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I was on a business trip to Sydney, Australia and looking through a guide book to see what I could do during my time off. I had already walked across the Sydney Harbour Bridge, toured the Opera House and taken the ferry to Manley but the thing that caught my eye Sunday morning was the nude beach at Lady Bay.

As a teen, I had avoided school showers. I was the tall skinny kid, known more for my academic rather than athletic abilities. In college I took up hiking and other outdoor activities and was in general good health, but still stayed away from any activities that required that I be naked in a group setting. After college I moved to New England and gradually dropped most of my exercise activities in favor of my hobbies.

However, as I approached middle age, my family history of cardiac problems caught up with me and I ended up having angioplasty. No damage had been done and my doctor put me on a vigorous exercise program to control my blood pressure and cholesterol. I started going to the gym after work several evenings a week. However, remembering the embarrassment of pre-teen school showers, I quickly put street clothes over my gym gear and spent as little time as possible in the locker room. This was fine until it started to get cold outside. Driving home in sweaty clothes became uncomfortable and I finally braved going into the shower, avoiding being there when others were showering.

I knew I would eventually meet up with others and when it happened it wasn’t the dreaded experience I had expected. While uncomfortable, I soon realized that a few of the others had penises almost as short as I was although invariably much thicker. Over the next year I became more comfortable and came to accept my body image and often wondered if a would dare to go skinny dipping, something my high school friends had often talked about but I would never dream of doing.

So it was that morning in Sydney. I looked up the public bus routes and found out how to get to Watson’s Bay and the walk to Lady Bay. I set out with a towel from the hotel, my sunscreen and some reading material. This was going to be a lot different from a quick trip into the shower. While I had read that public nudity was not sexual, I was very fearful of getting an erection while in the presence of naked women and I hoped that a book would take my mind off my nakedness.

I walked from the bus stop towards the location the guidebook had bahis firmaları indicated and eventually came to an open area on the paved walk overlooking the bay. It was close to noon and the beach was quite crowded with naked people, mostly men but several women as well. I lost my nerve and continued up the walk for quite a ways before coming back again. After several more minutes, I got up my courage and walked down the path and stairs onto the beach. I walked north several hundred yards looking for a more private area. This was my first time and I already felt all eyes were on me. Finding no free space, I turned around and walked south past the stairs and into a more rocky area with far fewer sunbathers.

I put my towel over a rock, sat down and removed my sneakers and shirt. Then, without actually standing up I removed my slacks and underwear and sat down again. I was stark naked in public and thrilled with the feeling of freedom it gave me. I put my clothes into the canvas travel bag, took out the sunscreen and rubbed it liberally over my face and body. I had applied it to my genitals before leaving the hotel, as I didn’t want to be seen handling myself. Still concerned about an erection, I barely dared to even look at my groin area. When I did, I was actually pleased that I had retracted to a tiny stump almost hidden in my curly bush.

I sat in the same place for about 20 minutes and then looked around for a more comfortable spot where I could lay down. Finding one about 100 yards away, I picked up my things and walked over to it. Another triumph! I had walked naked on the beach. OK, nobody close by, but I had done it. I spread out the towel, used my travel bag as a headrest and lay down. I started reading but also scanned the area for others. From time to time, several men came by, some alone or in small groups. Most glanced my way and I felt quite comfortable with that. While watching one group coming towards me from the south, I hadn’t noticed three women coming from the beach entrance. They past behind me but were quite close and as they were on higher ground would get a clear view of my genitals if they had looked my way. I don’t know if they saw anything, but I really wanted them to see how small I was especially as the men coming the other way were all well endowed.

After several hours I figured I had more than enough sun for one day so I folded up my towel, put my clothes back on and headed kaçak iddaa back to the stairs. I past several naked women, most older but a few younger and very sexy looking as well. The articles I had read were right. Seeing naked women in public was sexy, but not erotic. It all seemed very natural. I was definitely coming back here if I could get some time off in the middle of the week when it was less crowded.

I had a breakfast meeting Wednesday morning that lasted until around 9 and I declined a group trip to the Blue Mountains. I hurried back to my hotel, changed to beach gear, remembering to apply sunscreen to my genitals and headed for the bus. The beach was not completely empty but there were plenty of open places in the sandy area that was most popular on the weekend. I spread out my towel, stripped off and sat down with my back propped against the bank that went up to the paved walkway. While not as self conscious as last time, I was still fully retracted which I’ve come to accept, being that way most of the time when naked in the showers back home.

More people started coming as noon approached and eventually three 20-something year olds stopped near me. Two of them stripped off right away and headed for the water. The third struck up a conversation with me as he busied himself pumping up an air mattress and finding some shade to place his cooler. When his companions returned we all started talking about things in general. They had never been out of Australia and were anxious to hear about places in the US they’d heard about. It all seemed so natural. Far more relaxed then the almost furtive interaction in the gym locker room.

After one exchange with my newfound friends I was surprised by a voice behind me. Looking around I discovered that a couple had spread out a blanket close by. They had heard my accent and asked where I was from. Their son was in college in Seattle and as I was originally from Washington State, I was able to relate to what their son was telling them about his experiences. Through all this, I was painfully aware that I was having a conversation with an attractive naked woman and her husband. I’ve always had to remind myself when talking to women to look at their face and not sneak a peak at the cleavage. This was much more of a challenge. I focused on talking with the husband but when he looked away I sneaked a glance her way. I was petrified to find out that she was looking kaçak bahis intently at my groin area. I was rolled slightly in her direction so she certainly had a clear view from less than 10 feet away. I leaned over to pick up my book as a pretext to roll away so I wasn’t actually facing her.

Some time later, I was starting to sweat as the sun became hotter so decided to be brave and walk down to the shore. I waited until no one was walking by, got up and dashed quickly into the water. It wasn’t as cool as swimming in New England and I enjoyed a leisurely time drifting back and forth. Before long, Jim, the husband joined me and we swam together for a while. We were standing together with the water chest high when a boat came up to the shore about 100 yards from us. Jim told me they sold refreshments from the boat and asked if I wanted anything. I had brought some food with me, but nothing to drink. I also had no money with me. One disadvantage of no pockets. Jim had a small cloth sack tied around his neck and offered to spot me for a soft drink. He also bought two as well as some sandwiches. I helped him carry everything back to where we had been laying. Half way there, I realized that I was now walking directly towards his wife who was watching us, his long penis and pendulous testicles flopping back and forth and mine retracted on top of my shriveled scrotum.

It’s hard to describe how free I felt. An attractive woman watching us and able to compare my small manhood with her husband’s respectable package. In high school I would have been devastated by this, but now I not only accepted it but was thrilled at her seeing my penis, certainly the smallest one on the beach that day. I moved my towel closer to them and we ate lunch together, chatting and laughing together. When two men came walking down the beach, she was the one commenting on their tattoos and the fact that one of them had a ring pierced through his penis. She said that she had asked Jim once if he wanted to have his penis pierced and looking down asked me if I had ever considered it. I looked at myself, now more relaxed and sporting a less than 2″ thin wrinkled dick. I laughed and said that there wasn’t enough to pierce. Still looking at me, she replied that I would look cute with a small silver ring.

I left about an hour latter feeling better about myself than I have ever felt. When I got back home, I immediately located the nearest clothing optional beach and go there every chance I get. Unfortunately in New England, the season isn’t all that long, but I look forward to business trips to Florida and California and always plan a few extra days to free myself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32