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I went to high school with Anna and Race. Looking back I have to say we were actually good friends. Anna was a cheerleader; she was pretty, really pretty, with wavy chestnut hair, and bright hazel eyes, and a smile like sun breaking out of the clouds. She had long legs, and a walk that could stop any guy in his tracks, and usually did. Race was… well… odd even for my school. He was not overly tall, maybe 5’8″, and his hair was darker than Anna’s. He smiled a lot, like he found the whole world amusing. He looked like he should have been the leather jacket, juvenile delinquent type with a cigarette, but he never smoked. He and Anna were always together, even when she had other boyfriends. I never asked how that worked, though I wondered, everyone did.

I was a stage crew geek in those days. I wore black all the time since it was easier not to have to remember to do that for shows. Stage crew doesn’t care about much about appearances in general, but we like things to run smoothly.

I liked Anna; I admired her looks, without really feeling envy. Wistful, sure, who wouldn’t like to be cute and popular and desirable? I would, but wasn’t. Mostly I was the one everyone told his or her boyfriend/girlfriend troubles to. I could always make Anna laugh, even when she was freaking out about grades or her current boyfriend… I think she changed them every month so I never did understand why she cared what any of them wanted. We’d sit on my back porch, so no one could see she was friends with a geek, and she’d cry about Bill, or Leon, or Ted…and I’d ask if he paid for his own condoms. And she’d get mad, then laugh. I never knew why that was so funny to her. Of course, when she wasn’t crying, she was telling me in great detail about her exploits with her boyfriends. I was just glad she wasn’t afraid to use condoms. Some of the stuff she told me made me feel shaky and breathless. I was just glad she never noticed.

Race was a different matter. He had the quickest, most twisted mind I’d ever encountered. It was like people made up his personal playground and he couldn’t resist moving them around to see what they would do next. Race would come up with the most outrageous ideas… and they always worked. Once he suggested I sit on our English teacher’s desk in English, and when he came in, to tell him it was stifling my creativity to sit in the confined space allotted to mere students.

I didn’t need the credits to graduate. So I let Race pose me, It wasn’t any big deal, I wasn’t displaying myself really. I sat on the desk, one foot up so I could hug my knee while I hung back so I stared at the ceiling, not at all sexy, given my black pants, black T-shirt and black sneaks.

Mr. Picot looked at me funny, then asked what I was doing on his desk. I said I felt stifled… and hot. Then I waited to be awarded a year’s worth of detention. But Mr. Picot just turned a little pale and told me to stay put. I got an ‘A’ for the term, shocked me silly.

High school ended blessed be, and I escaped into the wide, wide world. Oddly, Race kept in touch. Letters at first, then email. He was funny in print, witty and amusing and irreverent. I answered him mostly because he always made me laugh. When I got the letter from him saying he and Anna were getting married; I laughed for hours before I realized he meant it.

I was at the wedding of course. I was the best man, which is even funnier when you realize I’m a girl. But Race said I was his best and oldest friend, so there it was. I threw him a bachelor party; we all went to a now dead strip joint, the MouseTrap. I knew the place because one of my paper salesmen always took us there, and I liked the dancers. They were hardworking girls who got paid far more than I did for putting up with stupid men.

Steph was dancing on stage when we walked in. I like Steph; I’d seen her before. She dances like she’s the only one in the world who ever had a good time. I like her smile too. She winks at the guys, she smiles at me, go figure. Sometimes, on break, she comes at sits at our table. She steals my coffee and laughs because that’s all it is, coffee. I tell her I know the water was boiled at some point and it makes me feel safer.

When I walked in with Race, I beckoned her to the edge of the runway. I handed her a twenty and explained that I was the best man at Race’s wedding. Bless her heart, she zeytinburnu escort pulled out all the stops. She displayed herself shamelessly to Race. She stripped with flair and worked up a visible sweat. She took the pole in front of Race and shimmied up and down it until it was slick and wet.

Race watched her in fascination, almost drooling. He nudged me, “Go on … get up there with her…”

I’d had a couple of drinks so I smiled up at Steph. “He wants me to dance with you,” I told her.

She held out her hand and hauled me up onto the stage. I was a bit surprised at her strength. The world looked a lot different with runway lights spinning at my feet and spotlights burning my eyes. Steph and I peeled me out of my clothes, me wiggling and bumping geekily. I moaned when she ran her hands over my breasts, I mean, it felt really good. For a few minutes I forgot I was not exactly a guy magnet, just enjoyed the music and moving and her hands on my skin.

I was having such a good time that it took me a few seconds to realize Steph had pushed me up against the pole and was rubbing herself against me while I was doing my best to have the pole’s baby.

The men in the room went kinda nuts. Guys were waving bills at us, and Steph was grabbing them and stuffing them in my bra. For some reason, that struck me as hysterically funny… my plain white boring bra against her pasties… I saw no competition. But the guys in the club loved it and the bouncers had to get us offstage.

The manager came to the dressing room and told me to call him when I wanted to start. I figured Steph put him up to it. When I finally got back to Race, he looked like a cat full of canary. He was a lot more sober than I was, and we laughed like loonies trying to get me out of the club, since we kept being stopped by men who wanted my number.

The wedding was tame by comparison. Race was cool in black leather jacket and riding leathers, and Anna looked sweet in a little cotton dress. Oddly, her maid of honor was a man; a shy, nervous guy I’d never met before. He was very correctly dressed in a summer weight seersucker suit, pale blue with white stripes, pale blue shirt and a red bow tie. Anna told me his name was Evan.

The ceremony went smoothly, the JP was fine with us, maybe even a little bored. After the service, we all went to House of Roy for a meal. The newlyweds were pretty outrageous, feeding each other and all. Then they got silly. Next thing I knew, Ann had grabbed my head and trapped me against her chest. Race was holding my mouth open and feeding me shrimp in lobster sauce. What made it even funnier was Evan. He was the one fishing the shrimp out of the dish and passing them to Race very fussily. I nearly choked to death from laughing. Anna told me hold still so I didn’t get food smeared on her dress, but it was pretty hard not to laugh.

I never did understand why they got married, but they seemed pleased. Race continued to write and I continued to answer. We saw each other maybe once or twice a year, when they came up top visit Anna’s parents. Anna was always perky and Race was always tall, dark and broody, and I was always fat.

It was a Friday night, my late night getting home. Not from fun, I just never get off work at a decent hour, and Fridays are the worst… probably because I have no life. The phone was ringing off the hook when I walked in.

“Hey sexy,”

I smiled stupidly, then realized Race couldn’t see me. “Hey you. How’s Anna?”

“She’s fussing cuz din-din is ready and you aren’t here.”

I laughed openly. “I love you both, but I am not driving three hours to see you two loonies.”

“How about twenty minutes?”

“You monsters moved and did not tell me?” I didn’t know if I should call him names or applaud.

“We missed you too much. Pack your clothes and stay the night. That way you don’t have to drive after we kill the wine.”

It was a good idea, so I threw a change of clothes in a bag and skedaddled over. It wasn’t twenty minutes; it was more like ten. The worst was the nest of twisty streets going nowhere that led to their house. Every house looked nearly identical to the next…all uninspired split entry ranches. I found the house; theirs was a white one with black trim. The only thing that set it off from its neighbors aksaray escort was the huge thick privet hedge that set the house off like a black frame.

Race answered the doorbell, and kissed me rather more enthusiastically than I had expected, but then Race was noted for being outrageous. Anna emerged from the kitchen in a ruffled apron, a dress my mother might have owned and high heels. She squealed when she saw me and hugged me hard enough to make me breathless. She kissed me full on the mouth, and then stepped back and stared at me. She turned to Race, “I told you that red would be good on her.”

Race looked at my face, then nodded. “You’re right. I’ll put it with her things.” He took my bag from my hand. “The down stairs has a finished room, it’s where we’re putting you. The upstairs bedrooms are too hideous. You had a choice between my pastel pony and trains.”

I shuddered and let him take my stuff wherever he wanted. Anna dragged me into the kitchen and put a glass of wine in my hand. She looked like something out of a black and white movie as she clicked around in her heels, her skirts swishing softly as she moved. Race came back and made himself into my backrest. I smiled up at him. I’d missed them terribly. He petted my hair while we both watched Anna cook.

I don’t know if I can explain how nice it was to be with them. We told the same stupid jokes we used to tell, and as we worked our way through the second bottle, the jokes got funnier. Race had Doris Day on the CD player and we danced, somewhat drunkenly, at least I was drunk. Drunk enough to sing along with Doris, and imagine I sounded pretty good.

I tripped over the coffee table and decided that was my cue to go to bed. “I’m glad I’m not driving,” I told Rafe.

“Us too, We want you safe so we can take advantage of you ourselves. Wouldn’t want strangers to do it.” Rafe kissed me softly, his lips warm and very tempting. I leaned into him for a couple of minutes longer than I should have. Luckily, good sense and good manners woke up. I hugged Rafe gently, kissed Anna on the cheek and toddled off to sleep in their guestroom, tipsy and genuinely happy to have my friends back.

My dreams were confusing and troubled, the ‘run like mad but stand still’ kind. I finally decided I was having nightmares and forced myself into a better dream, one where I was warm and safe. That worked for a little while, but then I began to feel trapped, like I could not move my arms or legs.

Anna said, “She looks good enough to eat.”

“Go ahead, “Rafe told her. “I want her breasts.”

I decided my dreams were entirely to real, and that I should get up and go brush my teeth, but I could not move. My arms were stretched over my head and scarves tied them to lengths of heavy chain. I stared stupidly for a moment, but warm breath blew against my thigh, and then a small, pointed tongue licked at my skin. I yelped and nearly jumped out of my skin. I tried to close my legs, but couldn’t, they were spread wide and my ankles bound.

Race came into my line of sight. He caressed my cheek then bent closer, kissing me. His lips were warm, persuasive as he coaxed my mouth open to accept his tongue. He kissed me hard then, driving into my mouth until I was breathless. I remembered the goodnight kiss and whimpered, wanting him.

The bed dipped and I jumped as Anna crawled over my right leg. Her hair brushed my thigh and I shivered. Then she licked me, her tongue shockingly hot as she ran it along the length of my slit.

Race broke the kiss and slid two fingers into my mouth. He took my right breast in his hand; pinching and rolling the nipple, which hardened. My hips jerked, and I felt myself pour wet out into Anna’s mouth. I moaned, embarrassed and feeling hot and flushed and very conscious of an unfamiliar hot tension low in my stomach.

Anna drove her tongue into me, lapping and swallowing noisily. I moved my hips, whimpering as little shocks of pleasure raced through me. I should have told them to stop. I should have demanded they let me go, but all I could do was whimper and moan as Race sucked on my breasts, nipping and pinching, and Anna licked my nub. She stabbed me with her tongue, licking and nibbling on my clit.

I squirmed and bucked on the bed trying to get closer to her mouth, as close as the chains ataköy escort allowed. I wanted her so badly, wanted Race. Part of me stood back, appalled, and part of me rejoiced that I was bound to the bed and couldn’t call them off.

Race laughed. He put his hand on my belly and pushed me down onto the bed. “How much can you take from us, Daisy-darling?” He pulled his fingers from my mouth and kissed me savagely.

Anna took her mouth away and I moaned in disappointment. Anna said, “She tastes better than we thought she would…”

Race broke off the kiss and moved down the bed. Anna slithered up my body, her skin soft and warm and silky. She smiled into my eyes and said, “We’ve been waiting forever for this…” I swear I did not have a coherent thought in my head. Her breasts hung in front of my face the nipples hard and brown, but only for a minute. She moved further up and positioned her pussy over my face.

Race’s hands closed on my waist. He forced his way inside, stretching me painfully. He pushed deeper sinking into me, filling me. I cried out, frantic to escape but the chains held me. He pulled back a little, and I could almost breathe. He drove into me, harder this time. I opened my mouth to scream.

Anna covered my mouth with her hot wet slit. She smelled sweet. I angled my head so I could breathe, but had to taste her. She tasted of sugar and salt both. She rocked on my face, flooding my mouth. She rode my face, pleasuring herself, covering me with her wetness.

Race drove into me again. His massive shaft filled me with fire and pain and frantic need. His fingers on my hips felt like iron clamps, holding me tighter than the chains. My world narrowed to his pounding shaft, to the pleasure focused there, to the tight coil of want.

Anna fell away from me, and I could breathe, which I did, panting for air. My lungs burned and my pulse thundered in my ears. Anna kissed me, plunging her tongue into my mouth, her rhythm matching Race’s. Race slammed against me, his hands bruising hips. He never slowed, each thrust driving me higher. Pleasure exploded, ripping through me, obliterating Anna, Race, everything but the waves washing through me.

When I opened my eyes, early morning sunlight filtered through the tiny windows. I lay pinned to the bed. Anna’s head lay on my shoulder, her legs twined around mine. Race’s arm lay heavily across me; her face burrowed into my neck and one leg lay on top of Anna’s and my tangled limbs. My pussy ached, my ankles felt puffy and my wrists tingled.

I tried to figure out how to leave the bed, but they had me trapped. I turned over, which did not disturb Anna but woke Race His brown eyes bored into mine. His gaze was watchful and calm. He made no effort to move off of me.

I blushed.

Race leaned in and kissed me very softly. “We won’t let you run,” he told me. “We both want you.” He kissed me again, harder, his tongue sliding into my mouth.

I got wet almost instantly, and blushed when I moaned into his kiss.

Behind me, Anna said, “You going to tell her about how hard you got when you posed her in English class?”

Race broke the kiss, “Only if you tell her how much you wanted to show her the things Cliff did to you after you saw how excited she got from hearing about it.”

Anna ran her hand over my skin and massaged my breast. “You are so soft,” she murmured in my ear. “I knew you’d have soft skin.”

Race hugged me close, reaching past me to pull Anna tight against my back. “Have we scared you off, Daisy-darling?”

Anna embraced me, spooning tightly. “Will you stay, Daisy-love? Will you let us play with you?”

“And love you,” Race added, his eyes serious. He kissed me very softly.

“And love you,” Anna breathed the words into my ear.

I took a deep breath. I knew Anna, I knew Race. They’d never lie to me. “We… we can talk it over.” I said finally.

“Not just talk…” Anna murmured. She slipped her hand down my spine, wiggling her fingers as she moved to caress my butt.

“Definitely,” Race said. He drove his tongue into my mouth. He was hard already, pressing insistently against my thigh. Anna slid on top of me and reached between us to guide Race into me.

He groaned.

Gasped as his thick head nudged inside me, shuddering as he pushed slowly deeper until he was all the way inside.

“Say yes,” he growled into my ear. “Say yes.” He stroked hard, shoving me back into Anna with every thrust.

“Say yes, “Anna urged in my ear, keeping me pressed tight to Race.

Pleasure spilled through me, spreading out in waves. I bucked against Race, crying helplessly. “Yes!”

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