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I first discovered my bi side way back in high school. I have talked to other bi and gay guys and found out that their first experiences went pretty much like mine, so I am going to relate my how my first three-way came about.

I had known Brad for about 2 years. I was 24 at the time and he was older, around 35. We had met through a gay and bi site and hit it off immediately. We became fast friends and when we finally met face to face we really hit it off and became wonderful lovers.

I am a bottom and have tried top but found that I like the submissive side of man sex much better. Brad is versatile and a great top, he doesn’t think do but believe me he is a great fuck. His cock is almost a perfect fit for my tight ass and he does a wonderful job fucking me in any position he desires.

Brad and I found time to play almost every week and sometimes several times a week. It got to the point that I would call and beg him to fuck me. He usually had time and knew that I was more then ready for his cock whenever he wanted to fuck.

Lately we had fallen into the rut lovers sometimes find themselves in. The sex wasn’t boring but more predictable. I walk in, find him naked or in just a robe, strip down and fall to my knees to suck his cock. After that we would of course head to the bedroom, put some hot gay porn in the DVD and he would mount me in whatever position his heart desired, pretty standard stuff. You could tell from the look on his face while he fucked and when he came in my ass that he still loved fucking me, just the routine became old and boring.

Finally after one not so enjoyable fuck session, we were holding each other playing with each other’s nipples, I asked him casino oyna what was bothering him. Brad told me that he wasn’t getting as excited as he once did, he still loved fucking me but wanted something to spice things up. I agreed half-heartedly and told him we needed to find something to keep the spark that we once had. We talked it through and decided what we needed was to invite another to join in on our fun. I told Brad that I would look online and hopefully find someone to share our hot, steamy fun.

I looked for over a month and found several guys; yes I met a few and was fucked by them, but didn’t find what I thought Brad and I needed. Finally I found a guy that was seeking a three-way and seemed right for us. He was versatile with a love of oral and kissing. He said he was experienced and wanting to hook up right away. I didn’t waste any time and messaged him, telling him of my desire. He replied the next day and we chatted and agreed to meet the following weekend. I decided to meet him alone at first and see what happened.

The next weekend couldn’t arrive fast enough, it had been several weeks since I had any action and I was crazy with desire. We met at the arranged meeting spot and hit it off immediately. He introduced himself as Rod and we shook hands. His big hands began to make me wonder if Rod was his name or his description. We made small talk for several minutes and finally got to matters at hand. I told him of my friend Brad and what we were going through, he agreed and said it sounded good to him. He was always looking for new friends.

I invited him back to my place and we sat on the couch and had a couple beers, making small talk. He wondered aloud where Brad slot oyna was and I told him that I wanted to get to know him better first and he just smiled. I reached over and slid my hand over the mound in his jeans and discovered that he was hard and ready. His body was slim and smooth I found as I slid my hand up under his shirt and played with his nipples. He responded with a low groan and spread his legs farther. I took this as an invitation and moved to the floor and got between his legs. I undid the snaps on his jeans and he stood up sliding them down and stepping out of them. He then took off his shirt and was standing in front of me wearing only his shorts and a big smile.

I couldn’t take my eyes off his bulge and finally raised my hands and slid his shorts down. I was greeted by a semi hard cock that sprang free and just begged to be sucked. I moved closer and took his meat into my mouth, he wasn’t totally hard yet and I was able to suck all his cock into my mouth. This didn’t last as his cock soon rose to full attention and I soon had more then a mouthful of cock. I sucked him for several minutes then moved back to admire him. His cock was a little over 8 inches, longer then Brad, uncut and about the same thickness. I moved back onto his cock and Rod held my head, slowly fucking my mouth. I had to take my hand and hold his cock so he wouldn’t stroke me too deep. Rod face fucked me slow and easy for about 5 minutes then pulled his cock out of my wanting mouth.

“You have a bed somewhere around here?” he asked.

“Right this was,” I said as I rose, stripped and led him to the bedroom.

Once there I took my place on my hands and knees at the bed edge and waited for his canlı casino siteleri assault. I was taken aback when I felt his breath then his tongue on my rose bud and moaned out loud. He rimmed me for ten minutes, and when I thought I couldn’t take any more he pulled away and stood up.

I was disappointed and looked over my shoulder to see him approach my ass with his meat, long, straight and leading the way.

“Please be gentle,” I begged, “I’m not used to that much meat.”

He just grinned and replied, “Don’t worry lover, soon you will be begging for my cock.”

Rod took some lube and applied it to his cock and then my ass. I moved back onto his finger as he rubbed in the lube. Rod smiled and said that I was ready for him.

He held his cock at my hole and slowly pushed into me. There was pain at first then once his head pushed into me he slid his cock slowly into my tight ass. Rod grabbed my hips and slowly began to move his meat in my ass. Slowly he fucked me at first then faster and faster, after a couple minutes he was completely buried in my ass. Rod slowly began to fuck my ass, with long, slow strokes at first. I was in heaven as his meat slid in my tight ass. All Rod could do was moan and tell me how tight I was. Once I was used to his size I began to rock back to meet his every thrust. Rod picked up on this and pulled at my hips with every thrust. We fucked for what seemed like hours when I felt Rod pick up the pace and knew he was close to cumming. I felt his cockhead expand one final time and he pulled out and shot a huge load on my back. I was exhausted and slumped to the bed with Rod lying on top of me. We each tried to catch our breath and I told Rod that I had to make a phone call

I called Brad and told him about Rod, he laughed and asked me if I had tried him out yet? I responded breathlessly, yes, and told him to get over here as Rod was beginning to get hard again.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32