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First Time Meeting—Part 1
My name is Sam. I’m 35 years old, 165 pounds, 6‘1“, and I have an athletic build. I work for a company that puts on conferences all over the United States. I travel every week so I am in a different city every week. This travel has pros and cons. I have to live out of a suitcase and long term relationships are almost impossible. However, I get to meet lots of awesome guys and hook up with various guys with no strings attached. Because of traveling so much, I often visit hook-up sites and porn sites where I share my adventures and stories.

Through sharing my stories, I have met some awesome guys that I message regularly and stay in contact with. One such guy is Rob. I have been messaging Rob for several months now. Rob is a 57 year old married bisexual guy from Vancouver, British Columbia. He enjoys playing racquetball and hanging out in saunas. Rob and I have shared lots of stories that get us both rock hard and make us both cum! Stories about trips to the sauna always make us horny. Both Rob and I love saunas. Over the months of getting to know each other, we have both shared sauna stories that have made us both get excited. Here are sauna stories from both Rob and I.

Rob once shared this sauna story. Rob was a member of a local gym that had an amazing sauna as well as lots of other amenities. Rob is an ass man and loves to check out guys with a hot ass. As Rob was working out, it seemed everywhere he turned he saw this particular bodybuilder with a hot ass! As Rob kept working out, it seemed the bodybuilder’s ass was everywhere. But as Rob finished up his workout, he turned and couldn’t find the bodybuilder anywhere. He never even got the guy’s name. Of course, his name wasn’t what Rob was focused on! Rob showered and ended up going to sit for awhile in the sauna. The sauna was empty. As Rob sat there, he closed his eyes and kept thinking about the bodybuilder and his hot ass. Rob removed the towel from around this waist and began rubbing his hard cock. The next thing Rob heard,
“You’ve got a fucking hot cock!”
Rob opened his eyes and looked around but still didn’t see anyone. The next thing he saw a guy from the dark corner of the sauna stand up and walk into the light. The guy was totally naked and had a huge hard-on! It was the bodybuilder.
“Hey man, I’m Andy.” The guy told Rob.
“Also I was telling you the truth—you have a fucking hot cock!” Andy said.
“Thanks!” Rob said. “I am Rob.” Rob said with a smile as he rubbed his cock through his towel. Rob and Andy stared at each other for what seemed like hours but was probably about 2-3 minutes Andy continued to rub his naked cock while Rob dropped his towel and rubbed his own hard cock. Andy then leaned over and began swallowing Rob’s hard cock! Rob was in heaven. He laid back and enjoyed the feeling of Andy’s mouth and tongue on his hard cock. Next Rob grabbed Andy’s body and turned him around so Rob could begin rimming Andy’s ass. So Andy was getting rimmed out and Rob was getting sucked off! It was super hot! They both kept making each other feel great until they both started blowing their wads and cumming all over each other! Their orgasms were massive and they both came everywhere!!!

So I love saunas as well and here is my sauna story. My story happened at a hotel. My job has me traveling every week. I had learned which hotel chains had the best exercise rooms, saunas, amenities, etc. I ataşehir escort had been working out all week and knew what time the gym was the busiest and what time I had the gym all to myself. It had been a rough day at work and all I wanted to do was to just relax and chill. I went to the gym late and worked out alone and had the place all to myself. After about an hour of working out, I decided to hit the showers. After a nice relaxing shower, I decided to go relax even more in the sauna. Again, it was empty so I sat there totally relaxed and enjoying the peace and quiet. I closed my eyes and just rested. After about 15 minutes of relaxation, I heard the door of the sauna squeak open. I opened my eyes just enough to see an older gentleman (probably in his late 50s) walk in and sit down close to me. The only tgentlemen was in amazing shape! He was super fit and looked amazing! His abs were rock hard, and he did not look his age at all!

The gentleman struck up a conversation with me. I just wanted to relax but this guy kept talking. He introduced himself as Bill. I realized I wasn’t going to be able to just relax and sleep so I opened my eyes.
“Hi Bill…I am Sam”. I introduced myself. I realized that Bill’s towel was no longer covering anything. I could see Bill’s rock hard cock and hung balls. Again, this older guy was fucking hot and did not look his age at all!!! I stood up to throw some water on the hot sauna stones to create steam. However, as I stood up my own towel fell off and hit the floor. Watching Bill’s hard cock had given me a hard-on as well. Bill took one look and said “Fuck Sam…your cock is huge!” I laughed and gave my cock a quick rub!

I then grabbed my towel and walked back to the community shower. I turned the water on trying to get my cock to go down some. However, Bill joined me and needless to say my cock grew instead of going down.
“Sometimes our cocks seem to have a mind of their own!” Bill said as he rubbed his own cock in the shower. We stood there with water running over our bodies. Both of our cocks were rock hard and stood at attention. Bill didn’t seem embarrassed at all. On the other hand, he kept rubbing his cock and making it harder and harder. The next thing I knew—Bill was jerking off his cock with passion. As he continued to play with himself, he kept staring at me and my cock. Part of it seemed very creepy and the other part was very hot! My own cock seemed to ooze with precum. I tried to look away and focus on anything but Bill but it was impossible. I closed my eyes and then I felt something warm and amazing! I opened my eyes to find Bill on his knees deep throating my hard-on all the way to my pubes!
“Oh fuck Bill!” I yelled. “Oh man! Your mouth is so fucking hot!”
Bill kept using his tongue to swirl around my cock head! Man, it felt so amazing! I felt like I could blow my wad at any moment.

The warm water flowed over both of our hard muscular bodies. The shower felt amazing. I took my hands and began exploring Bill’s muscular body. My hands rubbed over Bill’s hard pecs and abs. Bill used his hands to rub over my pecs, abs, biceps, hard ass, and rock hard cock. I was in utter bliss! I reached out and grabbed Bill’s thick cock. I began to lick it and get him super wet. I wanted Bill to fuck me and to fuck me hard. Bill then bent me over in the shower and rammed his cock up my tight ass!!! He plowed me so hard I felt like göztepe escort his cock was ripping my ass in two! It hurt so bad. I let out a scream. Bill grabbed me by the throat and began chocking me telling me to hush! His hands cut off my air supply. This turned me on even more! Yes his thick cock hurt my ass badly but it also felt so amazing! He fucked me super hard. He plowed my ass back and forth. I knew he was getting close to blowing his load up my ass. I could feel him cock tighten in my ass as well as his balls tighten up in their sack. I knew he could not last much longer. The next thingy I knew I felt my ass getting filled with hot cum! Spurt after spurt of hot cum came bursting from his cock and filled my ass. As Bill pulled his hard cock out of my ass, the dam holding back his cum let go and cum came flooding out of my ass! I was in pure heaven. Bill and I continued on washing ourselves in the shower to remove all the cum and clean ourselves up. I will never forget that trip to the sauna! So there are a couple of sauna stories from Rob and I. However, now back to Rob and I meeting for the first time in person!

Due to Rob living in Canada and I in the United States, we had never met in person. However, he and I had been messaging each other on Kik and over email several times a day. Rob and I had grown closer than some of my friends that I see in person regularly. It was an odd connection, but we made it work. One day my boss, Adam, called my cell phone.
“Sam…” Adam asked. “I have a huge favor I need from you.”
“Of course Adam. You name it and I’ll make it happen. What’s up?” I asked.
“Our international team has booked an extra conference and we don’t have an international team to send to manage it. You are in charge of our number one national team. Do you think you can oversee a conference in Vancouver, British Columbia?” Adam asked.
“Yes sir. No problem.” I replied.
“Good deal. That is awesome. Make sure you and your team are set with passports and any other information you need. The conference is in 3 weeks.” Adam was excited to know this dilemma was handled. I was excited to get the opportunity to shdow SAdam I could handle any issue both nationally and internationally. I was also super excited because this conference was in Vancouver. Rob lives in Vancouver! As the conference quickly approached, I decided to keep this a secret from Rob. I wanted to surprise Rob. I couldn’t wait to see the look on his face when I showed up in Vancouver!

The time came and my team and I arrived in Vancouver. The early conference setup went smoothly and there were zero issues. This was not the norm as there were usually always issues but as of now there was no difference between an international and a national conference. The biggest difference in the two was over shipping. Shipping in the United States was much easier than shipping in Canada. Also Rob had tried to message me a few times but I kept putting Rob off saying I was super busy with work. Over the months of getting to know each other, Rob knew that my job had crazy hours and things sometimes got hectic especially when it came to conference setup. But the time came when everything was setup on our end, and we were ready to go just waiting on the vendors to arrive the next day. I could finally slip away for a few hours and leave my intern in charge.

Rob and I had shared tons of pictures so we knew what each ümraniye escort other looked like even though we had never met in person. I messaged Rob and asked for a huge favor. I told Rob that the international team was looking at using a new venue in Vancouver. I asked Rob to go by this venue and pick up a packet from the venue’s conference coordinator. Rob was then going to mail the packet to me in the States. Rob agreed and said he could run by and pick it up on his way home from work. Unknown to Rob, I was waiting in the lobby of the venue. Rob pulled up and I walked out. Rob was not expecting anything other than to simply pick up a packet. Rob finally looked up and saw me standing in front of him. Rob realized what was happening and immediately grabbed me with a huge bear hug! We were both almost in tears. Months and months of messaging and emailing had led to this moment where we were finally standing in front of each other.
“I can’t believe it!” Rob kept saying over and over.
“Surprise!” I told Rob.
“So what’s the deal? How long are you in town for? Where are you staying? How did this happen?” Rob had so many questions!
I explained to Rob that my boss had me handle this international conference due to all the international teams already busy with other conferences, and I would be here until the ends of the week. I told Rob I was staying at the hotel downtown connected to the convention center.
“Well, I have a surprise for you now!” Rob said.
“What’s that?” I asked.
“My wife is out of town for 2 weeks. She went on a little vacation with her 2 sisters to Ontario and I have the house to myself. How about you stay with me?” Rob asked.
“Ugh, YES!!!! Of course I would love to stay with you!” I shouted!

I asked Rob if he could take me back to the convention center hotel so I could get my luggage and check out of my room. Rob said there would be no problem. As we pulled up to the hotel, we went up to my room to get my things. As I walked in the door, Rob grabbed me by the waist and spun me around where my lips met his lips. We kissed passionately. Rob began to take off our shoes and socks. Next, off came out pants and shirts. We laughed as we realized we were both wearing the same black Calvin Klein briefs. I decided to remove Rob’s briefs without using my hands. I squatted down beside Rob and using only my teeth I began slowly and seductively to remove Rob’s briefs. Once his briefs passed his rock hard cock, Rob’s dick flew up and hit me on the side of the cheek. He was rock hard and it was super hot. Rob returned the favor by removing my Calvin’s with just his teeth as well. Now we were both butt ass naked with rock hard cocks. Gone was the horny, passionate 2 guys that just wanted to fuck—now there were 2 guys that just wanted to hold one another and make love to each other!

Rob held me and asked “well, what do you want to do next?”
“I don’t care” I replied “as long as I get to hold you all night.”
Our naked bodies were entangled with each other. Our arms, hands, torsos, legs were all pressed up against one another. Rob and I had waited a long time for this day to arrive. We weren’t going to let a second of it pass. I leaned into Rob’s ear and said, “well to start the night off how about we…”

(To Be Continued)


If you like this story, I hope you will read my others. Most of my stories are true stories from over the years. Email me and let me know what you think. My email address is [email protected] or message me on KiK (username: skinnon95). I would love to hear from you, chat with you, and maybe even exchange some pictures! Later!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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