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*Marissa plays farting games & player number 3 wins big*

Marissa was headed up to her office in the elevator, meaning it was time for one of her favorite games: He Who Smelt it Dealt it. She waited for the elevator to get crowded then chose her target. He was an intern. Tall and lanky, sort of nerdy looking. Discretely she shuffled over to him then standing right beside him she subtly spread her legs. She pressed up against his leg using it to spread her butt cheeks. He stiffened noticing the contact and then relaxed assuming it was an accident because of the fullness of the elevator.

After a few moments she slowly let out a silent fart. And then another.

“Ew.” she heard someone mutter. It smelled awful! Marissa held in her laughter.

The elevator stopped and a few people got off as a few more victims got on. Once the doors were closed Marissa shifted against the interns leg and farted again. She looked up at him. His face was red and he was looking away. He knew she was farting on him. For him the smell was the strongest and he probably felt the warm rumbling little puffs of gas on his thigh.

“What is that?” some one whispered.

Ping. The doors opened and some people escaped as others got in. Marissa pressed closer to the intern as people got on and farted as the doors shut.



“What’s that smell?”

Marissa looked up at the intern again feigning embarrassment. This time he was looking down at her seeming a bit annoyed. ‘Sorry’ she mouthed before farting again. This one came with a bit of noise. Oops! Oh well. Marissa farted again and wiggled her butt.

As the doors opened the intern was about to say something to her but she grabbed his arm.

“I’m so sorry!” She whispered. “I’m so embarrassed. Please don’t let anyone know.”

He clamped his mouth shut. As the doors shut she farted again. Loudly.

“Who is that?” a woman demanded.

Marissa turned to the intern eyes pleading.

“It was me” he spoke up. “Sorry.”

Well that was unexpected. She hadn’t thought he would take the blame. Marissa smiled and pushed her ass up against him happily letting them go until she reached her floor. Some were silent but deadly and a few were loud an proud.

When the doors pinged on the thirtieth floor she grabbed the interns arm and pulled him off with her.

“I’m really sorry about all that. I couldn’t help it,” she said turning in the water works, “I’m so humiliated.”

“It’s alright,” he said, “Everyone, er, f- . . . um, has gas,”

She sniffed, “You didn’t have to take the blame. Thanks again really,”

He smiled weakly, “Sure,”

Marissa hugged him firmly squishing her big breasts up against his chest and farted loudly, trapping him in the rank smell for a moment. “Oh! I’m sorry. Well have a nice day” she waved and took off for her cubicle.


“Did you just fart!?”

“Sorry Alice,” Marissa said as they ate lunch.

“God Marissa! That’s awful!”

Marissa tooted again. “Sorry.” she wasn’t. Not really. It was kind of fun watching Alice squirm. She’d played what she liked to call ‘Farting with Friends’ before but never with Alice. Alice had the perfect personality for this. Marissa wondered how far she could push her.

“I’d go to the bathroom but I hate doing this kind of thing in public.” she lied. “This way it’s just you and me. You’re a good friend Alice. I trust you not to make fun of me,”

Well what could Alice say to that? She was a shy meek girl and could hardly say ‘I don’t care that we’re friends! Stop stinking the place up!’ Alice never wanted to hurt anyone’s feelings and Marissa knew it. The poor girl now pretty much had to sit there and act like the farting didn’t bother her for the sake of their friendship.


Another fart rolled out of Marissa’s big ass. “Sorry Alice. Can’t seem to help it. I think it was my breakfast.” Three egg and bean breakfast burritos will do that to you, she thought naughtily.

“Oh it’s alright. We’re friends. You can trust me. And it’s not as if I’ve never passed gas,”

Marissa smiled. Then leaning forward let it rip.







Alice held a breath. “Oh!”

-Bbbbbbrrrrrrrruuuuuuu casino siteleri ppppppppppppppppptttt!

“Sorry,” Marissa said looking contrite.

Alice nodded still holding her breath and trying to smile. Finally she had to breath and almost gagged. “Um, I’m just going to get some air.”

“I understand. Sorry again.”

Alice nodded and got up, trying not to rush and seem like she was running from her friend.

Once Alice was gone Marissa sat in Alice’s chair and finished her big lunch while farting. Big juicy wet ones.

“Uuh!” Marissa stomach grumbled on the last one and she felt a familiar pressure. Time to take a dump!

She got up and went to the bathroom two floors below theirs and dropped a bomb. The shit wouldn’t flush but Merissa didn’t care. Not her floor. The smell of course lingered and was so bad no one used that bathroom for the rest of the day and by the end of the day the entire floor stank.


On the way home the elevator up to her apartment was very crowded so Marissa decided to play another round of ‘He Who Smelt it Dealt it’.

She chose the cute sort of geek looking guy from the tenth floor. He was at the back corner of the elevator. Perfect. He was in the best position for her game. She squeezed over to him pretending to be searching for more room and then pressed her soft fat butt up against his crotch.

He sucked in a breath. “Sorry.” she whispered.

Ping. Someone got off on three and four people got on mistaking it for a down elevator and then decided to ride it out.

Bad decision. Marissa held in her giggle. The elevator was at full capacity. At this point she had no choice but to be pushed up right against him. She spread her legs and wiggled her butt allowing his body to help spread her cheeks. Then she let loose.

Porter held in a groan. Why always me? The sexy girl from upstairs was farting on him. And it stank! How could such a gorgeous woman produce something so horrendous?!

He heard tiny little toots accompanying the smell and felt puffs of warmth as she wiggled that shapely ass. He couldn’t help but start to get hard. He could feel her butt cheeks opening up around is leg and near his dick. Of course he wasn’t turned on by farting! But this woman was so beautiful. And so close to him. He hadn’t had a date (or a good fuck) since his girlfriend broke up with him a few years ago.

Thankfully the elevator let out pretty quickly. By the time they’d reach the ninth floor it was just the two of them and she’d stopped farting and moved away.

He thought about confronting her as soon as the doors closed. He wasn’t her toilet after all! But he didn’t get the chance.

Suddenly the elevator shuddered and stopped. The lights flicked out then a moment later the emergency lights came on.

“Oh great,” sexy-girl muttered.

Porter pulled the emergency switch. An attendant told them to sit tight. Since they weren’t elderly or having a serious medical condition they weren’t top priority. Power was out all over the city and there were other emergencies so it would be a while. And hour at least. If something serious happened they could of course call 911 for immediate help.

Fucking fantastic! Marissa thought. They’d be stuck here an hour. She had to pee. And poop.

“So. . . I guess we’ll be here a while,”

Marissa suppressed an eye roll. She hated when people stated the obvious. “Yep,” she popped the “p”.

He was silent for a while. “So, do you always, uh, fart on random guys in elevators?”

“I . . .” well damn. No one had ever called her on it before. “Sorry about that. I . . . I shouldn’t have done that.” she was sorry this time. He seemed like a nice guy.

He shrugged. “I really didn’t mind. Well . . . ok, I did mind. But your kinda hot, so I’ll let it pass.”

“Only kinda hot?” she asked feeling flirty.

“Ok. Really hot. Like crazy sexy. Like I fantasize about you when I see you in the elevator every morning hot! Uh . . .”

Oh God why did I say that out loud! What’s wrong with me?! She probably thinks I’m insane now. Or a creepy stalker.

But instead of getting offended she giggled. “I had no idea you noticed me,”

He swallowed hard. “I noticed. How could anyone miss you?”

“I slot oyna noticed you too.” she said after a moment.

“Really?” he couldn’t keep the excitement out of his voice.

“Mm-hmm. I think you’re cute.”

“Cute?” he said with disgust.

She laughed loudly, “In a good way. You’re a really cute guy. Porter right?”

She knew his name!?

“Yeah. Porter. What’s yours?”


Porter and Marissa continued to talk. About where they worked, where they grew up, what they liked and didn’t. The conversation flowed like they were old friends just catching up.

But after a while Porter noticed Marissa was becoming uneasy. They were well passed the hour mark approaching hour two and Marissa was starting to squirm as if . . . as if she had to . . .


Marissa was ready to burst! Originally she’d planned to piss off her terrace and masturbate in the moonlight which is why she hadn’t used Mr. Perkins’ waste basket before she left that night. She had to pee alot then but wanted an even bigger build up so she waited. Right now she was regretting that decision. The huge dump that was building up could probably wait but the urine could not.

“Oh,” she tried not to moan but couldn’t help herself. He bladder was beginning to hurt!

“Uh, Marissa,” Porter swallowed, “Do you have to . . . pee?”

She nodded. What good would denying it do? She was visible trembling and in about five minutes it would be all to obvious.

Porter pressed the call button again. “Um, hello? It’s over an hour”

“Sorry folks. There’s a huge fire at the electrical plant. That’s what caused the blackout. Emergency workers are doing there best. We should have you out with in the hour. Are you both doing alright? Is there an emergency?”

“Uh . . .”

Porter didn’t think bathroom emergencies counted. “We’re alright. For the most part. Will it really be another hour?”

“I’m afraid so. Hang in there.” the attendant said before pretty much ending the call.

Porter wasn’t sure Marissa could “hang in there” much longer. She wiggled and moaned. And to his shame it was turning him on.

She was so beautiful. Her discomfort shouldn’t get him hard. But the thought of a beautiful female filled was piss was thrilling!

Yes. He was a pee fetishist. He wanted to be pissed on. Maybe even drink it. He’d discovered his interest years ago when he’d spotted a girl he had a crush on drunk and peeing under the bleachers in high school. She hadn’t seen him but he’d seen her. He never worked up the nerve to ask her out but it was easy to search the web for more piss videos.

His ex-girlfriend had peed on him once by accident. They were camping and he had left the tent to pee not realizing she had gone before him. When he arrived at their designated bathroom area thanks to his extra strong flash light (that he’d bought for the trip) he startled her and got a great view of her bald pussy as piss shot from it landing on his legs and shoes. A few months later he worked up the nerve to ask her to pee on him but she called him a freak and said “hell fucking no!”

And now here he was with one of the most beautiful girls he’d every seen and she was on the verge of a major piss. Was Porter’s luck finally changing?

“Do it.” he whispered.


Oh God! Had he said that out loud?!

“What did you say?”

“I . . . y-you need to pee right. We’re adults. I don’t pretend bodily functions don’t exist.” he couldn’t believe he was actually saying this to her. “You have to pee. So pee.”

Marissa swallowed hardly believing her ears. She was definitely going to pee. Soon. Whether she wanted to or not. But it seemed like Porter. . . wanted her to. Really wanted her too.

She bit back a desperate moan. Was he into it? Did she care? She felt like she was going to explode and he had given her permission to relieve herself!

“Are you sure you don’t mind?”

He nodded, “No. I don’t mind. You need to go. You’re shaking. Don’t be ashamed. Please. Please go.”

Porter couldn’t believe it! Instead of being repulsed she was ready and willing. Obviously she had to go bad. Or . . . or maybe. . . Could it be she wanted to? There were girls out their who liked to pee in public and piss canlı casino siteleri all over guys. At least in videos. But their must be some in real life. Right? Had he found one?

She got up slowly biting her lip, “Mmph,” that moan went straight to his cock.

Did he dare push this further?

“The mess though . . .” he muttered.


“The mess. When we’re rescued they’ll know one of us peed in here. Unless . . .”


“Unless it wasn’t so obvious. Unless you only peed a little.”

“I don’t think that’s an option” her legs shook.

“No. Probably not. Why don’t you spread it out then? Since the elevator is carpeted it won’t show up so much if you pee a little here and there”

She nodded. “I can’t hold it much longer.”

“I’ll help you.” he got up standing behind her as she faced the back wall. Trying to keep the excited tremble out of his hands an he lifted her flowy skirt.

Porter almost came in his pants when he saw she was bare beneath it. He helped her squat down. “Ok. I’ll watch and make sure it doesn’t stain.”

Marissa was beyond caring about anything aside from taking a piss. Porter a virtual stranger holding her waist and staring at her bare ass. He probably had a good glimps of her pussy hair too. But he wasn’t over stepping. He just kneeled there, behind her, supporting her. Waiting for her piss.

And God did she have to piss! Slowly she spread her legs as wide as she could. “Here it comes.” she whispered.

Porter was sure he’d died and gone to heaven when Marissa relaxed and hot golden piss shot out of her. It hissed on the carpet splashing his pants. He didn’t back up thought. This was perfect!

Just as the carpet started to show evidence of her mess he shouted stop and she did. He helped her up and they moved to another spot. She squatted again and farted as he knelt behind her. The smell was vile but nothing could ruin this moment for him. If anything his cock grew harder.

Marissa butt grazed Porter’s stomach and more pee rained down on the carpet between them. She was beautiful. He imagined fingering her as she pissed. Kissing her and fondling those big tits. He wasn’t watching the stain anymore so focused on his fantasies and the stream of piss that gushed from her barely seen pussy. It was hairy. From here that was all he could tell. He wanted to touch it so badly!

Without thinking he reached out but before he could get there his hand came into contact with steaming hot pee. Porter groaned. So warm.

“Mmm,” Marissa moaned obviously enjoying her release.


“Marissa,” Porter moaned.

Marissa had originally meant to hold back on farting but it slipped out. Oh well. From the way Porter moaned he was enjoying himself. She looked down noticing his hand. He was enjoying being pissed on. Whether or not he enjoyed her farts he would take those too.

-Ppplluumph! Blllamp!

At last Marissa pee came to an end. She sighed and let lose a few more juicy farts.

“That was so good!”

“Uh-huh!” was all Porter could muster.

Marissa got up and turned around. “Why Porter, I do believe you’re hard!” she feigned shock.

“I . . . I . . .” he looked terrified.

“It’s alright Porter honey. You like my piss all over you don’t you?”

He nodded.

“Good. Because guess what. I love to piss. You and I are going to have a lot of fun!”

About ten minutes later the power was restored. The entire wait Marissa and Porter had been making out with Marissa dropping a few loud stink bombs. Porter hardly cared as he was allowed access to her full breasts and meaty ass.

The elevator opened on ten and Marissa got off with him. In his apartment they continued to kiss and feel each other up.

“One sec, honey. Where’s your bathroom?”

Porter took her to it Marissa blasting farts all the way. He had a pretty good idea of what was coming but he didn’t care. All that mattered was this gorgeous woman was in his apartment willing to piss on him and they were going to fuck.

Marissa plopped down on the toilet. As Porter walked away he heard the sounds of her blowing up his bathroom. “Uuh!” Blllruuup! Plop! Plop! Pooottttt! “Uuh! Uuuh!” Plop! Porter’s hard on never wavered.

Once she was through they fucked the night away.

When Porter got up for a midnight pee he found a huge surprise in his toilet. He sighed and got the plunger. He’d already decided this girl was worth it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32