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After graduating from college with an engineering degree, my first job was with a large telecommunications manufacturer that sold phone systems all over the world. I quickly moved up in the company. Even though, just in my mid twenties, I was becoming the “go to” guy, when it came to troubleshooting problems with our systems. Especially those with high profile customers and critical installations. I thought things were going great, then one day my boss, Erich, and the president of the company, Tom, called me into the office.

“Peter, we just wanted to tell you, you’re doing a great job,” said Tom, the President of the company. “We do have one little thing to ask.”

That little statement perked my ears up and whatever it was, it didn’t sound good to me.

“Our customers tell us you always solve the problems we send you to fix. But they also say things like, you’re too serious, sometimes distant, even aloof. We’d just like you to learn to relax a little,” said Tom.

“I’m sorry, I admit once I begin troubleshooting a problem, I just can’t focus on anything else but the solution. But I’ll try.”

“OK, OK, it’s not a demand. We just want you to work on your customer relationships a little.” He slid an envelope across the desk to me. “Open it up and look Peter.”

I opened the envelope and grinned with surprise. One was a bonus check for twenty-five hundred dollars and the other was notifying me of another large pay increase. I looked at both men and said the only thing I could think of, “Thanks.”

“No problem son, you deserve it. And you lucked out, because your next assignment is Bill Kirk , one our largest customers in the West. He’s a serious guy too, so he won’t be pressuring you to be friendly. Now off you go.” said Tom.

The next day I was on a plane to Denver. I arrived and picked up my rental car, then went to my hotel. I checked in and it was still fairly early, so I went to the customer’s place to let them know I was in town.

The girl at the front desk asked me to go right in the owner’s office when I checked in there.

Seated at a large wooden desk was a man in maybe his sixties. “Hi, I’m Bill Kirk.” He stood and held out his hand to shake.

“Peter, Peter Brantley.” I shook his hand and he sat back down motioning for me to sit also.

“I’m sorry for staring,” he said. “I didn’t realize you were so young. Your bosses told me you were their best engineer so I assumed you’d be older.”

“That’s OK, I get that a lot when I travel to customer sites.”

He explained the problem they were having with one of their customers who owned several systems all tied together over a large telecommunications wide area network. From his description of the problem I already had a good idea how to solve the problem.

I went back to my room and worked out in the hotel’s exercise room, then ate an early dinner and retired to my room.

The next morning I went to one of the customer’s sites and after about two hours and some re-programming the job was finished and the problem I’d been sent to fix was solved.

I went back to Bill’s office to let him know everything had been solved and his customer was happy. It was close to lunch, so he offered to take me to lunch where we mostly talked business. During lunch, a couple of times while talking, Bill would touch my arm or wrist when he would say something. I’m sure for him it was innocent, and just a way to get my attention when he said something he thought was important. But every time he did that it almost felt electric to me, my whole body feeling it. Especially my cock.

“So Peter, Tom tells me you’re also a computer guru, along with being a telecommunications guru?”

“I know a little about them.”

I learned early in my career the word guru could get you in trouble, especially if you started believing it. I always felt it was best to remain modest.

“Perhaps casino siteleri when we get back to the office you can look at mine? It’s been acting strange, locking up and going to the wrong web page sometimes.”


We got back from lunch and he left me alone in his office with his PC, while he went to a Friday afternoon staff meeting. I ran some quick checks and realized he had some type of virus. I removed it. Always curious about files on computers, I poked around in Bill’s PC. I noticed he had a bunch of hidden files but he didn’t make them password protected or secure, so anyone could look at them. Most were photos and when I opened them up I noticed they were of naked men. Many of them young men in their twenties, about my age. They were in all styles of poses from just standing, to some with a cock in their mouth. Some were younger and older men kissing. I felt myself getting excited. And without thinking, my hand touched the growing bulge in my dockers.

Bill walked in and startled me. I quickly closed the photos before he walked around his desk. I was hoping he wouldn’t look at my crotch as I got out of his chair, so he could sit down at his desk.

“Did you fix it?”

“Yes, you had a virus on your hard drive.”


He started moving his mouse and that’s when I noticed I’d forgot to close one of the photos. He clicked on it and it opened. It was a picture of an older man kissing a younger man and he had the younger man’s hard cock in his hand. His jaw dropped as he looked back at me.

“That was a hidden file.”

I chuckled. “Well yes, but not very well hidden to anyone that knows their way around a computer.”

“Could people see this on the network?” he asked.

“Yes possibly. I’m sure your administrator could see it, if he’s looking around.”

He had a look of real fear on his face, perhaps wondering if any of his employees, some who had extensive computer skills, may have seen these photos. “I guess I owe you an explanation.”

I told him he didn’t need to explain anything and his secret was safe with me. I could see the relief on his face, hearing that. After all, I had my own secrets too.

“Would you like me to show you how to protect files on your computer?” I asked.

“Is it hard? I’m afraid I’m not real computer literate when it comes to stuff like that.”

I leaned over the back of his chair as he sat at the keyboard and pointed where he needed to click and then told him when he needed to type in a password. To my surprise, I noticed a growing bulge in his trousers when I glanced down. I wondered if it was the pictures or me causing it.

We went to one of the sites where he was getting photos and I showed him how to download and save each file as protected. Some of the photos were quite erotic and I had my own stiffening going too. Luckily he couldn’t tell through the back of his chair.

I walked around the other side of his desk, as soon as I started going soft again.

“Could you look at my home computer too Peter?”

I looked at my watch. “I guess, but we’d better hurry, I have a plane to catch in three hours.”

He picked up the phone and called the president of my company and arranged for me to stay another night.

“That’s settled, why don’t you check out of your hotel room and you can be a guest at our home for the evening?” he said.


“Meet me back here after you check out and you can follow me home.”

I agreed and went and checked out. I had to admit I was a little disappointed when Bill said our home. Then I remembered he was married. I thought maybe he was going to try and seduce me when he got me home. Oh well it was a nice thought.

I followed him to his home which was outside Denver. He had quite a plot of land and the house was huge.

He showed me around the place. Then asked me, ” What are you, about six foot?”

“On slot oyna the nose, and one hundred eighty pounds,” I said.

“So what size swim trunks?”

“Medium or large.” I said. “Both usually fit.”

He left for a second and came back with two pairs. “Let me show you your room.”

We walked down a long hallway until he opened a door and showed me my room. He gave me directions to get to the pool. He asked if I liked fish.

“The wife and the staff help are gone for the weekend, thought I’d cook by the pool,” he said.

“I love fish,” I said.

He left me to get dressed and I looked at myself in the mirror with a pair of baggy blue trunks on. All that exercise in the hotels on business trips was making my body harder and more fit. I was just beginning to get ab muscles showing. I made my way to the pool where he was already sitting. He told me there was beer in the fridge behind the bar if I wanted some.

I peeled off my t-shirt and went over and got a beer. I stood next to him watching while he got the grill ready to cook.

The fish and grilled shrimp were great. He was an excellent cook. I couldn’t help notice that occasionally with the baggy shorts he wore, I’d get a quick glimpse of the head of his cock as he shifted positions in the chair he sat in.

We both drank a few more beers, then he suggested we cool off in the pool. We were in the water cooling off but things seemed to be getting much hotter to me. He was very close to me and I could feel his hands innocently touching me as we floated. I tried to appear innocent touching him a few times. Then he took my hand, underwater and placed it on his crotch. “Mmmmm see what you are doing to me Peter?”

I didn’t flinch or pull back although I think that’s what he half expected. Instead I wrapped my fingers around his trunks and cock and caressed his hard dick pulling gently on it. His moan told me it felt good. He pulled me against him. I knew now he could feel my own hard cock against his body.

“Oh Peter.” He put his hand on the back of my neck and kissed me. Our mouths both quickly opened and our tongues were entangled.

He broke the kiss and told me he’d never been kissed like that from another man. I felt his hand go up the leg of my trunks and touch my hard cock and then we kissed again. He whispered in my ear that he had a better place for us. So we got out of the water and walked through the house, still wet, to another bedroom. He wasted no time once we were in the room. He kissed me again this time we were each ramming our tongues hungrily in each others mouth.

He pulled down my trunks and my hard cock sprung out straight. He slid off his own trunks quickly and we were naked. He pushed me gently back to lay on the bed, then laid down beside me.

“How long has it been since you were with a man?” he asked. His fingertips were circling my nipples making them even harder.

“Over a year.”

“Why so long?”

I shrugged my naked shoulders. “Kind of a workaholic I guess. Just haven’t found the right time, place and circumstances. How bout you?”

“Longer than you. But I think I finally found the right one.” He grinned and wrapped his fingers around my cock and kissed me again.

The kissing was driving me crazy with lust and his hand was milking big globs of precum from my cock. He took his finger and spread the precum then licked his finger. He didn’t say a word he just moved down and slid his lips over my swollen cock head. His hot wet mouth felt so good . In less than a minute my entire shaft was wet and slick with a precum saliva mix. His lips tightened around my shaft and he slowly began milking my cock with his mouth.

It may have been a long time since Bill was with a guy, but you couldn’t tell it by the way he sucked my cock. He truly knew what he was doing and was driving me nuts with pleasure

It had been so long, canlı casino siteleri I couldn’t hold back long and was soon moaning about cumming. He was moaning too and he gripped my cock even tighter with his mouth.. I screamed as my body convulsed and I could feel my cum erupting in his mouth as he gulped to take it all. My body quivered again and again with each eruption.

I was crazed with lust, I kissed him, tasting traces of my cum still on his tongue and then began kissing and licking his nipples as he laid on his back. His nipples turned almost purple before I left them and worked my way down to his throbbing six inch cock that was literally dripping precum. I wrapped my fingers around it and milked some more out then used the tip of my tongue to spread it over the head of his cock. His eyes were closed and he was moaning with pleasure. I ran my wet tongue now coated with his precum mixed with my own spit down the underside of his cock shaft and back up to the head.

“Ooooooh, that feels so good Peter.”

I slid his cock past my hungry lips, then slowly took in almost all of it. Then slid back up the shaft. I began to slowly fuck him with my mouth, my lips wrapped tight and creating suction as I moved. I could tell by the way he moved his hips and ass, squirming around and moaning that he was enjoying it. His fingers raked through the short hair on my head as I bobbed up and down on his cock.

Juices were flowing now, my saliva running down his cock, over his balls and into the crack of his ass. I used a finger to collect some of the natural lube and pressed my finger against his ass. He grunted and I slowly slid the finger inside waiting for him to begin to relax.

But my mouth was bringing the cum in his balls to a quick boil and I felt like he was going to explode any minute. He warned me he was cumming and he did. There was so much I could not catch it all and some ran out of the side of my mouth as I gulped down what I could. I milked his cock until it quit giving me cum. I cleaned his cock then used my tongue and finger to get the cum on my face into my hungry mouth. And then I kissed him . Our tongues tangled and feverishly wrapping around the other.

I got on my knees between his legs, spread his legs and raised them so they rested against my body his feet above my shoulders, exposing his hole. I pushed my swollen cock head against his hole and pushed gently.

“Oh yes and you’re a top too,” he said, grinning. “Perfect!”

He was very tight and it had probably been some time since he had a real cock in him. The head slid in and I stopped to give him time to relax his muscles, which clamped hard on my cock. Soon I felt him relax and slid inside some more. He shut his eyes and groaned and told me how good it felt. In a minute I slid all six inches of my cock the rest of the way inside him and then pulled back and slowly buried it deep in him again. I did it again and again and then pulled almost out and let some spit and saliva fall from my lips and hit my cock and his hole. I slid deep inside again and now could feel the natural lubrication of his hole and my cock. I went a little faster, always burying my cock as deep as I could. No short strokes for my new friend. He was becoming vocal about his pleasure and had his hand around his own cock as I kept plowing his ass.

“Fuck me Peter, oh yeah. You’re gonna make me cum again.”

“I’m cumming too,” I moaned.

“Oh god, fill me up Peter, I want you to cum inside me, cum inside me.”

That really got me going and I was ravaging his ass, my balls slapping loudly against him.

“I’m cummmming,” I moaned and rammed deep inside him my cock shooting another big load of cum.

I could feel my cum filling him up as he orgasmed too, his cock shooting another load all over his stomach.

I stayed in him until my cock began to go soft, then playfully licked the cum off his stomach and fed it to him with my mouth.

We laid there kissing for a bit and he asked if I could stay the rest of the weekend.

“Well they did tell me, I needed to work on my customer relationship skills,” I said grinning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32