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One year ago..

As his thick cock finally softened in my mouth I looked up to see him staring down at me. His body was covered in sweat and he had a look of bliss on his face. I let my tongue dance one more time on the belly of his softened shaft as I swallowed the last of his load savoring the taste.

“I’ve never had someone suck my cock like that, you were great.”

I beamed with pride at his comment.

I walked out of his hotel room and got into my car and as I looked at my reflection in the rear view mirror I was wearing a huge smile! That guy was so hot that he made me come in my pants just by blowing him, his was the best cock that I ever had in my mouth!

That was almost a year ago when Gary Davis and I met in his hotel room while he was in town on business. He called me at my office one day and mentioned a common “friend” named Raul, who had given him my name.

This common friend was Raul Mendez, a local business man who I serviced weekly. We met while doing business through the chamber and I have been enjoying his 8 inch, nicely thick, uncut member for quite sometime. I’m fond of thick, hung men and he was eager to allow me to do for him what his wife stopped doing a long time ago. Simply it was the perfect match!

“Raul and I were talking over a drink one day about our wives and I mentioned that if my wife ever gives me a good blow job that it will be the first.” I laughed out loud knowing that this is always the same complaint.

” She has too many teeth and rushes me to finish, I think she does it on purpose so that I stopping asking for her to suck me!”

“Raul and I laughed, and he told him, to call you!”

His humor and quick wit made me laugh. I was comfortable that he was referred by my good friend Raul Mendez.

I agreed to meet him at his hotel for lunch at noon, but I really just to see if he sounded as good as he sounded by telephone.

When I arrived he met me in the lobby of the Marriott Suites as planned. I looked at him and realized that he was all that he promised, well at least for the parts that were visable! Handsome, nice smile, in good shape, and a presence about him that casino oyna made me at ease being with him.

I waved as I approached him and put my hand out to shake his. “Hi guy, I’m glad that you came to meet me, I hope that your not disapointed with me,” he said.

I just smiled, but couldn’t believe my good luck to meet such a handsome guy who looked to be in great shape. Are you still thinking of having luch I asked?

Gary winked and said, “About our lunch plan, I’m not hungry but I’m hoping that you are.”

I carefully looked away towards the lobby for just a moment hoping that I didn’t recognize anyone here and I didn’t. As I looked back at Gary I thought I caught him looking at my mouth, but maybe I was wrong. Just in case I casually licked my lips. His eye brows popped up!

At that point I let go of our handshake because I felt a flush of heat come over me and I knew that my hands would be sweating in just a moment. I think that I nodded yes to his question, but I felt as though I was in a daze.

“Would you like to have this meeting in my hotel room” he asked quietly. I guess that I said yes because the next thing I knew I was standing in the hallway with him just outside the door to his room.

As we walked through the doorway he locked it behind us he put the do not disturb sign outside.

“Raul told me that you like to get right down to business”. Gary looked right at me as he grabbed his crotch and shook it, “kneel down in front of me and take my pants off.”

He had me take his pants off and as I went to lay them on the bed he told me to hang them up.

This was new to me, he was a dom of a guy and I was going to be his sub, I found it very exciting.

I was a bit nervous as I got back on my knees. He turned around and told me to put my lips on his ass. as i looked at his very taut ass cheeks they turned me on, but I had never done this before.

If he lived in my town he would have been a great teacher in the art of seduction and fellatio. He knew how to make me quiver in my shoes with anticipation.

I knelt down and looked up as he was undoing his belt first which he dropped to slot oyna the floor, then his undid his pants button. My eyes were laser like as I looked right at the lump behind his zipper.

Gary looked at me smiling as he unzipped his fly and let his pants fall to the floor. Standing in front of me was a very fit man wearing only boxers, which he removed as well.

His cock was not hard at all, but I was stunned as I looked at it and noticed how perfect it was. It was thick, and bent from back to front looking like an upside down letter c.

“Do you like it cocksucker?”

I told him that it looked perfect, that I had never seen a better one. He took my hands and put them on his hips, his message was clear, no hands, mouth only.

I looked at my prize and stuck my tongue out to get a taste. I licked all around the head and down the shaft front and back, he had a great taste about him. I got bold and took his head in my mouth and did my best to french kiss it. I heard him sigh and felt his hips push towards my face.

He lightly placed his hand on hand on the back of my head and he pushed his hips towards my face. My lips which had formed a small “o” around his cock head but suddenly expanded to a very large O” as his girth slide over my lips. He let out a big oooooh as his cock slid deep into my mouth. I could see that his head was arching back and I’m sure that his cock was twitching already.

I made my tongue slither along the belly of his shaft as it slid in and out over my lips, he tasted very good. Because of the shape of his cock it slid rather easily into my throat, each thrust by him sent it a bit deeper.

Things were about to change and I was no longer in charge. Whenever I met a man to suck his cock I was always in charge and did it just the way I wanted. They were so happy to be getting a blow job that they just sat back and enjoyed. This was different.

Gary had his hands on my head and his cock in my mouth letting me do my thing when he suddenly said, “Just open your mouth as wide a possible cocksucker and let me do the rest.” He grabbed my head a little more firmly and said again, “just open wide.”

For canlı casino siteleri the next few moments I felt like I was in my dentists chair, open wide a possible. He started talking gibberish as he slid his cock all around my mouth and deeper that I had planned. He enjoyed jamming his cock over my lips and into my cheek. As my cheek puffed out from his proding member he would slap the outside of my cheek and laugh.

It was the first time ever that I was really being used. He slid his shaft over my lips and deeply into my mouth until his balls were banging against my chin. My head was held firmly in his hands, and I just started to really enjoy the sensation of being the submissive cock sucker.

Both of his hands were held my head as he slowly pumped his dick in and out of my mouth. He pulled his shaft from my mouth and presented his balls to my lips, they were large and hung down nicely.

“Suck them, suck my balls like it’s your last meal,” Gary’s eyes were on fire as he told me what to do.

I loved the feeling of his balls in my mouth, one then the other. As I did this he stroked his shaft and called me his faggot cock sucker. He pulled his balls away from my mouth and got ready for the final run before he would cum for me. He put his cock head between my lips and paused for a moment to see what it looked like. He arched his hips back and I knew what was coming, he drove his groin toward my face and as I swallowed all of his cock, he let out a gasp of enjoyment.

“Suck my cock, take it down your throat” he said as he slowly pistoned my mouth.

All of a sudden he stopped and pulled out of my mouth and said, “I don’t last very long the first time, where do you want my load cocksucker?”

“On my face, all over my face please.”

He grabbed his cock and pumped it a few times with his hand moaning the entire time.

“Open your mouth, here it comes”

His cock seemed to spring forward and the first shot of a very large load hit me right on the nose and lips.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah” as he kept pumping his cum on my face. It made me so hot that I would cum in my pants.

After he finished cumming he kept waving his rod in front of me, It was slippery looking and seemed to have a life of it’s own. I decided to do what I wanted, I took him cock back into my mouth and sucked him clean. He promised to let me know when he would be back in Indiana.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32