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It was about ten pm when I heard the doorbell ring. I wondered who be at my door at this late hour. I went to the door and there stood my friend Ryan from work.

“Can I sleep on your couch, Cindy threw me out,” he told me.

I let Ryan in and we sat down on the couch. Ryan didn’t tell me why he was fighting with his girlfriend and I didn’t ask. Those two fought more than they got along. We talked for a half hour or so and then I went and got a pillow and a blanket. I told Ryan he knew where the bathroom was if he needed it and then I went to my bedroom. It was a hot summer night and I stripped out of my clothes.

I fell onto the bed and promptly fell asleep. I woke up late in the night. I felt someone touching me. There was Ryan naked and tight against my body. I soon realized he had his arm draped around my waist and he had my cock in his hand.

“Don’t make me leave,” he said to me.

I could feel Ryan’s cock rubbing against my ass. I was still half asleep. What was he doing, I thought to myself. I did know that my cock was hard. Ryan had stroked me and make me stiff. I also felt his cock head pushing against my opening. I tried to pull away but Ryan held me close to his body. The next thing I knew Ryan was pushing his dick past my sphincter. God did that hurt. I could feel Ryan going deeper into my ass. I don’t know what came over me but I pushed back against his cock.

Ryan was soon kissing the back of casino siteleri my neck and all over my back. It was sending shivers down my spine. I was pretty sure Ryan had all of his cock buried inside my bottom. Ryan kept stroking my cock. He got me so wound up that I soon started to shoot my cum over the covers. That must have pushed Ryan over the edge. I heard him grunt a few times and then I felt his warm cum entering my body. I am betting that Ryan must have cum in my ass a good ten minutes or more. He finally stopped stroking me and he rested his dick in my belly.

I woke up when my alarm went off. Ryan was gone. I went out in the living room and Ryan and his clothes had vanished. I walked back to the bathroom and I sat down on the toilet. I pushed out as much of his seed as I could. I then showered and got dressed for work. When I arrived at work I saw Ryan.

“Can we talk at break time?”

I nodded my head but I was pissed. When break arrived I stepped outside the building. Ryan was waiting for me there.

“Please don’t be angry at me,” he said.

Ryan told me he was bisexual. He said he was attracted to me but he could never bring himself to tell me.

“You practically raped me last night,” I said. “I’m royally pissed at you.”

I walked back inside and we didn’t talk the rest of the day. That night I heard the doorbell once more. I had a pretty good idea who it was.

“Please let me in Kevin.”

Against slot oyna my better judgment I let Ryan into my apartment. Once he came in he walked over and kissed me flush on the lips. I tried to break away but Ryan held me tight against his body. Ryan then dropped down to his knees. He undid the belt on my pants and he pulled my pants and underwear to the floor. Ryan didn’t waste a second. He took hold of my dick and brought it to his lips. Just like that, Ryan inhaled me.

I don’t know what came over me. I let Ryan suck my cock. I placed my hands on the back of his head and Ryan went right down to the root of my rod. He made me hard, that much was for sure. Ryan then stopped and he got to his feet. He walked back to my bedroom. I followed him back to my room. Ryan took off all of his clothes and he was on his back, his legs spread wide.

Please Kevin, make love to me.”

I think I lost all control right then. Up until now I only thought about women. Men were never on the radar for me. It was the turning point for me. I stripped down and got in between Ryan’s legs. I took hold of my cock and I guided it to his waiting hole. I pushed into Ryan’s ass. I was going to fuck him like he fucked me. I got up under his legs and pushed them back to his chest.

“Suck my nipples, Kevin.”

I lowered my mouth and started to chew on Ryan’s hard nips. I was feeding him my thick cock as hard as I could. Ryan was getting into it, that canlı casino siteleri much was for sure. I pounded his hole as hard as I could. My balls were hitting against his ass. Ryan’s ass muscles had me in a tight grip. I kept driving my prick into his bottom. I don’t know how long we went at it. I did feel my nuts starting to pinch. I knew how crazy it was fucking my friend with my bare cock.

I sprayed Ryan’s hole with my hot seed. Ryan’s body shook as I gave him all my hot oils. Ryan clamped down hard onto my dick and he made sure he got every drop of my love cum from me. We finally both calmed down and my cock slipped out from Ryan’s hole. Ryan sat up and he took hold of my dick. He began to clean me off with his mouth. I could barely believe what we had done together.

“I love you Kevin,” he said to me after he licked all my spunk from my cock.

I didn’t know what to say to him. Ryan soon left and went back to his girlfriend. I was on my bed afterwards thinking about what we both had done. Ryan and I had fucked each other bare. I knew that wasn’t very wise. I was confused about my feelings. We soon came to an arrangement. Ryan would drop by and we would make man love together. Over the next few weeks Ryan seeded me more times than I could count. I also fucked him as well.

Ryan tells me he wants to leave Cindy. He wants to know if we can be lovers from now on. I hate to admit it to myself but I think about Ryan’s cock all the time. He has stretched my ass to the point where it no longer hurts when he fucks me. I have the feeling that Ryan and I will soon be full time lovers. Then I can have his cock in my ass all the time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32