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This story was previously published under my old username, latenightkiss, which I no longer have access to. Please enjoy, my loves!


Chloe cursed as she hit yet another red light. For a brief moment, she thought about speeding through it, but the cop she spotted in the left lane put an end to that idea. Getting a ticket and being late would only make things worse. Trying to ease her anxious nerves, she took several deep breaths. It worked, but only until the light turned green again.

She managed to not get stopped by the next three lights. The cop had turned off onto another street, and she sped up. She might be able to make it on time if she didn’t hit any more red lights.

As she turned onto the street, she let out a sigh of relief. She had made it. She grinned as she eyed the clock in her dashboard, and with two minutes to spare. Quickly, she keyed in the code for the gate and when she had enough room, sped past it and up the driveway.

She slammed her car door a little too hard as she exited, adjusting her dress and she walked up the path. The pale blue dress fit her like a second skin, and it had a tendency to ride up on her. Her heels made it difficult to move very quickly, but she hurried up the front steps and rang the bell.

Her arms straight at her sides, she stared down at her feet, trying to ease her erratic breathing. Her French-tipped toes were visible in her peep-toed pumps. There was something about having her nails done that made her feel confident, sophisticated, and sexy. She tried to remember her confidence as she heard footsteps approaching on the other side of the door. As it opened she took a deep breath and held it.

“You’re late,” a voice said softly.

Chloe went to her knees. “Please, forgive me, Mistress. I did not leave early enough.”

Light fingers touched her under her chin, and she looked up to meet the blazing green eyes of her Mistress. She swallowed hard at the displeasure she saw there. This was the second time she had been late; she was going to be punished.

As if reading her thoughts, her Mistress smiled. “Come, Chloe,” she held out her hand. “I’ve missed you this week.”

Glad to be reunited with her Mistress, despite her inevitable punishment, Chloe felt herself dampen. She took her Mistress’ hand and rose to her feet. Her heels clacked loudly on the hardwood floor as she followed her through the house to their playroom.

Once inside, Mistress Anne shut the door loudly. “This is the second time you’ve been late, Chloe. You will be punished this time.”

“But mistress Anne,” Chloe interjected, unable to help herself, “I was only a minute late!”

Like lightening, Anne’s palm cracked across her ass. Chloe let out a startled gasp, which earned her another spank. She was bare beneath her dress, Mistress’ orders, and the thin material absorbed nothing. There was slight tinged warmth on either cheek of her ass. Already, she craved more. This week apart had been pure torture; worse than any punishment her Mistress could inflict upon her.

“You were late. The time by which does not matter.”

With a yank, Anne pulled Chloe to her and took a breast in each hand. She squeezed roughly, and both women moaned. Chloe’s breasts were incredibly sensitive.

“Get undressed,” Anne hissed in her ear.

Quickly, Chloe pulled off her dress and stepped out of her heels. Eyes cast downward, she waited for Anne’s next command.

Anne took her hand and led her to the corner of the room. Knowing what her Mistress wanted, Chloe held her arms in front of her.

“Good girl,” Anne whispered encouragingly as she bound her wrists together.

After tugging on the bindings to ensure they were secure, Anne kicked Chloe’s feet apart and knelt in front of her. Attaching a cuff to each ankle, she extended the bar to its full length of three feet. Chloe’s pussy glistened wetly in front of her face and she gave it a quick smack with her fingers.

Chloe’s body jolted, but Anne could tell she enjoyed it. If this weren’t a punishment, she would smack Chloe’s pussy until she came. Later, if her sub behaved herself, she would, but right now the girl needed to be punished.

Grabbing Chloe’s hands she raised them and secured them to the bar that hung overhead. With her previous subs, she hadn’t been able to do this, but Chloe’s gymnast training made it possible. It drove her mad to be suspended from the ceiling.

Pulling the casino siteleri remote out of her back pocket, she pressed a button and Chloe’s body began to rise. Once she was dangling in the air unable to touch the ground, Anne quickly shed her clothes and grabbed her favorite crop from the shelf on the wall. She could smell her own pussy juices; she was drenched from the anticipation of what was about to happen.

She and Chloe had been together for six months. They’d met at a D/s mixer at the BDSM club in town. Anne had seen the coffee-colored tresses swishing softly along the small of Chloe’s back and she’d known instantly that she was going to be her new sub. She hadn’t had a steady submissive in more than two years, but one look at Chloe and she knew.

“You know how I feel about being punctual,” she said softly, lightly tapping the crop on her naked thigh as she circled Chloe. “And you argued with me, both have earned you a punishment. You’ll be getting twenty marks with the crop.”

Chloe moaned and her eyes flashed with hunger.

“You will count down from twenty and that is the only sound I want to hear from you. Each extra sound earns you two more blows. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Good girl,” Anne praised just before she landed the crop on Chloe’s ass. The mark immediately turned a pale pink. There was nothing better than seeing her sub glow from a fresh punishment.

“Twenty,” Chloe ground out, fighting the urge to moan.

Methodically, Anne worked Chloe over. Her girl didn’t slip once, and she knew it was hard fro her. Teasing her further, she landed the last two blows directly on Chloe’s exposed clit.

“Zero,” Chloe cried out, her voice laced with passion. Anne saw the need burning in her eyes, recognizing the mirrored image of her own need.

Anne lowered her gently to the floor and caught her before she crumbled. She gripped a breast tightly in one hand, tweaking Chloe’s engorged nipple hard, just the way she knew her sub liked it. Reaching between her legs she found Chloe soaked. She pinched her clit hard between her fingernails, drawing a gasp from Chloe’s parted lips.

“Oh please, Mistress,” Chloe groaned. She was so close to cumming.

“Please, what?” Anne demanded, doubling her efforts.

“Please let me cum. Please, Mistress, please.” Tears of frustration leaked from Chloe’s brown eyes.

Roughly, Anne shoved two fingers up Chloe’s dripping pussy. “Cum, my little slut. Cum now.”

Chloe came, screaming. Anne tightened her grip on her as Chloe threatened to bring them both to the floor. Slowly, Anne lowered them both to the hardwood. She continued to finger-fuck her until Chloe was moaning loudly, her cum drenching Anne’s fingers.

“No, no, no,” Chloe groaned, her hips wildly thrusting.

“Now, Chloe. Cum now,” she ordered, adding a third finger, shoving them in and out harder, wanting to make Chloe scream again. Leaning forward, she took one of Chloe’s nipples in her mouth, biting hard. Chloe’s scream was deafening as she came again.

A little while later, Anne pulled Chloe to her feet and led her to the bed. Chloe sprawled across the massive silk-covered mattress and sighed with contentment. Anne let the other woman snuggle into her, Chloe’s tongue idly flicking across one of her nipples

“Thank you for forgiving me, Mistress,” Chloe murmured between licks.

“I’ll always forgive you, baby girl,” Anne pushed tenderly on Chloe’s head.

Her sub took the hint and took Anne’s nipple into her mouth and sucked eagerly, nipping with her teeth. She moaned. Chloe always responded so readily to her commands. She loved this girl. She tugged on her hair and dragged Chloe’s mouth up to hers. Their lips in a wet, sloppy kiss.

Before she lost herself, Anne pushed Chloe away. “Lie on your stomach,” she ordered.

Sliding off the bed, Anne rose and went to the closet. Inside held all of their toys. The day after they had first hooked up, she had taken all of Chloe’s toys and put them in the playroom. Pulling open one of the drawers, she removed one of the larger butt plugs, the mouth harness, the biggest dildo, and the lube. Chloe had gotten off, and now it was her turn.

Chloe smiled as she noticed the toys in Anne’s arms. She loved fucking her mistress. Anne tasted to good; she was addicted to her taste.

“I’ve had to get myself off all week. You owe me.”

Chloe nodded and held her ass cheeks apart. Anne slot oyna loved to stuff her ass while Chloe fucked her Mistress. She flinched as she felt the cool lube drizzle over her rosebud.

A finger slipped into her ass, and then another. Anne fucked her ruthlessly with her fingers, and yanked them out quickly, leaving her feeling empty. The tip of plug quickly replaced Anne’s fingers, filling the void again. She loved having her ass fucked. She always squirted when she had her ass fucked. It drove Anne mad when she lost control that way.

Anne pushed, slipping the plug past the tight ring of Chloe’s sphincter. She hadn’t used a plug this big on her before, but she had plans for her sub’s ass tonight. With a twist, she slid it all the way in. Chloe let out a moan.

“On your knees.”

Chloe rose to her knees, her back arched, just the way Anne liked her to be. She tightened her muscles around the plug, intent on keeping all that length deep in her ass. She felt a west gush from her pussy and bit her lip to silence another moan.

Carefully, Anne hooked the dildo onto the harness and slid the band around Chloe’s head, cinching it tightly. Her sweet sub looked strange with a big, jet-black dildo protruding from where her mouth should be, but her chocolate eyes said she was ready and eager to please her Mistress. Anne felt a rush of moisture between her thighs, and she licked her lips, aching to get fucked.

Anne sat on top of the headboard, her thighs spread wide, her bare pussy open and sopping wet. Reaching forward, she grabbed Chloe’s hair and yanked her across the slick sheets. The dildo head brushed her pussy, sending tingles down her spine.

“You’re going to fuck me good. Fast and hard, no stopping.”

Chloe nodded and angled her head so that the large dildo slid between her pussy lips and deep into her juicy cunt. Obediently, she started fucking her hard and fast, but not nearly hard enough. Anne tightened her grip of Chloe’s head, pulling her hair tightly. “I said hard, bitch.”

Chloe began to move faster, driving the dildo deeper into Anne’s cunt. Anne moaned loudly as Chloe hit her g-spot. She could hear her own pussy squishing with each thrust. She was going to squirt this time, she could feel it, and Chloe was going to swallow every bit of it. Chloe began to lose speed again, and this time she didn’t allow it to happen. She pulled Chloe’s face into her pussy until she felt the base of the harness. The dildo was eight inches long and five inches around. It was her favorite one to get fucked with.

Roughly, she pulled back on Chloe’s head and then jerked her forward again. After the fourth hard thrust she finally came, her juices soaking the dildo.

She unhooked the strap and pulled the dong from her cunt with a squishing pop. “Open,” she barked before she shoved the ebony dong into Chloe’s mouth. The woman gagged, but swallowed the pussy-coated dildo like she’d been taught.

“Suck it clean.” Anne ordered as she fucked Chloe’s mouth.

Chloe’s lips and tongue lapped at the dildo with gusto. Anne’s cum was all over it and she moaned at the taste. Anne jerked the appendage out of her mouth and before she could breathe she found herself buried in her Mistress’ pussy.

“Lick it,” she ordered.

Chloe stuck her tongue as far up Anne’s snatch as she could. Furiously she tongue-fucked her, biting at her clit and eating all her juices. Anne slid forward and Chloe immediately went for her ass. She loved to eat her Mistress’ asshole.

“Does it taste good, pet?”

Chloe nodded, her mouth never leaving Anne’s back door. She tightened her tongue and pushed it as high as she could into Anne’s asshole.

“Get ready, slut. I’m going to gush on your face.”

Chloe pulled back and opened her mouth, her tongue sticking out. She could still touch Anne’s twat, but now she was waiting to catch every drop she could. Anne’s fingers went to her clit and flicked furiously.

“Here it comes,” she moaned as she started to cum. She squirted all over Chloe’s face, covering the girl. Chloe licked her lips, wanting to taste it all.

Exhausted, Anne slid down from her perch and curled into Chloe. Her girl had pleased her so much; she deserved a treat.

“Is that plug still in your ass, baby?” Anne asked a short time later.

“Yes, Mistress,” Chloe answered.

“Take it out.”

“Mistress, no, please. Don’t make me,” Chloe begged.

“Chloe,” Anne said warningly. canlı casino siteleri “Take it out. Now.”

Chloe whimpered, but reluctantly pulled the plug out of her asshole. Cool air rushed in, and her skin broke out in goosebumps.

“I thought of a fun game for us to play while you were away, baby.” Anne said, running her fingers through Chloe’s hair.

“Really? I love your games.”

“I know you do,” she kissed Chloe’s head. “It’ll be intense.”

“I like intense.” Chloe smiled.

Anne drew her up for a lingering kiss. She sucked Chloe’s tongue deep into her own mouth. They kissed for several long moments before she eased back, breathing hard.

“Want to play?”

Chloe nodded eagerly. “Always, Mistress.”

Anne eased her lover onto her back with another kiss. Slowly, she kissed her way down Chloe’s throat and latched onto a dusky pink nipple. She tugged on the tip and debated on using nipple clamps during their play. Chloe groaned in frustration as Anne moved down her torso, dragging her tongue along wetly. With a moan of her own she clamped onto Chloe’s clit. She lapped at her sopping cunt, savoring the taste of her lover.

“Oh baby, this is going to be so good.”

“Just do it already,” Chloe moaned.

Anne laughed inwardly. Her baby was going to love this game.

With practiced movements, she trussed Chloe up so that her ass and pussy were open and exposed, and she couldn’t move.

Walking to the toy closet, she pulled on her favorite harness, the one that had a dildo for her, too.

“Hold tight, baby. I have to go get something.”

Anne went to the kitchen; the dildo inside her sending pleasurable ripples through her. She got what she needed and returned to the playroom. She knelt on the bed between Chloe’s splayed legs, “I hope you’re ready for this, baby. It’s gonna get cold.”

Chloe whimpered, but didn’t say anything.

Anne reached out and grabbed a single cube. Gently, she pushed into Chloe’s ass. Her sub jerked as much as her bindings would allow and groaned.

“Oh, my,” she said breathlessly as Anne pushed another ice cube into her ass.

“Like that baby?” Anne crooned.

Chloe nodded. “Oh, yes,” she hissed.

Anne flexed her hips and drove her secret weapon, a dildo made of ice, deep into her lover. It had taken her all week to make an acceptable toy. She’d tried one out on herself before Chloe came home just to make sure she didn’t harm her girl.

“Ohmygod,” Chloe said in a rush.

Anne started to thrust driving the ice dick in hard and steady. She groped two more, slipping them into Chloe’s ass. Chloe screamed in abandon as she felt the two large pieces enter her hot backdoor. Anne wasn’t done with her yet, though, and shoved the butt plug back into her lover’s welcoming ass.


“No. Not until I say so,” she commanded, savoring the joy of tormenting poor Chloe.

Chloe could feel the dildo growing smaller inside her, her heat melting the ice rapidly. The cubes in her ass were long gone, and the wonderful tingling sensation was starting to fade. It was as if Anne knew her time was almost at an end, and she started thrusting harder.

“Please, oh God, please.”

Anne twisted the plug in her ass, and she couldn’t help it, she came. “Now baby,” her Mistress encouraged on a moan of her own.

Anne gave two more thrusts and collapsed against Chloe’s trussed up form, weak from her own orgasm.

“Wow,” they whispered in unison.

“Can we do that again?” Chloe begged as Anne untied her.

“Maybe,” she replied, tossing the plug and the harness onto the side table. “If you’re a really good girl, I’ll think about it.”

“Okay,” Chloe snuggled into her Mistress’ arms. “I missed you while I was away.”

Running her fingers through the cocoa-colored tresses, she whispered, “I missed you too, baby. I ran out of ways to cum, I was so horny.”

“How come you got to cum and I didn’t?”

“I’m the Domme, you’re the sub, that’s why.”

Chloe pouted. “I wish we could spend more time together. I hate sleeping alone.”

“If you moved in you would never have to sleep alone.”

Chloe’s head came off Anne’s breasts so quickly they almost cracked skulls. Her brown eyes were blazing with excitement. “You mean it? Really?”

Anne smiled tenderly. “Of course, baby.”

Their lips met in a long kiss. Anne couldn’t remember why she hadn’t asked her beloved sub to move in with her before now. Once Chloe moved in, there would be an endless supply of sexual escapades.

She smiled devilishly as Chloe laid her head back on her breasts. Oh yes, she had big, big plans…

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