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The sun glistens off the surface of the Pacific Ocean, shining brightly like a million Ceylonese Sapphires under the early morning sun.

“Babe, sneaking out for an early morning swim was such a great idea!” I say as we giggle like little school girls and run across the soft white sand towards the water. The morning is a little icy and with a grin I notice your nipples harden under your lemon-yellow t-shirt. I love the way your t-shirt rides up your stomach to reveal your flat muscled tummy, and the way your nipple piercing is accentuated under the thin cotton.

“Wait a minute… babe, are you wearing …” but my question sticks in my throat as you pull your t-shirt over your head, revealing your perky breasts, completely naked. I can’t help but giggle again.

“Tanya, you didn’t tell me we were going for a topless dip!” You laugh at me, your grin mocking, while you take off your tiny denim shorts. You straighten up and look me in the eye challengingly. You’re now wearing nothing but your leopard print bikini bottoms, the kind that ties up on the sides. I stare at your body, your nipples hard in the cold of the morning, goose bumps spread across your body. I never grow tired of seeing you naked, of looking at those long, perfectly toned legs. Your hair blows in the wind and you look at me expectantly. I snap out of my trance… you don’t have any idea of the power you have over me! Or maybe you do…

I look around. There’s no one on the beach but us. It is very early after all. I laugh out loud as I take my purple singlet off, throwing it carelessly on the sand. I can’t believe the way we are together, I never knew I could have so fulfilling a relationship with a girlfriend, one where I can laugh at any situation.

Your eyes on me the whole time, I now remove my white cotton skirt and straighten up, meeting your gaze. Slowly you look me up and down, and your eyes come to rest on my breasts, still covered by my aqua blue bikini top. I shiver under your gaze. Still smiling you come closer and embrace me, before taking me by the chin and kissing me strongly and forcefully. I can taste the sweet champagne that we drank before leaving the house on your tongue. As always your kiss makes me weak at the knees, my heart starts racing. You pull away from our kiss. Looking me in the eye, your lips slightly parted, you untie my bikini top. I stand unmoving, and let it fall to the sand, never breaking away from your stare.

“That’s better, isn’t it?” you say, and giggle, before turning, grabbing my hand and running into the cold ocean. The water is so cold, and feels like a thousand tiny pinpricks on my feet and legs. We slow down as we get deeper, the freezing water splashing around our thighs. We’re both too scared to go deeper, afraid of the cold water against our pussies. I wish we had a bit more champagne before embarking on this crazy mission! Still standing in the thigh-deep water, I grab you and hug you close to me, our bodies trembling against each other. I pull back and kiss you with no abandon, my hands exploring your bare back and round ass. I finish our kiss, grin, then dive under the icy cold water, and start swimming ahead. You quickly catch up to me, and when we get as deep as our hips we stop. A bit warmer from the swimming now, you stand up, presenting me with your beautiful body.

“We’ll just have to keep each other warm babe,” I say before standing up next to you and starting to suck at your still erect right nipple. Your nipple tastes salty from casino oyna the sea water while I’m gently nibbling on it, listening to your soft sighs of appreciation. I move to your other nipple, this one pierced, and start biting harder, playing with the jewel, licking at the holes from the piercing. Your breathing increasing in pace, you start to rub your pussy underwater, feeling the way your clitoris is slowly swelling up with your excitement. I pull away from your heaving chest and watch you, your eyes closed, your face a picture of ecstasy while you’re rubbing your clit more and more insistently. Pulling you down into the water, I put my hand over yours, and push your own hand harder down onto your clit. Your eyes still closed you groan, and I feel your warm breath upon my cold, wet face. My left arm around you, I pull you onto me. With my right hand I push away your hand on your pussy and start untying your bikini. First one side, then the other. We let it float away.

You are now completely naked in the sea and your vulnerability excites me. I cup your pussy with my hand, lightly letting my middle finger trace your slit. I can feel your juices, sticky and mingled with the sea water. I slip two fingers inside you and you gasp. Your eyes open. Once again I stare deep down into your soul through your wild, grassy green animal eyes. Holding your gaze I start manipulating and pinching at your little bud. You tremble involuntarily. I push down hard, my middle and index finger still inside you while I rub your clit with my thumb and hold you onto my knees with my other arm. You start panting as you get closer and closer to orgasm. In return I remove my fingers from your slippery cunt and start pinching at your swollen clit incessantly. You scream as you start to come, your voice swallowed by the early morning silence, your legs clenching tighter around my body, and waves of ecstasy engulfing you, all thoughts of the icy early morning cold forgotten. I slip two fingers back inside you and your pussy lips hungrily suck at my fingers. I love the feeling of your velvety smoothness around my fingers… I just love your pretty little pussy!

Once the waves of your orgasm start to subside, we kiss once again, deeply and lovingly. I love the salty taste of your mouth from the seawater, mixed with just the last hints of sweet champagne. My hands running through your wet hair, I can feel you shiver in my arms. You pull away from me and start looking around for your bikini bottoms but they are probably far, far away by now. You look at me and once more we giggle.

“Oh well” you say, and we start swimming back out to shore. When we get back to the beach, the water lazily licking the sand, you get straight out of the water, and walk to where we dropped our towels and clothes. I linger in the water, looking left and right, up and down the small beach, surveying for prospective spectators. When I’m satisfied there’s no one around I stay where I am and look at you while you’re first putting on your shorts – with no panties – then towelling your hair, the sun glistening against the water drops still left on your back. Finally I leave the water and walk to where you are. I slip my skirt up after drying the worst of the wetness on my body. As I bend over to pick up my singlet and bikini top from the sand, you push me from behind, hard enough so that I fall onto the sand. I turn around.

“What was that f…” but before I can finish my sentence, you’re on top of me, pinning me to the ground. Your slot oyna wild eyes spark, lightning behind them. I start getting excited. Still on top of me, you start sucking my nipple hard, pinpricks of pain and pleasure intermingle and envelop my senses.

“Tanya, what if someone comes?” I protest but I have no power. Closing my eyes I lay my head back while you travel further down my body, your tongue now licking out the saltwater still pooled in my bellybutton. The sand is warm against my back, having been baked by the early morning sun for hours. I open my eyes, you’re between my legs now, your malicious eyes catch mine before moving my bikini bottoms to the side and roughly sticking two fingers inside my pussy. I gasp and close my eyes, knowing I’m completely under your control now. You wriggle your fingers inside my silky smooth pussy until I’m dripping wet and my juices are covering your whole hand. You take your fingers out and suck at them, then you lower your face in between my legs and start licking my dripping cunt, pressing your face hard down against my wetness, covering yourself in me. The way your skilful tongue is teasing my clitoris is sending sparkling sensations rolling up and down my spine. My body starts to go numb as the climax on the horizon draws nearer with every stroke of your tongue. My mind starts floating away, I’m no longer aware of the sand at my back nor the sun in my eyes. Nothing except for a hotspot of lust and pleasure between my legs growing bigger with every second your face is pressed against my lips.

Then, just before the explosion of my orgasm, you pull away from me and I hear your gasp. I open my eyes and see the cause of your surprise. Standing to our left, with a smile on his face and a bulge in his pants is a man. Shoulder length black hair and a twinkle in his hazel eyes. Laying on the sand, frozen in shock and embarrassment I stared at his tanned, muscled, shirtless upper body. His surfboard lay abandoned at his side.

“Well,” he said, his voice a lazy drawl as he tries to hide the desire written on his face, “you two look like you’re having fun.”

I look at you, and read my exact thoughts mirrored in your eyes.

“Why don’t you join us?” I ask, getting up on my knees in front of him and looking him in the eye as I pull apart the velcro of his red board shorts, freeing his impressive erection and stroking it.

“Mmm…” he moaned eagerly, “I would love that.”

Letting his shorts drop to his ankles, I smile at you before slowly starting to lick the tip of his throbbing penis. You get on your knees beside me and, one hand on his bare arse, you start licking the base of his shaft while I’m still busy with the tip. He’s groaning louder now at the erotic sight of the two of us, busying ourselves with his huge cock. Without a word you start licking his balls, making way for me to swallow his cock, first a little bit, then more and more of it, until I’m reaching all the way to the base. In and out I take his now twitching cock, while you lick and suck at his balls and start tickling his asshole. He’s moaning loudly now and his legs start shaking as he nears orgasm. I slow down, so he grabs the back of my neck and starts fucking my mouth violently, but, we’re in control here, and we’re not relinquishing power. Pushing him away from me, gently but firmly, I say: “You interrupted us just as I was about to come, robbing me from a powerful orgasm, so now you’ll have to make up for it!”

A naughty grin still on my face canlı casino siteleri I turn around, hiking my skirt up over my hips and lean down, presenting him with my bum. The rugged stranger leans forward and takes me by the hips, grasps the sides of my bikini bottoms and, with an eager grin on his face pulls them down. Silently he admires my now parted pussy, glistening wetly in the sun. Wordlessly I catch your eye and motion for you to lie down in front of me. You giggle with excitement, and I must say, the eroticism of our voyeurism is turning me on like a savage hunger in the pit of my stomach. The sexy stranger steps out of his boardshorts and kneels down behind me. Taking his cock with one hand, and holding me by the hips with his other, he guides his tip to the open folds of my vagina, groaning quietly as he softly teases it up and down the wetness of my slit. I moan and shiver, willing him to enter me, but he wants to make me beg.

“Do you want me to fuck you?” he rasps. He is cheeky, trying to take control again, but I surprise him by pushing back onto him, my pussy greedily swallowing his entire length. Groaning, he takes back control by grasping my hips with both hands and violently thrusting into me again. I can’t help but yelping as his impressive cock pumps in and out of me, and in return he slaps me, once, twice, three times hard on my ass whilst his penis is buried deep inside me. Bucking in rhythm with his thrusting I am now nearly completely lost in my pleasure, but I haven’t forgotten about you. Opening my eyes I survey you lying in front of me, beautifully presented with your shorts off again and your legs slightly open. A smile plays around your lips and your eyes are wild with desire as you softly finger your clit while watching our stranger fuck me passionately from behind. I want to taste you and pleasure you, sharing in the sensual satisfaction that I myself am feeling. Burying myself hungrily in your pussy I lick and bite at your clitoris with enthusiasm, while being dominated by our stranger and his very talented cock.

The taste of your juices combined with his fucking has me on the edge in no time, culminating in an earth shattering orgasm, and I don’t even know that I’m screaming until I start coming down from cloud 9 and hear myself. My knees are weak and I pull myself off his cock and fall down onto the sand.

“Finish her” I manage to command and without needing to be told twice he leaps onto you, finding your soaked pussy easily with his rock hard cock and fucks you so hard your nectar is dripping down your thighs and his testicles in no time. He stops for a second only to put your legs up on his shoulders, smiling at how supple you are. Pulling you onto his lap he starts fucking you even harder than before, then pushes you back down onto the sand again roughly. You gasp, clinging to him with your arms and legs, savouring the feeling of his stomach on yours, his chest to your breasts, his face in your neck and breath on your skin, his insatiable hunger for your body. As his thrusting continues you start to concentrate on the ball of intense pleasure that is beginning, small and hot like a distant star, to grow steadily inside of you. Soon it’s possessing more and more of your body, and your limbs grow numb as the heat between your legs expands impossibly, when suddenly it explodes as you reach climax, your muscles tightening around his cock which causes him to come at the same time, collapsing on top of you.

After a while he puts his shorts back on then collapses onto his back, and falls asleep in the sun… you and I giggle silently, not wanting to wake him up. We get up, put our clothes on, and hand in hand run home together. I love our little adventures!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32