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All the note said was to meet her at 8 at room number 32. My girlfriend had sent it to me earlier in the afternoon, but there were no additional instructions or explanations about what it was all about, just an envelope with this little slip of paper and a key. I knew that she sometimes liked to be what I called adventurous, and I was very curious and kind of excited about what may lay ahead for me. I put the key in the lock, opened the door and immediately closed it behind me.

It was kind of dark, and at first my eyes couldn’t see well enough to tell me what was going on. She was on the bed. She still had on her panties and bra, but I could see the rest of her clothes lying on the floor. She had been daring enough to handcuff one arm to the top of the bed, but she said she wanted to make sure it was I coming through the door before she cuffed the other wrist. So I did it for her, and then stepped back from the bed to look at her lying helpless on the bed. I slowly slipped out of my clothes, and crawled up on the bed to begin my fun. I slid up by the bedpost to where her hands were hanging. I took her index finger in between my lips and slowly sucked it into my mouth, curling my tongue around it as it went in. I sucked harder as I drew my head back, so it made a little sucking sound as it popped out of my mouth. Then I took my tongue and starting sliding it in between her fingers, letting it glide over the webbing in between her fingers. Then I took my tongue and lapped my way from her wrist, over her forearm, and up to her elbow, where I circled the tip of my tongue around the small hollow at the center of her elbow, and then kissed and nibbled my way up to her neck.

She had already started squirming by the time I got there… and I loved to make her squirm, so it just turned me on even more to take my time. My hard-on was already throbbing to the rhythm of my heartbeat, but I was having so much fun. I slowly kissed and licked her neck from ear to ear, taking the time to suck each lobe into my mouth to flick it with my wet tongue, and then using the tip to softly trace the outline of her ear from top to bottom. Her mouth was wanting mine, but I only let my tongue graze the edges of her lips as I hovered above her, and occasionally our tongues would meet as she stretched her’s out to taste mine. Then I dropped down and kissed my way from her neck to where her bra met the top of her breasts. It was kind of a thin bra, and her nipples had been hard from when I was sucking on her fingers.

So I put my mouth over her nipple and starting licking her through the bra, soaking the fabric as I stroked and nibbled her with my mouth. Then I switched breasts and did the same with her other nipple, and casino şirketleri when I rose up to look at her, I could clearly see the complete outline of her hard nipples through the wet fabric. I then slid down and placed my mouth on the inside of her thigh just above her knee. And I flattened my tongue against her skin and slowly slid it up her thigh to where her panties rested against her skin… she was writing her hips the whole time, and by the time I got to the top of her thigh, she had her hips completely arched in the air, inviting me to have her.

But I dropped back down and placed my tongue on her other thigh, again snaking my way up in a slow, wet trail up to her panties. I knew that, underneath that fabric, her lips were swollen and wet, but I didn’t want to touch them yet. I took a break and slid back up the bed, and straddled her chest, and moved up enough to slide my cock into her mouth as deep as I could, and since she was so turned on, she immediately started sucking as hard as she could. But then I withdrew, and went back down to her stomach. Her skin was now sensitive to the slightest touch, so I started tonguing her belly button, and gently kissed, licked, and nibbled down to the top of her waistband. I slid my tongue under the top of the waistband, and the elastic just pushed my wet tongue even harder against her already sensitive skin. And I traced the top of the waistband from left to right, and could feel the little tremors in her skin as she kept catching her breath. I pulled out of the waistband, and moved down a little so that my mouth was right above her swollen clit and lips. I took the tip of my tongue and ever so gently pressed on her clit through the fabric, and flicked my tongue upwards, causing her to shudder and groan… By now, her whole body was in a state of constant writhing.

I lay on top of her, and she instinctively wrapped and locked her legs around me. As we kissed deeply, tasting every inch of each other’s mouths as we could, I pressed my cock as hard as I could against her arched hips and started sliding it up and down on the fabric of her panties, gliding over her clit in long, slow strokes. I could feel the wetness of her on my skin through the fabric. Her still hard nipples looked so inviting through the damp fabric of her bra, so I reached down and ripped it from her body. Now that her breasts were free, I knelt down and gently took her left nipple in between my teeth and slid the tip of my tongue over its tip, and then swallowed her in my mouth, sucking her erect nipple in deep, massaging it with my tongue. I then repeated the tongue bath on her other nipple, sucking and licking on it until she was whimpering under me.

Once again, casino firmalari I rose up and straddled her chest, and held my cock just in front of her mouth. I squeezed it from the bottom of the shaft upwards, until a drop of precum started forming at the tip. She stretched her tongue out, reaching for me, and I slid close enough so that she could barely reach me with her tongue. She flattened her tongue out and held it flat, and I placed the tip of my cock on her tongue. I then squeezed all of the precum out of me and onto her waiting tongue. Tasting me made her want me inside her mouth more, and she licked at my head as much as she could. I eventually slid forward even more so she could take me completely in her mouth. She felt so good that I slid up and rose up and started pumping in and out of her mouth, wanting so badly to cum in her right then and there, but knowing that I had other places to explore first. I forced myself to pull out of her mouth before I let myself go to far. I had worked myself up so much that I knew I just had to taste her as well. I went back down by her stomach, and knelt beside her, watching her breasts and stomach rise and fall with her ragged breathing. I took my index finger and slowly circled her belly button, and then flattened my hand on her stomach. I slid it down further, slipping my fingers under the waistband of her panties, and let it go downwards until I felt soft hair I was searching for. She was wet all over, including it seemed like every strand of hair, and I let my hand slide further down until I had her lips in the palm of my hand. I cupped my hand and squeezed her, and that act alone made her shake.

Before exploring further, I removed my hand and slid her panties slowly down her legs. They were completely soaked from my mouth and her juices. I then slowly spread her legs, and let my hand run up her thigh to her lips. I softly traced the outline of her lips with the tip of my finger, just grazing her skin as it slid around her. Then I slid my finger in between her lips, moistening it with her own juices, and then moved it up to rest on her clit. I slowly started circling it round and round her clit, massaging and rubbing it with my fingertip, making her hips jump all around. I then let my finger drop a little and slid it all the way into her, feeling her warm, wet insides grip me. I left my finger inside her and leaned down, and then slid my tongue over her lips, finally tasting her like I had wanted to so badly. I took her clit between my lips, and gently started sucking and licking it with my tongue. She immediately went crazy, and started thrashing around and I could hear the handcuffs clanging against the bedposts. I slid a second finger güvenilir casino in her and started licking her faster as I pumped her with my fingers. And then I took all of her I could, her lips and clit, into my mouth and started sucking and lapping with my tongue faster and faster. She arched her hips even higher, pushing herself against my mouth as I rammed my fingers in and out, and I kept licking her until I knew she was getting close. I sensed she was close to cumming, so I pulled my mouth away and stepped back.

I then slid up, took the shaft of my cock in my hand, placed the head of my cock on her clit and started rubbing her with it. Since she had been so close to cumming, I quickened the pace of my rubbing and she was soon once again on the verge of cumming. When I sensed she was real close, I put the head between her lips and slid in her in one thrust. She gripped me completely, and after the first couple of thrusts she came. She gripped me so much when she came that I almost lost control and shot into her right then. But I managed to control myself and keep slowly sliding my cock in and out of her, covering myself in her juices. Once I had regained complete control of myself, I pulled her legs up next to my shoulders, and put all of my weight on her. Then I started thrusting harder and harder, seemingly trying to ram her down into the mattress, hearing our wet skin slap against each other, filling her up with each stroke.

When I got close to cumming, I pulled out, since I wanted to play a little more. I wanted her on top of me, so I finally undid the handcuffs, and she pushed me on my back. She took my cock in her hand and squeezed up on the shaft, and when the precum came to the tip, she took me in her mouth and sucked it off. Then she straddled and got on top of me, and rested her hips on my cock and pushing it against my body. She started moving her hips around, rubbing me with her wetness, and then she leaned forward a little so she could rub her clit on my shaft. She finally slid up a little, took me in her hand, and guided me back into her. It wasn’t long before she started rocking faster and faster, and I could tell from her reactions that she was getting close to cumming again.

I knew that this time there would also be no holding back for me. I could feel her pussy gripping me tighter and tighter, and she kept moving her hips faster, and I thought I was about to go crazy. I grabbed her hips and started helping her to force her down on me as hard as I could. She let out little, short screams as she started cumming, and as she drove down on me the last few thrusts I felt the head of my cock swell, accentuated by her muscles gripping me, and finally I felt the cum rise up inside my shaft and explode inside of her, mixing with her juices that had already soaked both our bodies. I stayed inside her and she collapsed on top of me. I kissed her softly, she rolled off of me and lay beside me, and we slept peacefully till the morning…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32