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My name is Mike. In my seventy years I have had the good fortune to have had multiple sex partners at one time or another.

My multiples were not always a three-way with two women. This true story happened to me long ago and involved five ladies who ended up in my bed one summer’s night. Yes, five naked sexed-up young ladies gave me pure sexual joy and pleasure on that weekend so long ago.

It was back in 1964 when I was 27 years old and still a happy bachelor. I had started my own mechanical engineering firm and built a home just outside of the city-limits of our town on 30 acres of land with money that I’d inherited.

I started my little hobby farm with three saddle horses, all mares, one yellow Labrador and one English Pointer, both bitches, and three female cats. I have always preferred female animals because young males, no matter what type of animals they are, four legged or two legged, have sex mostly on their mind. When all you think about is sex and when you are going to get your next piece of tail, then you are not paying attention to business or the teaching master.

One Saturday night I had been out at one of the local nightclubs. I was like most of the young studs at this nightclub; I wanted to pick up a piece of ass for the night. This club always had a lot of single females there and tonight there were about three dozen unattached young ladies.

Eight of these stag girls were sitting at a big table together. They were partying heavy and drinking it up. I knew them all and two of them in particular. These girls were all seniors and had just graduated with degrees from a local college. They were celebrating that school was done. They were about 21 or 22-years old and ready to take on the real world that night with their new found freedom.

As I said, two of the eight girls I knew quite well. These two very sexy ladies were named Marsha and Sally. They were identical twin sisters and it was difficult trying to tell them apart. They did almost everything together. They went to school together, roomed together, took the same courses together and as I found out, enjoyed fucking the same man together.

I bedded the twins two years before when they were both sophomores in college. First, I had each alone. Then five times I had both gals together as a threesome. The twins were horny foxes and just loved to suck on each other cunts with a man watching or participating.

I dated Marsha first before I knew she had a twin sister. She and I fucked and screwed on our first date. In fact she spent all night at my little farm and went horseback riding with me the next day. That first night in my bed she got the feel of my mouth on her cunt and my big nine inch prick way up to her uterus. I guess she could not wait to get back to her dorm room and tell her sister Sally about the new big pricked man she had found.

So, Sally was out to my little hobby farm two days later wanting to try out my big member too. Not knowing that they were identical twins I told Sally, “You just about all fucked me out two days ago and I doubt I can get it up hard to do it you again, Marsha.”

“No, no Michael, “Sally said. “You don’t understand. I am Marsha’s twin sister. I am Sally,” she told me. “We have always shared our men especially if you guys have a big cock and really love to eat pussy.” Then she said, “Mike, let’s get naked here and fuck.” No kidding, she did say that, almost her very first words out of her hot, dirty talking, and cute little mouth. That was the first I knew of the two very hot and horny twins in town. How could I have missed out on these twins in our local night spots these the last two years? I still suspected that Marsha was just playing a joke on me.

Then Sally went on to prove that she was not joking. She said, “I am not my sister.” She opened her blouse and was braless underneath. She showed me her perky young woman’s breasts and pointed to her small birthmark under her very lovely right bosom. Sally said, “Marsha does not have this spot.”

I saw right away that Sally’s nipples were noticeably much longer and thicker than Marsha’s and I told her so.

Sally said, “That’s right,” then reached up with both hands and started to pinch her big nipples. She said, “Oh, Michael, they are very sensitive too and I like other people to suck on them. I sure hope that’s something that you do in a little bit stud.”

Then Sally lowered her little white tennis shorts to her knees and showed me her private’s area. She had not worn ant panties either. Her love hole slit and the surrounding area was shaved and cleaned of all her pubic hair.

My god, I thought, this hot little bitch is really serious. She has no bra or panties on. She had come out to my place to get laid. And she was my favorite style of woman who shaved cunt clean and bald. I started getting an erection.

“See,” Sally said, “I shave my pussy. I am all clean of pubic hair and Marsha is not,” Sally said. “Marsha told me that you were a real expert at sucking on her pussy, so you have casino siteleri already seen how hairy she is. And didn’t you get a mouth full of her twat hair? And don’t you just hate it to get pussy hair in your mouth and get it between your teeth?”

Sally then told me, “I just hate to get my sister’s hair in my mouth when I eat her out. Marsha has never shaved her crouch and always has had a very thick hairy bush. It has always been a problem for me every time we both go down on each other.”

She then point to her clean shaven cunt by taking fingers and stated to rub up and down on her vagina lips. Her lip folds were beginning to grow thick and to blossoming out with her arousal.

Sally then said, “I just hate pubic hair on a girl’s pussy or a boyfriend’s dick and balls. Yes, Michael I said a dick and balls because like what I hear about you and mouthing a girls pussy, I so do equally like to suck big old cock in my mouth and a big hanging nut sack to chew on.”

Then she said, “Marsha said that I was going to like you because you shaved most of you cock area hair. She said, Michael, that you only leave little bit just above your pecker. My sis said that you had really big ball sack, Michael, and it is all shaved smoothed too. Is that true, man? Oh, how I love to suck on a man’s testicles. It is so neat to get to roll those egg shaped nuts around in my mouth.”

I just stood there in my living room looking at this now more than half undressed and very forward young lady. Her boldness had taken me by surprise. I just stood there with a shit-assed grin on my face.

Sally said, “Michael, you didn’t know that Marsha had a twin sister did you? And that we were bi? Ya I bi but if I had to chose I like men better, especially a man with staying power. A girl can get so many kinds of sex from who has a long lasting hard erect cock.”

I said, “Sally, who cares that you and your sis like women. I think t is extremely hot that you like girls too as long as you like what I plan do this afternoon to your hot little cunt.” Then I took hold of her and planted one very big wet tongue filled kiss on her open mouth. After the kiss she said, “Am I making you hot and horny you big stud? Well you will have to wait because I am not done telling you how I like my sex from men. I like you guys that have some length to shove your big cocks up my asshole and fuck me there. A big prick giving me a rectum fuck is so good. I love ass fucking particularly when my rear end is sticking up in the air while I am eating out Marsha’s delightful pussy.”

Then Sally said, “When we girls are alone doing the girl, girl thing, Marsha and I sometimes shove a big old dildo up our asses. We also have a strap-on with a 14-inch big black big cock on it. Marsha fucks me real good with it, both up my asshole and in my pussy. When ever she shoves that big black thing in me, I always have this fantasize that some black dude is raping me with his big black cock.”

“I think that rectum sex is almost as good as oral sex,” Sally said. I just love to please my men by sucking their dicks and having them shoot my mouth full of their good tasting cum. Speaking of which, I will bet you that I can get your big old pecker really hard right now with my mouth.” Then she dropped onto her knees in front of me.

Sally undid my pants and pulled them and my boxers to my ankles freeing up my almost fully hard cock. It stood at attention right in front of this young sexy fox, right up in front of her face. She ran her hand up and down my hard shaft and then hefted my nut sack and said, “Oh, Michael, you are ever so beautifully hung. Then she stuck out her tongue and took a long lick up my nut sack and said, “Let’s fuck man!”

So we did. Like two nights ago with her twin sister Marsha, Sally and I had another long and pleasure filled night. Her mouth sucked me up hard three times that afternoon and evening and I had three climaxes.

The first was by her sweet tongue filled mouth down there on her knees before me. Then another with my nine-inches shoved up her very tight little rosebud, where I blew a load of cum deep in her ass. Finally, the last one was with me on my back and Sally sitting on top of me riding me while calling out that she was a cowgirl riding her big cocked stallion. I held off cumming while Sally rode me and she had one orgasm after another. She really enjoyed being on top this way as she rammed my cock deep in her love canal.

I can’t even guess how many orgasms she had. She was just like her sister as they both were very multiple organismic and would just cum and cum.

Oh, how I envy women who can do that. Why aren’t we men lucky enough and built to have multiple climaxes like the ladies do? I have been told that this is god’s reward to women because he gave them childbirth pain. Women who can have mind blowing climaxes, one right after the other, are truly blessed.

Over the next couple of months I had five threesomes with the twins. I could not get them alone to fuck and it always ended up in slot oyna a three-way on my big king size bed. They were kinky, even doing me up my ass with their own strap-on big black dildo a couple of times.

They brought their ass plugs and other dildos and vibrators over to my house each time to use on me and themselves. That was the first time any women had shoved up my asshole anything that big around. In the past, I had only a girl or woman’s finger up my rectum several times by another slightly kinky young ladies.

I had not even discovered prostate gland rubs pleasure as yet. That came some seven years later when I found out that a finger up the rectum was not the same as a prostate finger massage. My first prostate rub came about when I first started to have sex with my third secretary June. She was giving me my first blow job by her when she absolutely blew my mind with pleasure of her finger in my asshole and rubbing hard on my prostate gland.

June stuck a finger up my ass and gave me my very first prostate massage; a trick that she had learned from her first male lover. Now, for the last 36-years, I have been hooked on my sweet wife and other women rubbing that muscular chestnut sized gland just inside of my asshole.

Even though I didn’t necessarily like to be ass fucked with any large object, I have always wanted to do it to other women that really like having a cock shoved up their rectum. My dear wife, June, says she has a different kind of orgasm with rectum sex and it is very pleasurable to her. She especially likes it when I am giving it in her rosebud and at the same time I am fisting her cunt with all four of my fingers deep in her pussy way up to my wrist.

This way I feel my cock going up and down in her shit tube through the light skin membrane tissue between her rectum and her cunt walls. When I am in her two holes this way I always manage to rub and stimulate June’s G-spot extra hard. This almost always sends my dear wife into a most powerful almost pass-out type of orgasm.

I do digress don’t I? Let’s get back to the twins sisters. I did not really like Marsha or Sally sticking big things up my ass very much. I never could relax my sphincter muscle at my rectum opening for their thick dildos. This may be one of the reasons that I never wanted to have sex with another man.

Although I do get pleasure somewhat seeing another man’s naked muscular body and I do enjoy seeing other men jack-off their hard cocks and shoot out great gobs of their pearly manly seed.

Every now and then at our seniors’ swingers’ sex club we men get together and put on a show of masturbating ourselves off in front of the women.

I am digressing again. So the twin’s offbeat style of having anus sex got to me after a few weeks and I dropped them despite the torrid sex. The full story of my threesomes with the twins is best left to another time.

Back to the night club where I was sitting, dancing with these eight girls and buying them drinks. I was especially attracted to a particular girl. Her name was Ruth and she was African American. Several times I tried to get her to go out with me but she’d refused. I wanted her cute little black ass very badly. I’d never fucked a black girl, only one Japanese girl and several dark skinned Mexican ladies.

Ruth was rather tall; about six-foot, just shy of my own six-foot two-inch self. She had dark chocolate brown skin. She had a beautiful face, much like Lena Horn or Holly Berry. But, Ruth was much darker skinned than these two Hollywood stars. Also, Ruth’s black hair was the classic type of little tight curls on her scalp. Ruth had a very narrow waist with nice womanly hips on top of a heart shaped tight little ass. She had a trim body up high on long legs.

What really set Ruth apart from most women, black or white were her breasts. Her tits were at least 38-inchers, very big for her tall trim body. Her tits stood straight out with little or no drooping. They were so outstanding and she displayed them proudly in her light sweater she wore that night.

When Ruth and I danced her big breasts pushed hard into my chest. I was sure she was teasing me as she kept by rubbing them back and forth. Maybe the liquor was finally getting to her.

I started to get an erection and I just pushed it right back into her groin. Ruth whispered in my ear, “Mike is my big bosom making you hard like that.” Maybe, I thought, tonight I was going to strike black gold. (A pun intended).

We were getting a little high on the liquored-up drinks. Then Marsha, the twin, started to tell the other girls about how big my cock was. She told them that I had a nine-inch super dick and it was about two-inches thick. The girls all were giggling at this news. Several including Ruth tried to feel my cock in my pants.

Ruth whispered in my ear, as she rubbed my now starting to get hard cock through my pants, “I thought that only black men were really hung.”

I asked her, “Have you ever had a black man with a nine-inch or bigger penis?”

She canlı casino siteleri said, “No, but I sure would like to find one.”

I then asked her, “Will a white boy do?”

Before she could answer several of the other girls said that they wanted to see my equipment. They wanted me to take it out and show them right there in the nightclub.

“No, not here in public,” I said. But I invited any or all who would go back to my place to get in my newly installed Jacuzzi tub on my outside deck. I told the girls, “We can all get naked at my house and see what everybody has in the way of love making equipment.”

I said to the eight, “Girls, I am such exhibitionist and show off. I really enjoy getting naked, jacking off and cumming for a group of pretty young women.”

I told the girls at the club, “I would be more than willing to masturbate in front of you ladies tonight. But, I will masturbate only on the condition that you gals are naked along with me and let me see your lovely tits while I am beating my meat for you.”

But my offer to show them my cock was too bold for most of them and they said “No, no,” and all the time they were being very giggly. One gal said, “That if I was so proud of my equipment, then I would drop my pants now and show them what a big tool I had.”

I told them, “I could get arrested if I did that. Besides,” I teased them by saying, “If I get naked, one of you girls is going to get screwed right here on top of this nightclub table.” With that several said, “Mike, you wouldn’t dare.” I said, “Oh yeah; don’t get too vocal with your dares because someone might end up with her panties down to her knees.”

After a while I began to think that none of the recent college grads would go home with me. It was getting late and these ladies were enjoying their new found freedom and the drinks that I bought. I started to get a little disgusted.

Fed up and feeling sorry for myself I decided to leave the club. It was almost midnight and this bar would be closing in another hour. The women were getting a little too drunk. They might not be any good at fucking tonight anyway. So I left alone without even one the young babes to fuck.

When I went out to the parking lot to get in my car, hunger pains took over. So, I went further up the highway to an all-night truck stop cafe to grab some ham and eggs. Three of my of my hunting buddies came in after me and they told me that they’d also had a very unsuccessful night of chasing cunt too. We four had a late night breakfast together and told hunting, fishing and women stories for the next hours. All lies, of course.

We stayed too long drinking coffee when I realized that it was almost three o’clock in the morning. It would be getting light out soon. I had been there bullshitting with my friends for too long. So, I went home to another night of solo pleasure with old mother palm and her five daughters or so I thought. What a most pleasant surprise I was about to get.

I pulled up in my driveway and noticed that all my downstairs lights were on as well as the lights in my upstairs bedroom. There was Marsha’s big old 53 Oldsmobile red convertible parked in my driveway. It had been three hours since I’d left the girls at the club. Well, I thought, maybe I could put up with the two kinky twins, Marsha and Sally, one more time.

I was still horny enough from my earlier activities to put up with having their toys shoved up my ass. After all a fuck is still a fuck and maybe they didn’t have any of their asshole play tools with them this time.

So I went in my house. There was no one downstairs but, there were several empty beer bottles and one empty Jack Daniel’s bottle along with used glasses on the kitchen counter. Also on the counter were an empty butter dish and mostly empty peanut butter and jelly containers. Along with the above was an empty wrapper from a loaf of bread that I knew was full earlier as I had just bought it.

All through the house was the very pungent odor of marijuana. I didn’t know the twins were into smoking grass. I hadn’t smoked any grass since my college days. I really did not need it to get high anymore for sex or anything else. Furthermore, I did not smoke regular tobacco or cigarettes because I was into working out, physical exercise and some sports. But someone else was sure stinking up my house with their joints.

I started up the stairs to the second floor but was stopped at the head of the stairs where one of my neckties was tied between the hand rails. There hanging from the necktie was a bloody tampon tied on with its own string. Well somebody who was in my house was having her monthly period.

Good, I thought. In the past, I’d had several great sex encounters with menstruating women. At that time of the month women seem to be extra horny. Also, I thought, those four or five days of the month their cunts were so much wetter and slipperier than at other times.

Maybe now I was going to get more of that kind of good extra wet sex from one of the twins. I was sure that oversexed Marsha or Sally would just love to have my cock shoved up one of their bleeding cunts. Maybe, if I was lucky and because they were identical twins the both were menstruating at the same time this month.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32