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Melissa was away for a couple of days visiting her mother in Springfield, who was in the hospital. Fortunately, it turned out to be relatively minor. I got up early and went to the office. I rarely worked Saturdays but I was up against a tight deadline on my project and needed to review the weekly field reports. Sixteen of the twenty sites were on track, two were ahead of schedule and two were behind although one had made significant progress the previous week. If that team had another good week, they would be up to speed.

Game three was starting at four o’clock and although the Sox were down two-zip, like every other Red Sox fan, I was sure this one would be different. They were back home at Fenway. Although I had just spent the entire day at the office, I still needed to get some work done, so I brought my laptop and briefcase. Normally, I went to McNally’s, a pub closer to our apartment when I wanted to catch a game out. But it would be loud and packed wall to wall with boisterous patrons pounding down beers and cheering on the Sox. I went to Sullivan’s instead. It was closer to the office but still walking distance to our apartment. It wouldn’t be nearly as busy on a Saturday. It catered to a more upscale work-week crowd. Drinks were a bit more expensive and the beers on tap were all craft brews and Irish or English imports. If you wanted to drink a mass-produced American beer at Sully’s, you were getting it in a bottle.

Melissa called just before I left the office. She told me her mother was doing well and would be discharged the next morning. She was going to dinner with her father, two brothers and their wives, and would get home late that night. When she asked me what I had planned, I told her what I was up to and where I was going. She asked why Sully’s, and I told her I still had some work to do. It would be quieter. I could get some work done and still catch the game. I made Mel promise not to drink too much. She promised to wake me when she got in.

I got to Sully’s just before the starting lineups were announced. It was somewhat busier than expected but I still didn’t have any trouble getting a booth where I could spread out and work. Most patrons crowded around the big screen. I ordered a Sam Adams Honey Porter, a Rueben, and a Caesar salad from the attractive Irish immigrant waitress and got to work.

Like every other Red Sox fan on the planet, I was sure the Sox were going to turn it around but in the back of my mind, I couldn’t escape a well-justified sense of doom. The Yankees jumped out to an early lead in the first but the Sox went ahead in the second inning. When the Yanks tied it in the third, the place got quiet. In the fourth, after Sheffield hit a three run shot, a collective groan went through the bar that made me lift my head from my work. That was when I saw her.

She looked out of place. She drew attention from the predominantly male patrons as she passed by the crowd. She wore an expensive gray silk business suit with a magenta silk blouse. The suit seemed odd for a Saturday. She was about five foot six with thick, wavy dark hair that hung past her shoulders. Her eyes were a positively luminescent blue-gray. High cheek bones, a flawless fair complexion, sensuous lips, a narrow nose, and a small narrow chin assembled a face from a fashion magazine cover. She was slender with an appealing shape that wasn’t disguised by the suit. She moved with an easy grace that suggested she was an athlete.

I had a sense that I’d seen her before. But I was sure I didn’t know her. She nodded at me and I nodded back. She sat at the bar across from my booth. I could see her face reflected in the mirror behind the bar. Her attention was on the small television that I had been watching, just to her left. I watched the remainder of the debacle that was the Yankee half of the fourth inning and then returned to my work.

A parade of men, disgusted with the game, approach her. Every suitor was sent away. When one persisted and got a bit too close for her comfort, Sully, who had been watching from his post at the quiet end of the bar, approached.

Sully might have been in his late sixties, but no one fucked with him. He was six foot seven inches of muscle and looked more like he was in his forties than sixties. Sully’s didn’t attract a clientele that justified having a bouncer so a peaceable resolution was likely. The guy about jumped out of his shoes when Sully gently put a hand on his shoulder. He put up his hands in surrender and turned to go back to the crowd at the big screen. That wasn’t going to be good enough. Sully took him by the elbow and assertively led him toward the front door, telling his bar maid to call a cab. There was no resistance from the patron, dwarfed and cowed by Sully. Sully kept the guy company until the cab arrived. Sully would keep the conversation light and avoid any mention of the woman at the bar. But it would also manage to induce a sense of dread.

I hadn’t seen my waitress since she cleared my meal dishes and I wanted another beer. So I went to the bar casino siteleri and stood next to gray-suit as I waited for service. She looked at me, openly dismayed by my presence. She expected me to hit on her, too. But I just nodded to acknowledge her and turned to get the attention of the bar maid. I returned to my seat when I got my beer. Several more guys approached, by this time the game result was a foregone conclusion, and she sent them all away. I felt sorry for her, but Sully was keeping watch and her issues were not my problem.

I started packing my work to leave when I spotted another guy approach gray-suit. She spotted him, too. Before he got there, she got up and startled me by sliding into the booth next to me. She nodded and smiled. The look on the new suitor’s face suggested he wanted to kick my ass. Some guys just don’t have a clue.

She leaned into me a bit and asked, ‘Do you mind if I sit here for a few minutes. If they think we know each other, maybe the parade will stop.’

‘Sure,’ I told her. ‘But I’m going to leave as soon as I get my check and settle up.’

‘That’s OK,’ she said. ‘I just want to sit for a few minutes and not get hit on. You’re not staying until the game ends?’

‘Nah. I know how it ends. I’ve lived here all my life. Once again, they’re going to disappoint in the worst possible way.’ I told her.

‘That’s a fatalist’s attitude. Where’s your faith in the team?’ she asked.

‘Oh, I have faith. It’s just tempered by years of disappointment.’ I laughed.

‘I thought you were going to be another one when you stood next to me earlier. But you didn’t make a pass at me. You just got your beer and returned to your booth. Just out of curiosity, why not?’

‘Well, there were two reasons. First, you sent a long line of guys packing, so it was pretty easy to conclude you weren’t interested in company. And second, but more important, I’m in a committed relationship.’ I told her.

She looked down at my left hand. ‘You’re not wearing a ring.’

‘I didn’t say I was married.’

The waitress appeared at that moment. I asked for the check. She reached into her apron pocket, rummaged through a stack until she found mine and handed it to me. I handed it back to her. ‘You need to add another porter. I got one at the bar when I didn’t see you for a while.’

‘Sully said that one is on him. When the lady joined you, he could stop worrying about her.’

I shrugged and handed her my credit card and she went off to run it.

Gray Suit leaned toward me again but this time, I felt her hot breath in my ear. Her hand slid up my leg and caressed my cock, which had been sleeping contentedly. Her hand didn’t linger. She removed if before I could move to push it away. But that didn’t stop the response. She grinned at me.

‘You really shouldn’t have done that.’ I told her.

‘Because you’re in a committed relationship?’

‘Well that, and now I have to sit here a for a few minutes before I can leave.’

Smiling, her hand fondled my erection, again briefly. ‘That’s OK. I can finish my beer and then you can walk me to my car.’

‘Not a good idea,’ I told her.

‘Relax. I’m not trying to pick you up. I just want to get to my car un-accosted. You seem my best bet.’

‘Why did you do that, then?’ I asked.

‘I was curious. It seemed like it might be fun to tease you a bit. It looks like you enjoyed it. And you haven’t really complained.’

She did indeed only want an escort to her car. She pointed to indicate the direction to her car, coincidentally toward home for me. She walked next to me. Close enough that an observer would conclude we were together, but not close enough to suggest we were a couple. She didn’t say anything on the short walk and I wasn’t inclined to initiate a conversation. No goodbye, no thank you, or anything else for that matter when she got to her car. She just got in, checked traffic, and drove away without a glance in my direction.

I headed home, watched a movie and went to bed, knowing Mel would wake me when she got in.

I’ve always been a sound sleeper but I guess I never realized just how sound. I woke when I felt something pressing against my lips. I opened my mouth and a ball-shaped object was thrust in and some kind of flexible band was pulled behind my head to secure it. When I tried to remove it, I found that my hands were secured to the headboard and my feet to the bedframe. A blindfold covered my eyes. I tried to scream but the ball in my mouth effectively stifled my ability to generate any kind of volume.

My first thought, was ‘What the fuck is going on?’ My next reaction was panic.

I thrashed around trying to get free but to no avail. The heavy, antique cast bronze headboard Mel contributed to our furnishings was not about to give. And whatever I was bound with didn’t give, either. The hot breath next to my ear, frankly, unnerved me. A feminine voice whispered. ‘Relax, this won’t hurt. In fact, I think you’ll enjoy it.’ It wasn’t Mel, that much I could tell. slot oyna It wasn’t her voice and it wasn’t her perfume. The scent seemed familiar, though.

I thrashed about for a few more minutes until I felt cold metal on my belly. I stopped struggling immediately. I felt my tee shirt pulled taut and heard scissors cutting my shirt. The sleeves were each cut and the shirt was pulled from under me. I felt the steel again on my legs, as first one leg, then the other of my boxers were cut free. ‘You can thrash around again, if you like. We’re done with the scissors,’ the voice whispered.

I was in a panic. Mel was coming home tonight. If my tormentor was gone when she arrived, Mel would not understand finding me tied up and naked. Hell, I couldn’t understand it. I was at loss to even begin to understand how I got into this predicament. If my tormentor was still here, what would happen to Mel? How the hell did this happen? How the hell did whoever she was get in? Did I neglect to lock up and set the alarm?

I thrashed around a bit more, but eventually, I had to stop.

Once I stopped moving, I felt a fingernail begin to trace my pectoral muscles. The touch sent shivers through me. The fingernail moved to the center of my chest and headed south. When it got to my navel, it paused there and circled around it a couple of times before again heading south. When the finger nail arrived at my pubic hair, it was joined by the fingers of both hands. The fingers gently entangled in the hair, tugged it, and caressed the skin under it. I found it oddly arousing, considering the circumstances and I began to feel the sensations that heralded my imminent erection.

Once I was hard, the fingers stopped caressing and the hands pressed down on my hips. Next I felt hot breath on my cock. It felt like my cock was surrounded by her mouth rather than in it. There was no physical contact. Only hot, moist breath betrayed the presence of her mouth. The weight on my right hip went away and I felt the hand flutter across my leg, sending chills up my spine. Fingernails began caressing my balls while hot breath continued to stimulate my cock head.

The hot breath went away and the weight on the bed shifted. Her body came to rest on my chest. I could feel damp pubic hair rubbing up and down my chest. One set of fingernails continued to caress my sac. Another fingernail traced the vein on the shaft of my cock. The weight on the bed shifted again. Fingers cupped my balls and gently rolled them around inside the sac. The hand that had been on my cock shaft moved to my lips. The ball in my mouth pivoted a bit and I felt some pressure pushing it into my mouth. I bit down on the ball, which was made of a semi-hard rubber-like material. My teeth sunk into it readily and easily held the ball in place, although I could still feel a force pushing down on it.

I got a whiff of feminine arousal, then felt soft pubic hair on my chin. I wondered what the hell I had in my mouth. I knew what a ball gag was though I had no personal experience with one. But this was different somehow. The weight lifted off my face and the pressure pushing the ball into my mouth was relieved. In fact, it felt like it was being pulled up. I tried to spit it out but the straps held in in place. After just a brief moment, the downward pressure returned. I bit into the ball again.

The body above me let out a moan. It repeatedly lifted up and then pushed down. Each change in direction, brought change in the direction of force on the ball in my mouth. I figured it out after a minute or so. The ball in my mouth that had a dildo on it. OK, fuck this, I thought. Time to take some action.

When the pressure was downward again, I lifted my head off my pillow, thrusting into the pussy coming at me. I heard a gasp. When the pressure reversed, I relaxed my neck and my head fell back onto the pillow, eliciting another gasp. I did this several times, the woman above me gasping and whimpering. Finally, what I was working toward happened. All pressure on the ball went away as the dildo slipped out of her. I turned my head to the side. When she pushed back down, there was nothing to impale herself on.

She spoke again. ‘Son of a bitch,’ she said. ‘I was so close.’

The bed shifted as she changed positions. I felt the hand on my face again and felt the ball being pulled so that my face had to turn toward the pussy above me. I tried to resist but the pressure was too much. The pussy returned to my face and I felt legs move up to either side of my head. Feet went over my shoulders and hooked under my arms. My face was now trapped in place.

The up and down pace increased. She didn’t make the same mistake again. Fluids began to seep onto my lips. They were warm and slick. Pubic hair tickled the end of my nose each time she came down on the dildo. All through this, my cock remained rock-solid.

I felt her weight shift on the bed again as she changed positions. The hand forced my head back into position as she once again began fucking herself. I felt hot breath canlı casino siteleri on my cock head. This time, I felt lips on the head and then a hot, wet mouth slid down my cock toward my balls. When the lips bottomed out against me, my face got soaked by her orgasm. She kept me buried in her mouth as her hips thrashed up and down on the dildo. I couldn’t bring myself to resist. The sensation of her hot mouth on my cock was pushing me toward the brink.

When I felt my orgasm begin, my hips involuntarily lifted off the bed. A hand grasped the base of my cock as the mouth quickly withdrew, stopping just long enough to swirl a slippery tongue around the head before releasing me completely. The swirls pushed me over the precipice. I fired a first jet of semen into space. I didn’t feel it land. The second, third, and fourth ejections were also launched into empty space but I felt them land on my chest and abdomen.

The pussy on my face lifted up and the dildo popped free, completely relieving the pressure on the ball. I felt the blindfold pulled off but by the time my eyes adjusted to the dim light, she was standing in the doorway with her back to me. Her dark hair looked like it had been through a windstorm. I lifted my head to get a look and the view confirmed that the ball did indeed have a life-like dick attached to it. The dark-haired woman had a trim waist, a nicely shaped ass, and great legs. She stood with her back to me and appeared to be sending a text message. She didn’t seem familiar.

She didn’t turn toward me but stood looking out into the next room. After a few minutes, I heard the front door open and Mel appeared. She barely glanced at me before going over to my tormentor. They kissed. This wasn’t a peck on the cheek between friends. This was a passionate endeavor undertaken by two lovers. By the movement of the muscles on her face, I could tell Mel’s tongue was active inside the unidentified woman’s mouth.

When they broke the kiss, she smiled over at me. ‘How did it go, Ashley?’ she asked.

‘It went just fine.’ I recognized the voice immediately. It was Gray Suit from Sully’s. ‘You were right, when he falls asleep, he’s out. I had him trussed and blindfolded without any response from him at all. He didn’t react until I started to put the gag in his mouth. He was a bit of trouble at first. He thrashed around but eventually realized he couldn’t break free. He’s inventive, I’ll give him that. He managed to get the dildo out of my pussy at a most inopportune moment.’

Mel came over and sat on the bed next to me. ‘David, remember our conversation last fall?’

I knew exactly which conversation she was talking about. At the time, we had been living together for about three months.

Mel had come home from work early on Friday and surprised me with my favorite meal. Fortunately, I got out of work on time for a change. We enjoyed a bottle of Malbec and snuggled up on the couch listening to classic rock. ‘Honey, can we talk about something?’ she asked.

I figured this was the ‘Where is this relationship going?’ talk. We had dated for a little over a year and then, at her suggestion, we moved in together. It was an easy transition. We looked for an apartment together and eventually found one to our liking. Walking distance to my job and two stops on the T to hers. The rent was high but still much less than we were paying for two apartments. Our taste in furniture was similar so we had no trouble furnishing the new place with what we already had. Even deciding what to part with was easy. After over a year together, I thought the talk was past due. And, frankly, I was ready to take the leap.

‘Sure, Mel.’ I told her. ‘I think I know what you want to talk about.’

‘You do?’ She sounded skeptical.

‘You want to talk about getting married. Or at least committing to a future together. I’d like that. The prospect of spending my life with you makes me very happy.’ I told her.

‘That’s sweet,’ she said. ‘But, no that’s not what I want to talk about. At least not right now.’

‘OK, what do you want to talk about?’ I asked, somewhat surprised and a bit embarrassed.

‘I’m not sure if I can really explain it but I’m going to try. You know I love you?’

I didn’t like the way that sounded. ‘Are you breaking up with me?’ I asked.

She was clearly exasperated by the question. ‘No, David, I’m not breaking up with you. I’ve got almost everything I could ever want in our relationship. But there is one thing missing and I need to resolve it before we can have the move forward talk.’ Mel had her head on my shoulder. Her hand was inside my shirt, caressing my chest.

‘What can I do to make everything right for you? I’ll give you anything I can.’ I told her, meaning every word of it.

‘I like girls,’ she said simply.

I sat upright. My change in position forced her to do the same. ‘What? But, our sex life . . . You always seem to enjoy sex with me.’

‘I do, I do. I really enjoy making love to you. I love everything about our sex life. I love it when you fuck me hard. I love when we take it slow and easy. I love sucking your cock. My senses fail me when you lick my clit and suck my pussy. Everything we do I enjoy and want to do with you again and again and again.’

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32