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“It was literally the best sex I’ve ever had in my life,” I laughed as I told my friends what had happened with Zach.

“Well that’s no surprise, you’ve only ever had sex with Nolan,” Carrie shrugged.

“True, but anyways yeah it was awesome and I definitely want to do that again,” I shivered remember Zach inside me.

“Well you need to move on to Aiden now,” Leah waggled her eyebrows.

“I’ve heard he’s really good in bed,” Amy clapped her hands excitedly.

“You guys I don’t know if I want to fuck him yet… what happened with Zach was just kind of a spur of the moment thing,” I blushed.

“Well I’m just saying if you do have sex with Aiden you won’t be disappointed,” Amy said.

“We’ll see,” I sighed, “I have Aiden’s number…should I text him?”

“Fuck yes!” Carrie said a little too excited.

I giggled and pulled out my phone sending a quick ‘Hey’ to Aiden.

“There’s a party tomorrow night you could make a move on him there,” Leah offered.

“Yeah I could do that,” I said as I felt my phone vibrate and unlocked it.

Aiden: Hey what’s up 🙂

Me: Nothing much, you?

“Oh we’re nothing much?” Carrie pretended to be offended. I rolled my eyes and bit my lip nervously as I waited for a response. I nearly dropped my phone when it started buzzing with a video call from Aiden.

“Oh fuck!” I giggled.

“Answer it,” Leah squealed.

“Hide then,” I said as I fluffed my hair and pulled my shirt down a little. I laid down on my stomach on my bed before answering and made sure the girls stayed quiet.

“Hey there,” I smiled into the camera as I answered.

“Hey! Sorry I’m driving home and figured it’d be easier to call than text,” Aiden chuckled.

“What’s wrong with just a normal call?” I teased.

“Well then I wouldn’t get to see your gorgeous face,” he winked.

“Aiden Marks if I didn’t know any better I’d say you were flirting with me!”

“Well I guess you don’t know any better cause I am,” he grinned.

“I’m guessing you’ve heard I’m single now,” I stuck my tongue out at the camera.

“Yes and it fucking took you long enough.”

“Yeah, yeah I know… so what are you doing tomorrow?” I said changing topics.

“Probably going to that frat party tomorrow night, you?”


“Well would you want to go with me?” he asked slightly nervously.

I bit my lip and tried not to laugh at Leah who was making thrusting motions.

“Yeah, that’d be fun,” I giggled.

“Well cool I’m almost home and then I’m going to shower want me to text you after?”

“Sure… don’t drown,” I joked.

“I’ll try not to,” he rolled his eyes laughing.

“Alright, talk to you soon,” I waved goodbye.

“Bye Spence,” he grinned before hanging up.

“Oh my gosh! You are so on a roll!” Carrie squealed doing a little dance.

“I can’t believe he asked me out,” I joined in her in her weird little dance fest.

“We have to pick out a super hot outfit,” Amy said already rifling through my closet.

We ended up picking out a black sheer lace halter neck top that had lace thicker in some spots to cover my nipples. It was paired with a curve hugging black mini skirt and sky high heels. Leah decided I should wear my hair up and they all promised to be at the party for support if needed.

I texted Aiden until everyone left and then until I finally fell asleep. After class the next day I hurried home and started getting ready.

When I was all dressed illegal bahis and ready I stared at myself for a moment. I bit my lip and took off the lacy black thong I’d put on deciding to go without tonight. I know I’d told the girls I wasn’t sure I wanted to have sex with Aiden, but I definitely did. He was hot, sweet, and funny and I really needed to just go crazy for once in my life.

When Aiden came to pick me up I texted the girls I was on my way quickly before I climbed into his truck. My skirt pulled up a little exposing more of my thighs, but I didn’t care. In fact as I sat in the passenger sit I made sure it hiked up even more so it barely covered anything.

“Wow you look incredible,” Aiden gulped taking me in.

“Thanks,” I giggled.

“Fuck I don’t know if I want to take you to this party anymore,” he stared at me open mouthed.

“Oh why not?” I furrowed my brows.

“I’m going to get in a fist fight tonight trying to fight guys off of you,” he shook his head.

“Well don’t worry I’ll take care of you after if it comes down to that,” I winked.

“Deal,” Aiden smiled grabbing my hand and intertwining our fingers. I felt butterflies in my stomach and my skin flushed as our hands rested on my thigh together. Aiden backed out of the driveway and as he drove us towards the party all I could think of was how badly I wanted him to pull over and take me. I’d always had a small little crush on Aiden, I mean who wouldn’t he was hot and funny, but I’d always kept things platonic. I knew he was just another one on the list, but like with Zach I didn’t want this to be a one time thing.

“Alright beautiful let’s go make some jaws drop,” Aiden said getting out of the car and coming around to open my door for me. He grabbed me around the waist and helped me down his fingers grazing my bare bottom as he did so. I blushed and adjusted my skirt once I was on my feet. Aiden put his arm around me as we walked towards the house and he kept it around me when we went inside too.

“Let’s get a drink,” I yelled over the roar of the many people’s voices around us. I knew Leah, Carrie, and Amy would be waiting in the kitchen for us so I led Aiden that way.

“Daaaaamn,” Carrie whistled when she saw us.

“Thanks,” I laughed. Aiden grabbed the two of us a beer and then pulled me some my back was to him and his arms were wrapped around me.

“You two look rather… cozy,” Leah smirked.

“It’s the outfit,” I shrugged.

“I mean that’s one of the reasons,” Aiden chuckled. In this position I knew he was probably staring right down my shirt, but I didn’t care.

“No cutesy shit you two, I’d rather not gag,” Amy jokingly rolled her eyes at us.

“Hey I’ve waited for Spence to be single for over two years now, I’m going to do cutesy shit if I want to,” Aiden laughed.

My friends visibly melted as he said that and I admit I swooned a little.

“Two years huh?” I grinned over my shoulder at him.

“Sweet heart I’ve had a thing for you since basically our first conversation,” Aiden said holding me tighter against him.

“What a line!” I laughed.

“Yeah man you’re cute, but we all call bull shit,” Carrie rolled her eyes with me.

“Women,” Aiden shook his head, “I will never understand you.”

“Same to you,” I elbowed him lightly.

“Well as much as I love getting bashed for being nice, I think the two of us need to go dance,” Aiden said offering his hand for me to take.

“Fine by me,” I said taking it and following him illegal bahis siteleri towards the living room.

The music was deafening and the lights were dim which made for some very saucy dancing. People were basically dry humping to music and Aiden and I were no different. He pulled me close as our hips moved in unison to the loud beat. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he placed his hands on my hips as I grinded on him. I could feel him getting hard against me which made me want him even more than I already did. I noticed people staring at us, but tried to ignore it… I shouldn’t have.

“Get the fuck off my girl!” Nolan’s angry voice yelled ripping Aiden away from me.

“She’s not your girl Nolan,” Aiden laughed in his face.

“Just go away Nolan,” I huffed stepping between them.

“What the fuck Spence? You’re hanging around with this tool now?” Nolan glared down at me.

“He’s not a tool, you are and don’t what the fuck me! You were the one caught cheating and now I’m just moving on from your sorry ass,” I rolled my eyes and sneered.

“You look like a fucking slut,” Nolan sneered back.

Aiden tensed up and calmly moved me to the side.

“I’d take that back right now if I were you,” Aiden warned.

“Hope you enjoy my sloppy seconds bro, she fucking sucked in bed anyways,” Nolan spat. I’d never hated someone so much in my life, but Nolan could go to hell for all I cared.

So when Aiden decked him in the face I didn’t try to stop him or feel bad… I felt aroused.

Nolan tried to strike him back, but a couple of guys grabbed him by the arms and dragged him away.

“You okay?” Aiden asked turning to me.

“I’m fine, thanks for that.”

“No problem,” Aiden pulled me into a hug. I took the opportunity to kiss him, and I felt relief when he kissed me back.

His fingers tangled in my hair and I almost forgot that we were standing in a room full of people.

“We should go,” I said breaking our kiss.

“You read my mind,” he grinned grabbing my hand and practically sprinted out to his truck. He helped me into the passenger seat and kissed me one more time before getting in the truck himself and driving off. It took ten minutes before Aiden found somewhere secluded and finally parked.

As soon as he put the truck in park I was climbing into the back seat and he was following me. Aiden sat in the middle seat and I straddled his lap as he captured my lips with his. His fingers curled in the edges of my top and began pulling until the thin fabric started to tear.

“Aiden!” I giggled as the now tattered scrap of clothing fell off of me.

“Much better,” he said cupping my breasts in his hands and massaging.

“Well fair is fair,” I pulled his shirt over his head and tossed it in the front.

He pushed my skirt up around my hips and began unbuckling his belt, pulling down his jeans and boxers to reveal a monstrous cock.

I didn’t hesitate to sink down on him.

We both moaned at the feeling of his cock stretching me and pushing deep inside me. I started a rhythm of raising myself up and slamming back down on his shaft.

It’d been no more than a day since I’d slept with Zach, but my body felt as if it had been starved of sex. I felt like a nympho with how much I was beginning to love sex.

Aiden raised his hips thrusting up as I thrust down resulting in a deep penetration I didn’t even know was possible.

“Oh Aiden!” I screamed. We both began thrusting harder together making canlı bahis siteleri the windows fog up and our bodies create a slapping rhythm. I tangled my fingers in his mane of hair and kissed him hard as we fucked. One of his hands slapped my ass while the other squeezed my breasts.

There was a tapping on the window, but we ignored it too caught up in satisfying each other to really pay attention.

My fingers nails dug into his scalp and my toes curled as he thrust faster and harder inside of me. I moaned and screamed like a wild woman as he pounded my pussy into an intense orgasm that had my pussy clenching his cock and my entire body shaking. I convulsed against him as I came and when I felt his cock release inside of me my pleasure became that much more intense.

I panted as we both hugged each other close covered in sweat from our love making.

This time when the tapping on the window sounded again the two of us panicked and I attempted to cover my large breasts with my hands. It was then that we noticed the flashing red and blue lights and I climbed off of Aiden. He pulled up his pants and I pulled my skirt back down before he hurriedly rolled down the window.

“Uh evening officer,” Aiden muttered nervously. The officer’s flash light shined into the back cab of the truck illuminating my topless state.

“Licenses for the both of you and then the registration,” the cop said shaking his head at us. Aiden reached into his pants pocket and handed his info over to the cop. As he shined his light on the license I finally got a good look at him and was surprised to find he was actually quite young… and hot.

“I don’t have a license on me sir,” I said.


“Spencer Cameron,” I said and watched as he wrote my name down on his notepad.

“Aiden Marks… you play college ball correct?” the cop asked shining his light back on us. I didn’t bother to cover my chest this time and if I wasn’t mistaken I think I saw a slight smirk on the young cop’s face.

“Yes sir,” Aiden nodded.

“Are you both aware I could give you a number of tickets for leaving the engine running while having sex?” the cop asked rhetorically, but I still answered.

“No sir I had no idea,” I bit my lip and slightly angled my shoulders so my breasts pushed together.

“Well I’m going to give you two a warning this time, but next time you better find a room or you’ll get railed with fines,” he warned.

“Thank you officer,” Aiden breathed a sigh of relief.

“Thank you,” I said licking my lips.

“You two have a nice night then,” the cop grinned as he handed Aiden back his stuff and then walked off.

Aiden rolled up the window and then busted out laughing.

“Holy fuck thank god for these,” he laughed kissing my breasts and hugging me tightly.

“Yeah you totally owe me a new shirt,” I laughed with him.

“Seriously your tits are life savers,” he grinned.

“Oh whatever, let’s get out of here,” I giggled and climbed back into the passenger seat. I grabbed Aiden’s shirt and pulled it on as he got back into the drivers seat.

“That was some of the best and most terrifying sex I’ve ever had,” he joked as we drove away.

“No kidding,” I punched his shoulder lightly.

“I’m definitely going to have to keep you on my booty call list,” I teased.

“Oh ouch, you’re vicious,” Aiden winked at me.

“Better wear something hot and tight the next time I text you,” I giggled.

“Well you better not be wearing anything at all.”

“Deal,” I grinned.

I had a feeling Aiden knew I didn’t want anything serious at the moment and I was glad I didn’t have to have the same talk I had with Zach with him.

I was becoming quite the player and I sort of liked it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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