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Allie Haze

The chilly air rolled off of Lake Michigan into my quiet Chicago suburb and threatened us with yet another blizzard. I could see my breath materialize before me into faint wisps of steam, yet my body was still on fire. Our track coach told us that all distance runners were required to compete in a half-marathon later that month. I had just finished a seven mile a run, and couldn’t wait to take off these sweats, despite the freezing temperatures. I told myself I hated running, and would never do it in college next year, but I actually loved the mental fight. And since I received a scholarship to run at a university in downtown Chicago, I would take advantage of it. I had wanted to move out since last September when I turned 18. I dreamed of going to Boston, far away from home, but at least my parents hate downtown Chicago, so I wouldn’t have to see them everyday.

My high school’s athletic hallway is typically packed for most of the evening, yet it was empty today; basketball season had just finished, and spring sports hadn’t started yet. I walked into the locker room and was greeted by a similar emptiness. The only sound was of one shower running in the back.

I took off my sweats, and my jockstrap and t shirt were predictably soaked with sweat. I pulled them off and sat on a bench to wrestle my wet socks off my feet. I was confident that nobody would walk in anytime soon, so I went about my business in the buff. And what if they did? I wouldn’t have cared anyway. I worked out twice a day these last two years, and was in the best shape of my life. I walked in front of a sink and looked at the sweat glistening on my washboard abdomen. “This body deserves to be shown off!” I thought sarcastically. I grabbed a towel and headed to the showers. I noticed a pile of clothes sitting at the other end of the bench, along with a familiar pair of neon green Adidas gym shoes. I smiled faintly: Parker.

The showers were divided into twenty separate stalls with curtains, and only one at the very back was running. I slowly walked towards it and crouched down. Based on the skin tone, I could tell that those feet probably belonged to Parker. Just to be sure, I asked.


“Yeah? Who’s that?” replied Parker’s voice.

I didn’t respond but instead dropped my towel, and charged through the curtain. When Parker saw this, he jumped back in the corner of the shower stall shouting obscenities… until he realized it was me. He then grabbed me by the hips and gave a dirty smile. I grabbed his firm ass and pulled myself up against his body. I was 6’4″, and he was only about 5’7″, so my hard cock rest between our abdomens, and his still soft cock slide beneath my balls.

I gave his lips a quick peck and pulled away. He leaned forward towards my face and kissed me passionately. As he pulled away, I bit his lower lip, pulled him back in and met his tongue with mine. He forced his tongue in to my mouth, and mine in his. It was a fight. Aggression turned me on, and made him go crazy.

This whole time, I could feel his cock getting hard beneath my balls. Our embrace remained close, and his dick pushed my balls up towards my body, and curved up around my ass. I had never noticed that there was a curve to his cock, but I sure felt it now. It was thicker than I remembered, too. I would guess he was about 8″ long, and proportional in width. He was half black, and it showed both in his light, caramel color, and thick, veiny cock.

I pushed my hips on his and forced him against the cool, tiled wall of the shower stall. I could tell the tile was cold. He shuddered and his back arched off the wall, pushing his hips back against mine. I savored the felling of his thick penis rubbing between my balls and against the start of my anus. He pushed me back against the wall of the shower. I hit my head against the shower head, and it hurt quite badly. We let go for a second. He could tell I was pissed and his face looked apologetic. Not apologizing for hurting me, but for potentially ruining the moment.

I stared him down for a split second: he was shorter than me, yet bulkier and more muscular. His abs, casino oyna legs and ass weren’t quite as tone as mine, yet he was definitely stronger than me. I was lanky and tall, yet well toned with lean muscle. He was stockier and stronger. I found him incredibly sexy.

“I’m sorry,” he quickly said.

“I’m not,” I replied.

My expression of anger was subtly morphed into one of aggressive, devious lust. Parker saw this, and his frown changed similarly. I grabbed his back and he grabbed my ass. I forced myself on him with a kiss more intense, fiery, and forceful than anything I had every experienced with another person. So much energy, drive and passion were flowing between us that I truly believed we were forced together by some unspoken, physical law of intimate gravity. It was like an electric field. We tried to fight, to pull ourselves away from each other, but that only made the force stronger. Parker let out an exhausted moan. I never noticed until now how much I loved his voice. Hearing that imperfect, vulnerable sound of love and lust drove me absolutely mad for him.

I couldn’t stand it any longer. The foreplay changed from a tantalizing, forbidden dance to a prison of anticipation. I took one last look into his light brown eyes. I could never have spoken a word to Parker in my life, and still know every single secret, memory, desire and fear he has ever known, just from this one glance. I kissed the side of his muscular neck and spun him around. He hesitated. I knew he wanted to fuck me this time. But he didn’t object. Was it because he was beginning to love me, or did he simply not care enough?

I began running my 7″ cock up and down the crack on his ass. I let the hot water from the shower serve as our lubricant. Just in case, I leaned down, put a finger in ass and spit on it. I stood up and placed the tip of my throbbing head on his tight asshole. I heard him take in a deep breath, and I pushed in. My cock has never been this thick or veiny. It was so hard, that I probably could’ve smashed a diamond with it.

Parker let out a restrained shout that fell into a moan. I could tell by the quiver in his voice that he was trying to stay silent, but he couldn’t help it. I let out a groan of intense pleasure and pulled my dick back out. I put it back in and began to thrust slowly and passionately. Parker’s back arched and he pushed against the wall. I started to pump my hips vigorously and my balls slapped up against hips as our hips grinded together. He leaned his head back towards me. I had to slow, because he was bending my dick. I grabbed the side of his head and kissed him.

It was a short kiss that lasted for hours in my mind. Everything was so primal. So natural. So perfect. He put his face up against the wall and held on. I pumped my cock into his ass with a vengeance. Parker moaned a cry of part pain, part pleasure, part shear emotions. I thought I was hurting him, but then he whispered “yes!” so decisively that I continued at full force.

I could feel every ribbed inch of his anus on the head of my cock. I was overcome by the pleasure. I looked up at the fluorescent light and saw the face of God. Then I saw nothing. I moaned a noise I had never made before, and Parker did the same. I came into him with such force that I was sure he could feel the power of it through his whole body. I couldn’t move after that. I simply pulled out and leaned forward, resting my head on his shoulders as we listened to each other pant.

After a minute Parker said “your turn.”

I kissed him once softly and began to work my tongue down his muscular, wet body. I lingered for a second on his hard nipples, and glided my hands down his obliques. His cock was hard again, and I grabbed his muscular ass and licked from the bottom of his balls, up to the tip of his shaft. God, he was so big! I think I may have previously underestimated him. I put my lips around his throbbing head. I could feel his pulse on my tongue. I began to suck, making the slurping noises I hoped he enjoyed as much I did. I moved my head back and then put his cock down into my throat. I didn’t come slot oyna close to swallowing his whole cock, but he still moaned regardless. I then started to trace out little circles around the hole of his cock with my tongue. I went in for the kill, and stuck the tip of my tongue down the hole of his cock. He instantly cummed. It was almost too much to handle. I tried to swallow, and it took at least five tries to get it down. I fondled his wet balls to try and coax every last ounce out.

I was exhausted, and sat down against the wall of the shower and let the hot water run over me. Parker slid down the opposite side and we just stared at each other. With the passion out of my body, I tried to convince myself I didn’t love him. We agreed to keep the relationship purely physical when it started that weekend. I knew that wouldn’t work, but I didn’t know I would fall for him so quickly. I stared into his eyes for a minute straight. He crawled to me, put his legs over my hips and behind me as I moved forward. We hugged, and he put his head on my shoulder. I put my head on his and we sat there. And we sat. And we sat.

“Jared! Stop! Come back inside!” screamed Emily from her doorstep.

“Fuck you!” I screamed back. I saw the light in her parent’s room come on.

“Go to hell you tactless cunt!” I added, then turned around and ran down

her driveway in a drunken gait. I don’t know where I got that insult, but I do enjoy creative cursing, especially when I’m drunk. I started down the street in what I hoped was the right direction back to Sarah McLean’s party. I had texted Emily when I was at the party, and she told me to come over. She didn’t like when I partied without her, but I was so horny, I didn’t care if she found out I was drunk. So I walked the three blocks to her house and hoped to get it in without any complications. Of course, I was wrong.

A fight quickly broke out, and our three year long relationship was over. It seems like every high schooler expects to get married to their girlfriend, but I truly believed I would. Her parents even loved me! They were both born in Italy, and they loved that I was of full-blooded, Italian descent. Everything seemed perfect, but it all ended that night.

I walked down a side street in Evanston, Illinois in 40 degree weather in nothing but my dry-fit t shirt and gym shorts. I left my jacket and sweatpants in Emily’s bedroom, and wasn’t about to go back. My phone rang. The screen showed Emily’s name and a photo of her beautiful, soft, olive-skinned face and soft black hair. God, she was beautiful, and I already missed her. But I declined the call, and started crying. Maybe it was the booze, or the biting cold, but I was emotional, and I had never been an emotional or sensitive guy. It was then that I realized I was lost. It was three AM, and if a police officer found me, I would surely be arrested for underage drinking, and lose all of my scholarship offers.

That’s why I jumped in the bushes when a silver Cadillac pulled up beside me.

“Jared! It’s me, Derek. Emily called me and said you just ran off. Get in here before the cops come!”

I stumbled in the car, and Derek drove me back to Sarah’s house, where the party was starting to die down as people passed out on the floor. When I walked in, Kid Cudi was playing and I heard inebriated laughter coming from the kitchen. “Fuck everybody,” I thought to myself and walked downstairs to take a shot or two at Sarah’s basement bar. The black lights and strobes were still going as was the music, but nobody was down there except some whore from my math class who was wearing a dress that was inches from falling off. And there was this guy wearing a White Sox jersey, jeans and some stupid, neon shoes that looked radioactive under the black light. He was gaming her hardcore, and I ignored them and poured a shot of Kamchatka vodka. The whore (whose name was Kaleigh) got off the couch and puked in a trashcan. She apologized to the guy and crawled upstairs.

“Fuck it!” said the guy. He walked over to the bar and poured himself a shot of Kamchatka. “What’s up Jared? Can you tell me why canlı casino siteleri it’s so fucking hard to get some pussy tonight? Unbelievable,” said the kid before he took a double shot.

“Tell me about it. I just tried to get with my girl, and she broke up with me because I was… drunk. And sorry, I know I know you… But I can’t, uhhh… remember your name… cause drunk,” I slurred.

“Parker Thompson. We used to have study hall together.” He said.

“Ahh fuck! I remember you!” I threw my arm around his shoulder and told him how he was my best friend, because everyone else is fake as hell. None of this is true, but I didn’t know half of what I was saying. Parker laughed and agreed. “Especially girls,” I added, “They’re fake..est.”

“Amen to that!” said Parker, as we both took another shot.

We sat down on the couch and talked about how girls have been fucking us over lately. I learned that Parker just broke up with his girlfriend a few weeks ago, and has slept around with her friends to piss her off. I told him about my situation with Emily. I didn’t realize that I was laying down across the couch with my head on his lap, until he started playing with my hair. I just let it happen and continued to talk. I let my arm go to my side, and it brushed his bare ankles. I could feel his dick getting slightly hard beneath my head. I sat up and stared at him. I wanted to cuss him out and call him a pervert, but I couldn’t really think of what I wanted to say.

“I’m sorry,” he said as he blushed.

I don’t know what I was thinking, but I replied, “I’m not.”

Parker smiled and I smiled back. He advanced on me and I leaned back onto the couch. His body was lying on top of mine, and I started to get hard when I felt his chest rise and fall against mine. It was so solid, so strong. He brought his face close to mine and hesitated. He had a sharp, angular jawline, masculine features, and was very sexy, yet there was something about him that made him appear young (though I knew he was a few months older than me). We waited there, feeling each other’s breath. I stared into his eyes for a few seconds, and leaned up to kiss him.

We leaned on each other so we could walk up the two flights of stairs to Sarah’s parent’s room. Parker locked the door behind us and we started to make out, undressing each other as we worked out way to the bed. I knew her parents were out of town, but I didn’t even stop to check if anyone else was in the room. I didn’t care. We left the lights off as we climbed on their bed. We both stood on our knees on the bed, kissing each other in the dark. I felt his thick biceps, his strong abs and his smooth, muscular back, and I loved every inch of it. We hopped off the bed and I bent him over the mattress. I knelt down and began to lick his asshole. I started with one finger, and heard him wince. Once he got comfortable I put in two, then three fingers. I could tell it was weird for him, but he was starting to enjoy it. Finally, I spit on my dick and slowly, carefully slide it in. I heard Parker sob a little. Maybe it was from the pain, or maybe from all of the emotions he was experiencing now. I could tell this was uncharted territory for us both, but I pushed on.

I grunted, and he moaned. I kept working my dick back and forth. I was starting to get used to it. We changed position and I sat on the bed; he sat on my dick. He took control and moved himself up and down with my help. I cried out ‘yes!’, and he reached his hand back and grabbed my shoulder. I could feel my climax coming on. Maybe it was the alcohol, or the adventure of something completely different than anything I’ve ever experienced, but I have never experienced an orgasm like it in my life, not even with Emily.

I loved Emily. I truly did, and I knew I would for a long time. At this point I felt nothing for Parker. He was just breakup sex; a rebound, albeit my first gay experience. I still considered myself straight. I justified it because I was drunk, and he was the only man I had ever had any attraction to. But when I saw Parker laying next to me naked in the morning, I knew I couldn’t let this be a one time ordeal. I would have to tell him when he woke up that we couldn’t let this relationship get emotional; it was only about the sex, not the love. Until then, I put my arm over his pecs, and fell asleep again on his chest.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32