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It had not been a normal morning for Hollie Matthews ; it was more like surprising! She’d gotten the kids off to school in record time and even had some minutes to spare for her hair and make-up. Then as she drove to work it was odd that every light was green, and when she pulled through the drive-thru at Dunkin’ Donuts, there were no cars in front of her! What made this all “doubly surprising;” these kinds of things definitely never happened before! But when one considers how the sequence and timing of life’s events occur, well…the surprising things were only just beginning!

As she put her key in the back door lock of the salon and was about to go in, she heard a muffled noise from around the corner. This was strange because there wasn’t much over there; just a few more parking spaces and the garbage dumpster for the three neighboring shops on the block. She tiptoed to the corner, a bit apprehensive thinking, “This day started out so well, I hope someone’s not dying of a heart attack or something!”

Looking furtively around the edge of the wall, she caught her breath. Right away she recognized Judy Brewer. She and Judy had been friends for years and had shared a lot of fun conversations while Hollie did her nails every few weeks. Judy was supposed to be her first client of the day but it was an “Oh, My GOD!” surprise to see her pinned up against the side of a car by a strange man who wasn’t her husband; and even more of shock to see them making out with each other like a couple of sex-crazed teenagers! The guy had forced his knee between Judy’s legs and she seemed to be riding his thigh while their hungry mouths devoured each other’s! Watching them, Hollie suddenly realized she’d better start breathing again; or she’d pass out!

The man had a hold of Judy ‘s hair and was yanking her head back. He looked to be sucking her tongue and his hand was all over Judy’s left breast, cupping and gripping it fully one moment, and then pinching and rolling the nipple the next. Judy was gurgling and groaning in her throat from the erotic heat and her pussy was frantically grinding on his thigh; from that movement, Hollie could tell that Judy wanted to cum in the worst way and when she noticed that Judy wasn’t wearing any panties, she gasped and felt a surge of sexual electricity shoot straight to her own pussy! She giggled and licked her lips and thought to herself, “God, that looks good!”

Then the man pulled up the bottom of Judy ‘s shirt and bra. Her tits quivered into view and Hollie felt herslef trembling as he kissed down Judy’s neck and covered the left nipple with his mouth and began sucking. Judy yelped and her voiced rasped, “Oh, my Godd…Oh my fucking Godddd!” Her hands were pulling the man’s head onto her tit, almost smothering him. “Oh, George …” Judy murmured, “Oh Fuck! Oh Goddd, George yesss…suck my nipple just like that, ohhh yesss… just like that, babyyy!”

Hollie wasn’t sure if Judy came or not, but right then Judy decided she needed some cock. She slid off George ‘s thigh and undid his pants, pushing them halfway down his legs. His hard dick swung into view and Hollie thought it looked pretty nice from this angle! She involuntarily touched her own nipples lightly and felt her pussy get jolted again by the erotic moment. “You ready, babe? Want some cock in that fuckin’ pussy now?” George whispered loudly.

“Ohhh yesss!” Judy hissed, “Fuck me! Hurry up and fuck me!” George worked his hands between Judy ‘s ass and the car and lifted just enough to impale her forcefully on his hard-on. Judy buried her face in his shoulder, probably to stifle a scream Hollie thought with a smile. George ‘s ass cheeks were clenched with effort as his hips worked his cock into Judy ‘s slit.

Hollie was shocked at what a clear view she had of the whole thing. She shuddered as she watched Judy’s pussy lips sucking at George’s rod trying to keep it from pulling out of her! Judy was clutching his neck and it was obvious how close she was to an orgasm! She was trying to bounce on his erection and every bounce wrenched an “Uhnnh…Uhh… Unghh” from her throat which got louder and louder; she couldn’t help it. All of a sudden Judy came with a guttural, shuddering groan. Hollie moaned herself!

“Oh Yeah, Babyy, Oh yeahhh,” George urged her. “Fuckin’ cumm hard Babe!!! That’s gotta feel so gooood!” Judy ‘s body sagged for a second and George took the opportunity to turn her around and mash her tits into the passenger side window. He reached in and helped spread her legs and then in one swift motion he entered her again and fucked her wet pussy from behind…hard against the car. Judy’s hands were gripping the roof’s edge and her ass pushed back against his thrusts. George was really banging her! One glance at his face and Hollie could tell that he was ready to shoot a load into that wet cunt! “Oh Goddd,” he said through gritted teeth. ” Ohhh Goddd Babbyyy , here it comes…ooosh, Mmm…Goddd yeahhh, I’m gonna fuckin’ shoot!” Hollie couldn’t tear her eyes away casino oyna as George froze; his head fell back and then he exploded into her pussy! Almost immediately his cum started oozing out of her slit and dripping down her thigh.

She crumpled into George ‘s body and clung to him, seemingly drained of all her energy. He held her head tight against him; but suddenly, Judy ‘s eyes opened and she looked in Hollie’s direction. “Oh, My God!” Hollie realized she was visible to them. Not only that, she discovered her hand had been down the front of her pants and she quickly pulled it out and scooted back to the door. She was breathing heavily, mostly from turned-on excitement but partly from shock. Judy would probably be coming in soon and Hollie wasn’t sure if she had been seen. “Oh fuck!” she thought, her mind racing. “What am I going to say to her? Holy shit!” She tried to calm herself down. This was either going to be very embarrassing or…she threw off those thoughts and with a shake of her head decided that the direct approach to the situation had to be the best. If Judy mentioned it, Hollie would admit it and try to cast the whole thing in a humorous light. It really did look fun anyway, and it wasn’t like they had never talked about sex before either. That’s what they mostly talked about!

Several minutes later she came in. Hollie immediately noticed that Judy was still smoothing her skirt, and she also noticed something else, Uh-Ohhh…”Hi Judy! How are ya?” She tried her best to sound natural, “Hey, where’s your purse, Hon?”

Judy stopped in the middle of her hello and looked at Hollie in horror! “Oh, my God!” she squeaked, and hurried back outside. Hollie giggled and in her mind the ice was broken. When Judy returned she looked at Hollie sheepishly and said, “Hi, Sweetie…Goodness, it’s not like me to forget my purse in the car!”

“Well, you probably had your mind on other things!” said Hollie with a wink and a giggle.

Judy blushed bright red and stammered, “Y-yes, the house was a mess this morning…” she hesitated, “and my husband Ray was complaining all morning about what I do everyday; and why his fucking underwear wasn’t washed, damn it!”

Hollie couldn’t help herself now; it was clear Judy hadn’t seen her and this emboldened her. “Ray was complaining all morning? Then you two must have made up because you have a ‘just-now-laid’ look of satisfaction on your face!” Hollie knew damn well that Judy and Ray rarely, if ever, had sex.

Judy ‘s hand fluttered to her mouth and she got even redder! She managed to reply, “Wha..what? Wh..what are you talking about?”

“What? You know what I mean. Your face says you just got fucked!”

Judy looked so consternated, Hollie couldn’t help it…she burst out laughing! “Oh Judy , I saw you back there! You know…with GEORGE?” She laughed again.

Judy appeared shocked again, but then with a sheepish giggle she admitted, “Ummm yeah…well, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!”

Hollie giggled some more. “Well you sure were doing it pretty damn good, Hon!”

Now it was Judy ‘s turn to laugh, and she playfully squinched up her nose at Hollie, “Do I hear a little jealousy in your tone?”

“Well now! Maybe we’re gonna turn our sex-lives into a little competition?” They both laughed again. “Who’s this George anyway?”

Judy ‘s eyes softened, “Oh God,” she said with an equally soft smile, “I met George in an adult chat room, Hon. We hit it off in there and spent quite a bit of time getting to know each other and playing together.”

Hollie giggled again, “That didn’t look like playing out there; that looked serious!”

“Oh, no! It was really fun! Didn’t it look like fun to you?” Judy was grinning. “How long were you standing there?”

“Long enough…Whewww! More than enough!” Hollie fanned herself and they smiled at each other before sitting down at her station to get started on Judy’s nails. Not much was said for the next four or five minutes as they got busy. She could see that Judy was lost in thought. Maybe Judy was reliving the moment; God knows she herself was; it had been a scorching hot few minutes.

Hollie got up to get each of them a cup of coffee. When she set the mugs down, Judy said, “Did you enjoy watching us, Sweetie?” The question broke through on Hollie’s flashback.

Hollie stopped and looked at Judy. She started fanning herself with her hand again, then winked, “Oh my goodness!” was all she said.

Judy giggled, “It’s been a while huh? Not that it’s any of my business!”

Hollie smiled, “Well, lately it’s just me, myself and I…a threesome, you know all about that, right!?” They both laughed again.

And then came the next surprising thing that had this day going in so many different directions. Judy leaned over and whispered to her, “Why didn’t you come over and join us?”

Hollie froze for a second, her heart stopping in her throat. Then she looked up at Judy and raised an eyebrow inquisitively; Judy slot oyna met her gaze with a faint smile playing around the corners of her mouth while she waited for a comment. Hollie’s face then registered the surprise. “You’re serious…aren’t you!” It was a statement, not a question.

“Did I surprise you?”

“Hell, yes, you did!”

“Would you have wanted to join us?”

Hollie considered this for a moment; Judy knew quite a bit about her bi-sexual history and so that wasn’t the issue. Hollie loved being with women; she had even lived with one for a while way back when. But she really had no idea that Judy might feel that way. She had never let on, much less that she would have wanted to share this George with her.

All of a sudden, the realization hit and a tidal wave of arousal came crashing into her. Her body shivered involuntarily as the wave hit. It was intense, and it must have been visible because Judy ‘s mischievous smile widened. “Oh my God,” Hollie thought, “this little bitch set this up for me to see! She WANTED me to see them!” She shivered again.

Judy giggled, “Yep, I surprised you all right!”

Finally Hollie was able to say, “No question, Wow…You definitely caught me off guard, Hon!”

“I know but you enjoyed watching us, right? I know you did because I saw you touching yourself!”

Hollie blushed but didn’t lower her eyes. “And you saw me too?”

“Oh yes, we saw your car pull up; we just didn’t stop what we were doing.”

“Because you planned this, huh…you hoped I would watch!”

Yes…” now Judy blushed, “I hope you’re not mad; but I…I mean we…wanted to see your reaction.”

“Why?” Hollie asked the question, but she thought she knew the answer.

Judy lowered her eyes, then looked up and said the words quickly, “Because after all these years, and in all our conversations, I never had the courage to say what I felt. It’s that I’m not very experienced in this and I’m determined to enjoy myself.”

“Okay, I think that’s great; you sure looked like you were having fun!”

Judy blushed again, “Oh God yes…but,” she paused, “I’ve n..never been w..with a woman before; I..I’m scared, but…and I’ve always been attracted to…and …would you want to?”

Hollie smiled, “Oh, my God, Judy! I mean, this day is definitely not going the way I planned!” They both giggled nervously and Hollie continued, “but I’m open to new things…Hmm…can I think it over?” Hollie was on fire, yet she also didn’t want to seem like a too eager slut. She wasn’t sure what her face was registering, but whatever it was, Judy looked encouraged. To hide her face behind something, Hollie took a few sips of her coffee.

“Oh sure, I didn’t mean right now!” They both laughed again. “You can take some time, Hollie!” Judy stared at her for about five seconds and Hollie took another sip. Judy said, “Okay, have you thought about it?” Hollie’s laugh shot the coffee out her nose and Judy was practically rolling on the floor! “The only thing is… George is only in town for a week, andd….” Judy smiled and her voice trailed off.

“Ok, then,” Hollie offered, “I’ll call you tomorrow; would that be alright?”

The rest of the day found Hollie getting more and more aroused. The vision of Judy being fucked up against the car; George’s hard cock driving into her like a piston; his fingers pulling on Judy’s nipples or spanking her right ass cheek; they kept playing over and over in her mind. And then, Judy ‘s proposal only made things worse. The more she thought about it, the more she could place herself in the middle of the threesome. She could let George fuck her if while he was doing it… Judy would be sucking her tit or licking her clit…so much the better! It had been over a year since Hollie had been with a woman too: so soft and erotic…so responsive and attentive! By the end of the day, Hollie was beside herself horny!

When she got home, she raced to the bedroom and locked the door without even saying hi to her kids. Peeling off her top, she ran a hand over her tummy and shoulder. Oh my God, her skin was so sensitive! This would be one of those orgasms where she would have trouble keeping quiet; she could just tell. Hollie traced a finger along the bottom edge of her bra; her nipples were screaming for attention and she had to fight to go slow! Lifting the bottom of the left cup, she let her boob slide out from under the material. Already her breathing was getting shallower and her ass was squirming and lifting off the mattress; a sure sign that her pussy was ready to be fucked!

With one finger she traced the outline of her areola. Her nipples had always been extremely sensitive and when she teased them just right, she could come very close to having an orgasm. Hollie cupped and squeezed the heavy globe of her tit and forced the nipple between her thumb and forefinger. She rolled it slowly and felt the surge of eroticism flow down her center to her clit. For the first time she groaned canlı casino siteleri low in her throat and then she whispered softly to herself, ” Ohhh Fuuuck! Oh my God, I need to be fucked!”

Pulling up the rest of her bra, she quickly pushed her tits together and began thumbing the nipples aggressively. It was a weird but arousing feeling to desperately want to speed up to an orgasm, and yet force herself to stay slower. She was really molesting her nipples now and she rolled slightly to her favorite side where she could rub her thighs together and get a slight friction on her pussy and clit. She looked down and moaned again. her clit was so swollen, peeking out from the cleft of her pussy mound. God, she wanted to touch it badly, but she didn’t!

Instead, with her right hand she reached behind herself and felt for her anus. Her middle finger found the pucker and when she touched it, the fire raced through her even hotter. “Oh, GOD!” Her brain screamed, “Oh God, I can’t take much more of this!” She rimmed her asshole a few times and thought of what might have been if George had fucked Judy’s ass in the parking lot! She shivered at the thought and worked her finger into her ass up to the first knuckle. Her breast felt huge and full in her left hand, and she yanked the nipple hard and shook her heavy tit! Fuck!

The combination was too much and a blinding orgasm rushed up her legs and exploded in her cunt with a force she hadn’t felt in a long while. She buried her face in her pillow and screamed into it, her body jerking hard with every spasm. As the feeling finally started to subside, she wondered with a smile how Judy had been able to refrain from the same kind of scream in the parking lot.

Judy …oh God, Judy wanted her to join them in a threeway! Hollie’s body spasmed again at the thought. In her wilder days she had done threesomes a little bit and loved them. It was during one of these that she had discovered her bi-sexual side; that a woman could really arouse her, that she could get lost in the softness of another girl’s kiss and touches. She really enjoyed the taste of a wet pussy and the excitement of another woman crying out when she came. She wondered how Judy might react to the attentions of another woman’s tongue on her clit? Hell, she was starting to wonder how George would react watching them!

These thoughts began overwhelming Hollie’s senses again, and she opened the bedside drawer and got out her gel cock vibrator. It didn’t take long; she held the hummer against her slit and played with her nipples again. The first orgasm had been perfect; and after a little vibrator warm-up, she sighed and slid the dick deep inside her wet tunnel. “Even more perfect!” she moaned. Changing hands, she held the vibe in her pussy from behind her ass with her right hand, and then started swirling her left middle finger around her clit. Her mind was racing through the thoughts of George fucking her from behind while Judy lapped at her clit from underneath. Hollie began fucking herself hard and fast; and the second cum was even better than the first!

The next day Hollie reached Judy on the phone, she heard Judy ‘s greeting, “Yeesssss?” It was a very sexy slur, and then Judy giggled.

“You tease!” said Hollie and Judy giggled some more.

“Before you say anything,” Judy offered, “I just want you to know that George and I were hoping you’d say yes, so we made reservations at the Adam ‘s Mark Hotel for dinner and a room on Friday night! Now say YES…or I’m going to cry!”

“Ha!” Hollie barked, “And what will you do if I SAY no?”

“I’ll probably cry no matter what you say, but I won’t be sad!”

“Then I’m gonna say yes, but sweetie, I don’t think I’ll be able to stay the night…the kids will ask questions that I don’t want to answer.”

“I understand,” said Judy , “I have to come up with the perfect lie myself! Let’s just play it by ear…or by tongue…or by fingers…or…” such fun!

“I have to get back to work, smartie pants,” Hollie replied, “What time should I be there?’

“Is six o’clock too early?”

“No, it’s perfect, I’m through at 4:00. See you then!” Hollie hung up and thought, “Goddd, what am I doing?” But her body was tingling and with it she felt her nipples hardening. As she walked back to her station, she brushed a hand lightly over the left one. The fire was starting! “This is only Wednesday,” the erotic heat in her sex was blurring her thoughts, “how will I make it to Friday?” She sat down in front of Ms. Nowicki and tried to focus on her job.

For the next two days it only got worse. It had been a long time since her last encounter with a flesh and blood person. To maximize the fun, Hollie decided to forgo masturbating in order to be totally prepared to play with George and Judy. But the hornies were overwhelming, particularly at three distinct times during the day: in the morning when she climbed in the shower, soaping her titties was extremely difficult; when she got home from work, like the day she witnessed those two lovebirds fucking in the parking lot; and when she lay down to sleep at night, for two nights she squirmed herself to sleep! Frankly, she worked…but Hollie didn’t remember a thing about that at all!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32