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I posted this story a few years ago and came across it recently. I decided to switch a few things up and repost it. Hope you enjoy! x


I walked over to my calendar, counting the days until school begins again. Only four more days left. I was looking forward to a fresh start of a school year, and to meet new people and have new adventures.

A lot of kids are going back for an extra year, and that’s what I’m doing. A lot of my friends are doing the same too. It’s nice going back and being with people that I already know really well. Some kids are going into college or university. I’m only staying for one semester, then I’m off to university next fall, which I’m beyond excited about.

I had a great summer working and saving up money. It was an eye opener noticing how much school expenses were, so I worked nearly everyday of the week to make sure I met my financial goals. I’d say it was well worth it.

It turns out that my friends and I have the same courses at the same period this semester too, which made me look forward to it even more. Some of the classes were different but if we were able to have at least one class together, then that’s great too.

There is one girl I know who is also returning back to school this fall, Andrea Wilson.

Her and I have never gotten along. She accused me of flirting with her boyfriend at the time, Darren. This was years ago when I hardly knew her. Darren and I had biology together, and we were assigned to be partners to work on an upcoming project. During school hours, him and I would have to meet up on lunch and after school to work on it, and Andrea thought I was trying to steal him from her. In reality, I had no choice but to get together with him. I needed the marks and I needed to pass that class. Plus, the teacher assigned us. I didn’t pick to be with Darren.

They broke up about a month later due to ‘complications and differences in the relationship.’ Or so I heard. He seemed like a really nice guy when I worked with him. But I won’t forget that day when Andrea pulled me aside in the halls to talk in private. She had grabbed my shoulder, and took me aside by the water fountain.

‘You’re Dana, aren’t you?’

‘Yeah, I’m Dana, and you are?’

‘I’m Darren’s girlfriend. And if you don’t back off from him, things won’t be pretty for you, trust me,’

‘Woah, we’re class partners, that’s it. I hardly even know him, I didn’t even know he had a girlfriend,’

‘My name’s Andrea by the way, not ‘the girlfriend’, she said, using her fingers for quotations.

‘Right, well you don’t have to worry about anything,’

‘Good, I better not see you two after school together ever again,’


She proceeded to place her hand on my shoulder.

‘Now you know, bye,’

Then she turned and left, whacking me in the face with her long hair and leaving behind a cloud of strong perfume. I swear I tasted her perfume for days after we had our little talk. I never fully understood that conversation. And at the time, I had a huge crush on Will in our grade. After Darren and Andrea broke up, Andrea ended up finding out that I liked Will, and she would walk the halls with him, flirt with him, and even kiss his cheek, right in front of me.

My friends told me it was never worth it, but I couldn’t help but let it get to me. I had started talking to Will in between classes too, but once Andrea came in the picture, him and I never talked again. And he stopped texted me. I had to let it go, but I never got over it.

For the rest of our school years together, her and I would get in the most stupidest fights. She would whisper things in my ear in the hall as I passed her by, or I would purposely walk by her ex while she was standing in the hall with her group of friends. Then of course there would be drama all over text, social media and everything between us. Unfortunately my friends had to help me get out of the messes I had gotten myself into with her, but she was so tempting to argue with. It was like she begged for drama. And I do have my faults too, I have many things that I shouldn’t have said. But it’s hard to hold back sometimes.

Anyways, I’ll probably see her in the halls once in a while at school. I can’t do anything about it, but we just have to try to ignore each other to prevent any more future drama. That’s the last thing I want this year, there was enough of it last year to last an entire lifetime.


It’s officially back to school day, September 7th. I got dressed in uniform, did my hair and makeup and started downstairs. I could hear my mom cooking in the kitchen and I could smell eggs frying.

‘Morning,’ I said, sitting at the table.

‘Oh, good morning! I didn’t hear you coming down. Just thought I’d cook you some food for your first day back,’ she smiled and took bread out of the toaster.

‘It smells good. You didn’t have to,’ I told her, tucking in my chair. She plated it and placed it in front of me, handing me a fork.

‘There casino siteleri you go. Eat up, it will be a busy day,’


I began walking to my first class. It was a little early to go and sit in the classroom but on the way I saw a few of my great friends, Brandon and Taylor at their lockers.

‘Dana!’ Brandon called out, motioning his hands for me to come over. I smiled big and made my way over to them, pulling the both of them in for a hug.

‘We’re the cool kids now, you know, already graduated and coming back,’ Brandon laughed, I suppose it was a cool feeling. The halls were busy as people made their way to their lockers and classes.

‘Oh- guys, before I forget, I also started planning this back to school party,’ Brandon said.

‘No way! At your house?’ Taylor asked excitingly.

‘Yes, it’s going to be great. A whole bunch of kids in our grade want to come. I sent out a text to pretty much everyone. And my parents will be out for the night,’ Brandon said, looking at both me and Taylor with a big smile. I paused.

‘Everyone?’ I asked, raising my brows. Brandon looked at me.

‘Uh … I mean…’ he stuttered.

‘Anyone but Andrea, please,’ I said, almost ready to get down on my knees and beg for it not to be true.

‘Mmm… Oh Dana… I’m so sorry…’ Brandon said, looking upset as he glared to the ground.

‘Brandon! You know me and her don’t get along, why would you invite her?’ I asked, confused and bothered by the situation.

‘I’m sorry! It was an accident, I swear. You two probably won’t even see each other,’ he suggested, making eye contact with me again.

‘It’s a party, of course we will see each other! Oh Brandon, I can’t come if she’s going, there will be too much drama, I can feel it. We would end up fighting,’ I said, clenching my jaws together.

‘No Dana! You’re one of my best friends, you have to come! Please? I can’t uninvite her, there will be many people there, you two won’t even see each other, I promise,’ he said, pleading and holding onto my shoulders.

‘Ugh… Fine… But if one bad thing happens between me and her, I’m leaving,’ I said, wanting to stomp away like a child who didn’t get their way. I can’t believe he invited her.

Taylor looked at both me and Brandon.

‘I’m sure everything will be just fine,’ Taylor said, looking at me then Brandon. I sighed, trying not to let it bother me so much.

‘Knowing us, something will happen,’

‘Don’t think that way. It will be great, I promise,’ Brandon said, offering a reassuring smile. I couldn’t help but smile back, I trusted him and I really wouldn’t want to miss his party, even if Andrea was there. Suddenly the bell for first class rang.

‘See you later, have a good morning!’ Brandon said as he started down the hallway to first class with Taylor.

‘You too, see you guys,’

I went to my first class which was sociology. I walked to the front door, walking inside and placing my books on the desk, taking a seat. Everything was going good until I saw her.

Andrea came to the door, scoffing once she saw me. Nooo, I thought to myself. Are you kidding me? Looks like we will see each other a lot this semester… I do have a class with her… She walked in and sat behind me with her friend Sam. Their conversation was loud and I rolled my eyes as they began talking about the guy she last hooked up with.

‘He was great in bed, but the sex was awful. I mean, he only lasted like a few minutes. Guess I’m just that good,’ she said to her friend, and I heard laughs between them shortly after. I didn’t need to hear any of this, I already wanted first class to be over with.

‘What’d you do this summer Dana?’ she asked in a raised voice, my back turned to her. After a few seconds I turned my face to her, looking at her.

‘Instead of hooking up with guys, I worked,’ I said, looking at her with a look I knew was full of disgust. She shot me a weird look.

‘So you clearly didn’t have a fun summer,’ she said.

‘It was a great summer, and fun. Sounds like you messed around,’ I said, turning my back to her.

‘His name was Mackenzie and yeah, I actually had fun,’ she said, her voice ringing through my ears. I rolled my eyes once again, letting out an annoyed breath. I heard her chair push out, then she leaned over her desk, coming closer to me.

‘At least I’m not a virgin anymore,’ she whispered to me. I could hear the smirk in her words, and I heard Sam laughing on the side. I locked eyes with her, desperately trying not to punch her in the face or whack her off the chair, or both at the same time.

‘Andrea, just stop,’ I said flatly, holding back my words and biting my tongue so hard I thought it was going to bleed.

‘I bet you’re so tight, a guy wouldn’t even be able to get his finger inside,’ she whispered before she sat back once again in her chair.

‘Bitch,’ I whispered before I turned around.

‘You just admitted you’re still a virgin,’ she slot oyna said, and I once again heard the smirk in her voice. She smacked her lips together before she leaned back down. I bit my tongue even harder, feeling the veins in my neck starting to arise. Then from behind, she leaned over once again, pressing her lips to my ear.

‘I bet you don’t even how what an orgasm feels like. I know you’ve never had one,’ she whispered in my ear, her breath travelling throughout my ear canal. I tilted my head to the side in annoyance, groaning and shifting uncomfortably in my seat.

‘Just sit down, it’s not that hard,’ I whispered to her through my teeth.

‘Am I right?’ she asked, waiting for an answer from me. I let out another hard breath.

‘Andrea, just sit down,’ I repeated, my voice starting to shake from anger. But she was relentless and proceeded to talk more.

‘It feels so good, you’re missing out. Too bad a guy will never give you one,’ she whispered, sitting back down. I just closed my eyes and took in a deep breath. I lost count how many times I had cussed at her in my mind until class ended.


At lunch, I ended up meeting with Brandon. I was drained from my first period anger by a certain someone, and just wanted to go home.

‘Hey! How were your first few classes?’ he asked, helping me open my locker.

‘Splendid,’ I said sarcastically, reaching up and placing my papers on the top shelf. Brandon looked at me and he obviously knew I was joking.

‘What happened?’ he asked, taking my binder from my hand.

‘Ugh! I have Andrea in my first class, and she’s right behind me with Sam. She wouldn’t shut up today, she just kept going on about guys and sex and blah blah… her usual teasing me,’ I said, grabbing my binder for the next class.

‘Oh, well, maybe you could move,’ he suggested, offering a small smile.

‘Can’t. The teacher said the seats we chose, are the ones we stay in for the rest of the semester,’ I said, sighing and slouching my shoulders.

‘Oh… Come on Dana, I’m sure you two could come to good terms somehow,’ he said, placing his hand on my back.

‘Me and Andrea? Yeah right, we will never get along. No matter what, there will always be tension. So much has happened,’ I huffed, closing my locker and shutting the combination lock.

‘Just ignore her, or just be super nice to her,’ Brandon said, shrugging his shoulders in a hopeless way. I felt bad being so negative about it, but she’s the only person I can’t tolerate on any level.

‘She’s so conniving. I won’t be able to hold my tongue for long,’ I said, walking off to lunch with Brandon.


Friday rolled around and it was the night of Brandon’s party. He said everyone will be arriving at around 9 o’clock. It was chilly outside so he arranged the party to be in his basement, which is pretty big. He’s got a big room down there, a huge TV, living room area, and a gaming area. I just hope it will be fun. Hopefully I don’t bump into or see Andrea.

It was just hitting 8:30. I got dressed, said bye to my parents and made my way over. When I arrived, there were tons of kids already there. I was warmly welcomed by Brandon when I knocked on the door, he pulled me in for a tight hug.

‘Thank you so much for coming,’ he said, squeezing me.

‘You’re one of my best friends, I need to stop acting so childish with Andrea. I’m looking forward to tonight,’ I smiled, and he pulled back from the hug.

‘It’s going to be great, there’s so many people down there, I don’t even know half,’ he said, chuckling and welcoming me inside. I walked in and made my way down with Brandon. There were lots of drinks and food, and loud music blasting from the speaker. People were chugging back drinks, downing shots, dancing, playing games. It was fun to be here, and I’m glad I came. I met up with Taylor later in the night.

‘Hey, have you seen Andrea yet?’ she asked.

‘No I haven’t. Maybe she’s running late or just isn’t going to show up,’ I said, shrugging my shoulders.

‘Okay guys! We need one volunteer to go in the closet with someone!’ Drew called out to everyone out of nowhere.

‘Dana will do it!’ Noah shouted out.

‘What? I didn’t even say anything!’ I said laughing, and feeling hesitant to the offer.

‘You know you want to,’ Noah said, smirking and nudging my arm.

‘Are you going to do it Dana?’ Drew asked, looking at me with a smirk. I thought for a few seconds. It is a party, and there’s a high chance I wouldn’t even know the person I’d be in the closet with. Why not, I guess, right?

‘Fine, I’ll do it,’ I said, walking towards the basement closet.

The door was already closed, and Drew was holding onto the doorknob, waiting for me.

‘So who’s coming in with me?’ I asked, looking at Drew.

‘The person is already in there waiting for someone to join them. It’s pitch black in there so be careful,’ he said, winking. I rolled my eyes, feeling kinda nervous. I’ve canlı casino siteleri never played this kind of game before.

‘How long am I in there with them for?’ I asked curiously, still feeling hesitant.

‘You two have to engage in some sort of sexual act. Let’s say, 20 minutes? We will come and get you once time’s up,’ he said, smiling and guiding me closer to the door. Even though I was nervous, I was kinda excited at the same time. I doubt I’d know them, since I hardly know anyone else here. What if it’s Will? Or Luke? Or a guy I don’t even know at all? I suppose this could get awkward.

I turned and opened the closet door slowly, seeing nothing but blackness.

‘Have fun,’ Drew said, guiding me inside the closet then shutting the door. I couldn’t see a single thing, I was afraid of bumping into something or breaking something. Suddenly, I heard the door being locked from the outside. Okay… great, so I’m locked in here with this person too. I heard faint breathing coming from the side, and I followed the sound.

I shifted my body, holding onto the walls inside the closet so I didn’t trip or fall. I started to have second thoughts, and felt foolish being in here. I just wonder who came in here before I did. Seconds later, I felt a body close to me and my hand touched their arm. They reached out, pulled me closer and wrapped their hand around my neck. I felt nails digging in my neck, long nails…

Am I with a girl?

I payed attention to the breathing coming from the person. I can’t really tell from the breathing if it’s a guy or girl, and lots of people have longer nails. We ended up pulling each other in, our bodies touching closely. But then we kissed.

Our lips brushed. The lips against mine were smooth, soft, and full. But then I felt it… Breasts… Their breasts were also pushed up against mine… And I could smell it… The perfume. I am with a girl.

Oh God… I wonder if I know her… I wonder if she goes to my school… I wonder if it’s one of my friends… This is awkward, weird. But somehow we continued to kiss. The kiss grew deeper and deeper, and she let out a small moan when we started to kiss harder. I don’t recognize the sound, and the unknown identity started to drive me crazy.

Our tongues crashed and brushed, moving gently against the other, and she slipped her hands around my waist. I came to realization that I was getting turned on, and could feel the rush of blood starting. Who is this girl?

I couldn’t help but let out a moan as she started to kiss down my neck, sucking it lightly, and licking it up and down from the base of my throat to my jaw, allowing her tongue to dance around on my skin. The sensations felt nice, and it made my head tilt to give her more access. My moans grew louder as she kissed my collarbones, her plump lips kissing them repeatedly.

I pushed her back gently up against the wall, and began kissing up and down her neck, licking it from bottom to top, as she had done to me. I felt strange kissing a girl, but it wasn’t horrible. I just wonder what was going through her head, and if she felt just as strange as me.,

‘Mmm…’ she moaned, holding the back of my head. I felt her curls pressing up against my cheek as I kissed her tilted neck. I breathed in, her hair smells so good, like a coconut ginger shampoo. I realized that we still haven’t exactly communicated… I wonder what she’s thinking… I wonder if she knows who it is by now, or is still just as unsure as I still am. But I continued to kiss her neck in hopes that she would talk, I just wanted to hear her say something. I decided to speak to her, hoping it would get some kind of conversation going.

I grazed my tongue across her collarbones, sucking her shoulder gently, while running my hands firmly up and down her sides, pulling her hips closer to me. She moaned, and I moved my lips back to hers, our foreheads touching.

‘You like this?’ I asked, referring to my hands touching her sides. She nodded, letting out a small breath.

‘Mhmm…’ she moaned in response. I breathed out, I couldn’t tell from that. My curiosity was starting to take full control.


This girl can really kiss, really touch. She was getting me to the point of wanting to jump her and have her rip off all my clothes. I thought her voice sounded somewhat familiar, but I’m really not sure. This whole situation made me wonder if she’s ever kissed a girl before, this is a first for me. But she continued kissing down my neck, slowly unbuttoning my shirt, opening it up. Even though I’ve never done this with a girl before, it felt really good.

‘Can I take off your shirt?’ the girl asked me.

‘Yeah,’ I responded quickly and quietly, practically squirming out of my shirt. I wanted to feel her hands on my skin, I wanted more time with her. Screw the 20 minute time up. I wonder what she looks like, I wonder who she is.


I pulled her shirt off of her shoulders, letting it fall off her arms, and it hit the ground. I ran my fingers across the flesh on her open chest and arms, her smooth skin made my fingertips tingle.

‘Your skin is so soft,’ I told her, pressing my lips against her shoulder, kissing it and sucking it gently.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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