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The Second in a Series of True Stories

Susan and I moved in together shortly after I graduated from High School and entered the local college. We had a great time, Susan worked as a nurse in my old school, and I worked on a road construction crew during the summer. We worked out in the mornings together, and then went to work. I earned enough to easily pay off college and have plenty of spending money. We both arrived home about the same time, cleaning up and occasionally showering together, but always spending the evenings reading, writing, talking, and cuddling. I was in heaven; Susan was an excellent teacher and taught me how to be a good, considerate lover.


In November, one of Susan’s old college roommates dropped by, visiting from Boston. Claire was a redheaded bombshell, a wee bit taller than Susan, standing 5’6″, with a healthy chest and the sauciest little ass I had seen in a while. Claire spent quite a bit of time at the pool swimming, and spent just enough time at a tanning salon to keep her skin a healthy-looking shade. As I studied, the two friends reminisced about the good old days, sharing snacks and wine. Occasionally I would take a break and join them, and the three of us became close friends.

After a week of Claire’s visit, Susan and I began relaxing around Claire, and began treating her like a member of our family. No longer did I dress in the bathroom before exiting, I only wrapped a towel around my waist when leaving the bathroom and I changed in our bedroom. Susan did the same, but occasionally she went into Claire’s room and the two of them chatted at length.

One time Claire caught me departing the bathroom and kidded me about my rock hard abs, she threatened to crack an egg on my stomach, I was so “hot”, she said. I quickly moved away so that she wouldn’t notice my cock pressing against my towel, but she may have noticed. At 6’2″, my rather lengthy cock was all too noticeable, and I certainly did not want to get into any trouble with Susan. Of course, Claire excited me, no man in his right mind wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to doff her clothes and… well, you get the idea.

That evening, while studying, Claire returned from the pool and tanning salon, rather late. I remember Claire asking Susan if there was something wrong with her looks. I had to chuckle as I heard Susan reassure her that she was perfect. Thank goodness she didn’t ask me, I would have told her that she was entirely “fuckable.” I was shocked, however, when Claire walked out of the kitchen, in jeans, and just her two-piece swimsuit top she used for tanning covering a very firm chest. I had to gape, when I caught sight of her extremely tight abdominal muscles, she had a six-pack! She noticed me looking and just smiled as she walked away. God, she had a body that would make a gay man straight!

That night Susan and I didn’t make love. We fucked, plain and simple. As simply sexy as Susan was, Claire lit something in me, and the fact that she was in the next room made me hotter still. I think Susan liked this; she cuddled and practically purred after almost an hour of hot, steamy sex.

The next morning we returned from our workout just when Claire was getting out of the shower. Now it was her turn to stare at me, and I caught her checking out my lycra stretch workout pants. Looking down, my rapidly expanding cock was readily apparent; she really got an eyeful of my eight-inch soft cock, which was rapidly expanding to its eleven-inch hard length – it was seemingly growing across my lower abdomen. I heard her softly say, “Damn” to herself as I entered the bathroom.

You could have cut the tension with a knife for the next few days, as Claire and I became more aware of our attraction to each other. I hoped that Susan wouldn’t notice.

One evening, after studying, Susan and I, and later Claire were sitting around watching TV. I sat in the middle, feeling a little bit uncomfortable without an armrest to “protect me.” Claire and Susan kept up a steady conversation, with me sandwiched in between them, they both ignored the show, and I struggled to ignore illegal bahis them. Claire was talking about an old boyfriend of hers, and she giggled about his “little guy.” Claire swiveled in her seat, directly facing Susan, engaging her in a conversation over top of me. Claire used her hands all the time, gesticulating wildly. She kept putting her hands down in her lap, sometimes she pointed with her fingers, occasionally making a point on my thigh. Needless to say I grew semi-hard, and I struggled to remain a gentleman. Then it happened. I noticed Claire’s blouse was gaping open, and her nipple was obvious in her almost transparent bra. She had the most delicious looking nipple, hard as a rock, with dark pink areolas. Claire caught me staring and chided me, as she closed her blouse with one hand. By this time, however, her knees were touching my leg as she talked with Susan, both her hands resting on my thighs when she put them down. Susan then made the situation even worse, when she put her hand on the inside of my thigh and rubbed me higher and higher.

It was then I noticed that Susan was talking to me. She asked me a question, but I didn’t hear her. Claire gripped my thigh and said “John, is it true?” I turned my head, looking at her quizzically – “Is what true?” Susan pointed directly at my cock and said “Look, see for yourself!”

Claire proceeded to put her hand right on the shaft of my cock and began stroking me. If I wasn’t hard at that point, I would have been dead. She began remarking “Damn, it is huge.” She asked Susan how big it was and grew very quiet when Susan told her a shade over eleven inches. Claire remarked she wasn’t sure she could get a monster that that inside of her, and Susan said, “If it fits in me, it sure as hell fits in you.”

At this point Susan and Claire pushed me back on the couch and, while Claire unzipped me, Susan pulled my pants off my legs. My cock sprang up inside my underwear when my jeans were pulled down, and Claire put her hand on my cock and just palmed me. She tentatively pulled my underwear over the head of my cock and almost drooled when she pulled down my underwear. Susan helped her by pulling my underwear down, while Claire took my cock in her hand and slowly jerked me. Then she put her other hand on my cock and pulled it towards her face, leaned forward and just touched her tongue to the head of my cock. She pulled her face back and her tongue pulled my pre-cum into a long string. Claire seemed almost confused on what to do next, she looked like she was struggling with whether to suck me off or to just hop on me and fuck my brains out.

Claire slowly stood up and peeled off her blouse, dropped her jeans and blew me away when she removed her bra and panties. This woman was a goddess come to life. Her breasts were full and very firm, probably C cups. Her waist was very thin, her stomach incredibly flat and firm, and her ass didn’t have any wobble. Her beautiful red hair was in a ponytail, and she spread her long legs as if she were posing for a men’s magazine.

By now Susan stood up and started doing the same, removing her clothes, obviously turned on, staring at Claire’s luscious body as she too hurriedly became naked. I knelt on the ground in front of Claire, running my hands up and down her legs, teasing her pussy occasionally, kissing, licking, and lightly nibbling on her legs, her abdomen, her breasts, her arms, and her neck, as I stood up. I was so turned on I drug my cock along her legs, my cock sprang up and practically smacked her pussy. I felt a pair of somewhat smaller, but firmer breasts than Susan’s pressing into my chest, and then I felt Susan’s fuller but softer D-cup breasts settle against my arm as we both caresses Claire. I swear Claire had an orgasm right there, she groaned somewhat loudly and mumbled something incomprehensibly, and said “Oh, so good”. Claire now rested one hand on Susan’s hips and one hand on my chest, slowly lowering her hand on my by now raging cock that was emitting copious amounts of fluid.

Her hand encased my cock and she pulled it into her stomach, while Susan reached across illegal bahis siteleri us and caressed Claire’s breasts, stomach, pussy, ass and anything else she could reach. I had my arms around both women, I lowered my head and tried to get both women’s breasts into my sucking mouth, but we were all trying to please ourselves and each other at the same time, and we grew increasingly turned on and frustrated.

I settled to my knees, lowered my mouth to Claire’s pussy and proceeded to “go up” on her. Imagine my surprise when Susan began kissing Claire on her mouth while palming her breasts, leaning on me, grinding her pussy into my shoulder and fondling Claire’s backside at the same time. I knew that my fantasy of two uninhibited women and I making love was finally reality.

Claire came violently, and finally pulled back from my tongue, mouth, and fingers, saying “Enough, enough!” By this time Susan was behind Claire and I believe she was sucking her ass, running her hands up and down Claire’s legs and diddling herself at the same time. I reached between Claire’s legs and gently caressed Susan. Susan pulled back, a look of incredible lust on her face, not seeming to recognize me, her body overwhelming her mind.

Claire pushed me back onto the floor and gripped my raging cock with her hand, rubbing the head along her dripping slit, and settled down on me. Her pussy was so incredibly tight, so wet, and so hot, I almost came immediately but held off the best I could. Slowly she wedged me into her, her hips almost spasming back and forth as she appeared to have multiple orgasms over and over again.

When Claire finally settled her hips onto mine, she slowed to get used to my entire length inside her. Susan reached around and caressed her breasts from above while I caressed them from below. I ran my hands up and down her sides, her abdomen, her ass, anywhere and everywhere. When Claire finally moved, I felt my cock bend inside of her each time she swayed back and forth. Susan moved around to her front and began sucking on her nipples while Susan began moving up and down on me, sawing back and forth on my cock. I couldn’t take it and I told them I was coming and Claire also began coming.

After what seemed an endless orgasm, I settled back onto the floor, and Susan squatted over my face. I began to gently nuzzle her clitoris, and ran my hands up and down her body, as I had with Claire. Claire finally climbed off me, and began caressing Susan. After only a few short minutes Susan began grinding her hips into my mouth, and her fluids rushed out, her orgasm shook her body repeatedly.

After this we experimented with various positions, my favorite was doggie-style, and watching each gorgeous woman’s breast sway with our motions. As I fucked one, the other was either on the floor beneath her, or beside us, caressing the two of us, or behind me, pinching my nipples from behind, or fondling my backside, or… We made love in the living room, the bedroom, the next day in the shower, in the kitchen, and wherever we found each other. What a time.


After that weekend I returned to work, Susan took a break for a day, and recovered. One of the secretaries at Susan’s school, Roberta, worked out with us occasionally. We were friends, and occasionally had her over for dinner.

Roberta was a luscious shorthaired brunette; at 5’4″ she wore a dress size “0”, with a waspishly thin waist, relatively large breasts and a nice little butt. She was of Asian Indian heritage; her eyes were exotic as hell, her skin dark and creamy. The way she walked often made me want her, she swung her hips as if to entice any man in the area.

One day at the gym, Roberta paused to talk with us. Susan and I were side-by-side, doing leg raises. After about 40 or so, I just hung my legs to get some strength back, and let my eyes roam over Roberta. Roberta’s cleavage begged to be looked at; I couldn’t believe that such a tiny girl had such big tits. Damn it, I thought to myself, stop stretching in front of us, stop exposing your stomach, stop showing us your ass, stop making me pop canlı bahis siteleri a hardon! Too late, I tried to do more leg raises, but the blood had flowed out of my body, into my cock, and Roberta caught me. With a long look and a grin, Roberta walked away wiggling the heck out of her ass. Susan caught me and remarked that Roberta was sexy as all get out and she noticed I thought the same. My embarrassment subsided as I realized Susan wouldn’t mind sharing her also.

On the way home Susan told me that she and Roberta had chatted in the shower about things. Roberta casually remarked about the difficulty I had with my leg raises, and Susan said I had a rather large third leg, which made things more difficult, to which Roberta said that she had noticed. I chuckled when Susan told me this, but I was shocked when Susan continued, telling me Roberta’s nipples were very large and swollen at this point and she had to restrain herself from caressing them. Well, we both wanted Roberta, it was obvious, and we talked about how we should proceed from there.

Our problems solved themselves when Roberta invited us over, and told us to bring our swimsuits. It turned out she had a hot tub, and we should soak our aching muscles with her. God, I was thinking of only one aching muscle and how tight it was going to feel…

Over wine and snacks we soaked in Roberta’s hot tub, the conversation flowed, I think Roberta was thinking exactly what we were, and I was rock hard from almost the second I climbed in the tub. I jumped when I felt Roberta’s foot sliding up my leg; she put her toes on my cock and just smiled at me. Everything started when she just up and asked me: “John, your cock feels huge, just how big is it?” I looked at Susan, who nodded, and I just stood up and peeled off my trunks.

All eleven inches of my throbbing cock hung in front of her, Roberta just grinned and said “I guess this is the main meal tonight!” Roberta put her hand around my cock, floated over to me and inhaled the head into her mouth. I think she had been practicing extra hard, because she was taking almost all my cock into her sucking mouth, both hands around my ass and then caressing my balls. Finally, she stood up and said she just had to get that monster inside of her. Susan helped Roberta take her swimsuit off; it was nice seeing her being helpful. Susan couldn’t get enough of Roberta’s breasts, they gently wobbled as she removed her suit and Susan lifted each of them, began sucking them, and I just had to help her. It was difficult work, but I think we did a good job. Susan and Roberta began kissing each other, rubbing their breasts together – what an incredibly sexy sight!

I still remember Susan sitting on the side of the hot tub, Roberta sucking on her breasts, and me slamming my cock into her. Yes, she was incredibly tight, and it was different that every time my cock slid into her it was still tight. Her pussy was incredibly wet, dripping down the inside of her leg, and no, it wasn’t water. I remember blasting off inside of her with Roberta wailing in orgasm at the same time. Remember, please, that I was taller than her, so my cock was stimulating her G spot with every down stroke. Susan and Roberta gave me a wonderful show afterwards; they did a 69 on the side of the hot tub as I watched. I helped Roberta suck off Susan, whose abs hurt from all the orgasms we gave her.

It turns out that Roberta had a circle of friends who were either bisexual or lesbians, and men and women equally turned her on. Susan wasn’t willing to get into that scene, but agreed to occasionally experiment. The three of us eventually snuggled into Roberta’s bed, a California king-sized bed, and fell asleep touching one another. I remember my arms around Roberta’s waist, her breasts in my hand, her ass-cheeks cradling my cock. If we hadn’t fucked so much I would have… well, maybe later.

The next morning was very nice, Roberta woke me with an incredibly good blowjob, and Susan soon jumped in as well. We went to the gym around noon that day, all of us very sore and tired. Roberta, Susan and I were grinning like the proverbial Cheshire cat, we had been so naughty!

I guess the nicest thing is that Roberta lives two doors away from us, has the key to our place, and she is now part of the family. Roberta stops by anytime she pleases, and this certainly pleases us!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32