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Nick was going to get himself into trouble again… he could pretty much feel it. It was the staff night out and after a long year of challenging work he was actually going to drink and let his hair down. He didn’t do it often as it took more money than he had to get ‘properly’ drunk like some of the younger members of staff but he figured tonight at least he would get to a nice relaxed state. All was well and good apart from the fact that Anna was there.

Now, he’d had his eye on Anna for a while but limited his interactions because he had an instinctive feeling that she was his type and he really really tried to avoid that sort of thing at work – it led to too many complications generally. But she was tall, even taller in the red heels she was wearing tonight and damn did they make her legs look good. Her hair was long and dark and he could imagine it twisted in his fist. She was wearing a red dress and white little shrug that showed off the amazing curves that he had a weakness for. But – as always it was the smile and the eyes that did for him! The gorgeous smile and just the hint of mischief and wickedness in her eyes that meant he knew there was more to her than she let people see.

Every time they’d been out in the past he hadn’t been drinking and had kept a lid on it but tonight after a few shots and more than a few drinks he was feeling more relaxed and when they ended up sitting together keeping an eye on a very drunk friend to make sure she was okay whilst the rest of the group moved on they started chatting.

He’d been right – she was definitely naughtier than first impressions. He was terribly amused that she seemed to be under the impression that he was sweet and kind and innocent and about ten years younger than he actually was. He always did his best to be kind – but he was definitely not innocent. As they chatted he found out she was bi – which he had guessed previously… and had a high sex drive. He let slip about his writings and she said she was really curious. She was leaned close in the booth to talk above the pounding music and he could smell her – it was intoxicating.

It would have been so easy to put his arm around her and stroke her but he didn’t want to scare her off yet. He took a selfie with her and sent it his friend Laura who was relaxing with a bottle of wine. She was his submissive little fucktoy and loved playing with him and others – she instantly replied with a single word ‘Yummy’ and his plan began to formulate in his head.

He slowed down his drinks and luckily Anna did the same as well so they were both more clear headed. Flicking to the website on his phone where he posted a lot of his stories he picked one out he thought she might like and offered it to her to read. She eagerly accepted and started to scroll through. As she did he leaned closer and slowly kissed the side of her neck. He watched her shiver in pleasure and could tell from her body language how aroused she was. His hand was resting loosely on her thigh as she read more and his kisses were soft and teasing, his hand slipped under the dress to stroke across the material of her leggings – wishing she wasn’t wearing them so he could be stroking her skin.

He didn’t think she realised but she let out of soft moan under her breath. casino oyna “I have a friend who would love to meet you Anna. She’s called Laura and she thinks you look delicious. Shall we get a taxi?”

She’d finished the story and told him it was amazing – he smiled and slipping his hand into her hair pulled her into kiss her hard – she tasted of the aniseed from the shots but delicious. Smiling to him she said that a taxi sounded good – checking on their friend and putting her into a taxi they jumped into the next one as Nick gave the driver Laura’s address. He pulled up another story on his phone – this one about a threesome and pressed himself against her as she read, his hands wandering lightly over her, teasing but not going too far just yet.

He watched as she pressed her legs tightly together, biting her lip to hold back another moan at one of the best bits in the story. Taking back his phone he pulled up a photo of Laura. “This is my submissive little fucktoy Laura… she’s dying to eat you…” he watched as her eyes went wide and slowly reach up to cup one of her full breasts. She moaned softly at his touch and leaned in close kissing him. It only took a few more moments whilst they kissed before they arrived at her house.

Nick paid the driver and then led Anna up the driveway towards the front door. He didn’t knock but let himself straight in with Anna following him. In the hallway he paused, shut the door behind him and locked it. He kissed her again, pinning her to the wall whilst he did before taking her hand, smiling and leading her into the front room. Inside the room she stopped and let out a little gasp, there was a curvy blonde woman, naked and kneeling in a submissive position on the floor obviously waiting for them. She realised Nick was behind her now, urging her towards Laura on the floor. “Kiss her.” He whispered softly in her ear and guided her to her knees in front of Laura. She leaned forwards and softly kissed Laura. Her hands reached our almost involuntarily to play with Laura’s full breasts teasing her nipples. “Don’t move Laura… You’re hers to explore and play with for now.”

Nick knelt behind Anna and reached round to play with her breasts, cupping them through the materiel of her bra and dress. Anna moaned into Laura’s mouth as he teased her. He slipped the shrug off her shoulders and then reached down to grip the hem of Anna’s dress. He slowly drew it up and over her head, loving the sight of her soft skin as he leaned to kiss her shoulders. Within seconds he’d undone her bra and slipped it off, he cupped both breasts – they felt incredible. He slipped his hand down over her stomach and into the top of her leggings, working carefully he slipped his fingers inside her panties and quickly found her clit. She was shaven and smooth and already slick when his talented fingers found her button and began circling it. He watched as Anna kissed Laura, their lips and tongues meetings passionately, heard both Laura and Anna moaning and whimpering softly as he played with both of their breasts with his free hands.

Kneeling behind Anna his fingers were now rubbing over the top of her clit making her rock back against him. Peering down he could see that she was doing the same to Laura. Within a few minutes Laura sagged slot oyna against Anna as her first orgasm tore through her body leaving her gasping. Nick rubbed harder and watched as Anna had her first orgasm on his fingers. He half carried-half pulled Anna over to the sofa leaving Laura panting, kneeling in the middle of the room watching greedily. Pushing her back into the sofa he grabbed her leggings and panties and pulled them down her legs leaving Anna naked apart from her heels on the sofa. Dropping to his knees between her legs he ran his tongue the length of her soaking slit and loving the sounds he elicited from her beautiful lips.

With his hands he motioned for Laura to come and join Anna on the sofa and a few seconds later Laura’s lips were around Anna’s nipples as she kissed and teased them. Nick continued to lick and suck and tease Anna’s very wet pussy, pushing a couple of fingers inside her whilst she whimpered. It didn’t take long before the combined attention of Nick and Laura on her helpless body was bringing her closer and closer to the edge.

“Oh God… Yes… I’m going to cum…”

“Do it slut…” this time it was Laura urging her on as Nick’s mouth was still very busy. With both of them pinning her down to the sofa she could barely move as the orgasm washed through her leaving her breathing heavily and blushing on the sofa as the two of them stared down at her with big smiles. Nick stood and undid the top few buttons on his shirt before pulling it over his head and dumping it beside the sofa. As he did so Laura was already fumbling with his belt and stripping his pants off. He’d gone commando to the staff do tonight so as she pulled his trousers down his thick cock sprang out… he wasn’t the longest around but he was longer than average and thicker than most and Anna couldn’t help but lick her lips as she stared at his shaft bobbing slightly in front of her. Laura leaned forwards and ran her tongue along his length before taking the head of his cock into her mouth. She slid off it with a slight pop and smiled at Anna who with a mischievous smile back leant forwards to do the same.

They were resting their hands against his thighs, taking it in turns to kiss and suck the length of his cock. Their fingers teased his balls as they sucked and kissed each other over his cock. He groaned loudly looking down at the gorgeous pair of them pleasuring his cock. Briefly the next time Laura has his cock in her mouth he grabbed a handful of her hair and fucked her face hard until she struggled to breathe whilst Anna watched. Her mouth open as she watched his brutal face fucking of Laura and almost without thinking she started to play with herself. Pulling out he let Laura collapse back onto the sofa gasping for air and then gripped Anna’s legs, lifting her heel-clad feet up onto his shoulders.

He pulled her down and practically bent her on half until his cock was rubbing at the entrance to her wet hole. Reaching down he gripped her throat tightly, keeping eye contact as he slowly pushed his thick cock into her for the first time. Her mouth was open but the groan of pleasure that escaped had no meaning apart from the sheer delight of him stretching her open. He used his weight to drive it down into her as she lay under him. Soon he was canlı casino siteleri buried deep in her cunt. Laura had recovered now and was reaching across to harshly twist her nipples making her gasp. Nick slowly drew his cock out, making her feel every part of it as it moved inside her. He slammed it back in and started to fuck her properly. Long, slow deep strokes that filled her over and over, making her cry out. She grabbed her legs pulling them closer to her so that he could drive his cock even deeper into her. With how turned on she had been since the pub and everything that had happened so far it didn’t take long until she felt her first impending orgasm… “I gonna…” She couldn’t even finish the word before she exploded under his thrusting shaft. He didn’t let up, he gripped her throat tighter and slammed into her harder and faster now. He seemed to know just how hard to squeeze and when to pull back…

She felt another orgasm approaching but this time Laura’s hand snaked between them – one set of fingers twisting her nipples making it hurt whist the other massages her clit just above Nick’s pounding cock. This time it was mind blowing and she practically screamed her orgasm to the room.

She flopped back onto the sofa and lay gasping, her body turned to jelly as Nick slowly slid his cock out of her and into Laura’s waiting mouth.

She eagerly sucked on the length of his shaft, obviously enjoying the taste of Anna on its length. He pushed her into her back on the sofa next to Anna and then slid his thick cock into Laura with practised ease. Within a few thrusts she had her first orgasm and for the next fifteen minutes they were almost continuous. She came over and over and over as Anna watched in awe at the increasing intensity of her orgasms. She’d recovered now and was reaching down to tease her wet clit as she watched Nick pounding Laura down into the sofa next to her.

He slowly pulled out of Laura and shifted back to her. Her eyes were wide now as he slid into her again. Laura was practically passed out next to her Now as Nick began his slow deep thrusts into her again. This time he kissed her softly as he slid in deep. One of his hands was behind her head making her keep eye contact. She could see the desire in his eyes and it turned her on even more to know how attractive he found her and how much he wanted her. Her hands were gripping his upper arms now as he slammed deep inside her picking up pace again. She could feel another orgasm building within her and urged him on harder and faster. She felt him deep within her as he slammed into her as fast as he could – she cried out as another orgasm washed over her and even as she came she felt him starting to lose control.

His thrusts were more erratic, he was losing control as he was so close to his own climax. He pulled out of her and with a fist full of her hair pulled her off the sofa and onto her knees. “Push those gorgeous tits together for me Anna…” His fist stroked his cock twice as she did as she was told then thick streams of his bursting out to land all over her breasts… He groaned loudly with every throb of his shaft and pulse that covered her amazing breasts.

She looked down and the crazy amount of cum that was covering them and blushed. She’d had no idea tonight would end like this. He looked at her and smiled – seeming to read her thoughts. “Tonight’s just starting.” He said with a cheeky grin as Laura slid off the sofa and started to lick the cum from her breasts.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32