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My name is Jacey Turner and Tracy is my daughter, the result of a very unhappy marriage with a dick-head I’d rather not talk about thank you.

But Tracy has been the perfect daughter and we have been that close – but now I have to face up to change because it is likely that, with Tracy having at last found herself a boy friend called Jack, I could soon be losing her.

If that sounds like I am jealous, well I am not, well I try not to be but being logical it will happen sooner or later, and I could not expect Tracy to hang around for the rest of my life could?. And anyway it wouldn’t be fair would it?.

But maybe I am jumping the guns because Tracy and Jack have only dated once and it just shows you what a good girl is my daughter that she has arranged for me to meet Jack on their second date.

But when this guy rung my bell and I opened the door and he introduced himself as Jack, I was well happy. He was the most gorgeous guy. My daughter certainly knows how to pick them.

I asked him in, invited him to sit down in the lounge and told him I’d fix some coffee.

I was wondering why he was so early because Tracy did not finish work until five and that was three hours away.

He looked bewildered and disappointed when I told him, apparently there had been some misunderstanding. He thought she had the afternoon off but I said that was tomorrow.

“No problem then Mrs Turner, I will mobile her”

“You can’t, not while she is working, they don’t allow the staff to have their mobiles turned on whilst working,” I advised.

Again, that so disappointed look. Something about that look warmed me to him.

“It’s not the end of the world” I said with my best smile. You still have me.

Jack blushed and looked very awkward. I could see what Tracy saw in him besides his looks that is, and his gorgeously hunky figure. He had that certain baby look that was very appealing.

“I guess I’d better go and come back later, will that be alright, Mrs Turner?”

“Call me Jacey” I said accidentally on purpose showing a good amount thigh above the knee as I took a seat on the sofa next to him. I am glad I decided to wear a very trim sexy black skirt that day which, says my good friend Nell, works wonders for me.

But being very naughty and thinking carnal thoughts I wondered if my showing would work wonders for Jack.

Or was I being terrible? This was my daughter’s boy friend but I was thinking at that time what the hell, I fancied this guy to the hilt and I wanted to see his reaction.

I urged him not to leave, persuaded him to have another drink and some chocolate cake.

“I made it, Tracy loves chocolate cake” I said .

He was blushing some, I could see he was hot under the collar. I bet he was surprised I was old enough to be Tracy’s mum. I was glad I was still sexy enough to do that for him.

“In that case then I would like casino siteleri some” he said.

I arose very slowly with the most sexiest movement I could generate and I could see he was gawping at my bum.

In the kitchen I was thinking just how I could go for a bit of young stuff to wallow my pent up energy upon. It had been so long and why should Tracy have all the fun.

Well that is how I felt. I can’t help it if this guy really turns me on – and I think with some gentle persuasion, he may just succumb.

I would just take it as it comes, I did not wish to force it you understand, but as I cut the cake into two slices I felt that mood of wanting to be wanted..

I excused ms myself for a few minutes, told Jack to relax and donned some very sexy underwear complete with black stockings and suspender belt and a brand new pair of very sexy black and red laced panties I’d bought at Ann Summers.

On returning to the lounge with cake and coffee on a tray, I placed the tray on the coffee table and joined him once more, very deliberately showing even a bit more thigh this time.

We chatted on for a bit and he told me what he thought of Tracy, that she was very nice and he was privileged to meet me.

I crossed my legs once or twice and hoped he enjoyed the sound of stockings rubbing against each other.

He gulped and almost choked on his coffee, trying to eat and drink at the same time. I just had to laugh but I think he took it all the right way.

But then came my opportunity to make this much more than just a friendly exchange. He spilled his coffee dregs into his lap and I could have sworn he swore; “Oh! Fuck!”

He was full of apologies.

“Don’t worry, I’d do the same” I said. “Hang on and I will fetch a sponge to clean them before the stain dries.”

Come hell and high water I was set to do the sponging on that most sensitive part of the masculine body I’d missed so much in not having a man around any more.

And when I did he looked shocked at first, having held out his hand to take the sponge but not having a hope in hell’s chance of taking it from my eager fingers.

I perched on my knees and went for it.

The stain had already made its mark so it would take some rubbing to get it out.

“You don’t mind do you, Jack?, I am an expert at this, the times I have dropped coffee is nobody’s business.”

Jack looked down, a certain look of confusion came over his face.

“Just relax, Jack, it wont take long”

But I made sure it lasted. I felt the ominous swell there, in fact it gave me a base to concentrate the rub.

It felt beautiful, it really did. I just could not avoid going further, I threw the sponge down and concentrated on the real job in hand. He moved his legs awkwardly but I said to just chill “But, but – is this right?” Jack hesitated.

“If you are enjoying it, it is right” I whispered, rising slot oyna myself onto the edge of the sofa again, ensuring my black skirt was well hitched up enough to give Jack a good showing of white thigh and stocking tops. All guys love that don’t they? And besides it was making me feel good too.

His hands pressed on mine, especially the hand I was massaging him with – as if to try and stop me. But then looking up I saw him close his eyes and the lust on his face said to go for it.

And naturally, being the hot blooded woman I am, I did.

Oh! For some good old fashioned cock. But this was far from old fashioned. Unzipping his chino’s was a real dream. Finding him was another – and soon I had his chino’s neatly slipped down to his knees and took in the wonderful scent of fresh young cock.

I had always yearned for a toy boy and here he was, it was all happening and how!

“Okay?” I asked quietly and he nodded. He was enjoying it alright.

I massaged him in both hands, enjoying the feel of him. I watched it jerk and rise as I concentrated a along time fingering him beneath and feeling the sensual heat rise in my being.

“I may not be so good at this as my daughter” I said squeezing his growing erection, teasing his foreskin right back to enjoy the full advantage of his sweet red plum. What a lucky girl Tracy is and why shouldn’t I have some of the spoils?

“We have not gone this far, Jacey. She wouldn’t let me,” he gulped, looking down at what I was doing and really enjoying it.

“Really?” I asked surprised, “I thought all the youngsters did the first date.”

“She stops me when I try to touch her” he replied

It is funny – you think you know your daughter but she was definitely not like me. How could she refuse a lovely guy like this.

I went for it the grand slam; “So you have never fucked”.

Jack paused a while, gulped again as I teased his balls, they felt so good and firm, this guy was made to be foraged and spoiled.. I moved forward a bit to move that hot rod between my bra’d bosom and it was lovely to squeeze it between them, teasing my nipples as I did.

“I have never fucked ever”


“You are surprised, Jacey?”

“I am that! But it is really lovely to be the woman to touch you for the first time. Maybe later, just maybe?”

“A fuck” he said – his cock bulging in my busy hand, it’s throb intensifying – this guy was going to cum and I had only just started,.

I remember what I did all those years ago when I went with a guy who had an overriding early ejaculation just by my early touch. I removed my panties and tied him off right at the base, that would hold him back until I was well ready, There was so much I wanted to enjoy first.

But I was well wet and pant less when I invited him to touch me, that I wouldn’t stop him. He took the bait and I felt his eager hands explore me. It was so wonderful canlı casino siteleri and gorgeous, massaging him simultaneously as his exploring fingers teased around my wetness,

And I had the thrill of initiating him for his first time.

“It is so lovely” he said, “So warm and moist, is that how it is with a woman” he asked.

I put him right, told him that was the natural way a woman was lubricated for intercourse.

“You are being posh on me” he said cheekily so I gave it to him raw.

“Okay, fucking then!” I returned and then I felt the urge I had missed for so long, just to take him into my mouth and taste him, to suck that beautiful young cock so deep. Placing it against my lips I heard Jack sigh, He put his hands to my face as I began to suck him and we both enjoyed the moment.

He tasted of sea , salty and yet sweet. I massaged his balls and went for it, feeling the joy and the utter thrill of good hard cock prize my tongue, teasing and tasting its tip, wrapping my tongue around that gorgeous bulbous head and for a whole while we were both enveloped into the sweetest of mutual sucking, for he was like a natural and that first sixty nine was something very special.

He enjoyed it so much, the feel of his lips and tongue there between my thighs, his hands grasping my bum cheeks like he just couldn’t get enough.

He could tease my ass if he wanted. Anything, I had my prize sucking his cock, now he could have his and extra’s as well. I said to go for it, the feel of his young eager hands stretching my bum cheeks apart was too much. I bent my hand around and pushed his head at the back and his mouth was well and truly lodged just where I wanted it to be.

It was lovely to feel him sucking me there, gently at first and then, gaining confidence really going for it.

His cock was throbbing so very much and I heard him cry out for my fuck.

He was well and truly ready and I was too, I undid the tie, pushed my panties into his face and guided that lovely sample of stiff throbbing cock to the place it wanted to be ; deep up inside me – and it was a frenzy of movement and moans, He fucked like a piston engine and it was superb.

We both laid there exhausted. Time had passed but I still wanted more of him, It was fun sucking him and feeling it grow in my mouth. A lot more sucking was enjoyed and I smothered him with my fresh fucked wetness, stretched wide and kneeling over his face as I sucked him raw.

But the clock had turned full circle three times and when I heard the door lock release there was absolutely nothing I could do, I was still sucking cock when Tracy came in and I knew there was an awful lot of explaining to do.

But it all turned out wonderfully because as Tracy said, Jack was likened to being shop soiled and anyway there was this boy in the supermarket …

It didn’t matter, it all worked out fine,

Jack was to be my toy -boy finite and we would enjoy a good life together.

Tracy naturally was shocked and surprised that her own mum could have done such a thing, but relented knowing that Jack had made me so very happy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32