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The seat is too soft.

That is all I can think about as we ride to the hotel from the airport. It is Saturday and my parents think that I am with my friends’ family enjoying a casual vacation in Florida. I should feel guilty but I don’t.

Adam is there smiling while he drives his beat up old car with its too soft leather seats. He is looking like the cat that caught the canary. I still can’t believe how late it is. My flight leaving Washington D.C. and heading for Philadelphia was delayed. I am secretly very annoyed.

Two weeks ago when Adam called me, just after my 18th birthday, asking me to come visit him and celebrate his new ,all important, job I planned to arrive in the afternoon and take a taxi to the hotel. I would nap, maybe eat lunch, and just wait there for him to arrive. That way I could sleep on the plane without any fear of my contacts drying out my eyes, my hair getting messed up, and feeling immediately guilty for flirting with my fellow passengers.

Now I can’t enjoy any of that.

We are heading straight for our hotel, The Embassy Suites, and an all expenses paid vacation courtesy of Adam. I should be grateful but I am not. I am very nervous because I know what will happen.

Tonight I will lose my virginity.

Months ago, just after we met, I told Adam that I dreamed of losing my virginity in a glamorous hotel. That instead of waiting for marriage I only wanted to wait until I was 18. Why 18? My tendency towards dating older men left me with a deep seeded need to ‘protect’ them from jealous boys and girls my own age who would love to start trouble if our relations took an illicit turn.

When I told him that I never dreamed he would remember.

We are at the hotel and Adam is rushing me in. The pause in the lobby to check in takes only moments and before I am prepared we are in the room. I make some show of un packing; I am planning to canlı bahis stay two weeks. The hotel room is much better than imagined. It contains a small dining area, living room, and most importantly, a bedroom.

Meanwhile Adam calls room service.

A short time later we are sitting at the dining area table talking. I am so nervous that my hands are shaking. I can barely hold my wine glass. Even though I do not like the taste of wine I down one glass and ask for another. I don’t want to be drunk; I just want to be calm.

Adam is smiling.

When dinner is finished I excuse myself for a shower. I do not feel dirty but I have an obsession with hair. I like my skin to be smooth and I want to shave one last time before IT happens.

I return to the bedroom smelling of fragrant soap and body spray. Adam is in the bed watching me curiously. I approach slowly, I am still nervous in spite of all the wine, or perhaps because of it.

I am only wearing a towel.

I am new at this and have seen to many movies. I want to avoid any embarrassing mishaps that can occur when taking off cloths. In my suitcase I have a few special items but for now I think avoiding clothes will be for the best.

I sit on the edge of the bed.

Grinning rather foolishly Adam turns off the light and reaches for me in the darkness. I find myself wondering why people have sex in the dark. I would much rather see what is going on. He kisses me and I suddenly find it hard to think about anything.

Of course I have been kissed before but this is different. My body is tingling, my nipples are erect, and now I realize that the kiss is only the beginning. This time our kiss is only a prelude to what is to come.

I wrap my arms around his neck and let the towel slide from my body. I feel his scratchy wool sweater brushing against my breasts. His heart is beating quickly and his kisses are bahis siteleri becoming more urgent, almost desperate.

Almost instinctively I begin pulling at his sweater. I want it off. I want to feel his bare skin against my chest. He pulls away from me and removes the sweater. In moments we are together again.

The hair from his chest teases my breasts as we explore each others mouths with our tongues. He gently pushes me down on the bed and climbs on top of me. First he kisses my neck and my throat, before he moves to my chest.

I hear myself moan as his lips and tongue play with my breasts. First he kisses, and then he licks. His tongue is rough and wonderful. My body shivers and I arch my back willing him to take my breast into his mouth.

He moves down away from my breasts and I whimper wanting him to come back. I reach down and grab his hair with my hands. I try to pull him back up but he fights me, kissing my stomach and down to the hot moistness between my thighs.

I am so confused.

I have never experienced oral sex before so I am nervous and embarrassed. Until that moment I’d never felt so warm or so wet down there. Though I am shaved clean I am not sure what is going to happen.

He kisses my hot wetness as he gently parts my legs, effectively spreading my thighs before him. I try to close them.

“No” I whisper though I don’t really mean it.

Before I can move away or protest anymore his tongue is tasting and exploring me in ways I never before imagined. To my amazement I feel myself growing wetter and hotter. My body begins to tense and suddenly I shudder in my first true orgasm.

“Adam!” I scream, arching my back once as my body shakes and then lying back in shock and exhaustion.

Yet I want more.

Smiling down at me he calmly removes his pants. I try to smile back but my body is still shaking and that hot place between bahis şirketleri my thighs is aching for something more. Suddenly he is sliding in side of me.

The wetness makes it easier for him but I am still so tight and closed. It hurts for a moment, a sweet pain unlike any other. I feel myself stretching for him and I push my thighs against him ignoring all pain and discomfort. I want to feel him deep inside of me.

As quickly as it begins the pain is gone and all I feel is his hard shaft inside of me. It is pumping in and out and reducing me to an animal like state. I moan and scream grasping at him urging him to go deeper. Without warning he stops, flips me over on my stomach, and raises me up on my hands and knees.

Then he slides inside of me again.

There is a moment of discomfort. My virginal pussy is not prepared for such use and stretches again to accommodate him. In moments I am screaming and moaning. I feel like a dirty whore and I love it.

He pulls my hair, slaps my ass, and yells at me to scream his name.

“Oh Adam!” I cry dutifully between my own moans of delight.

“That’s right bitch” He grunts as he continues pumping away. For some reason those words push me over the edge and I feel my body begin to shudder again.

“I’m Cuming!” I scream and I feel a sudden rush of wetness explode from my pussy. Almost simultaneously I hear him grunt loudly as he gives my long black hair one last tug. Then I feel another burst of amazingly hot wetness that is not my own. Belatedly I realize that he must have cum as well.

He leans over me burying his face in my hair gasping. We are both sweating and a glance at the clock shows two hours have passed. I am amazed at how much fun that was.

Slowly Adam slides out of me all the while kissing my neck. When he is out I feel his hot cum oozing down my inner thighs and I smile to myself as I wonder how it would taste. After placing a playful slap on my ass he gets up and walks to the shower asking me to join him. Blushing slightly I get up and follow him.

The next day he admitted that he recorded the whole event.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32