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So, I enjoyed a very dirty encounter a few summers ago when I was driving through Alberta with that guy I was seeing. I’ve been meaning to tell you about it. I think it’ll excite you. A lot.

Are you getting hard right now, wondering what I did? I’m starting to get wet as I recall the details.

We had stopped to camp about 80 miles from Banff. It was mid-week and the campsite was pretty empty. Small place off Highway 11, on a low bluff overlooking a creek. Lots of fir trees, nice warm late afternoon. There were 20 spaces plus RV hook-ups. Two young couples on the far side of the campsite, three guys two sites over from ours.

I needed something to take the edge off. I hadn’t showered in about three days. No chances to masturbate or stream porn. And due to a weird fuck-up that I won’t get into (short version: we needed a new part for the truck and then somehow left a box of supplies back at the service station), I was left alone at the campsite for a couple of hours. Didn’t even have time to set up the tent.

There was no wireless or cell service. Just me, a folding chair, and a copy of last month’s Cosmo that I’d spotted in a recycling bin at the service station.

The sign said they had hot showers here, so I figured I’d take advantage. Take a nice long one and finally play with my pussy the way I’d been aching to.

Only one shower stall, attached to the manager’s office. Fortunately, it was unoccupied. No one in sight. I stripped outside, half-hoping someone would walk by and see me.

There was a mirror next to the stall and I examined myself. My 40DD tits were a little sunburnt, but hey, my smile was still intact after all those miles on the road. And my wavy brunette hair would look even better after a shower.

As the hot water cascaded down over my breasts and nipples, I sighed with relief, lathering myself with liquid soap. Feeling a little less feral. Running my hands over my unshaven pussy, I felt my arousal growing as I thought about growing my pubic hair out for you and how much it turns you on. I spread my lips open, positioning the stream to play directly over my clit. Fuck yes. That felt good…

And then, the fucking hot water ran out. Shit. Freezing cold. I could only take another 30 seconds or so before I shut it off and toweled myself dry. I pulled on a white T-shirt and a black nylon skirt. No panties. Needed to let my legs breathe after sitting in the truck all day.

I could still feel my arousal, my pussy pulsing with anticipation as I stepped back outside. I needed something.

One of the young women from the other side of the campsite – long brunette ponytail, pink T-shirt, Lululemon shorts – was coming toward me. “How is it?” she asked.

“No hot water,” I said. “Proceed at your own risk.”

“Oh shoot. Well, it’ll be a quickie then.” She closed the door.

Back at the campsite, I put on my sunglasses and opened up Cosmo. Page 86: “Is It Cheating? 10 Women Give Definitions That Will Shock You!”

I glanced up when I heard someone walking along the dirt road in front of the site. Tall, dark-haired, well-built, late 30’s, wearing a Giants baseball cap and black shorts. Nice five o’clock shadow. He had firewood tucked under his left arm. Looked my way and gave a friendly salute with his right hand.

I laughed. “How’s it going?”

“Pretty good. You?” I detected a slight French accent.

“Just killing some time with Cosmo.”

“If you got nothing else going on, you’re welcome to join me and my buddies for a beer.”

I paused, feeling a little twinge of excitement. “Hmm. Thank you. That sounds tempting. What’s it going to be, Molson…or, I forget…what is it here…Big Rock?”

He shook his head in mock remonstration. “Nah. What do you take us for? We’re gentlemen. I brought cans of this great pale ale from a new craft brewery outside Kananaskis.”

I smiled. “Well, that settles it, then.”

We headed down the road toward their campsite. I still had Cosmo with me. Just illegal bahis in case these guys didn’t deliver the goods.

“I’m Andre, by the way. Nice to meet you.”


An idea, still half-formed, was dancing in the back of my brain. I wanted to be anonymous here. To make it come off right.

They had two big, green tents next to a GMC Sierra pickup. Fishing rods and tackle lay on the ground. The other two guys, sitting on wide, low log stumps arrayed in a circle around a fire pit, turned their heads as I approached with Andre.

“Hey, who’s this?”

“Friggin’ French guys, always putting the moves on. Pardon me, miss. You have to watch out for him.”

“Who says I wasn’t watching out for him?” I said with an impish smile.

Andre put down the firewood as the other guys introduced themselves. Brad was the same age as Andre, dirty-blond clean-cut, a little shorter but thicker through the shoulders and chest, a T-shirt and jeans guy. Terry looked a couple of years older, handsome guy with just a touch of a beer belly and a hairy chest, wearing a white Cancun T-shirt and basketball shorts. Both wearing wedding rings.

I could feel my nipples hardening as they all gave me the once-over. Have I ever told you how excited I get when I’m receiving that kind of delicious scrutiny from a group of men?

Andre told me they were old high school buddies from Red Deer, and this was their annual trout fishing trip. He handed me a beer and sat down next to me on the largest stump, his thigh brushing against mine. We all toasted.

“So, you’re French and you play for the Giants, huh?” I teased.

“French-Canadian,” Andre said with an easy smile. “Moved out here from Montreal when I was 14. My mom’s folks are from the Bay Area. They gave me the cap.”

“What do you do when you’re not trying to make women believe you play for the Giants?”

Brad laughed. “We’re RCMP. Me and him.”

I looked at Andre. He didn’t blink. He just shrugged and smiled.

I put my hand on Andre’s thigh. “Bullshit! You guys are not Mounties. No way.”

“We don’t wear the uniform all the time, you know,” Andre said with a wink.

“Oh baby, I think we got an American here,” Terry said, taking a swig. “I think we got a real live one. Full of curiosity. Hope you’re not gonna hold it against me that I sell real estate in Calgary, Natalie.”

The group flirtation was turning me on. My hand was still on Andre’s thigh. I turned toward him, letting my left breast brush against his hard bicep. I could feel Brad’s eyes on me. Terry leaned forward.

“That’s right – land of the free, motherfuckers,” I said recklessly. “So, are you guys all talk? Or do you want to prove that you’re actually RCMP?”

“Lemme get my ID card,” said Brad. “It’s in the tent.”

“No, no, no,” said Andre. “Natalie, if you could just move your hand a tad…”

“Oh, is that your wallet? I didn’t realize…”

Andre showed me his card. It was true.

“Ya should have made a bet, man,” said Terry. My eyes flitted to him for a moment. There was a very discernible bulge growing in his shorts.

“I don’t have a lot of money on me,” I shot back. “Maybe we’d have to play for different stakes. Now, what exactly is it you do with the police? I’m curious.”

“Substance counselling, women’s issues, stuff like that,” said Andre. “Little town in northern Alberta. It’s going good. Me and Brad, we got an award from the Alberta government last year.”

“Very impressive,” I said. I leaned up against Andre a little more, letting him really feel my big tits and my warmth. He didn’t move away. The other two men watched with unabashed envy.

“Uh, what’s your gig?” Terry asked.

“Software tester, nothing very interesting,” I said. “I came up here to get away from it all. Have some fun.”

Brad finished off his beer and got up to grab another one from the cooler. He spotted my Cosmo. “What are you reading?”

I told them about the cheating illegal bahis siteleri article, my nipples hardening further from the direction the conversation was taking. “What’s your definition?”

“You know what, it’s funny,” Brad said, pushing the magazine aside and sitting down next to me. “I had this conversation with my wife before we got married. Melanie is nothing if not brutally honest. She told me she gave a lot of blowjobs back in college – including when she was engaged to her first hubby. And she says turnabout is fair play. So our rule is I can eat pussy – or get sucked off – when I’m on the road. And vice versa with her. Just no intercourse.”

His use of raw, explicit language made me even wetter. I knew what I wanted to do with these guys.

“You lucky fucker,” Terry said. “Janice is good with me looking at porn. Hitting the strip clubs in Calgary with clients now and then. Watching, no touching.”

I could feel the heat of the two handsome, well-built strangers pressing into me. Andre put his hand on top of mine and I didn’t move it away. There was no mistaking Terry’s big erection growing in his shorts now,

“Andre?” I said. “Don’t be shy.”

He laughed. “As you noticed, Natalie, I’m a French guy. And I got divorced a year ago. I don’t have a whole lot of rules.”

“That’s good to know,” I said.

Andre looked at me with dark, penetrating eyes. “What about you?”

“Eye of the beholder,” I said, my heart pounding hard. “One thing I will say is that I definitely consider myself to be non-monogamous. I also pride myself on never holding back when a really good sexual opportunity presents itself.”

There was a long, anticipatory pause. Terry broke the silence.

“Did we mention it’s Andre’s birthday next week?”

“You did not,” I said purposefully. “And I won’t be here to celebrate it with you gentlemen. So I think I should give Andre his birthday present right now.”

With that, I turned to Andre and kissed him full on the mouth. I was intensely aware of the feel of his lips, his dark stubble, the late afternoon sun on my skin, and Brad and Terry watching what was going on. Andre kissed me back, hard, leaving my pussy soaked with excitement.

While I was making out with Andre, I could feel Brad’s hand caressing me, running up my thigh and cupping my ass. I adjusted my body position so that he could have free rein. I wanted to make it crystal-clear to these guys that I was going to act like a whore, completely uninhibited, and enjoy every single fucking moment of it.

I guided Brad’s hand right up to my big tits, encouraging him to fondle and squeeze them through my white T-shirt, making sure Andre could see what his friend was doing. Meanwhile, I reached down past the waistband of Andre’s shorts and took hold of his iron-hard erection.

“Mmmm. You guys don’t mind sharing me, do you?” I said with a smile. “Lots of me to go around.”

“Hell no,” Brad said, breathing hard. “You want to go in the tent?”

“No,” I told him, moving to straddle Andre’s thigh. “I love getting fucked outdoors. Besides, the light is better out here for Terry.”

Terry had moved to the nearest stump to watch my little fuck party. He pulled down his shorts as he began to jack off, revealing an absolutely huge hard-on. It was even bigger than my ex’s, whose nickname was “Jumbo.” I loved being the center of attention for men who all desperately wanted to fuck me and suck me.

I turned my head back toward Terry, as I ground my clit hard against Andre’s thigh and pushed my tits into his face for my satisfaction, while Brad ran his hands all over me, kissing the back of my neck. “That’s right, fucker, enjoy the show. You like watching me fuck your friends? Gonna think about this next time your dick is inside Janice?”

Andre roughly pulled my T-shirt up over my head to reveal my bra-clad tits. Brad fumbled to unhook the bra, moved to my side and leaned in, and then each man began sucking one of my engorged canlı bahis siteleri nipples. I fucking loved it. It felt so good. I was groaning aloud as I pushed my soaked cunt down on Andre’s leg. I could feel his hard-on, completely engorged.

“I need to get fucked so bad,” I said in a low, rough voice. “Let’s do it on the grass there.”

We disentangled. Brad went into the tent and came back out. I wobbled for a second before finding my footing. On the grass, I pulled up my skirt and showed my hairy cunt from behind. My asshole was on full display too. It was an open fucking invitation for Andre to use me. I wanted to get fucked doggie-style by a complete stranger.

Andre undressed rapidly, revealing his muscular, toned body and gorgeous cock – not as long as Terry’s, but thicker, with nicely trimmed dark pubes. He took the condom from Brad and put it on. Terry knelt down on the grass nearby so he could see everything.

“Put it in me,” I told him. “I want you to fuck the living shit out of me. Brad, stand in front of me and take out your cock so that you have something to tell your wife about later.”

Brad complied, unzipping his jeans. It was beautiful, long and straight. I took it in my mouth without hesitation, hearing Terry gasp with excitement as he beat his huge cock off against his palm. Loved hearing that slap, slap, slap sound.

I couldn’t see Andre as he began to penetrate me from behind. But I could feel his hands grabbing my hips hard, and his heat as he went into me balls-deep. I wished Terry was filming it, close up, so that I could relive that primal moment of penetration over and over again.

I let out a raw fucking moan, half-muffled by Brad’s cock in my mouth. Sucking off a married man, getting fucked by his friend, and being watched by another stranger in public – it was a dream come true for me. I’m proud to be a whore and to show others who I am whenever I can.

“God, you got such a tight pussy,” Andre gasped. “You fuckin’ feel better than my 25-year-old wife did. Jesus fucking Christ.” His hands were underneath me, grabbing my tits hard, as he used me as his fuckhole.

Getting pounded doggie-style as I knelt on the grass was incredible. Andre’s dick was rubbing hard against my G-spot, giving me overwhelming sensations of pleasure. But I needed even more. I needed dick and clit stimulation together.

I slid Brad’s dick out of my mouth. “I want you to lick me,” I told him bluntly. “Now.”

He didn’t hesitate. He got down on his back and I spread my arms as he moved back underneath me. As Andre continued to fuck me deep, Brad leaned up and began to suck on my bead. It felt fucking unbelievable to have a cock ramming into me with a guy licking my slit at the same time. My orgasm was mounting rapidly.

Terry was beating off so hard that his wedding ring was a blur. “I fucking need to do this,” he groaned. “Don’t tell Janice.”

He moved in front of me and I took his huge cock in my mouth. I felt so filled. Being with three guys at once. Fuck. Yes. Yes.

Then I saw her standing off to the left on the road. Watching. The ponytail woman from the shower.

That sent me right over the edge. I pushed my cunt down on Brad’s face, hard, as I came and came. It hit me hard, convulsing my whole body. I let out a loud cry as Terry pulled his cock out of my mouth. Andre followed suit, ditching the condom and spraying a thick load over my back. When Terry saw that, he started to shoot too, letting go all over my breasts, drenching them. So fucking good.

Best of all, the other woman saw everything. I gave her a look of triumph, eye to eye. I knew she’d be fantasizing about me and my three-man party for the rest of her fucking life. It feels so good to be seen.

At last, I got up, covered with come. Feeling amazing.

“Happy birthday, Andre,” I said. “I’m going to take a quick shower.” And it would be a quick one.

“Can you come back?” Andre said. “How much time do you have left?”

“Oh, at least another hour,” I said. I was eager and ready to continue this anonymous fuck session, which I knew I’d frig off to many times in the future. And I knew I’d have to tell you about it so that you could blow your load to it too – over and over again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32