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This story will make no sense without reading the previous chapters. If you didn’t like the previous chapters you certainly won’t like this new one as it continues with similar themes of scat and humiliation.

At the end of the previous chapter our hapless heroine found herself dressed in a diaper and some stickers, in Sylvia’s car about to head to the beach.

Sylvia put her foot on the gas and we sped out of the parking lot.

I was terrified sitting in the car like this. If anyone I knew saw me I’d be ruined. How could I possibly explain this? A diaper? I was supposed to be a professional woman. This was beyond absurd.

The seat-belt diagonally dissected my pathetic excuse for breasts and the bright advertising stickers, the only thing preserving any modesty were really only highlighting the fact that I had no adult clothes on.

Sylvia seemed quite content to drive slowly and opened my window as we pulled up to the first traffic light. I folded my arms across my chest.

“I knew you were a deviant but shitting yourself again in public like that, even I didn’t think you were so depraved,” Sylvia remarked.

I tried to explain I didn’t mean for it to happen, that I had been begging her to let me use the toilet but none of the right words would come out. Despite the power she had over me she did seem genuinely surprised that things had gotten so far out of control but I still wondered if she given me something to loosen my bowels. I never had problems like this before and now it had happened twice in two days.

“You should see yourself, you’re absolutely pathetic. A grown woman, sitting here now in diapers because humiliating yourself gets you off, you really are a sick little puppy!”

“I swear I didn’t mean to dirty myself again. It was an accident.”

“I find that hard to believe but in any case, how do you explain having an orgasm in front of all those people. I don’t think any of them had ever seen so disgusting a spectacle in their whole lives.”

She was correct of course. But it wasn’t my fault I tried to reason but sitting here half naked in her car made it difficult to concentrate as we left the parking lot and onto the street. Surely this wasn’t happening, this couldn’t be real but looking down at my tiny nubs covered with stickers and more alarmingly my adult diaper nothing in my sickest dreams, I knew could have concocted such.

“They were rubbing those mops all over me, I couldn’t control myself…”

But I knew the words coming out my mouth seemed hollow and so ridiculous. There was no excuse for me getting turned on like I did and even at that moment sitting practically topless in a car with a diaper on I could sense myself getting all hot and bothered just thinking about the outrageous display I continued to make of myself. And then as I sat there mumbling my excuses a car pulled up beside us with country music blaring. It was a red pick-up truck and as I glanced over I immediately caught the eye of the driver.

I could hear him holler ‘holy shit’ to his passenger and began beeping the horn. He looked like some sort of redneck and clearly thought I was some young college chick riding around topless for a lark, but with my arms folded across he could see nothing. I quickly turned to Sylvia begging her to speed off. Of course she was having none of it as this presumably was just what she was hoping for.

“Flash them!” she ordered and called over to the other car, beeping our horn drawing even more attention on us.

I flat out refused.

She beeped our horn again and I could see an elderly couple on the sidewalk were now staring over at our car as well.

“Drop your arms or I kick your fat diapered ass out of the car right here, right now!” she ordered.

Once again she had me over barrel and I knew she wasn’t bluffing. She’d really do it. Leave me on the sidewalk dressed like a baby. So, very reluctantly, I meekly complied and as I dropped my hands exposing my almost bare chest, I could see the look of anticipation growing on the onlookers from the other car. That anticipation quickly turned to consternation as the driver who was about to cheer instead broke out into a fit of laughter as he doubtlessly caught a glimpse of my non existent breasts and my adult diaper.

“What the fuck! What a freak! Where are your titties?” cried out the passenger and with the elderly couple looking on the driver screamed out “nothing to see here” and quickly sped off, hollering wildly.

“See, don’t worry, nobody really wants to see your tiny tits, they’re an embarrassment, much like you,” Sylvia pronounced proudly.

Of course Sylvia found this new turn highly amusing and we continued on towards the beach with my arms lowered with anyone who wanted to get a glimpse of my sticker-ed nipples free to do so. My nipples were erect underneath, stretching the confines of the sticker and glue creating a taut restricting feeling on my skin.

“Please Miss Sylvia, you can’t expect casino şirketleri me to go to the beach like this. I’ll be arrested for sure.”

“Don’t be so silly, you’re lady bits if they can even be called that are well covered. In fact there will be a lot more women on the beach dressed far more revealing than you. I would even venture to say that with the giant diaper over that massive heiny of yours, you’re probably going to be covered more than most,” Sylvia replied.

Technically she was correct but it wasn’t every day a grown woman would walk along a beach dressed as I was.

“In any case, there’s people waiting for me and I’m telling you you’re going so that’s the end of discussion!” she added definitively.

Of course she was right. In any case, I realized the opportunity for debate was long gone. I had long lost autonomy and this new trip was just further evidence proving it.

Five minutes later after a few more embarrassing traffic stops and freaked out onlookers, we were at the boardwalk and Miss Sylvia was beckoning me out of the car.

“Please, please don’t make me go out there like this Miss Sylvia, please, I look like an idiot,” I begged.

“Nonsense, you look just perfect…for you…Now don’t make me drag you out here and have to give your big bum a proper hiding in front of all these nice people. You know I can do it!”

Of course I knew she could do it. She was capable of anything as far as I could tell but did that seriously mean I should get out of a car in just a diaper and walk onto a public beach where absolutely everybody and anybody could see me. I know I had been repeatedly humiliating myself over the past twenty four hours but somehow this felt different. This seemed as if I was an active participation in what I was doing to myself. I mean, how could any sane person countenance why a grown woman like me would dress so outrageously or allow herself to be coerced to do so.

“Do not allow me to repeat myself…”

A shiver of fear ran up my spine and with it my fate was sealed. For some inexplicable reason I opened the door of the car and clad as I was faced the real world in my unreal costume. Sylvia had her hands clasped together almost unable to contain herself. As I approached her she put her hand on my head and ruffled my hair as if I were a child.

“Don’t you just look adorable…” she said as she then pinched my chubby cheeks. Her continued carrot and stick approach to my conditioning was obviously working on me though I couldn’t understand why.

Standing there looking up at this young strong woman who had by now completely dominated me I almost felt happy to receive the compliment but really I knew deep down it was all part of her plan to crush my spirit. As we stepped onto the beach I suddenly became acutely aware of my surroundings and my surroundings began to become even more acutely aware of me.

The very odd idea that a grown woman was walking the public beach in almost nothing except a diaper began to sweep through the beach like wildfire. I never really liked the beach as I never felt I had the body for a bikini. But here I was now, dressed like this. I could sense almost every eye on the beach squinting at me or staring at me behind sunglasses trying to fathom what it was indeed they were looking at. There was initially a hushed silence as I followed along after Sylvia . I tried to keep my eyes focused forward but suddenly out of the silence grew a succession of gasps and double takes as people were still adjusting to the odd spectacle I was providing.

I could sense the atmosphere changing as the gasps started turning into muffled laughter. People were staring now as I was now more than fifty yards from the car. I couldn’t believe I was out here like this. Sylvia careened on as if nothing was happening as I flailed behind her. The cruel comments began to emanate from the huddled beach goers.

“Is that a diaper?”

“Oh my God!”

“What the fuck is that?”

“Look at her tits?”

“What tits?”

“Where are her tits?”

“Is her ass that fat or is her diaper that big?”

Why was I doing this? Why was I seemingly a willing participant in my own humiliation? The commotion around me was growing to fever pitch. I couldn’t even count how many camera phones were pointed in my direction.

It was clear that at least thirty people were laughing at me now, not even being coy about it. It didn’t take long for the phones to come out. Photos, video, memes, vines, there was surely no end to how my humiliation would be documented. I felt like a model in a freak show and the crowded beach was my catwalk. But Sylvia just kept walking, dragging me along as I kept turning heads but for the wrong reason. Finally, I saw Sylvia waving at people. As promised her friends were there waiting for her. They cheered Sylvia as a returning hero when they saw her coming, attracting even more attention on us if that I thought was even possible. Of course casino firmalari when they saw me in her shadow they could barely contain themselves.

“I didn’t think the freak could get any worse. Somehow she’s managed it!” exclaimed one pointing at my diapered frame.

“Holy crap, no titted creep is wearing a diaper, what the hell?”

Some of the faces were familiar from last night and from class. Some of them I knew far more intimately than I wanted. Yet again there was some new faces who hadn’t had the chance to see me as yet. Sylvia attempted to explain the situation on my behalf as I stood there cowering next to her. I looked at the perfectly sculpted beach bodies I was now surrounded by, both male and female and cringed. There must have been at least thirty in their extended group aged from 18 to 21 gathered round enthralled at their alpha female’s and the amusement she provided for them. Doubtless anyone present who wasn’t a witness to any of my previous days humiliations had been duly brought up to speed by their friends.

“Hands and knees baby!”Sylvia ordered ushering me onto my hands and feet, leaving me on all fours as she detailed how once more I self-defecated in my attire in public. The audience looked on in both shock and revulsion as she described my run in with the store workers, my washing, my spanking and going into great detail about my orgasm. They were now laughing and hollering as I knelt there like a baby trying to hold back the tears as my dirty linen was once more aired in public.

After Sylvia was finished telling my tales of shame everyone present wanted to get their photo taken with the pathetic creature dressed in diapers. They lined up one by one, highly amused to get their picture with the grown up baby. They all had ideas of how they wanted me to pose with them and like a fool and under Sylvia’s direction complied to all requests. They squeezed the fat around my tummy, they slapped my thighs, they put there hands out as if cupping my breasts but obviously there was nothing there. Instead they’d pinch my nipples through the plastic stickers and I knew it was only a matter of time before this scant coverage would soon be gone. Everyone was having a great time, except for me.

And when Sylvia’s group of friends were finished getting me to pose with them I could see another line of people in line to get their photo. Everyone was in such festive mood and I couldn’t imagine how many Facebook and Instagram pages I was going to be posted in. Suddenly a hush befell the crowd as two figures in red swimsuits emerged through the crowd.

“Just what the hell is going on here?” asked an extremely athletic looking female bodyguard before her gaze was directed in my direction.

“And I thought I’d seen everything. Miss just what do you think you are playing at dressed like that on a public beach? You’re causing a disturbance of the peace.”

“I’m sorry ma’am, I didn’t mean to offend…I mean…ermm….” I tried to speak but the words wouldn’t come. In fact I had no idea how to explain myself and I didn’t know how to cover my exposed body.

She was accompanied by a quite attractive younger male lifeguard with a perfectly chiseled body.

“I suppose you think it’s some kind of joke, dressing like that?” she asked sternly.

“No ma’am,” I replied sheepishly.

“You realize you look ridiculous! Everybody on the beach is laughing at you. I’ve never seen anything like it in all my years working on the beach. Why in the world are you wearing a diaper at the beach? Are some type of pervert or is this some type of dare?”

“No…no dare, I said I’m sorry. I don’t know what to say.”

“How about the truth. Why don’t you tell all the people gathered here today why you are dressed as you are?” she said, pushing harder for the truth. She was honestly baffled at what she was looking at and seemed to be taking it as a personal affront that someone would arrive on her beach like this.

She was pushing me to reveal my tragic tale. Although Sylvia had told all her cohorts about my self defecation in the store earlier, a crowd began to gather around once more and I didn’t want to have to relive my story all over again. Despite how humiliating it was to walk across the beach dressed like this, now I was being directly confronted and I didn’t know what to say.

“I’m sorry ma’am, I had an accident, I promise I won’t cause any trouble, please can’t you just leave me in peace.”

“In peace! Look at the commotion you’re causing… What do you mean an accident? You spilled something on your bathing suit?” she responded not even contemplating the type of accident I was referring to.

“I think she might mean the kind of accident that would require someone to wear a nappy,” chimed in the handsome male bodyguard, looking at me with pity and repulsion, “I’ve a two year old cousin who has accidents all the time.”

“I don’t believe it. No adult is so careless unless she gets off on this type güvenilir casino of thing. I mean get serious, she’s having us on. I mean look at those stickers where her breasts should be. She can’t be for real…”

“It’s true, I’m sorry, I did…poop myself…” I replied, not believing I had to make such a public confession…again. I was nearly crying once more. Why couldn’t I just be left alone?

The people watching on were hardly believing their ears. There was gasps from the crowd and I could see everyone put their hands across their faces to disguise their laughter. Of course some just brazenly cackled out loud in shock at what I was saying. A grown woman pooping herself was hardly credible but then again the proof was visible in front of them. There was no other reason for me to be dressed like this.

“Oh gross, so you really pooped yourself! What a horrid creature you are. And you’re letting all these people take photos of you. What do you get out of this?” she asked me with a growing repulsion.

And then, Sylvia decided to intervene once more.

“Unfortunately the poor unfortunate soul has a very peculiar tick. It seems she gets off on humiliating herself. I’m afraid it wasn’t the first time she pooped herself in public was it?” she asked directing her question towards me. My eyes widened at Sylvia’s question feeling almost betrayed that she would prolong my interrogation.

“No, it wasn’t.” I replied, the tears now running down my face. But oddly the old feelings returning to me again. Surely my body wasn’t going to betray me again, was it?
“It happened in school as well. I can’t seem to help myself.”

“Oh, you poor little thing, you pooped yourself in your school and then came to the beach dressed like this so you wouldn’t dirty a swimming costume. I guess I can understand that. What grade are you in little girl?” she asked beginning to think I was some younger school girl. It was understandable considering the fact of my tiny breasts that she might think I was younger than I was and her growing empathy was encouraging though I knew it was only reserved for a youth not an adult

“Well…I’m not exactly a school girl,” I tried to say diplomatically but before I could collect my thoughts one of Sylvia’s friends chimed in, “SHE’S NO STUDENT, THAT DIRTY FREAK IS OUR TEACHER!”

“YOU’RE WHAT?” the lifeguard exclaimed flabbergasted that the tiny titted and diapered image in front of her belonged to a seemingly responsible adult.

“A teacher, you ought to be ashamed of yourself but then walking around with those tits you must be ashamed everyday. So is this how you get your kicks?” she continued.

I tried to deflect, I tried to avoid answering, racked in shame, cheeks reddened, my body almost seizing up in fear but also something more transgressive was happening when Sylvia decided to involve herself once more.

“She loves it, she begged me to take her here. In fact why don’t you tell the lovely lifeguard how it is you described yourself last night?”

All eyes on me now. It seemed as if the gaze of the universe was upon me. Even the very concept of my own lust for shame set me on a dangerous path.

“Oh please don’t make me say it,” I begged her as I could feel my arousal growing. I knew what she wanted me to say and more dishearteningly I knew she was right but I really didn’t want to admit to my fetish of humiliation slut in front of all these people. It would be too much. But the more I thought about it, the more my arousal grew. I could feel my nipples pressed up tight against the stickers. They were as hard as they’d ever been. The tension was unbearable. And then the unthinkable happened. My erect nipples pierced right through the plastic of the stickers. First the left one and then almost immediately the right. Suddenly my nipples were poking through the stickers, visible to everyone.

Again the chorus of slut shaming and cackles rang throughout the beach. People were unable to process what they were seeing. Then came the laughter as everyone seemed to take fun in mocking me mercilessly, my empty excuse for breasts were brought more clearly to the attention of everybody.

“How pathetic!”

“Where the hell are her tits?”

“Those little nips sure pack a punch!”

The comments and the photos kept happening. And then Sylvia piped in again.

“Tell the folks what you are!” she ordered.

But I couldn’t say it. Despite the obvious evidence I couldn’t admit that this was turning me on. The female lifeguard stepped closer to me, a look of disgust in her eyes. She reached in with both hands and squeezed around my nipples until the rest of the stickers had become loose and then she simply pulled them off my skin. I yelped in pain as the glue on the stickers had become attached to my skin and ripped at the skin around my nipples. When I went to cover myself she batted my hands down.

“Don’t even pretend you’re shy now. Everyone can see what a skank you are,” she said as she twisted my erect nipples, pinching the skin around them.

I was so humiliated and yet with everybody watching for some reason I couldn’t deny that my I was highly aroused. The tight pressure she was exerting on me was filling me with pain and pleasure.

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