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You are on an island in the South Pacific. The owner of the small inn at which you’re staying tells you about an isolated waterfall on the interior of the island. It is about 5 miles walk from the inn. He provides you a detailed map and a compass. You leave early the next morning hoping to return that evening, but may spend the night in the forest if the mood is right, so you carry enough supplies for that.

The weather is warm but not unbearable. The trek is difficult as it takes you to one of the highest points on the island. But it’s worth it when you reach the apex of the trail. The view of the ocean…the waves breaking on the shore…other islands far in the distance. Incredible. You rest and eat at this magnificent spot. The remainder of the trip is slightly down hill so it should be relatively easy.

You reach the waterfall mid-afternoon. At the bottom of the falls is a large pool. You remove your hiking boots and socks; sit at the edge of the pool soaking your tired feet. What a place. Startled from your reverie, you hear footsteps and laughter in the direction opposite from which you have come. In a moment a group of young native boys arrive at the pool. They are equally startled by your presence, but only momentarily.

After their initial reaction they smile and jump or dive in the pool. Even more disconcerting to you is that they are completely naked. Although all appear to be post puberty they are hairless except for that on their heads. They play a game that seems like tag. Chasing each other out of the pool to the top of the falls (about 15 feet) and diving in the pool. Occasionally catching one another and wrestling to the ground.

Beginning to feel over dressed, you unbutton your blouse and remove your bra. Standing beside the pool you unzip and with one movement slide off the shorts and your panties. Gliding into the pool the water is cool on your flesh. You feel immediately refreshed. Diving underwater you are amazed at how clear the water is, and you note, not for the first time that the boys have rather large penises. Surfacing you leave the pool ucuz escort and sit soaking up the sun. Your nipples are erect and you notice for the first time arousal between your thighs. The boys continue to play, taking no particular notice of you. Once in awhile one will wave to you and smile, shouting something in the native tongue. They don’t seem to care whether you are nude or otherwise. A strangely erotic scene.

Not wanting to be openly sexual, you slide back into the pool. Under the water you slide your fingers between your thighs to play with your pussy. With the other hand you touch your nipples. You submerge for a few seconds with your eyes open to watch the boy’s cocks as they swim. You imagine how large they must be when fully erect.

When you surface there is a man, clearly with the boys, perhaps related, standing by the pool. He calls to the boys and they scramble from the pool. He looks in your direction and smiles. His body is that of a highly trained strength athlete. He wears a small bathing suit like those worn by competitive swimmers. His penis stretches the suit to its limit. You can see the veins of his cock. The boys have run back up the path from which they came. The man remains. Looking at you. You have remained in water to your shoulders, but now you stand. The water reaches only mid thigh. He appraises you. Involuntarily your hand goes toward your pussy.

“I will return just after dark will you be here?”

“Yes” you say. Before he strides away, he hands you a small container of liquid.

“This will refresh you.”

You smell then taste the liquid. Indeed it is refreshing; you drain the bottle. Any anxiety about your situation leaves your mind. A strong sexual energy and desire are building in you. You have an almost uncontrollable urge to masturbate. Sitting on the edge of the pool, you spread your legs wide, your fingers tantalizing your clit. But not wanting to dissipate the energy before the man’s return you resist bringing yourself to orgasm. You lie back and while continuing to touch yourself you ümraniye escort fall asleep.

Awakened by the sound of footsteps on the trail you rise. It’s him and with him is another man, large too, but round and not muscular.

“This man is my eunuch, Adar, he must prepare you for my touch. My people consider body hair to be unclean, so he must shave you before I make love to you” without waiting for your answer he leaves you alone with the eunuch, who motions for you to lie on a bed of leaves on a stone platform by the pool.

You lie on your back looking at the incredible night sky. The stars are mesmerizing. Adar inspects your body in the moonlight. He prepares you for shaving, by applying oil to your upper thighs; he lifts each leg to oil the back. Adar retrieves another bottle from his bag of utensils. After pouring the liquid on his hands, he holds his palm and fingers against your pussy, and then moves them in a circular motion slowly massaging the fragrant oil into your pubic area. You find yourself moving your hips to his rhythm, wanting more direct stimulation. Hoping he will slide inside your labia.

But he doesn’t, it’s apparently not part of his job. He finishes the oiling process and retrieves a blade that resembles a straight razor from his bag. You raise up on your elbows to watch him work. The hair on your pussy shines in the bright moonlight. As he begins, the strands fall away as if he brushes them away, there is no discomfort. You spread your legs wider so he can reach the inner thighs, then roll over on your stomach to give access to the backs of you legs. When the shaving is finished, he asks you to stand, and indicates you should enter the pool to rinse. You run your fingers over your smooth, naked pussy. You like the feel of it shaved, you slide into the pool, and submerge…return to the surface and glide to the other side.

The moon reflects off the waterfall, making the drops of water resemble fire. Adar has disappeared into the forest. You anticipate the return of the stranger, to whom you will make üniversiteli öğrenci escort love as to no other man before. Leaving the pool, you stand waiting. In the night air, your body dries, giving rise to goose bumps… your nipples stand at attention waiting for his inspection and touch.

You don’t wait long. He stands before you naked. His massive penis revealed…you ask if there are any more rules you need to know…he shakes his head, and says you are free to seek pleasure in any manner the two of you deem desirable. He bends down to kiss you on the lips, softly, sweetly, his hands on your shoulders. Beyond sweet kisses you need his cock, your clit is swollen with basic, hot, overwhelming lust. You need him to feel the same raging heat, so you grasp his penis, tickling the head with your fingertips. It grows even larger, the veins stand out, you never dreamed you’d feel such a huge, hard thing with the knowledge it would soon be buried deep inside you.

You kneel and use your tongue on the head of the beast sucking, ummm…moaning kissing it, worshipping its beauty…you fall back on the soft grass your hands at your pussy begging him to touch you..spreading your lips…your clit throbbing…he lowers himself to you…his tongue is between your labia…it enters you like a serpent then slides in and out then up…up until it finds your clit…finally…gently stroking at first…then sucking …you are losing control…your buttocks are tight your hips are off the ground wanting him to do it harder whatever it takes to make you cum…now for godsake now…do it harder…oh…oh…oh…oh my god his cock is in you…he slowly slides into you and out…he’s in no hurry… all the way to the hilt…you expected it to hurt, but you are so wet and aroused it slides in like your vagina was made for his cock…harder and faster he fucks you…you finger your clit to intensify your coming orgasm.

He stands…you still impaled on his cock with your legs wrapped round his waist he falls back into the water…still humping each other now submerged…now on the surface…his mouth is on yours…the kisses are no longer gentle but violent and hungry…when orgasm comes you are as if frozen in space…your eyes are on the heavens above…barely able to breath…he continues to pound his penis in and out until he too reaches violent spasms of release…you feel his hot cum inside you…you are satisfied……at least for the moment…Dixie is insatiable.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32