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I open my eyes to see you lying in the bed next to me, and memories of our fantastic sex last night flood my mind, making me smile. I close my eyes again, remembering the feel of you pressing me down into the mattress with your body, your hard cock driving in and out of my wet pussy, your breath hard in my ear. My body warms as I remember wrapping my arms and legs around you, squeezing you tightly as my orgasm tears through me.

I smile and look at you again. In the dim light I can see you’re still asleep. Under the sheet that lies over our naked bodies I can see the outline of your arms and legs and…hold on. Is that…yes! I can see your dick tenting the sheet slightly. Apparently you’re hard as a rock! I wonder if you’re dreaming about last night, and that gives me an idea. I’ll bet I can have some fun here…if I’m quiet.

With another glance at your face to be sure you’re still sleeping, I slowly move one hand under the sheet and lightly take hold of your thick erection. You shift slightly, but your eyes remain closed. Not daring to breathe, I slide my fingertips along your length. Again, nothing to indicate you’re awake or aware of what I’m doing. Excellent. Moving very slowly, I take you in my hand and stroke up and down your length, watching for any sign you’re waking up. Still nothing.

With a smile, I slide down beneath the sheet, moving until your cock is at eye level. I feel a rush of excitement at what I’m going to try. I carefully grip the base of your cock and lift it slightly, then slowly lower my mouth to kiss the head gently. You shift slightly again and I freeze; but when you don’t move any more I continue.

I lick slowly around the head of your cock while my hand gently squeezes your shaft. After a few seconds I take your cock into my mouth. I slowly, gently, slide bağdat caddesi escort my lips up and down your shaft, stroking the underside of your cock with my tongue. Your delicious hardness fills my mouth, making my pussy warm. With my head under the sheet like this I can’t tell if your eyes are open; but I think you must still be asleep, otherwise you would have reacted to this. Don’t wake up, I will you with my thoughts.

I continue to suck your cock, stroking you gently with my hand. After a few minutes I do feel you move: your hips gently push your cock forward. I freeze, my mouth still full of you, waiting for you to say something; but you continue to breathe softly, regularly. I decide it’s just your body responding unconsciously to what I’m doing. I continue with my clandestine blow job.

I can smell and taste my pussy on you, which I find incredibly erotic. Can I make you cum, I wonder? The thought of making you cum in my mouth while you’re asleep sends a lightning bolt into my pussy, and my free hand slides down to rub soft circles around my clit. I have to choke back a moan when I touch myself—I definitely don’t want you waking up yet!

While one hand teases my clit and occasionally slides a finger into my pussy, my other hand moves from your shaft to fondle your balls. Meanwhile my mouth keeps sliding up and down your cock. With my eyes closed, I think back to last night. We’d gone to see a movie, and at one point while we were sitting there you decided to be a bit naughty. In the middle of the packed theater, with everyone’s attention on the screen, you casually spread your jacket over my lap. Using it for cover, you unbuttoned my jeans and slid the zipper down, then slid your hand into my panties.

I inched forward in my seat and spread bahçelievler escort my legs as wide as I dared to give you better access. You stroked your fingers along my landing strip a few times as a prelude, making me wet with anticipation. When you finally grazed my clit for the first time, I gripped the armrests of my seat, closed my eyes, and inhaled sharply. My nipples tightened to rock-hard points, and I wanted to reach up and grab them through my shirt, twisting them and imagining your mouth sucking on them; but that would have been a dead giveaway. Instead I had to endure the agony of denied stimulation.

You teased me for what felt like forever, stroking my clit, running your fingers up and down along my lips, and sliding and twisting them into my pussy. My breathing got faster and I tried hard not to react too visibly, not wanting the people sitting around us to know what was going on. You expertly stroked and teased my pussy, bringing me closer and closer to the edge and then backing away entirely and waiting until my body would come down from the high.

You slowly built me to a mind-bending orgasm. It was exciting and frustrating at the same time, and it took all I had to keep myself from grabbing your wrist and holding your hand in place so I could grind against it and get myself off. When you finally let me cum, my entire body stiffened and I threw my head back and squeezed my eyes shut, practically biting through my lip to keep from crying out in passion as one of the strongest orgasms of my life ripped through me. After I finished, you gently withdrew your hand from my panties and slowly licked my cum off your fingers.

After the movie, I couldn’t wait to get you back here for some incredible, sheet-scorching sex. We fucked for hours, moving bahçeşehir escort from missionary to cowgirl to doggy. At one point you pinned my arms above my head while you drove your cock into me. Later, while I was on top, I slowly twisted around on your dick like a top. Then, when you were behind me, you reached forward and squeezed my tits while I reached back to stroke your abs with one hand. You even picked me up and held me up against the wall while you pounded into me. At some point I lost count of the number of orgasms you’d brought me to, and I may even have passed out briefly.

Rubbing my clit and remembering our night of seemingly endless passion while I suck your cock again this morning, I soon bring myself to another orgasm. I whimper quietly around your erection as I cum.

You shift and moan slightly as I continue sucking and stroking your cock. I’m almost certain you’re awake now, even though you haven’t said anything to me. But I can also taste your precum, so I know I’m close to getting you off. I start to stroke you faster. I want you to cum in my mouth.

Your body shifts under me and I feel you put a hand on my head. Yep, you’re definitely awake. Oh, well. Actually, it’s easier: now that I know you’re awake I don’t have to be subtle and quiet any more. I moan enthusiastically around your cock and bob my head up and down as furiously as I can under the sheet. My hand slides up and down your shaft in time with my lips, spreading my saliva all over your cock.

I can hear your breaths getting shorter. Your hand tightens to a fist in my hair as your cock swells in my mouth. I suck as hard as I can. You cum with a low growl. As your cock throbs and pulses, my mouth fills with your seed. I reach down to squeeze your balls, milking you of every drop of cum. I swallow around your cock, enjoying the taste and feel of your cum sliding down my throat. I take your cock out of my mouth and lick it clean. You shudder and twitch as my tongue teases your head. You throw the sheet back to look down at me. I smile up at you and give your cock a quick kiss. “Good morning,” I say playfully. “How’d you sleep?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32