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*ok this is the second chapter in my series. its not finished yet but felt I should post it. anyways hope you all like it so far*


Jameson Ramsey was a hard working man. His life, as most in this era, spent day and night tending to their land. Providing for their families wasn’t a simple task, but they got by with what they harvested. Jameson and his wife Bianca built their place from the ground up. Day after day was spent on the house. Getting it ready for the upcoming arrival of the couple’s baby.

” Jamie are you thirsty?” asked Bianca from inside the house.

” Yes Bianca I am thirsty..please darlin do not bring it to me, I will go and fetch it.” Jameson hollered from the corral who was working with some new horses he received in trade from a local farmer, “I do not want you to struggle to get the water, not in the condition you are in.”

“Oh hush I can manage just fine,” snapped Bianca as she sat at the dinner table. After many attempts to get up from the chair she hollered back “ok ….you can get it.”

Jameson heard her and gave a little smile and went inside to get a drink. Sipping from the glass Jameson relished the coldness of the water. It hit the spot and helped him re-hydrate. Bianca was sitting at the table snapping some peas for dinner. Jameson approached Bianca and knelt down and gave her a warming kiss.

“I can feel my son moving inside you my love,” Jameson said.

“What makes you think its a boy Jamie? I am wanting a little girl,” Bianca said back putting her hand on top of Jameson’s following his rubbing motion.

“Just call it a hunch,” Jameson replied as he leaned in to kiss her once again, ” I need to go finish.”

Gregory Smith was another local farmer settling down with his new wife. He recently bought land close to Jameson and his wife Bianca. He knew Gregory VERY well and as teens, they would do more than just the regular hi-jinks most teenagers would get themselves into. Gregory was always exploring his sexuality, whether it be with women or men. He was known for his many erotic orgies that would last for 3 or 4 days. He met Jameson through a friend and became a regular of his. When Gregory’s father died, the family had to move to another town far away from Jameson. The reunion of the 2 brought up those many erotic memories casino oyna back into Jameson’s mind. Jameson knew now that he could not do anything behind his wife’s back. For a time, Jameson had feelings for Gregory. But after a year had passed since Gregory’s move, Jameson fell in love with a young woman who lived closed by.

“Hi there Jamie how’s it going with you and your wife?” Gregory asked as he neared the corral gate.

” Just fine Gregory, just here working with the new horses I got. How are you and your wife doing?”

” We are doing fine, we just came by to see how you two were doing and brought along some gifts for your new baby,” answered Gregory as he smiled to Jameson.

“Thank you for that Gregory. Ever since we announced our expecting child people have been coming by non stop it seems. If its not baby clothing, its bottles, if not that its just odd knick knacks.”

The heat of the day was intense. Jameson took of his shirt, much to the delight of Gregory. The muscular physique of Jameson was one to be admired. Bulging pecks and a washboard for a stomach was enough to send any person insane with lust. His smooth chest glistened with sweat from the hard day of work. It was all Gregory could do from staring and lusting for Jameson. Gregory still harbored feelings for Jameson but the feeling was not mutual. But Jameson knew those type of feelings for another man was looked down upon and went against his values. But the encounters he had with Gregory were too intense. Many nights he often thought about those days when he and Gregory messed around.

“So Jamie….remember when we were young? What we used to do?”

“Yes Gregory, I remember. But I am a different person now. I have a wife and a child on the way,” Jameson said sternly to Gregory. ” But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think of them often. We were young and just did whatever we wanted.”

This brought a smile to Gregory’s face as he felt his dick get somewhat aroused. Jameson knew that even though Gregory was married, rumor has it he was still up to his old ways. “Well Jamie, I’ve thought a lot about you and well I can’t help myself . I’ve never gotten so hard with anyone before and well I’d like to have one of those moments once again.”

As soon as Jameson was about to reply Bianca hollered from the back slot oyna door, “Hey you two, dinner is ready, come and eat!” Jameson got his shirt and along with Gregory walked to the house to eat.

Nearby, Rodrigo, one of 6 elder vampires, laid in wait with his clan. His clan consisted of 30 other beings which were vampires and lycans– werewolves. They have kept watch on the families here and the surrounding areas for many years. They didn’t stalk them for food, but they stalked them for protection. With there being good vampires and lycans, there were evil ones too. Many have ravaged the nearby towns for centuries. With 6 clans, many have spread throughout the country, guarding the people with their lives.

“Mmmmmm darlin this meal smells great,” Jameson happily said as he helped Bianca to her seat, “please darlin you sit and I will serve.”

“Thank you Jamie, my feet have been hurting some, just don’t drop anything ok,” Bianca answered back as she winked to Jameson with a smile on her face. Jameson smiled back and nodded his head in agreement.

“I’ll help you Jamie,” said Gregory’s wife Janine, “no you sit too honey, I will help Jamie and you two just sit,” said Gregory as he stood up from his chair.

Jameson felt uneasy with Gregory coming to help him in the kitchen. He knew that Gregory was going to try to seduce him or do something. When Gregory entered the kitchen he looked over at Jameson and smiled. He saw that Jameson was going to grab a serving dish. He thought that if he we went to grab the same serving dish he could touch Jameson’s hand.

“Oh sorry Jamie, I didn’t know you were going to grab that one,” Gregory said with a sinister grin on his face. But Jameson knew better and just gave a faint smile and let go of the dish and grabbed another. The menu for the day was roast chicken, white rice, roasted potatoes, carrots, and biscuits. One of the many traits that Jameson loved about Bianca was that she was a good cook. Her family owned a few taverns in a few towns. Her family’s cooking was the best around. So much so, in fact her family has cooked for 2 Presidents. And because of that business has been good to them.

As all four of them were sitting around the dinner table, passing among themselves the few dishes filled with food. The aroma of the food was simply heavenly. canlı casino siteleri Bianca went all out with this meal and the pride on her face showed. She knew that chicken was Jameson’s favorite meal, especially the breast part.

“So Janine, when are you and Gregory going to have a child so ours can have someone to play with?” grinned Bianca.

“Oh we are working on it, but the last 2 times I miscarried.”

Quietness filled the room for a few seconds but seemed longer. “Oh I’m sorry to hear that Janine,” Bianca said as she slowly moved some food around thinking on what else to say.

“My doctor said I miscarried due to me being sick off and on the last few months,” said Janine with a heavy sigh on her face. Gregory grabbed her hand, cause he too wanted a child of his own and knew the pain Janine has gone through, both physically and emotionally.

“What kind of sickness do you have Janine, is it serious?” asked Bianca.

“Not sure, really. It seems as if it just came from nowhere. Gregory and some other town folk thought it was some sort of plague brought in by the foreigners that came into town. But only a handful of people have gotten sick and I think only 3 people have died from it. They had to burn the bodies.”

Gregory looked deep into Janine’s eyes. She was trying to hold back tears. This worried Jameson, he knew that Bianca had been coughing some but she just dismissed as it being part to being pregnant.

“Darlin we are having the doctor look at you.” demanded Jameson.

“Honey please don’t fret, its nothing really. Just the dust is getting me and me being pregnant,” said Bianca reassuring Jameson.

“Still I want you to see him….please darling?” Jameson said with concern in his voice to Bianca as she nodded to him in agreement.

Rodrigo and his second in command, Mathin, were scoping out the area for any signs of intruders. A few weeks ago, a werewolf had savagely raped and killed a young woman on her way back from the dairy. Mathin and 2 other of his lycan brothers tracked down the beast and killed him. They knew who the beast was and clan he belonged too. Awaiting any signs of war from the beast’s clan.

“Did you see anything Mathin?” asked Rodrigo in a husky tone of voice, “No Rodrigo, no signs whatsoever. I don’t think they are planning any sort of attack any time soon.”

“Lets us go back and wait to see if anything arises.” demanded Rodrigo. And in one quick swift Rodrigo, Mathin and a few from the clan disappeared into the darkness.

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