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I myself wear callipers and did always find it hard to find women to accept me for who, not what, I am.


Ever since I had been wearing the calipers my sex life had nose dived. I could still chat women up but when it came to meeting them the second they saw my footwear that was the end of that. It got so bad that I had resigned myself to spending the rest of my life single and only having internet porn sites as the only outlet for my frustration. The only good thing was that I lived alone in my own apartment, so I could watch and do what I wanted and in whichever room I wanted.

I would masturbate as soon as I woke up then regularly through the day but one day, while I was in yet another adult chat room, I began talking to a new woman. She seemed really interested in everything about my life and she had a few stories of her own as well. Stories of how she had met a few men online, only to meet them and get used and abused for a short time, then dumped. Like me she said she had about given up of ever finding someone to be happy with.

We ended up talking, at some point, virtually every day for a couple of months when she asked if I would like to meet her. I knew I had to tell her about my footwear before we met and, when I did, I braced myself for her to make some sort of excuse and then never hear from her again.

Shockingly though she sounded really interested, even asking for a picture of my boots, as she had never seen calipers before. Before this day we had only seen each other’s face on webcam, nothing more, but she entered her e-mail address and asked me to send the picture to her there.

Once we had finished chatting I did as she asked and took pictures of my boots, some without them on and one with me in shorts wearing them, and quickly e-mailed them to her before deleting them from my computer. I took the boots off and dropped them at the end of my bed. I fucking hated having to wear them but, without them, I couldn’t even stand up for more than a minute or so. It was all because I had been born with a hereditary condition.

I was about to lie back on my bed when my e-mail account flashed up that I had received a message. Great, I’d taken my boots off and now I had to walk over the room barefooted to see who wanted me. It was quicker to cross the room on my knees and, once I reached the computer, I clicked the message open.

Hi Darren

For each picture you sent I have sent one back.

p.s. Your legs look great don’t worry about the calipers.


I’d sent her five pictures in all and I opened the attachment that came with the e-mail, once I had checked it for viruses. The first picture was of just her face which I had seen, on webcam, but on paper she looked even more attractive. The next four were full length pictures showing her in different poses. This was the first time I had seen her body, even if they were only pictures, and I was amazed at how slim and attractive she was, her figure was almost perfect. She had largish tits that looked firm and didn’t drop at all, similar to surgically enhanced tits, her ass was small and round, she had long slim legs and long black hair.

It was when I clicked the final picture I got a massive shock. In this one she was fully naked, lying on a bed, her nipples standing erect and between her, slightly open, legs was a thin strip of jet black pubic hair that gave just a hint of the pinkness the hair was hiding.

I quickly sat on the chair and began to write.

Hi Rachel

Received your pictures and I must tell you that you are extremely attractive.

However the nude picture you added shocked me, but in a good way. I was

Amazed to receive such a picture.


p.s. I’m logging my computer off now so any more messages won’t be answered

until morning.

I didn’t log the computer off but just staring at her naked picture had given me a raging hard-on and I went over to the bed, laid down, took my cock out and began to wank furiously at her image staring back at me. It didn’t cross my mind to send her a picture of my body back to her until, five minutes later, when I was cleaning cum off my chest and stomach. I decided that I would send her one back, but not until morning, and climbed into bed to sleep.

The night seemed to go by really fast and, when I woke, I didn’t feel like I had slept hardly at all. I dragged my body out of bed and went to the bathroom for a piss, before going back and flopping back on to the bed. I really didn’t feel like doing anything at all today, so I kept my curtains closed and just threw on my dressing gown, and damn boots. I stumbled to the kitchenette, I really should do my boots up before trying to walk, and made a large mug of coffee.

I took my coffee into the front room, flicked on my desktop computer, then went and turned the TV on and sat on the sofa. Daytime TV was getting shitter by the day so I went over to my computer and opened a few pages, casino oyna including my e-mail account. I went through all the received messages, deleting most of them, but then came to one from Rachel.

Morning Darren

Hope you slept well and my picture gave you pleasant dreams.

I would love to meet you tonight if you are up for it. Let me

know and we will arrange when and where.

Rachel xx

I couldn’t believe that she actually wanted to meet me, and later that night. Then I remembered that I was going to send her a picture in return for the naked one she sent me. I turned my webcam on and stood in front of it, decided to take my boots off, opened my dressing gown and stroked my cock until it was hard, then took the picture.

Once I had cropped it and made it look as good as possible, I wasn’t very photogenic, I e-mailed it to Rachel and started to look through the web pages that I had opened up.

I had opened a few porn sites, some sport and a couple of other things and started to flick between each one when I received another message.


That picture of you makes you look damn sexy, and your

Cock looks gorgeous. I wish you had sent one with your

boots on though. Will you for me please?


I stared at the message and couldn’t believe what I was reading she actually wanted a full nude of me in my boots. Either she was completely weird or had some serious fetish, I couldn’t decide which. Even so I slipped my boots on, made sure everything else looked right, took another picture and then sent it. She replied as quick as a flash.


Love the picture. Are you going to meet me later?


She had been serious about meeting me and, even after seeing me, she still wanted to. I knew that I couldn’t pass up the opportunity and mailed her back.


Would love to meet you. When and where?


I sat back and waited for the response that I knew would be coming and flicked through a few more pages.


In the middle of town at about 7:30. Is that okay?


Instantly I replied that I would be there and told her I had to go out for a while, but would be back a couple of hours later. I logged everything off and went in to my bedroom and opened the wardrobe. It had been so long since I had gone out that, after looking, I decided to go and buy something new. I threw some clothes on quickly, left my flat and headed into town.

Although I wore the calipers my mobility wasn’t too bad, when I was wearing them, and I spent longer than I wanted trawling through shops trying to find something for my night out. Eventually I ended up buying three new tops, two long sleeved shirts and a t-shirt, two pairs of black trousers and some new socks and underwear.

On the way back I walked past a shoe shop and stopped. In the window they had a couple of pairs of men’s boots, styles I would love to be able to wear and I stared at them for a minute, then hurried on by and headed home.

I never stayed in town too long as I, well more precisely my boots, constantly got stared and pointed at. Even older people stared at me as if I shouldn’t be allowed out on my own. On more than one occasion, when the staring got me down too much, I had turned and screamed obscenities at everyone within range.

Once I got home I had a shower, masturbating myself as the water cascaded over my body until I came, got out, dried myself and then went and sat in my new underwear and dressing gown. I had a few hours until I had to meet Rachel so I logged the computer on and began to watch porn, causing my cock to harden yet again. This time I didn’t wank, instead I switched the computer back off and went and played on my games console. That was the only other thing that I enjoyed and, between that and the computer, I didn’t do a lot else.

I got so carried way on my game I almost didn’t realize that it was time to get ready for my date and, after saving where I had got to, dropped the controller and went to get dressed. I decided to wear a black shirt and black trousers, the trousers because they hid my footwear more than jeans did. I checked the time, it was 7:00pm and I left my apartment and headed back into town.

I knew I would be early but it would be better than arriving late, leaving Rachel standing around on her own, but when I got there I could see she was already waiting. She looked even more stunning in person and had chosen to wear a short black mini dress with high heel stiletto boots.

She was smoking a cigarette as she waited, which was a relief because I smoked as well. Slowly I walked towards her, feeling more conscious of my boots than ever, until I was within touching distance.

“Hi Rachel sorry I’m late.” I said.

“Oh hi Darren didn’t see you coming that way.” She answered. “And you’re not late I was early I couldn’t wait to meet you.”

“So what do you want to do?” I asked her, looking her up and down as I did slot oyna so.

“How about we go to a quiet pub and get to know each other better. “Rachel said.

“Sounds like a plan.” I answered. “It’s been so long since I dated I’m a little rusty shall we say.”

We walked down the road together in silence until we reached the pub Rachel had in mind.

“This place is quiet let’s go in here.” She said and virtually dragged me through the door.

“Let me get us a drink.” I said. “What would you like?”

“Double Bacardi and coke please if that’s okay?”

I ordered her drink and got myself a double Jack Daniels, neat, I was so nervous I needed it.

Rachel pointed to a corner table so we took our drinks and went and sat down. Rachel filled in some of the gaps she had left out during our webcam chats. She had been in a relationship with one guy for five years but all he did, so she said and I had no reason to disbelieve her, was demand sex nonstop wherever they were and beat her if she refused. Another guy had tied her to the bed, blindfolded, and let his friends take turns fucking her. By the time she had finished I could see tears welling up in her eyes. I reached across the table, took her hand and told her I was nothing like those other guys, I had never even hit a woman in my life.

We emptied our glasses and I went and got us two more. When I got back to the table she had wiped her eyes and seemed a little happier.

“Come on let’s down these and go clubbing.” I said.

“I don’t know about that.” Rachel answered. “I last went in a club seven years ago.”

“That’s just longer than me.” I told her. “For me it is only six, come on it will be a laugh.”

“Okay but only for a little while.” Rachel said giving in.

We down our drinks, left the pub and started to head to the club when I felt Rachel slip her fingers into mine. At first I was shocked but finally curled my fingers over hers and held her tight. Once we arrived at the club and had paid to get in Rachel dragged me straight on to the dance floor. We danced for about half an hour and Rachel got closer and closer to me until we had our arms wrapped around each other.

“You know that picture you sent me.” She whispered into my ear. “Well I masturbated while looking at it and came three times.”

“I’m nothing special to look at.” I answered surprised by her frankness. “But as we’re telling each other secrets I wanked over yours as well.”

“I thought you might.” She said and I felt her hand give my cock a squeeze. ” Come on take me back to my place.”

We were lucky to get a taxi as soon as we left the club, and fifteen minutes later we were standing outside her flat. Rachel opened the door and I followed her in. She showed me where the living room was and, just before shutting the front door, she had a last look outside.

“Fancy a drink?” She asked once she joined me.

“What have you got?” I asked.

“Beer, Scotch, Vodka or Brandy.” She told me.

“Scotch then please.” I said as she waltzed into the kitchen.

A minute later she came back in the front room with two tall tumblers, both filled above halfway. There must have been the equivalent of five doubles in the glasses and I took a large swallow before placing it on her coffee table. Rachel didn’t take her time with hers and, three large swallows later, her glass was empty.

“I’m not going to beat about the bush Darren.”She said.

“What do you mean?” I asked her, picking up my glass again.

“As soon as I saw you I wanted to fuck you.” She said. “And the boots won’t frighten me off.”

I about spat my last mouthful of drink across her front room.

“So are you going to then or just sit there drinking?” She asked.

I quickly emptied my glass and put it on the table.

“Lead the way.” I said.

Rachel took my hand and led me into her bedroom. It was sparsely furnished with just the bed, a wardrobe and TV in there but the bed was amazing. It is a massive wrought iron king size thing with an intricately designed headboard and another at the foot of the bed. She led me over to the edge of the bed and we both sat down.

“Kiss me Darren.” She said.

I turned to her and took her face, lightly in my hands. I leaned in slowly and began to kiss her face, cheeks and neck gently. Rachel threw her head back as I brushed along her neck, moaning softly. Once I had finished kissing her neck I kissed her on the lips and, as I did, Rachel reached around the back of my head and pulled our mouths together hard. Our tongues started to wrap around each other’s and we held each other even tighter.

Rachel kept a tight hold with one hand and let her other one run down my back, and then around to my chest. Deftly, and with great expertise, she undid the buttons of my shirt and slipped it off my shoulders. Pulling her mouth away from mine she began to go slowly down my chest kissing, and occasionally biting, gently. Her hand reached between my legs and started to massage canlı casino siteleri my cock through my trousers, causing me to stiffen rapidly.

She wasn’t in a great rush to release my cock and continued to kiss and bite my chest for some considerable time, even pushing me down on the bed as she did so. Once she had had enough of the kissing she undid my belt and trousers, never taking her eyes off me, and eased them down. My cock was that hard it was straining to escape my boxers but Rachel didn’t leave it straining for long. As fast as lightning she pulled my boxers down to my trousers, the boots stopping her taking them off completely.

“Your cock is fucking gorgeous.” She said taking hold of it gently.

She began to use one hand to stroke my cock slowly, the other she was using to try and unlace my boots at the same time. Eventually she had my boots undone and managed to get them, as well as my trousers and boxers, off without ever letting go of my cock. I tried to sit up so I could watch as she stroked my cock but she put her hand on my chest and, gently, pushed me back down.

“No peeking.” She said with a small laugh.

I soon felt why she didn’t want me to peek. All of a sudden her warm breath was blowing the end of my cock lightly, just before I felt the quick flick of her tongue over the end of it. I gasped as she did that, then gasped louder as I felt her lower her mouth down the whole length of my shaft, and begin sucking my cock. She wanked me as she sucked occasionally taking her mouth away to run her tongue down my shaft and around my balls. She definitely knew how to give a blow job, it was beginning to feel like the best one I had ever had when, all of a sudden, and without warning she stopped.

I lifted my head and saw that she had stood up, in between my legs, and she beckoned me to sit up.

“We can’t have you cumming yet.” She said. “Take my clothes off Darren.”

I moved to the edge of the bed and reached forward. Taking hold of the bottom of her dress I started to lift it slowly, standing as I did so, until I finally pulled it all the way over her head and dropped it. I sat back on the bed quickly, as I hadn’t got my boots on, and stared at Rachel’s underwear clad body. Not only did she have a great taste in clothes she also knew how to pick underwear. She was standing inches away from me wearing a red satin corset that zipped up at the front, matching g-string and black stockings.

I ran my hands along her body, up to her tits, and started to massage them through the corset. As I massaged them I bent my head a lightly kissed her pierced belly button, breathing in the sweet smell rising from her g-string. Rachel held my head in place until she was satisfied and then raised her hands, lowering the zipper on the corset and freeing her tits.

I looked up and as soon as I saw her nipples protruding proudly I reached around her waist and pulled her down on to me. I rolled her on to her back, lowered my head and began to kiss, suck, lick and bite her nipples softly. Rachel was moaning in ecstasy as my mouth and tongue danced over both her tits in turn. I ran my hand down over her soft, smooth stomach and began to stroke her pussy through the g-string. Rachel parted her legs slightly and pushed my hand further in between them.

I could feel the juice from her pussy leaking on to the g-string and began to rub her quicker.

“Take that off and finger my cunt.” Rachel said aggressively.

She shocked me with her tone but I did as she asked and soon had two fingers inside her working away at her pussy and clit.

“Fuck yes Darren I’m going to cum fuck me harder.”

I began to ram my fingers as deep into her pussy as I could, adding a third then a fourth as I did so.

“Yes, Yes, Yes.” Rachel screamed out loud as her orgasm tore through her body with the force of a hurricane. “That’s it Darren keep doing it.”

My arm began to ache as I continued to pound at her pussy, Rachel having orgasm after orgasm as I did so.

“Stop Darren, stop and eat me.” She begged. “Lick my juicy cunt and taste my juices.”

It had been that long since I had tasted the pussy of a woman that I dived my head between her legs and, eagerly, started to lap at her juices. Occasionally I would stop and just flick my tongue over her erect clit which caused her to buck wildly on the bed.

“Fucking hell Darren you’re fucking amazing.” She screamed as yet another orgasm ripped through her. “I want, no need, you to fuck me and fuck med hard.”

Stopping with my licking I crawled up her body, kissing and leaving a trail of her juices as I went I soon positioned above her.

I grabbed her ankles and lifted her legs above her head. Looking down I could see her soaking pussy wide open and eager to take my cock. Slowly I pushed forward, just nudging her opening, until I slammed my cock in hard.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck that’s fucking great. Rachel screamed and dragged her nails across my back.

I winced at the pain but it caused me to thrust forward deeper into her and I soon built up a steady rhythm. Every time I pulled back she clawed me again, knowing it would make me thrust in harder than before. Soon I felt the familiar tightening of my balls.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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