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This is part 4 of a continuing story. It can be read from here but it will make more sense if you start with the first three installments.

… continuing on …

Clare and Stan came to a sudden halt beside us and we stood there in confusion as the barmaid looked at Janine holding my hard cock in her hand. Her eyes raised to our faces, looked over at Stan and Clare, back at our faces and then at our general nakedness. A smile hovered around her lips and then she tilted her head slightly to say,

“Now I would have laid money that you were with her (pointing at me and Clare) and you with him (pointing at Janine and Stan). Have I misread you that badly then?” Her amusement was obvious.

“Ah … um, well, we lost a bet, you see,” I stammered. My face was beet red and I could barely get the words out through a dry mouth. The others nodded in agreement. Janine’s other hand dropped to cover her groin.

“Should I be asking what the bet was about then?” she asked. I could feel Janine’s face get hot as the question hung in the air between us. “No?” she questioned, moving her hair back away from her face as she kept us transfixed.

She burst out laughing at our predicament and we sheepishly grinned back at her. This could have been worse and it seemed we escaped unscathed. She recovered from her outburst and continued,

“I won’t pry then although I’m sure there’s a good story behind this. I think I’ll make a mental note not to play cards with you lot, though, at least not for any stakes.” We chuckled at her and my cock throbbed in Janine’s hand. Oh yes, I hadn’t subsided at all and Janine hadn’t released me either. My head stuck out past Janine’s hand and fresh pre-cum glistened on the tip.

“Sorry about this,” I offered. She waved it away though and said,

“No need to apologize. No harm done and I certainly have a better view to take home than some crabs and sea gulls. Perhaps we should at least introduce ourselves now – I’m prone to wanting to know the names of naked men in my life. I’m Maggie.”

Clare stepped forward to do the honors pointing to each of us in turn, “Stan, Mick, Janine, and Clare,” she said. “Pleased to meet you,” this cracked us up again as it has to be the weirdest introduction ever.

“Are you going much further,” Maggie asked, “or do you think you’ve gone far enough already?”

I replied as laughter followed her ribaldry, “Oh, I would say we’ve gone far enough now.” I pointed to the path we’d be taking to get off the beach. “That’s our turn there,” I finished.

“Well then I’m happy I didn’t come along two minutes later or I would have missed the show completely,” Maggie said with a grin eyeballing me and (I noted) Janine. A shadow passed over us bringing a quick chill to the air; we all looked up at the sky.

“Do you think we can get back to the house now,” Janine asked plaintively? “As much fun as it is to stand here naked I’d just as soon continue this indoors before it decides to rain on us.”

Maggie gave us a little wave as we started to move along the path. “Nice to see all of you,” she said suggestively, winking at me and Janine. “You can buy me a drink the next time you’re in.”

“We will,” Stan offered. “Several.” Janine and I started down the path when I heard Clare talking to Maggie.

“Do you want to come over and have dinner with us later?” she offered.

“I shouldn’t, “Maggie demurred. “Surely I’d be a 5th wheel.” I stopped to look back at them wondering what Clare was up to.

“You can bring your fellow along and those two can get their clothes back once we’re home,” Clare continued.

“I don’t have a fellow to bring,” Maggie continued. “I’d just be in the way.”

“Not at all,” Clare protested. “Besides, this way you can see we’re not always raving lunatics – play some cards or something. Unless you’re working tonight, of course,” offering her an easy way out if she didn’t want to come along. Whatever game it was I could see Clare wasn’t planning on her saying no.

“No, I’m only working lunches this weekend,” Maggie replied.

Clare hooked her arm with Maggie and encouraged her up the path with us. Maggie relented and matched strides with her even being a head shorter. Clare motioned for us to continue along and we managed to get back to the house without further encounters. As we walked along I felt as if Janine and I were the prize objects of the day. Certainly it was the strangest walk I’d ever had.

Inside Janine disappeared into the bathroom while I wrapped one of the towels around my waist. Feeling dressed I joined the conversation with Maggie as dinner was planned. We go back just in time as the air chilled and a sprinkle of rain pattered across the roof. Looking outside I could see more heading across the fields at us.

“Think you would have been soaked before you got home, Maggie,” I offered. She looked out the window with me. The thin top she was wearing would have become transparent in even the lightest shower and the skirt would not have fared casino siteleri much better.

“Yes, it would have taken longer for sure,” she agreed. She shrugged, “Wouldn’t have been the first time I’ve been soaked,” she concluded. Looking around at the others still in the kitchen she leaned in and asked,

“I am curious as to what the bet was all about. Anything you can share?”

I laughed, “Better ask the ladies,” I replied. “It’s their secret to share.”

“Perhaps I will,” she grinned back at me. “I saw your back and it would seem someone tried to take a bite from your shoulder, too.”

I grinned back and moved to the fireplace to get the evening coals ready as Maggie helped me with the chore. I could smell her scent, a light floral fragrance that enticed without being over-whelming. If I wasn’t involved with Clare she’s the type of girl I would be attracted to. Behind us we could hear the clattering of dinner being pulled together and voices as the three of them worked together.

We moved back to the kitchen and Clare looked at me in mock-horror.

“Go get some pants on you pervert,” she said. “Maggie will think we’re uncivilized with you parading around in a towel.”

I raised my hands in surrender as Maggie laughed at me. “Give me a minute,” I said and disappeared into the bathroom in disgrace.

Getting dressed took no time and I reappeared in running shorts and a shirt. “Better,” I asked the room?

“Yes,” said Clare with a grin, “but maybe you should ask our guest.”

I turned to Maggie with a ta-da gesture and she gave me a rocking iffy hand in reply. “Not bad,” she said, “but the towel was cute too,” she finished with a grin at the girls.

“If you want the towel we can make him change again,” Clare said with a smile as we all sat down at the table. They had put Maggie between them shifting chairs around to make a little room for her. Clare was to my right and Janine to Stan’s left. Maggie looked at how we’d grouped ourselves and you could see the questions popping up but unasked.

Dinner was light and delicious being a variety of rolls, cheeses and cold cuts. We opened a bottle of wine and applied ourselves to replenishing our energy levels. During the conversation we found out Maggie was single and not involved with anyone in particular. She was taking a year away from Uni and working at the pub for the summer to help with the tourist rush, George being a relative of hers. The girls were soon thick as thieves laughing together at little jokes. Maggie shone like a small flame between our two as light caught her red hair.

We finished the dinner and moved back to the front room. Stan brought out a bottle of Moet Chandon while Janine brandished some glasses.

“We brought something along to celebrate,” he said, “on the chance you’d agree.” He worked to pop the cork without letting it fountain across the room.

“What are you celebrating,” Maggie asked casually?

Silence went around the room as we all waited for someone to start talking. You could see Clare and Janine conferring with their eyes again as they decided how much to share with Maggie.

“They’ve decided to have a baby,” she offered brightly.

Maggie looked at us while Stan filled her glass. “Not too much of this for me,” she said. “I get very silly on champagne.”

“We won’t tell anyone,” Stan replied. “Besides, you’ve already seen us be silly today, haven’t you?”

“We can drive you down the lane later, too,” Clare offered. “You won’t have to walk in this mess.” Outside the rain had settled in seemingly for the night. Stan finished pouring and settled down beside Janine while Clare was beside me again.

We raised glasses in mutual salute and sipped the champagne. Nice stuff.

“So,” Maggie said with a grin, “you and you are going to have a baby,” she pointed at Stan and Janine. “But you get to take him for a naked ramble along the beach after losing a bet,” she finished pointing at me and Janine.

“And having a baby calls for a toast because someone agreed to something?” she finished with a wicked smile.

“I think I’ll light the fire,” I said in the pregnant silence. I jumped up to get it going. There was no way I was going to answer those questions.

Maggie grinned at the girls before laughing out loud. “That’s okay; you can keep your secrets. I know I’m being nosey.” The girls grinned back at her in camaraderie letting the topic drop.

We got the cards out and decided to play on the floor. We got into a loose circle and Stan dealt out hands for spades. This was a common choice for us and we could be very competitive. Several hands were played and Stan kept refilling the glasses as levels dropped. For once we were fairly matched as we didn’t know how Maggie would bet. She took several hands although her giggling went up as she matched us in drinks.

“End of the bottle,” he announced, draining the last one into Maggie’s glass. “Still have the white wine though if anyone’s thirsty.” I had declined several refills slot oyna figuring I’d probably be driving later but the other four looked a bit worse for wear.

“Oh dear,” said Maggie. “I didn’t mean to drink so much of that but it tasted so good. Better than most of what gets served.”

She giggled and smiled at the room. She had settled back and become very comfortable with us as the evening progressed. She was sitting cross legged with her skirt out around her. She sat closer to the fire than me and the table lamp shone through her top outlining her full breasts whenever she leaned forward to drop a card. She was apparently comfortable with her exposure since she didn’t fiddle with the neckline. I’m sure Stan had a similar view as he was on the other side of the fire from her.

Clare’s turn to deal and she gave Janine the high sign as she shuffled. “Time to up the stakes, guys,” she said. Her slightly flushed expression gave away her somewhat tipsy condition. She even fumbled the cards dropping a few.

“Are you sure you’re up to losing,” I asked, watching her drop the cards a second time. Janine giggled at her clumsiness and offered to help.

“I’m up for any challenge,” Clare retorted. “How about you? Scared to lose your pants again, are you?” Maggie and Janine laughed at her challenge.

“What are your stakes?” Maggie asked cautiously. “Maybe I should let you four get on with your evening.”

Clare made dismissive motions and said, “We’ll be betting massages, nothing to worry about. When you win you get a great massage from the losers, otherwise you have to help give one.”

“Hmmm, massage sounds nice,” Maggie said. “I’ve got a sore muscle right above my hip that wants to catch all the time.”

Janine piped in with, “These three have great hands. Bet they could work that out for you.”

Cards were dealt and I got a lousy hand. Nothing strong enough to even get a couple of tricks this time. I looked forward to massaging one of the girls since Stan had been steadily losing all evening. To my surprise he won the hand with a satisfied grin.

“Right then,” he said. “Thanks for the new stakes – where shall I stretch out?”

Our girls giggled and motioned to the center as we rearranged ourselves to accommodate him. Clare and Janine were by his lower back and I was across his shoulders from Maggie as we prepared to pay up. She got up on her knees with the rest of us with and followed my lead on his back. A ninety second massage was the standard bet for us; long enough to feel good, short enough not to stop the card playing. As Maggie leaned up on her arms I had a great view down her top and her breasts swayed in time to her massage. I heard Clare and Janine snickering and looking I realized I’d been busted enjoying the view. I grinned in admission of my guilt as the time ran out on Stan.

Clare called a potty break before we played another round and the other two concurred. I watched them get not so steadily to their feet and head off to the bathroom in a pack surrounded by giggles. I heard laughter explode from the bathroom and wondered what comment had set that off. Stan and I claimed our own breaks after the girls returned and we got back to cards again.

This time the cards were in my favor until Clare got a surprising trick at the end. She made a face at me before claiming her place in the center. She lay down and we clustered around her working her back over. She let out a quiet moan of satisfaction as we paid our bets.

When we quit she said, “That’s too quick. I want to save my next two wins and get a longer rub.” There was a general agreement you could do that. Stan made the rounds with the wine again and they all refreshed their glasses.

The cards stayed against me and I lost the next few hands. They each voted to save their win for a longer massage with the next win. Clare got lucky with the cards and got the next massage which she celebrated with a squeal.

“Oh, goodie,” she said looking around the room. “I want a good massage this time; none of this little finger poke stuff.”

She stretched out between us and we started to rub at her.

“Hold on a minute,” she said, raising enough to grab her top and pull it over her head. Her breasts swung free before she settled back down on her front.

We went back to work with me across from Maggie again. She looked up to catch me looking down her front and grinned at me. I felt like the kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar but she didn’t say anything. My cock stirred at the sight and I reminded him we had other playmates but he wasn’t listening.

Sitting back Maggie asked, “Do you have any lotion? My hands are too dry to work on skin.”

Janine said she did and got some from the bathroom as Clare sat up. She wasn’t in any hurry to cover her body and her breasts moved steadily with her breathing. Janine squirted some lotion into Maggie’s hands and offered it around.

More cards and I finally managed to win a hand. Things were looking up but not just yet as Maggie canlı casino siteleri won the next one.

“About time,” she said. “I was beginning to wonder if you were conspiring against me.” She moved to lie down in the center and asked for a pillow for her head. I passed her one and she settled down with a sigh.

“Where exactly does it catch,” Clare asked. Maggie poked at a spot just above her hip on the right side. Clare slid her top up enough to clear the area and Maggie pulled her top up to just underneath her breasts before settling down. Clare ran a hand over Maggie’s skin and asked for the lotion. This time I took some too and spread it between my hands to warm it.

Clare was across from me and I watched her breasts sway as she and I worked our fingers into Maggie’s back. Beside me Janine and Stan were working on her shoulders but the material kept rolling up under their hands. After fighting with it for a minute Janine tugged it higher to work on her skin.

“Pull it off,” came a muffled command from Maggie who rose up enough to let it slide free. Her breasts swung free before she settled back down. Janine and Stan shared some lotion and worked their fingers into her back raising some contented groans from Maggie.

Meanwhile Clare had tugged the skirt down to show the narrow band of a thong dividing Maggie’s buttocks. Working her fingers hard into the lower back she slid her fingers under the waistband and rolled the thong down until we had access from the top of her buttocks up to her neck. Contented noises came from Maggie as we worked her over pretty hard. We had gone far past the time she had won but no one seemed to be ready to stop.

Finally we did stop and Maggie rose up enough to hold her top over her breasts while she sat up. She had a slightly glazed look to her eyes and they took a moment to focus.

“Wow, who’s next,” she asked? “That’s incredible.”

“Janine,” I suggested. The other two agreed without an argument.

Janine moved to lie between us – hesitated for a moment and calmly removed her top before settling down. I offered the lotion to everyone and I could see Maggie think for half a second before dropping her top to one side and accepting the lotion. Her breasts were as nice as the previous views had promised. The dark nipples sat high and slightly to the outside of what looked like c cups. As she warmed the lotion between her hands they rolled and shifted heavily as the muscles underneath tightened.

She looked at Clare beside her with a smile and kneeling she leaned over Janine’s body to rub her body. Stan and I watched as the two of them worked their hands across his fiancé enjoying the play of muscle and how it moved them. Clare grinned back at us before saying,

“Enjoying the show are you boys? You two are out of uniform. Get the tops off at least.”

I smiled and pulled mine off throwing it to one side. Maggie shifted her knee which caught the skirt tucked in front of her pulling it half way off her hips. The pale skin continued and we saw more of the small black thong she barely wore.

“Oops,” she said. She fumbled to pull it back up some but the drink and skirt combined to make that difficult. Clare just smiled at her.

“Relax,” Clare said. “Don’t worry about it. No one here’s going to be shocked.”

Janine looked up at the conversation. “Get comfortable,” she said. “Those two will behave themselves,” nodding at me and Stan.

Maggie bit her lower lip and replied, “I’m not after your blokes, okay.” She looked a bit nervous as she struggled to remain only half naked.

Janine sat up beside Clare and they both nodded at Maggie.

“We know,” Clare replied. She stood up and wiggled her jeans back down so she stood naked in front of us. Janine looked at her for a moment and then lay back to wiggle hers off her hips and down her legs.

Clare sat back down and told Maggie, “There, does that help you get comfortable?”

Maggie looked at me and Stan and you could see the wheels turning. She stopped trying to pull the skirt up but stood up and let it slide to the floor instead. Broad in the hips she looked the perfect specimen of a young woman. Freckles and pale skin covered her body and the few hairs that escaped her thong were as red as her head. She stood there almost posing while we enjoyed the view. She smiled nervously at us waiting to see what would happen next.

“Beautiful,” I said.

“Absolutely,” Stan agreed.

Clare looked over at us and said, “Right, lads. You’re overdressed again. Drop them.”

Stan grinned and stood up to drop his pants. His cock appeared half hard and painfully trapped inside his briefs.

I sat my ground. “You want them off you need to come get them,” I challenged. I wasn’t sure where the girls were going with this evening but I was willing to up the stakes. The three of them giggled and put their heads together. A brief conference took place before, as one, they moved towards me. Clare and Janine suddenly leapt forward to grab my arms and push me onto my back. They got on either side and stretched my arms out to the side. Yes, if I had wanted to I could have taken either or both hands back without hurting them but I was willing to play along for now.

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