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After her adventures, her journey of discovery, her descent to depravity – Erica wasn’t sure what to call it but she was certain it wasn’t a descent into depravity – they had had a mixed effect on her. On the one level – having been sexually tortured to bliss by the two men – by Eric and Tony, and after the gangbang by the group which had included her Father-in-Law she had certainly shocked herself by her willingness to submit and behave as a complete slut. Yet on the other hand there was a strange sense of confidence – she knew men really desired her, a sense of fulfillment – she had experienced a sexual liberation and satisfaction she never dreamt was possible, and also a greater awareness of “sexual dynamics” – awareness of what people might be thinking or feeling.. And her relationship with the two men – and also with her Father-in-law was equally strange. Since the gangbang she had allowed her Father-in-Law to seduce her again on his own, and had had further sessions with Eric and Tony, all of which had been as good as what she had experienced. Sexually she could submit to them – she chose to submit to them. She wanted to submit to them. But outside of the sexual framework, she found herself developing a deep relationship, a deep friendship, with them, and she felt she did not need to see them as her master’s – which they were in sex – or her servants – which they were in her social world. She had discovered the capacity to be equals and friends with them. In the friendship, she went to them for help…

Through all that had happened, the one person who had seemed oblivious to the changes was Steve, her husband. She loved him. He was a wonderful husband. She never wanted to lose him. But he would never give her the fulfillment these other men were giving her. She had worked it out – Steve was aware of it – at least subconsciously. To compensate he had worked hard, achieved well, given her a lifestyle she couldn’t even have dreamt of when she was a child. Wealth. Status. Possessions. Steve had given her all of that – yet on that one level Erica knew that they could never give each other the fulfillment each needed – sexual fulfillment.

At the same time, there were echoes from their past together which now, as she became more aware of “sexual dynamics” as she called it, began to fall into place.

She remembered three months after they had been married coming home early and finding Steve trying on her clothes. She had told him to stop being so stupid, but the memory had slipped her mind. She remembered him mentioning a childhood friend that he had camped with, saying they did things “their parents wouldn’t have liked.” She remembered him talking once about his mother catching him masturbating and spanking him – describing it with a glint in his eye. She remembered once being on holiday with him and noticing him staring at another male swimmer who had very tight trunks, dismissing it as day-dreaming…All these memories came flooding back to her as she thought about Steve, the husband she adored. She was determined to find out more, and perhaps with her new “friends”, do more.

On the Saturday morning when neither illegal bahis she nor Steve were rushing out, Erica made her move. She simply seduced him. She teased him and tantalised him before she sat astride him, letting his cock slide into her pussy. Over the previous couple of months she had experienced much more impressive cocks, but it was Steve, and it felt nice to have him in her. It was clear Steve was enjoying have her sit on him. And didn’t seem to mind when she took his wrists and held them tight as she kissed him. As she lifted her body from the kiss, she “forgot” to release his wrists.

Erica lifted her body once or twice, allowing his cock to slide in her, then stopped again. She smiled – “How about a new game honey – questions and answers?” She smiled at him wickedly.

Steve was distracted… “What?” he managed to stammer out.

Erica smiled again. “It’s simple honey,” she whispered. “I ask you some questions and you have to give me the answers!” Erica took Steve’s “animal” grunt as agreement. “If you answer honestly…” Erica continued “…then I will reward you with sliding on your cock. Simple as that…”

Steve was suddenly alert. This was a bit different – but sounded like fun. And he was too turned on to process what might be happening in his mind. Just confused – there was so much that had been different – about his wife – over the last couple of months, differences he couldn’t put together.

“So, are you ready?” asked Erica.

“Mmmmmm, yes, I think so,” Steve responded hesitantly…

“Do you like me being on top of you like this?” Erica asked.

“Oh…yes…why?” Steve stammered out.

Erica snapped back at him. “I ask the questions, you answer.” Erica was surprised – she felt Steve twitch inside her as she snapped at him – he liked it…

Erica asked two or three more simple questions: “Do you like your cock in my pussy?” “Do you like to taste my pussy?” Again, the answers were obvious. Then Erica pushed it a bit further: “Do you like me holding you down on the bed?”

Again she was surprised at the response as he twitched inside her, coyly admitting he did.

Erica pushed further. “Would you like to be tied to the bed while we fucked?” Their relationship had never visited this sort of ground before. It was clear Steve did like the idea, his cock twitching hard in her as he quietly replied in the affirmative.

“Would you like me to spank you?” Again Erica felt as well as heard the positive response to her question.

Erica paused for a moment and kissed Steve hard and long, but still not releasing his wrists. She was aware that if he had wanted to he could easily break away, but it was obvious – he didn’t want to. She was also less certain now – she had asked him questions about them – husband and wife – but could she ask more? But she had to – there was no point coming this far, and not going all the way, especially if they were going to carry out the plan She had organised with Eric and Tony…

The question was – where to start next – all those events with other people, those allusions Steve had made about other experiences illegal bahis siteleri that had come back to her – which one to pick up first…

“When your mother spanked you for masturbating, was it arousing?” Steve was stunned at the question, but clearly aroused.

After a few moments he replied “It was the hottest thing I ever felt before you.”

Erica was surprised both at Steve’s willingness to answer, and his openness. It was time to get in a swing with her questions, to become relentless. If he would admit this so willingly, how much more could she get from him. “Did you jerk-off afterwards?”

“No,” replied Steve. He paused. “No – I came while she was spanking me, on her skirt.”

“Did she like that?”

“She was funny – she just sent me to my room – I heard some humming noises from her bedroom later…”

Erica paused – surprised that Steve had been so candid. His mother using a vibrator…

She also rode him once or twice – she was turned on by these revelations, as well as Steve. Then she continued. “When you went on that camping trip with Tim, what did you do that your mother wouldn’t have liked?”

Steve paused, reluctant to talk about it.

“Tell me,” ordered Erica.

“Okay.” Steve hesitated before slowly telling more. “He made me undress. Demanded to see my cock. He made me suck him. Made me jerk-off so he could watch.”

Steve’s body bucked as he spoke, clearly turned on by the memories.

“You mean, you sucked his cock? Did you make him come? Swallow?” Erica now wanted to know.

Steve whispered: “yes.”

“Yes? Yes, what?” demanded Erica.

Steve was still speaking quietly. “Yes, I sucked his cock. Yes, I made him come. Yes, I swallowed. He made me do it 6 or 7 times. And he put his finger in my bum.”

Erica was surprised Steve had volunteered more information than she had asked for. “Why didn’t you say no when he told you to?” Erica continued.

Steve paused for a long time before replying hesitantly. “I didn’t want to say no.”

Erica continued. “Did you like his finger in your bum? Did you do more?”

Steve’s body leapt up into her. He whispered his reply: “Loved it. I wanted him to fuck me but he wouldn’t.”

“Did you ask him to?”

Steve now wanted to answer, tell all. “Yes, but he said he didn’t want to. He was more frightened of doing it than I was.”

Erica was relentlessly probing – she was finding this so exciting – plumbing depths in her husband she didn’t know existed before now. “You mean you wanted to obey him? You mean you wanted to suck his cock? You wanted him to fuck you.”

“Yes”. Steve paused before completing his sentence in a whisper. “Both. All three…” The revelation caused Steve’s body to react and he thrust hard up into Erica, moaning as he did. Erica allowed him to for a moment, before stopping him.

“And that day at the swimming pool. When you were staring, you weren’t day dreaming?”

Steve’s eyes jerked open in surprise, before replying. “No.”

Erica decided to pursue it. “You were thinking about his cock?”

Steve suddenly became terse canlı bahis siteleri in his replies. “Yes.”

Erica tried again. “You were dreaming of sucking him as well?”

Steve was still terse. “Yes.” Erica was surprised as Steve turned his eyes away from hers.

There was something here – more than… Well, she couldn’t put her finger on what was happening here. Erica summoned up her fiercest most demanding voice. “There is more to this story. Tell me.”

Steve paused, before the words started to fall out of his mouth. “Well, he noticed me looking. Thought he hadn’t. Met him in the corridor later – he was still in his trunks. He just said – ‘you little slut, come in here.’ He took me by my arm, pulled me into his room, then put his hand in my hair, pulled my head to his crotch. He pushed his trunks down. I was inches from his cock. He pulled my head to his cock and I sucked it. He came, and held me there so I had to swallow. Then he just kicked me out again into the corridor.”

Erica was stunned. And excited. And horrified.

“And you let him. It must have been horrible. And then just tossed aside…”

Steve went bright red. He whispered: “It was fantastic. I walked up and down that corridor several times a day hoping he would do it again, but he must have left soon afterwards.”

Both Steve and Erica heard the words and their minds were shamed, but their bodies were responding, his cock sliding faster and faster in and out uncontrollably fucking his wife on top of him. Erica knew she had one last question to ask.

“So will you submit to anything I make you do with anyone?”

Steve’s reply was instantaneous. “Yessssssssssssssssssssss.” As he cried out, he felt his balls clench, he was pumping deep into his wife with a depth of orgasm he had never felt before, pumping seemingly endless into her warm and wet and welcoming pussy. He even felt her muscles clenching on his cock, milking him dry.

At last his orgasm subsided, but Erica didn’t give him chance to come around, she so needed to cum herself. She commanded him – “Lick my clit”. She moved quickly, thrust her pussy to his mouth, his cum seeping out of her, demanding he make her cum. At first Steve hesitated, but then let his tongue begin to massage her clit, tasting the mixture of his cum and her juices. He liked it.

Steve allowed his tongue to caress, flick, tickle – feeling her body squirming as he did. He had never known her like this before. Within seconds Erica cried out, her orgasm sweeping through her, his own cum being forced out of his wife’s pussy into his mouth. He swallowed greedily.

At last they had both calmed down, exhausted.

They both had different feelings as they lay in each others arms. Steve was ashamed of all he admitted, all that Erica had forced him to tell her. His admissions that he wanted to be sub and he was bi as well.

Erica smiled inside – she had, after many years, found out her husbands true nature. She could find ways of pleasing him. And as she pleased him she would find more pleasure for herself.

At last they showered and dressed, Erica prepared to go shopping. As she went out she surprised Steve – if he could be surprised again. “Tomorrow afternoon I’ve got some friends coming around. Make sure you are here…” Erica knew the help she had sought from her new “friends” was about to be fulfilled…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32