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After a long day of hiking, we just finished setting up our cozy two-person tent in a little clearing at the base of the mountain as warm dusk colors overtake the sky. I’m not sure what is more breathtaking – the sunset ahead or the manliness you exuded driving the tent stakes into the ground. While I am exhausted from the day’s hike, I can’t wait to get my hands, my mouth on your body. You pull a sleeping bag from your pack and lay it on the ground near the tent. Slightly puzzled, I get up, striding towards you, excited to let my hands run up and down your taught body. You look up, see me walking towards you, let out a slight grin, and practically run towards me.

We nearly knock each other down as we meet. Your hands are immediately on the back of my head, intertwined with my hair, pull my face, my mouth to yours for a deep, hungry kiss. My hands find their way under shirt and up your back, wiping away your sweat as I memorize the contours of your body. I close my eyes, take a deep breath, and let my body melt into you. A simple touch from you renders me incapable of thought. There is a gentle pain registering in my bottom lip as you playfully bite me. With a sharp inhale, I let out a gentle moan into your mouth. And with that, I feel you become more possessive with me, with my body. With one hand still on the back of my head, you move your other hand tightly around my waist, pulling me impossibly close to you. Our bodies stick to one another in the heat of the night. I can feel the length of your cock pushing against my hip, the feeling makes me skip a breath.

You begin leading me, somewhat forcefully, through the clearing. I nearly stumble as I am forced backwards, your pace quickening. Then I hear a thud, my back against a tree. The impact startles me a bit, forcing my eyes open. I look into your eyes. There is something about the darkness in your eyes that has always captivated me. In this moment, there is a slight grin on your face, your eyes are hooded with lust and desire. You plant a quick, lippy kiss on my mouth and then use your hands to turns me around, my front facing the tree and your front pushing against my back. You push me hard, I find myself struggling to get air into my lungs with your force against me. You place your hands on the tree, on either side of my face. I turn my head and begin planting thoughtless, gentle kisses along your arm. You sweep my hair off the back of my neck with your face and begin ravaging my neck with your mouth. I can feel you sucking on my neck, the sensation shooting directly between my legs. I can feel yabancı escort the moisture pooling in my panties. I am so ready for you.

“Please,” I say, in a muffled voice. And then suddenly you pull your hand off the treat and place it on my neck. The sudden grasp of your palm around my neck startles me. And yet, your obvious immediate need for my body sends chills up my spine. You tip my head up, aggressively kissing the sides of my face, moving my head around like a rag doll. After a minute of covering me in wet kisses, I feel your hands at my hips, dipping into my shorts, letting them fall to my ankles. At the same moment, I hear you undo your belt and let your pants drop. The anticipation of you buried deep inside of me is almost too much to handle. But thankfully I don’t have to wait. I feel the head of your thick dick pressing at my entrance. With a hand at the top of my back, you push me forward, into the tree, changing the angle for easier access. And then I feel it. I feel you rip into me, filling me instantly. My body instantly shudders as the feeling is beyond intense. I am left gasping for air, unable to take a complete breath. With both of your hands digging into the softness of my hips, you begin pumping in and out of my furiously, nearly more than I can handle. Each time you hit the deepest point, I let out a strangled cry. And then you pull one hand back up to my throat, gripping it, controlling my ability to breath. You pull my head upward by my throat, bringing me to a nearly standing position, my head resting backwards against your chest. I can feel the sweat coming off your body against my face.

“You like me deep in you, fucking you like this?” you whisper into my ear. I can’t manage to verbally respond, but I shake my head up and down. You tighten your grip on my throat, leaving me struggling to breath, but with a heighten sense of feeling. You pump in and out of my, almost relentlessly. The whole time I feel my body climb, higher and higher. With each thrust, I swear you are deep and deep inside of me, reaching the pit of my stomach. I am sitting on the edge of orgasm. And with one more deep thrust, I feel myself falling, my entire body convulsing, my pussy tight around your dick.

“That’s right, cum on my dick. Just like that you dirty girl.” My fingers dig into the bark of the tree. I scream as you continue to assault me, my body still riding the waves of my orgasm. Everything I see is white. And I begin to get weak as I come down from my orgasm, my legs barely holding up my body. And yet, yeni escort you are still behind me, still driving your cock deep into my body. I hold onto the tree for balance, beginning to push back into you, letting you access the deepest part of my pussy. The sound of our bodies smacking together echoes through the woods. I feel your fingers dig into my hips deeper as you near your own release. With your hands tight on me, you dive in deep, me pushing back on you with the same force. And then I feel you begin to spasm at your hips, your warmth coating me inside, your weight relaxing on my back, as your wrap your arms around my waist and hold me close to you.

We remain in this position for a minute, just catching our breath. Once we do, I stand up, my body still pressed tightly against yours, your hands still around my waist, holding me close. You kiss my ear and I roll my head to the side, turning towards you. A few gentle kisses on my check and then my mouth finds yours. We stand there, a sweaty mess, exchanging a kiss full of passion and remaining desire.

“Let’s go lay down,” you say as your break out kiss. I agree. And we walk over to the sleeping bag, still on the ground outside of the tent. We lay down, my head nestled into the crook of your arm, which is wrapped around me, pulling me tightly against you. We lay together for a while, speechless, just listening to the sound of each other breathing. There are wildlife noises in the back ground. And you can hear the faint sounds of a highway in the distance. But your breath is all I care about in this moment as I watch your chest rise and fall, my hand resting on your chest.

I feel my eyelids getting heavy, as I fall in and out of a light sleep. But then you take my hand and move it down, between your legs. I feel you hard again. The sudden thought of you overtaking me again has me instantly aroused. I sit up, kneeling by your waist. As I pull your shorts down, your cock springs free. I wrap my hand around the base of it and slowly put my mouth around it. I go slowly, letting my spit fall all around your cock. I take my hand and stroke it upward, coating your entire length with the moisture from my mouth. I move slowly, trying to take as much of your cock in my mouth as I can, letting it hit the deepest part of my throat. I hear you groan, the raspy sound igniting something in me. I begin moving my mouth up and down faster. And then I feel your hand at the back of my head. As I move my mouth down, swallowing you deep, you hold my head there, letting me gag on you. yenibosna escort My spit drips down your cock as you loosen your grip on my head and allow me to continue to bob up and down while my lips are wrapped around your dick.

Once I am satisfied with how you have hardened in my mouth, I sit back up. Then I throw one leg over your body, my back to your face. I position myself above you and slowly lower myself, straddling you, letting you reach deep into me. The sensation is incredible, I let out an instant moan. I stay still for a minute, relishing the feeling of you so deep inside of me. I am in awe of your cock. I could sit like this much longer, but I feel your hands at my hips, urging me up. I follow your hint and begin moving my hips up and down, gently grinding against you, cherishing each moment that hit all the right spots in me. Up and down I bounce on your cock, you whispering dirty things as I move. I place one hand firmly on the ground and reach my other hand around and start playing with my clit. That feeling coupled with you filling me is intense. I begin moaning, shadowing your dirty talk, my release drawing near.

You can sense how close I was to orgasm and quickly pull me off of you, depriving me of my release. I am taken back, annoyed at your delay of the feeling I want so badly in this moment. But you are quick to lay me down, moving your body over mine, letting your weight rest against me. Having you pin me to the ground is incredible. I love how helpless you make me feel. And then you dive into me with your hardened length. A feeling of euphoria sweeps over me, suffocating me, leaving me gasping for air. My eyes roll back as a moan escapes my lips. You lay a wet, lazy kiss on my eye lid, before finding my mouth, letting your tongue dominate it. My back arches, my body pressed tightly against yours as you continue to penetrate me, deep. Every time you thrust into me, you pause for a split second, letting me feel full, content.

My eyes are closed, my mouth letting out a breath at the deepest part each time, a moan escaping each time. My hands rest on your arms. I love how tight they feel against my palms. My fingernails gently digging in as my body climbs, again. I open my eyes to see the darkness in your eyes staring down at me. We lock eyes for a second and then you dive in for a furious kiss, taking my breath away. The moment your lips meet mine, my body crashes over the edge. All of my muscles contract and I find myself wrapped entirely around you, as I gasp for air. I am so wrapped up in my own release, I barely realize you are there too, again filling me with your warmth. We soak in this moment, not moving, merely releasing. With your body still over mine, I feel your forehead against mine. As I open my eyes, I see a small grin on your face, right before you plant one more gentle kiss on my lips.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32