms. Debra tightened her arms and legs around him, squeezing on his still semi-hard cock reliving the moments they just shared.

“Mom, what are we going to do? whispered her son. I can’t pretend this didn’t happen. I can’t go back to being lara escort just a son. In every way possible, this meant as much to me as I know it meant to you.I know I am very inexperienced about sex and love, but I know I will never have anything like this with anyone else. I love you mom, in a way I never felt before. What are we going to do?” asked Ron.

“I don’t know Honey, I don’t know” sighed Debra.

She thought of the events of her life that brought her here.

She knew virtually nothing about sex until she got to college. Within weeks she had lost her virginity and developed an intense craving to be fucked.

She became known as “Car load Debra”, and for $50 a car, she would fuck anyone. She had her standards, and would not fuck more then four guys at a time. She also had a rule that the guy with the biggest cock would get fucked first, and the last guy, which was also the guy with the smallest cock, would have to see that she got back to her dorm room.

It seemed that Raymond, who is now her husband, always had the smallest cock and had to see that she got home. Obviously, they saw a lot of each other. When she inadvertantly got pregnant, she had no idea who the father was, but since Raymond was half decent looking and was always nice to her, she decided to tell him the baby was his.

Accepting responsibility, Raymond agree to marry her and soon was born their daughter Alice.

If anything, giving birth intensified her sexual needs and she turned to which ever man was available.

She regularly was fucked by the UPS man, the postman, the pizza delivery man, the meter reader and other strange men who just happened to knock on the door. It’s as if there was a sign on the house that said, “WOMAN TO FUCK, INQUIRE WITHIN”.

She also fucked Raymond’s dad Frank, his brother Robert and some of Frank’s lodge buddies, in addition to affairs with several women.

Within a year of the birth of Alice she was pregnant again. As before, Debra had no idea who the father was. As it turned out, it must have been a decent looking, intelligent man, cause the twins were both very intelligent, good looking and well built. It was obvious to many people, they did not resemble Raymond.

The first time Debra fucked her manavgat escort husbands brother Robert, his enormous cock seemed to fulfill all of her needs, and her desire for other cocks seemed to subside. The other cock she was taking on a temporary basis was Alice’s boyfriend Jimmy’s. She was usually able to resist Frank, Raymond’s dad, except those couple of times he laid his cock on the kitchen table in front of her and she couldn’t keep her hands off it.

Now she knew she had at last found the cock she was searching for all her life. The fact that it was her son who had it was a minor issue that she would have to find a solution for.

She had recently found out that her husband was fucking his mother and she understood why. For years now, Raymond would comment on how thin she looked and why didn’t she eat more.

Marie had humongous breasts with large nipples, plenty of belly fat, a big ass and thunder thighs that he apparently liked to roll around on. This is what her husband wanted Debra to look like so everyone wouldn’t be hitting on her.

He didn’t realize that her favorite fucking position was for her to be on top, doing most of the work. She loved to watch her tits roll back and forth as she moved back and forth, up and down on her man’s cock. With all this exercise she was getting, it was virtually impossible for her to get fat.

Her thoughts came back to her son on whose chest she lay with his cock still partially in her. She smiled at him and started to squeeze his cock as she felt it start to swell. She began to slowly move up and down on him, letting his cock swell inside her.

When she was full again, she kissed him and softly said, “Honey, lets just lay like this while you hold me. Raymond would be gone for four more days so we will have plenty of time to make love and make some plans.

They were both sleeping when the front door opened and Alice and Don came in.

“They must have gone to bed”, said Don.

“Honey let’s go wake Mommy up so we can tell her the good news about us” whispered Alice.

They went quietly upstairs and into Debra’s bed room. They stared in amazement at what they saw.

Debra naked, laying on Ron, who was also naked, with his cock still clearly entered into his mother, both with smiles on their faces.

“Oh Honey, look at them, I am so happy they found each other, just as we found each other, cried Alice.

“Let them sleep, added Don, we’ll tell them our good news in the morning. Let’s go to bed now sweetheart, I just thought of something new we can try.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32