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One morning I listened to the tale of how in a small mid-west town in 2168, Melissa offered comfort to her widowed father Tom the town’s spiritual leader.

It was so moving that I wrote it down shorthand just as Tom told it.


“It’s a fail Tom,” Old Sam Jenner told me, “Busted wide open, I’d say a nigger done it,”

I couldn’t believe it, “What, Melissa, no, no way!” I protested.

“Got the photos, see.” he said as he took his communicator and projected her pictures on the wall, it was her all right, her face her body, her sex, just no hymen no more.

“Jesus Christ!” I groaned.

“You think you can get her married off before the end of the month?” he asked.

“No, I never knew she had a boyfriend,” I admitted, “I guess not.”

“Well, I can’t delay filing beyond the 31st,” he said, “You know the rules.”

I thanked him for coming around in person, the population laws were quite clear, all women of child bearing age must take all reasonable steps to reproduce, and that meant over eighteen, except if they elected to stay virgins for religious reasons or to get a university education.

Sam was a friend from way back and as a qualified physician he done the schools spring virginity check, as required by regulation, but I had no idea Mel had been screwing around.

“I won’t have a coffee Tom.” he said apologetically. “You probably got things to do.”

I didn’t know what to do, that was the trouble, it was just Mel and me since Mary died giving birth to Mel all them years ago.

I never had a woman after she went, nor a guy neither, I just sent my quota to the state sperm bank as required and that was hard work at times, goofing off over Mary’s picture, you get the idea?

See the thing was when the sea boards were wiped out back in 2095 when the Asteroid struck, or so they said we went from a couple or three hundred million Americans to less than a million over night, hell we was lucky, they reckon there was only three survivors in Bungla Desh region of India and barely ten thousand Chinese, so when the Canadians took over the US and called it the North American Federation, they had to get the population back up somehow, and the population laws were that somehow.

Mel came striding down the garden path like she hadn’t a care in the world after school finished around seven, her school blazer and crisp starched shirt and neat skirt just shouted respectability , a sweet virgin except the paperwork said different.

“Mel, you get in here right away,” I told her and she smiled and her eyes lit up.

“Yes Daddy, did you get the results?” she asked.

I stayed tight lipped until she got inside. “Sure, you been busted wide open like a Negro screwed you!”

“Yes Daddy,” she agreed, “Aren’t you pleased?”

“No, my god why would I be pleased? I demanded.

“Because we can be specially close Daddy, I can be Mommy for you.” she said happily.

“Oh no,” I recoiled, oh god, I always called her my special girl, the love of my life, often times I kissed and hugged her but never in a million years did I think of screwing her. “No it’s not right!”

“But Daddy it’s perfectly legal now, for the brightest kids its encouraged.” she said plaintively.

I knew that but like selective father daughter breeding of dogs it weren’t healthy.

“You get that right out of your mind, you’re marrying that nigger what busted you open.” I told her.

“What do you mean?” she said, “No one busted me, you know there are no Negroes left in Gainsborough County, Sam Higgins was the last, they can’t stand the cold.”

“Then how?” I asked.

“The rolling pin, oh please Daddy, just do it, make me feel alive!” she asked.

“No way,” I said.

“Then just register me and I’ll get someone else to spunk me.” she demanded.

“Look, I’m preacher round her, I chair the town meeting,” I said, “I got to set an example, and I’m not fixing to register that I’m screwing my own daughter.”

“But Daddy!” she exclaimed, “You must, or.”

“Yes, that’s it girl, you’ll be listed as available.” I told her.

“But Daddy,” she was panicking now, real worried, “You can’t!”

“I damned well can!” I said, “You had a choice and you took it, you could have stayed a virgin but oh no, well you just see whose spunk takes and you just pray he treats you good.”

“Daddy, Taylor Roffe said he likes me?” she said hopefully. I wondered about the chances, the law said the guy whose spunk took was legally responsible for the kid so the girl usually lived with him till the next one was born and then she moved on.

“Darling’ half the town likes you,” I said, “Pointy tits, blonde hair, what’s not to like?”

“Don’t be so crude Daddy!” she said.

“Well you just wait till first of July you won’t feel so clever then.” I told her.

She never believed I wouldn’t relent, even when we went shopping, I got her several real pretty dresses, with approval labels, law said if a girl is listed available then her tits, cunt illegal bahis and ass mustn’t be covered except by a pad when she bleeds, so the dresses came just below the navel and either there were holes cut for her tits to flop through or the cleavage swooped down and around her tits like the regulations for available girls said, and I got the stockings and belt they specified. The only thing was she kept her panties and bra on all the time, and I got her some high heels like they said, not the fake ones but the real thing, so she was all kitted out when the new classifications listings came out on the first of the month.

She came down all dressed up that morning, “Good Morning,” she said.

“Mel, its first of July,” I waned her, “Where’s your tits and ass?”

“Daddy!” she protested, “Don’t be silly, just register me as your girl.”

“No way ho say,” I told her, “You get that available dress on right now or I’ll take you down town butt naked.”

She went to say “no,” but she saw in my eyes I was serious.”Daddy, no please,” she said, “You can’t, I can’t go out like that, I’d have to let anybody, everybody, fuck me.”

“That’s what you chose, so what is it that dress or butt naked? I asked.

She chose the red dress, her tits looked perfect as they poked through the red fabric and her cunt and pert ass was a real picture framed by the white skirt.

“I can’t go out like this!” she protested.

“No,” I agreed, “You need your heels on.”

“But Daddy, anyone can screw me, anyone Daddy,” she protested, “Please Daddy I just want your spunk, your babies Daddy!”

“You’re all screwed up Mel,” I told her, “I better cuff you so you can do chores and school work or they’ll be issuing a cuffing order and then you wont be able to go school.”

She ate her waffles and syrup, drank her coffee and then she screwed up her courage and said, “I guess I better go to school.”

“Sure,” I agreed, “I’ll leash you, then at least I can get some ID from the guys that screw you.”

“Thanks Daddy,” she said uncertainly.

I cuffed her hands behind her back and put a collar and leash on her and led her out the door, old Miss Reilly from across the way near fainted when we came out. “Thomas Tranter what in tarnation do you think you’re doing?” she asked.

“She failed virginity Sue-Ann,” I said “She’s got to try and get laid.”

“But Tom, surely you been poking her?” she asked all concerned like.

“Nope, it may be legal but I don’t hold with father daughter screwing.” I told her.

We only got to the end of the street before the guys came sniffing, young guys barely eighteen with the regulation pants and the loin cloths hiding their tools rearing like tent poles, Franck LeHar, and Curtis Wright, withe their side kick “Robert” Burns.

“You want to bend over Mel?” Franck asked with a smirk.

“You got insurance on that GM Sunray Flycar?” I asked. He backed off.

“Hows the probation Robert, fucked any more faces recently?” I asked, remembering he been bound over for taking blow jobs when he should have been cunt fucking.

“Daddy!” Mel protested, “You’re scaring them away!”

“That’s the idea honey, that’s the idea.”

She caused a mighty stir on campus, as she walked in, head high tits out an ass jiggling there wasn’t another available girl still studying, all the rest was signed for or virgins but she only had a month to go before she graduated so she wasn’t going to drop out now, hell she could go to Uni and still raise a family.

I took Mel to her Psychology class and Principal McKenzie called me over the PA, she had me come to the office.

“Look Mr Tranter, principles are principles,” she said, “But you can’t bring a horny little slut like Mel into class with her tits out and her cunt glistening, and ripe for fucking how are the guys supposed to get any work done.”

“And how old are you?” I asked.

“What I’m saying is you should register her, screw her and send her to school in school uniform.” she said.

“Look,” I said, “Fist off I don’t hold with father daughter fucking, and second, I don’t write lies on government forms and third you ain’t menopausal, you ain’t married so where’s your tits.”

She reacted like she was bit with a rattlesnake.

“Well if she agrees to wear a tie and a School Blazer we’ll say no more about it.” She agreed.

“I’m sure that’ll be fine,” I agreed, “You and Miss Cathcart still an item?” I teased, knowing the elimination of Lesbianism bill had only just failed to become law, and if passed they could be sentenced to ten years repeat multiple impregnations in a secure maternity unit like the male homos who if found to have indulged were sentenced to be restrained and their spunk milked for life, which wasn’t too long usually.

I followed Mel from class to class, using my secure com to check every guy for misdemeanours.

Mel near got laid at Lunch time, she was cuffed but she could reach through to hold her cunt lips open and she was so horny with knowing her cunt and tits were out there for the illegal bahis siteleri world to see that when I went for a coffee she tried to get Mr Thingly the math teacher interested.

He backed off when he saw me coming but the way he kept licking his fingers said he’d at least had some fingers up her.

“You remember last fall?” I asked, he went white and scuttled away. I never knew what happened last fall but it was just a lucky guess so Mel had a narrow escape, not that she saw it that way, oh no, just like the clothes regulations intended she was as hot and horny as hell.

Mel marched into Biology, all straining nipples and dripping juices, hell you could smell her cunt juice twenty yards away as it ran and dripped into a puddle on the chair.

It was painful like a bitch on heat and I felt like a real heel as I kept finding all sorts of reasons why guys should look elsewhere and leave her be.

I was absolutely shattered when we got home around seven fifteen, Miss Reilly stood and watched us, “Had a good day?” she asked.

“No, I didn’t!” Mel cursed, “He wouldn’t let me!”

“I had some trouble,” I told her, “Nothing I couldn’t handle.” and I ushered Mel inside the house.

She seemed a different girl, she even tried to sneak out after dinner instead of doing her homework, but I caught her and dragged her back inside, “What’s gotten in to you?”

I demanded.

“Nothing, a big fat nothing, you don’t want me and you won’t let anybody else have me, it’s not right!” she said.

“Now hold on, what the hell has gotten in to you?” I asked, “Is it being near naked?” I asked, “The cool breeze on your tits, tantalising your private bits that’s public now.”

“I, I don’t know?” she said.

“Maybe you just found your hidden slut side?” I asked her.

“Ooohhhh!” she protested, “Daddy, stop staring at me like that!”

“You sure are slutty, gee what happened to my sweet daughter,” I asked her.

“Then breed me Daddy!” she demanded, “Please, Please,” she looked at me with pleading in those glorious blue eyes, and my tool reared up, and I was within an ace of laying her down there and then when Sue-Ann knocked my door.

“Tom,” she said, “How did Mel get on today?”

“He never let anyone near me!” Mel said as she stormed upstairs.

“I’ll sit with her if you want to get off to choir practice,” Sue-Ann said quietly.

“Hell no she can come!” I snapped, “She did the choosing why should I lose my best Soprano?”

Sue-Ann still hung around like the nosey interfering troublemaker she was, her mousey hair streaked with grey and the shapeless cardigan she alway wore, she was a conscientious abstainer of the worst kind, a forty year old virgin.

“I wondered if Melanie needed a woman to talk to?” she asked hopefully .

“It’s Melissa and she don’t,” I told her, “Anyway what do you know?” I said nastily, “You’re just a professional virgin.”

“And if you had a shred of decency you’d sign for that girl, it breaks my heart.” Sue-Ann said, “Beautiful girl like that all ripe for loving and you won’t let her do what god intended.”

“Dear God!” I told her, “I had plans for her, University, a career, she could have been someone like you maybe.”

“A professional virgin, great.” Sue-Ann told me, she looked sad, if I had more time I guess I would have sat down and asked what was troubling her, but I had problems enough with Melissa.

I gave Mel half an hour and then I went to find her, she was in her room trying to get herself off using the rolling pin from the kitchen but she was just winding herself right up until she was wound tighter than a clock spring, “Ohhh, Daddy pleaseeee,” she wailed.

“Its Choir practice time,” I told her.

“What!” she snapped, “Get real!”

“There’s no need to turn your back on the Lord,” I told her.

“But I can’t stand in line dressed like this,” she protested.

“Either that or naked?” I asked her “You choose.”

“Daddy!” she protested.

“Don’t you want to sing?” I asked her, “Who’s going to sing Ave Maria?” I asked her.

She calmed down some, “I guess, maybe I can wear choir robes.”

“Sure.” I agreed, “I’ll walk with you!”

She came downstairs, with me it wasn’t far to the church barely a hundred yards and she was there before she really knew it, most of the girls were there and a few of the boys, Steve Rogers my Curate was warming them up in the choir stalls in the chancel of the little wooden church, singing scales and that and I took Mel to the vestry through the side door and found a spare set of red choir robes.

She was real grateful when she put them on, but then she screamed right out loud when I took a pair of shears and started to cut, right up the sides in front, up around her crotch and back down again and then I cut out around her tits and cut a circle around her ass. so everything was available, cunt, tits and ass all available while her head was covered with the hood and she wore these great long robes.

I had to drag her out that Vestry, out the side canlı bahis siteleri door between attar and the choir seats and when they saw her there was such a shocked silence you could have cut it with a knife.

“Whoo hoo fuckaroolee time,” Dan Moore announced as Mel appeared, sort of vocalising what the guys were thinking.

“But not for you guys,” I warned, “I reckon there ain’t a single one of you which I ain’t got something on.” I grinned, “Mel’s just the same old Mel and she’s still going to sing with us.”

“Daddy, I can’t.”

“Reverent Tranter, I believe you are doing your daughter a sore dis-service.” Steve Rogers announced.

“That’s as maybe Steve, but you’re set on joining the Catholic Church, so I guess you ain’t that interested. ” I joked, poor Steve he wasn’t even supposed to goof off they was so particular about being celibate but he was a good lad, he studied theology on line and helped me out, he even dug graves like it was real easy, he worked out and ran to keep his mind pure, six foot tall big wide shoulders he was wasted as a Catholic but that was what he was set on.

“Reverent what you’re doing is inhumane,” Steve said as he stood there in those black robes with that white surplice over it he always wore.

“Excuse me,” I said, “She’s my daughter and I decide what happens to her.”

“She’s available sir,” he said, “Come here Melissa,” he said and he held out his hand to her.

“Steve,” she said awkwardly, “What is it Steve?”

“Come here let me hold you,” he said, “Let me comfort you.”

“Hey, Steve, you better be careful.” I said but I dropped her leash as she took a couple of steps towards him and he reached out and hugged her to him and then unbelievably he laid her down.

“No,” she said, “Please Steve, you can’t no!”

It was like watching a train wreck, all Steve’s dreams dissolved as he hauled his robes up round his ass showing he wore nothing except the robes and as he forced her knees apart he plunged his tool deep into her hot wet willing cunt.

“No Steve, all your dreams,” she wailed despairingly.

“I can’t bear seeing you all available for any guy to fuck, I want you to cover up and if I have to” he gasped, “Oh Mel that feels so good.”

“Oh Steve,” Mel said, “You’re beautiful,” and she dragged his robes over his head to leave him completely naked.

“OK, lets sing “God moves in a mysterious way,” I suggested, “Shows over.” but it wasn’t Steve was busy tearing Mel’s clothes off and then he started pleasuring her like he was some porno movie star.

“Oh he’s so noble Daddy,” Mel said, “Doing this for me.”

I looked around for a bucket of water to chuck over them but there was nothing, so I found a pad of marriage licences and started filling one out.

Her wailing and his grunting showed they had cummed and I just handed the two of them the forms and a pen, and that was it Mel was Mrs Steve Rogers, so she would never need her available clothes ever again.

They finished up, cleaned up, Mel found some some robes that weren’t all tore up and then we got right on with Choir practise.

It seemed surreal that night, I invited Steve to our home and when we had supper I went for a walk to let them fuck.

Sue-Ann came and stuck her nose in, as soon as I stepped out the house she wanted to know what went on, like she heard rumours, I told her it was all true, “I got a spare bed if you want to give them space?” she suggested.

“I guess,” I agreed.

“You had supper?” she asked.

“Yes,” I agreed, “I guess I ruined Steve’s life.”

“No, you saved him Tom,” she said earnestly, “Virginity is a crime against nature.”

“How can you say that Sue-Ann,” I demanded, “You made a great life for yourself.”

“A lonely life Tom,” she said, “I could have had a dozen kids by now.” she said.

“I guess,” I said, “How old are you, fifty?”

“Thirty eight,” she said with a sort of sob.

“Look sorry, I didn’t mean.” I said.

“I’m still fertile Tom,” she said, “there’s still time.”

“I guess,” I agreed.

“You wanna fuck?” she said, and she looked at me so pleadingly.

“Sure, it will be my pleasure!” I agreed.

“You will?” she gasped.

“Yeah, than you can walk round with your cunt and ass on show for any guy to fuck,” I said, “I’ll bust you wide open you slut.”

“Oh yes!” she gasped.

“But what about rejection, when the guys don’t fancy you?” I asked.

“You beast!” she protested.

“Never mind, I’ll register you as my private fuck because Sue-Ann Reilly,” I said, “I’ve had a gut full of goofing off.”

She looked nervous as I tore her dress off, busted her brassiere apart and tore off her panties before I laid her down and busted that near forty year old hymen with a singe thrust, least aways that’s how it should have been.

Truth to tell I just bounced off of it and it wasn’t till she shoved a rolling pin inside her and busted that pesky thing herself that I slid right in that slippery hot paradise, and we set down to do some serious fucking.

Trouble was I was out of practice and she hadn’t much of a clue so’s I guess it wasn’t much of a fuck my your standards but by god was it good for me.

“Tom,” she said afterwards, “Do you always say ‘Praise the Lord’ when you let fly.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32