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Emma had been wanting to have sex for some time now. She’d played with sex toys and simulated the experience but after a while that just wasn’t enough. She’d tried to pursue her boyfriend but he wasn’t interested in getting that serious. Dan had plans for college in the fall and he didn’t want a girlfriend complicating those plans. He was also starting to wonder if he was gay.

That left the girl frustrated in a way she totally understood: she needed to get laid.

One day she was walking home from work and her older next-door neighbor Stephen was leering at her again. He wasn’t a bad person but since his wife had died he’d had a hard time hiding his lust for Emma.

Emma cringed at the man’s gaze and made a polite smile and gave him a courtesy wave when he gestured at her. The older man coughed as if to speak to her, “Emma, you know you’re always welcome to stop by for coffee! I’m here all day tomorrow if you’re interested!”

She stopped and looked at him for a moment. She considered him in a new way and assessed him as not looking too bad for a guy in his forties.

“Maybe I will.” she replied and then walked away.

That evening she fantasized about the older man and what he might do. In some ways he seemed gross but she also appreciated that he was a sure thing. She’d finally get to feel what it was like to be with another person and she’d satisfy that need she’d been feeling for so long.

She woke up early the next morning with some sizable misgivings and apprehensions about what she was planning to do. Her parents left for work around seven and she did some tidying up around the house before checking her phone and replying to some messages. Around eight she took a shower, shaved her legs, washed her hair, and put on a spritz of perfume.

While she was about to get dressed she thought about her choice in clothes and decided on something simple. Panties, a button down dress, and flip flops. She was only going next door and knowing what she had in mind she didn’t see the point in dressing up.

For his part Stephen had stayed up late cleaning the house. He’d let a few things go since Marianne passed away and he wanted to make a good impression on the eighteen year old Emma just in case she actually showed up. In the morning he was up at five to wash the sheets and make the bed. He then followed up with his own morning ministrations of showering, shaving, and putting on some aftershave. His choice of wardrobe was a t-shirt and a nice pair of exercise shorts. It was warm enough he didn’t bother with slippers.

As an afterthought he made scones with the hope that the smell of something fresh baked would put the younger woman at ease.

He was looking at the clock at precisely illegal bahis 8:36 when he heard the light tapping on his back door. She’d obviously slipped through the back gate so no one would see her visiting him. Her effort to hide her actions told him what he needed to know and he grinned.

He opened the door and welcomed Emma in. The girl responded with typical pleasantries and sat down in the kitchen.

“Coffee?” he asked.

“Yes, please. With cream would be nice.”

He nodded and poured the requested cup. Pouring himself a cup he brought both cups to the table and sat one down in front of Emma. Then he sat down.

It was obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra and Emma always wore a bra. Her tits weren’t big by any measure, but they were pleasantly full and they hung on her chest with the vigor of youth. He liked the message she was sending to him.

They sat and chatted for a while and eventually sipped a second cup of coffee.

Stephen figured it was time to be bold. He stood up and gestured towards the hallway, “Would you like to move our conversation to the bedroom?”

It was the moment of truth and Emma purposefully delayed a moment by sipping her coffee. She sat the cup down on the table and considered it for a moment.

Standing up she quietly nodded and followed Stephen to the bedroom.

The bedroom was typical of the 1990’s and Emma saw the traces of Stephen’s dead wife everywhere. The room was decorated in classics from JC Penney’s and it was overdue for a refresh. She felt a little guilty that she was planning on fucking another woman’s husband while silently criticizing the woman’s taste in home furnishings.

Stephen closed the door and Emma suddenly felt trapped.

“Let’s take a look at you, shall we?” he said as he stepped close to her. She flinched when he reached for the buttons on her dress but then did her best to stand still. He started at the top of the dress and worked his way down to her waist.

The dress fell open just enough to reveal her cleavage and her belly button.

“Emma?” he said to her. She looked up at him and he gently held her chin before kissing her on the lips. He took his time kissing her and she felt her body flush. Her eyes closed as he broke their kiss and she didn’t react as he pushed the dress from her shoulders. The dress made a puddle of fabric around her feet and she stepped out of it leaving her flip flops behind.

Stephen knelt down before her and he pulled down her panties as he did.

“You’re beautiful!” he whispered to her.

She moved away from him to sit on the edge of the bed. Looking down at her feet she realized that she was about to lose her virginity in this very bed. A pang of regret illegal bahis siteleri started to build in her.

Behind her Stephen had stripped off his shirt and shorts and now he asked Emma to stand up for a moment. She complied and he pulled back the old pink bedspread to reveal crisply ironed sheets.

She suddenly wanted to run.

Stephen sighed as his hands went to the girl again. He pulled her naked body close to his and kissed her. He knew she was having doubts and he made the decision to slow down and get her into it.

Emma surprised herself when her hands went to his shoulders as he kissed her. And then she liked it when one of his hands moved from her waist to feel her tits. A sparkle of electricity ran though her as he fingered her nipples.

She flinched again when one of his hands moved down to feel her pussy. He gently rubbed her and she tried to close her thighs together when a finger slipped between her pussy lips. Emma knew she was getting aroused and she tried to fight it back. Her breathing was getting ragged and she was embarrassed when she heard the noises she was making.

He pushed her back to the bed and guided her to lay down on her back. He stood there for a moment admiring her and he also admired a universe that would gift him such a lovely young mate.

Emma pulled her hands to her chest as Stephen got onto the bed. His cock brushed against her leg and she looked down at it. It was the first mature cock she’d ever seen and it was longer and thicker than that of the boys she’d seen on occasion.

She drew a breath as she thought about the angry purple head of Stephen’s cock buried inside of her pussy.

Stephen kissed her again and slowly moved himself on top of her.

When she felt him get one of his legs between her own she realized that things were moving pretty fast now. She remembered something as both of his legs were now between her own.

“Are you going to use a condom?” she asked.

Stephen smiled as he lied to her, “Maybe after a while but not yet.”

He knew the lie would buy him time but he also knew that he needed to get on with it before Emma came out of the fog of arousal to see his bullshit for what it was.

Emma felt him pull her legs up on either side of him as he suckled at one of her tits. His cock kept bumping into her pussy and she was aware of the danger. When the head of his cock nested into the mouth of her very wet and very excited pussy a moment of clarity came over her.

“Stephen, we really need that condom, okay?”

In response he bit her nipple just hard enough to make her cry out and jump. When she jumped he slipped a good four inches of his length into her body and the girl’s eyes went canlı bahis siteleri wide.

Emma was in shock from the sudden intrusion. She’d had a concern and suddenly she forgot about it as all she could think about was the cock that was inside of her body.

She was just about to say something else when she felt him make some quick movements back and forth before his pubic bone crushed up against her own.

“Oh, my God!” she said as the older man started to fuck her. His cock plowed in and out and she was amazed that her body had taken it all in.

Stephen had wanted to savor the moment as he got his cock wet for the first time since his wife had died. He loved feeling Emma’s bare breasts rubbing on his chest. He loved feeling her soft things splayed out to make way for him. He loved hearing her moans and cries as he plumbed her depths.

But he knew this would be the only time he’d fuck Emma if he didn’t do something else first. He picked up his pace and started pounding himself at her groin.

She knew enough that she understood there was definitely not going to be any condom between her womb and his cum. A part of her wanted to stop him and fight him off. But Emma succumbed to the part that had led her to this moment in the first place.

With a cry of frustration and relief she spread her legs and wrapped her hands around his waist to pull him tight.

Emma saw Stephen’s face and gone was the flirtatious but friendly man she knew. In his place was someone with a set look on his face. Sweat beaded on his forehead. She became aware of the heat from his body on her own.

He slammed himself into her body and groaned.

She felt his cock move and throb inside of her. He rammed it into her again and she felt him throb some more. This went on for a little while until he rolled off of her. She heard his cock slap wetly on her legs as he pulled out of her body.

Stephen rolled onto his back to catch his breath and recover.

Emma just lay there with her legs lewdly spread out. Her pussy contracted and she felt a gush of fluid run down her ass crack. She knew what it was and what it meant. She knew it was serious but she was also feeling a kind of satisfaction she’d never felt before. She’d finally felt the attention of a man and she felt like a woman.

They eventually made some small talk and she didn’t mind when Stephen tenderly moved next to her and ran his hands over her body.

He led her to hold his cock and to stroke it. She mindlessly did as she was asked and enjoyed the result as what was once soft became hard.

Now Stephen moved onto her body again and made love to her.

At the end of the afternoon they had made love one more time. Emma went home that night with a feeling of contentment.

The next morning after her parents left she was back over to see Stephen. In just a few minutes she was getting fucked again and didn’t care that he might make her pregnant.

Which he did.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32