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Margot was sitting in her office at work with a client she was meeting with, when her messenger dings notifying her she has a message.

Excuse me while I check this real fast she tells the client, this wasn’t abnormal as she often has potential clients message her.

Justin’s message, hey good morning sexy.

She replies with, hey baby good morning, I’m in a meeting, I’ll message you when I’m done.

Justin replies good.

She wraps up the meeting, feeling good about how it went, messages Justin

Hey baby what’s on your mind?

Justin replies, I was just thinking about you!

Justin and Margot have been messaging each other for about a month now, they live a thousand miles apart, she met him face to face, they hit it off right away.

“Thinking about the weekend we just spent together?”


Me too it’s so hard to work right now

But, definitely coming out there this weekend.

Good, can’t wait!!

What do you have planned?

I’m not telling you, it’s a surprise…

Margot, you think güvenilir bahis you can sneak away for a bit?

Yeah, I have a few hours with no meetings…


Indeed she says.

They start a stream of messages.

I want you so bad.

Me too she says.

Justin instructs her to tell him in detail of what she wants.

She starts with, I want you to answer the door, pull me inside, as you are closing the door, we are deep in a lustful, hungered, needed kiss…

As, we are kissing, you pull my hair, taking charge, kissing every part of me that is possible, as you are doing this clothes are being ripped off…

Justin replies, mmmm go on…

She replies, you then, take my nipple in your mouth, as you are, sucking, you start lightly biting, you take the other tit in your hand, I then dig my nails in your back…

You groan.

Ah, baby go on Justin replies.

Margot then writes, we then make it to the couch, as I lay back, you lay on top of me.

You change tits with your mouth, then take you türkçe bahis hand and rub the outer part of my sex, earning you a moan from me…

Ahh, mmmm, go on don’t stop now…

As you feel me on edge you remove your hand, leave a trail of kisses until you reach my sex…

You leave a few kisses on my thighs, then lightly bite them as well, I’m cumming all over, you don’t stop…

You take your tongue, and massage my clit, and insert it in my vagina catching all the juices you can…

Mind-blowing is all Justin replies.

I then roll you over on the couch, I take that gorgeous cock in my mouth, after licking it from base to tip, sucking as only I can, you tell me you are on the verge of cumming…

Mmmm fuck baby, go on he says.

I then sit on on your cock, slowly riding you at first, increasing speed as it intensifies…

Until you release every bit of seed you have…

Justin then is quite, Margot collects herself, and returns to the office, her notification dings

She opens Justin’s message to find a güvenilir bahis siteleri video, saying to herself, thank God I have earphones in, and plays the video to Justin’s cumming to her play on words.

After she watches the video, she reads his message. Friday is going to be a blast…

She replies, indeed it is.

Margot alerts Justin of the travel plans.

I’m on flight 810 non stop Knoxville to Omaha.

But not telling you what time, that’s a surprise!!

Friday, she just gets to Justin’s house, knocks on the door, he greets her, and gives her a quick kiss.

Justin, doesn’t want to share her with anyone.

She then follows him to his room, as soon as the door shuts, she is taking Justin’s pants down, revealing a gorgeous rock hard cock.

She immediately licks the cock from base to tip, and takes it in her mouth.

She sucks until he’s about to cum undone.

She takes his cock out of her mouth, and sits on him allowing him to move slowly at first, they then have her bouncing around as he is pounding her from underneath.

He then flips her over pounding her over and over. I don’t think there is a place left to do anything with.

Mmmm, baby, I’m glad you approve.

Let’s get you cleaned up.

That was so hot.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32