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Mark, Jim, and Kat, all had attended high school together. Mark and Kat had dated in school and then married two years after graduation. Jim had always had a crush on Kat. And now over the past two years he had found himself wanting her even more. Jim wanted to have her in the way that Mark was able too. What neither Mark nor Jim knew was the fact that Kat secretly wanted to have Jim that way too.

Mark, 24, was tall, almost 6 foot, and buff weighing 180 lbs. He had brown-black hair and green eyes. He had been a baseball player in school.

Jim, also 24, was similar to his best friend Mark. He was an inch shorter at a height of 5′ 11″. He was heavier weighing 190 lbs. His hair was sandy blonde and blue eyes. In school he had been the captain of the football team.

And then there was the former school cheerleader captain and Prom Queen, Kat. She was 24, 5′ 7″, long brown hair that hung down to her nice round ass. She weighed, at most, 150 lbs. soaking wet. Her blue eyes sparkled and don’t forget those nice rounded and firm 32D breasts of hers.

Jim had always been a little shy. Mark on the other was very outgoing and was always the life of the party. It was no wonder that Mark had asked Kat out before Jim even had the chance.

They now all lived in the same town and it wasn’t unusual to see Jim’s truck parked at their house for days as a time. He had a key to come and go as he pleased because he spent just as much time, if not more, at Mark and Kat’s house than he did his own. When Mark was gone on long business trips, it was Jim who would be alone in the house with Kat spending days to give her company. Jim always wanted her in the way only Mark could.

At breakfast one morning Mark announced that he had to go on a two week long business trip. His company wanted to buy a smaller company and was sending Mark and another guy to see if it would be profitable. He would have to leave Saturday morning on a 4:00 am flight.

For Jim and Kat the days would be long and filled with mutual desire which they could never act upon. One night Jim asked Kat for a trip to the dance club. They reached the dance club, they danced and enjoyed themselves. They always flirted, so a bit of touch and feel was never an issue. Jim had finally decided to let Kat know just how he felt. It might ruin the friendship he had with Mark and Kat but, he just had to let her know.

During the slow song, Jim put his arms around Kat and she put her around his head, they kissed passionately looking into each others eyes. As the night progressed kissing replaced necking and their hands were all over each other. But then music ended and sanity returned.

They realized and stopped and headed back home. When they reached home Kat told Jim that Mark wouldn’t mind what happened today.

Next morning Kat woke up and headed to the shower. Drying off and putting on her silky bathrobe, which by the way barely covered her naked ass and shaved pussy, she headed downstairs to the kitchen. It was not surprising to her to hear the TV on. Jim was home watching a game.

His jaws dropped when he saw Kat and said “You look gorgeous, Mark’s one lucky husband”

Kat came up to Jim and said “I have always found you to be extremely attractive like Mark, and started kissing Jim on his lips”

The two of them were lip locked for several minutes, before Jim pulled away “You are Mark’s wife”,

Kat “Correct and you are his best friend, there is nothing wrong for you to share what he has”

Jim “Mark knows that I am in love with you, I have told him many a times, that I want to make love to you”

Kat “Really! What was his response?”

Jim “He didn’t want a one night stand but wanted to be sure that this is what all of us could go through without casino oyna ruining our friendship or your marriage”

Suddenly the phone rang

“Hey Kat,” came Mark’s voice. “My trip is being cut short. I’ll be home tonight and reserve a dinner table for three of us. I’ve got something that I want to propose to you and Jim. If I get the answer I’m hoping for all three of us will be extremely happy. Tell him to be at the house at 6:30 sharp.”

Jim looked at Kat “Think this may be the moment of truth for all of us”

He kissed Kat passionately and left.

Kat on the other hand dressed and went to do some shopping for the house. All day long the both of them wondered what Mark’s proposal would be. At 4:00 pm Kat returned home to get ready. Mark was there, excited to see her. If he did know something, he wasn’t letting on like he did.

At promptly 6:30 pm Jim arrived at their house. Mark answered the door dressed in blue jeans and a white button up shirt. Mark and Jim laughed when they saw each other. They were dressed exactly alike down to the same the cowboy boots.

“Well,” said Mark. “They say great minds think alike. Come on in. Kat is almost ready. You know how women are?”

“Yeah,” replied Jim. “They all take ten hours to dress for an hour date.”

Kat came down the stairs dressed in a very tight and very revealing dark blue dress that matched her sparkling blue eyes. She wore 3″ heels that made her as tall as Mark. It was all her 32D breast could do to keep from popping out of it.. She was stunning. Both Mark and Jim were speechless.

“You can close your mouths now boys,” Kat said.

Looking at each other, Mark and Jim realized that they indeed had their mouths open. Kat placed an arm around each of them and they were out the door.

Reaching the restaurant, the waiter showed them to their table. It was in a corner and very private. The lights in the restaurant were low. The candle light from the tables made the setting very romantic. Mark allowed Kat to slide into the crescent moon shaped couch that was their seat. Jim sat next to her on the left with Mark on her right.

Dinner was ordered, and the wine had started to take effect Jim asked, “So what is this proposal that you have for us?”

Mark began. “Kat, I know that Jim is in love with you, and you like him. I love Jim as my other half and so does he”.

Jim “You and I may be two separate bodies but one soul, and yes I have told you that I love Kat and want to make love to her, not for one time but forever if it is possible”

Mark “I guess the only option then is -you would say we get married. What I mean is, Kat is married to the two of us. I found out that here in Utah, its possible for her to do that.”

“Really,” said Kat. “It’s settled. Tonight the three of us begin our life together.”

Dinner was soon over and the three of them were headed back to Mark, Kat, and now Jim’s house. Once inside the door, Jim kissed Kat passionately in front of Mark for the first time.

“Why don’t you guys let me put on the new thong that I got today? The two of you can make yourselves comfortable in OUR bedroom.”

Letting her go, they watched as she ascended the stairs. Both of them could feel their dicks getting hard as she disappeared into the bedroom.

Before going up Mark shook Jim’s hand and said, “I mean what I said. I want all three of us to be together. I want you to be Kat’s second husband, be able to be with her anytime you want just like I can. And I want for both of us to be able to have her at the same time. She loves both of us. Let’s give her the chance to have us both.”

“Thanks Mark,” said Jim as he embraced Mark. “This is something that all three of us want. I see no reason why we can’t all slot oyna be happy, especially Kat.”

They both ascended the stairs and entered the bedroom. Kat was laying on the bed in a baby blue teddy that snapped at the crouch and buttoned down the front. Wasting no time, Mark and Jim undressed.

Kat watched them as they walked to the bed, stroking their cocks; both were rock hard. She was now very much use to Mark’s eight inch dick with it’s inch girth and Jim’s nine inches with an inch and a half girth. Mark started for the right side of the bed with Jim just a step behind him heading for the left.

“Finally,” said Kat. “I get to have the two men that I’ve loved since we were in school.”

Kat took a dick into each hand and began to stroke them. Jim and Mark each reached down and started rubbing one of Kat’s breasts. First, Kat puts Mark’s dick into her mouth and starts to suck continuing to stroke Jim. She was greatly enjoying the moans coming from both of them.

Mark began to unbutton her bikini as Jim pulled her thong.

Mark sat down behind Kat and had her lay back on him. Mark rubbed her breast from behind as Jim teased her clit with his tongue.

“Damn it boys!” Kat said squirming. “I could really get use to this.”

Jim continued to torment Kat’s clit. Kat moved her hips up and down, going along with the movement of Jim’s tongue. Mark turned her head up to him and kissed his wife passionately.

“You like that don’t you baby,” Mark asked.

Kat managed to scream “yes” as she came on Jim’s face. Mark held his wife tight to him and felt her shake from an orgasm produced by his best friend. They both smiled as Jim licked his lips.

“Suck me baby,” said Mark. “I want you to suck me as Jim’s fucks you.”

Getting on all fours, Kat placed her mouth on Mark. Jim positioned the head of his cock to her pussy and looked at Mark.

“Go ahead Jim, fuck OUR wife.”

Jim pushed all nine inches into Kat and listen to her moan with pleasure. Kat sucked Mark’s cock harder. She now had what she had been wanting: both Mark and Jim’s cock in her. The faster and harder Jim fucked her the harder and faster she would suck Mark.

“That’s it Jim. Fuck her. Fuck her good.”

Jim pumped himself deep and hard into Kat. As he shot his load deep in her, Mark unloaded into her mouth. Jim gave three long deep pumps, letting Kat’s pussy milk him of every last drop. Kat, in return, milked all she could out of Mark’s cock.

Pulling out, Jim fell on the bed. Kat crawled up between them. Mark and Jim turned and faced her.

“I love both of you,” she said.

“I love you Kat,” said Mark. “And I want if for us to stay like this.”

Kat thought a moment and then smiled. It was then that she realized what it was that she craved so much- her desire to have both together.

“What I want most is -both of you in me together, you’re both doing something to me. It makes the pleasure for me even more enjoyable. I enjoyed being with each one of you by yourselves but, this is why I want two of you”

“We thought that might be what you liked about it,” said Mark.

Kat “No I mean- I want both of you inside me at the same time, cum together in my pussy” Kat crooned in a sultry tone, “How would you like to fuck my pussy together?” Both men moaned in approval

Kat pushed herself down onto Jim’s shaft, and he moaned again and for a moment Kat waited until Jim had regained control then told Mark to enter her pussy from behind but to be gentle.

Mark tried his best to relax so that he could penetrate Kat’s tight opening pushing himself harder and deeper with each thrust against Jim’s throbbing dick.

Jim “Oh man, if you rub my cock with yours anymore, I will cum right away”

Kat canlı casino siteleri “I can’t believe it both of you are together in me”

Mark was initially a little uncomfortable with the tightness of it but with Kat kissing him passionately loosened him up and her pussy. While Jim was groaning hot and hard in Kat’s ear, made it one of the most erotic moment.

“Oh Mark, Oh JimMMMMMM ” cried Kat

Jim “That’s it brother. Fuck her. Doesn’t she feel good cumming all over you?” Mark could feel Jim’s cock sliding against his own as Mark moved in and out of his wife’s pussy. They were all moaning and panting. Sweating and panting yet in sheer lust.

“Fuck her harder. Fuck her tight pussy and make us both cum. Oh God that feels good,” Jim said as they found a rhythm together, with Mark pulling out as Jim pushed in.

Kat was on fire. She moaned over and over as the two men fucked her harder. “Cum now, Mark you too Jim. I want you to fill my pussy with hot cum,” she screamed as she tried to grip their cocks harder with her muscles.

The three moaned and groaned as they performed what amounted to a three-way fuck and accidentally (in the heat of the moment) Jeff put his arms around Bob’s back instead of Lisa’s and not realizing it and started rubbing Bob’s back and tried to bring him closer in this sandwich. Bob “Man your hot arms are rubbing my back and drawing me closer to the 2 of you’ Jeff “What, isn’t this Lisa’s back, man why does it feel so hot & good” Feeling extremely hot Jeff continued to rub Bob’s back, even after knowing it.

Lisa was screaming and moaning, while the 2 buddies lost all their homophobia, were now touching each others hands and sucking on Lisa’s breast and neck.

The moans and the screams of the 3 were loud, the bed was rocking and on fire, the heat and the steam from the passion now reflected on the mirror. Their 3 bodies were so entangled that they were now just one, not knowing who was kissing whom, whose leg was rubbing against another, whose hands were on whose back. Their dicks were not coordinating but moving so violently, it seemed like a cockfight in the pussy. The three moaned and grunted and yelled holding each others body so firm and tight that they hardly moved separately but like one united fuck machine rocking back and forth. Their balls were so tightly drawn that Kat said “It feels like four baseballs are fighting for space in my pussy” And they all laughed while moaning. Mark suddenly said “This is the best I have had” Jim replied “Definitely better than doing it alone with a chick, it’s too tight and love the feel of your cock man, it’s driving me nuts”

Kat was in sheer pleasure to say anything except screaming “I am Cumming and want both of you together” Mark and Jim let loose their cum together in a splash, it was like there were fireworks in their mind. Not knowing what they were enjoying more – the same pussy or the feeling of rubbing their dick with their buddy’s. Soon they were squirting and screaming as loud as they all came. They finally collapsed on to the bed,

Collapsing on top of her Mark said, “I too love you more now than before. I hope that we gave you a pleasurable gift tonight.” He then pulled out and lied next to her on the opposite side of Jim.

Smiling, Mark added, “She did say that she wanted us making love to her all night long. We still have half the night to go.

Kat fell asleep between Jim and Mark. The next day, Jim and Kat were legally married. Kat now had two husbands that she loved more than anything.

Kat got her wish, their wedding night -the three of them made love until the sun rose. After doing the chores and having breakfast, they made their way back to the bedroom and made love again. Mark and Jim would not let her sleep until they were certain that she would deliver a child.

At the appropriate time Kat did indeed deliver, not one but twins. Two boys one fathered by Jim and another boy fathered by Mark; both concieved that night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32