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The bus moved slowly along the hair pin bends to reach the top of the hill station which was supposed to be the destination for our college trip. I was busy talking to my close friend Priya who occupied the seat beside me.

“Hey Priya, why are you so silent,” I asked to which she gave a bored look.

“I am so bored and my boyfriend is coming in the next bus. Who made this stupid rule to separate us boys and girls, Rani?” she blurted out angrily.

I giggled and said, “You sure seem to have planned things with him.”

She blushed and drifted her eyes sideways to see the view through the open window.

I relaxed back resting my head onto the seat. I am Rani, a 19 year old girl doing my second year in college. I look quite short compared to my other girl friends with a height of 4’9″ and an average weight. My sizes were a 32-28-36 with firm medium breasts topped by thick brown nipples and a perfectly rounded ass. Priya on the other hand was bit heavy with the sizes of 34-28-34 with soft firm breasts which runs down to her smooth hips and creamy white thighs. Her boyfriend loved to spend hours together on nibbling, sucking, biting and playing with her thick sensitive nipples which I came to know from her. I never took an effort to seek a boyfriend for myself while all my other friends seemed to have more than one. I was not fascinated entirely by this culture of dating in the morning and mating in the night yet I loved sex as much as any girl would do.

I knew she slept with her boyfriend from more than one occasion. I stayed in the college hostel while she came from her home to college. I guessed she is having sex with her boyfriend Gautam but an incident confirmed it. Once I went to meet her at her home and it was locked from inside . I decided to go by the back door when I was stopped by the noises from her bedroom. I moved near and the scene I saw through the partly open window startled me a bit.

There she was lying stark naked on the bed without a piece of cloth to cover her nudity, exposing all her beauty to the man humping her. The man who was supposed to be her boyfriend was humping her with deep thrusts as if there’s no tomorrow. She had her legs spread wide resting it on his shoulders. Her hands were kneading her erect nipples and his was holding her hips tight kissing her over and over again. The entire scene made me moist between my legs and I left the place soon.

I did asked her about it to which she said she trusts him and she would be marrying him once their education is over. I didn’t press on further into the topic but knew they would making love as soon as they reach our destination point. I came to know from Priya that he had a forest bungalow in which they would be spending the night together. I really didn’t like the idea but left it for her to decide.

The day passed with all the sight seeing which made me quite exhausted. After dinner, we all retired back to our allotted cottages to get some sleep. I was almost asleep when I felt a hand waking me up. It was my friend standing like a shadow in the dim moonlight.

“Rani, I am really scared to go out at this time to his bungalow. He insists I should be coming to spend the night with me. Can you please come?”

She was almost pleading and I proceeded to protest.

“You won’t have any problem, Rani. You can sleep on the bedroom on the ground floor. We will sleep on the first floor.”

I was kind of convinced with the explanation she gave and changed into my salwar kameez. We sneaked out of the cottage and started walking along the forest pathway. The wind was so sending shivers through our bones and I wrapped my dupatta around my shoulders.

It was a full moon day and it eradicated the darkness as we walked steadily. Priya seemed to be all excited glowing with happiness. I thought of the things that is going to happen to her this night. As soon as we reach the place, Gautam would surely try to take her to his bedroom as soon as possible. Once she agrees to go inside, she would not be able to come out until the lion had bahis firmaları his hunger satisfied by devouring the flesh of the timid deer. The only difference is here the deer is being eaten alive for the sexual hunger of the lion.

She was almost jogging towards the bungalow and her 34B breasts moved in unison with her motion. I knew the helper which keeps us women safe from the lusty looks of men which is our dupatta will be removed off and thrown to the floor. She would be soon be undressed by him and her salwar kameez will meet the same fate followed by her bra and panty. Moments later, the inhabitants of the forest will be hearing the noises made by the wild couple during copulation. The occasional grunts of the man and the shrill screams of the woman would be tearing into the silence of the forest.

“Why are you blushing, Rani?”

I was pulled back to reality by her question and I stammered to answer for a split second then gave a reply.

“I was just imagining the things going to happen to you once we reach his place.”

Now it was her turn to blush and I realized my imagination had went far beyond my control. The cold climate along with my wet dreams made me aroused.

“I shouldn’t get wet. It was Priya who is supposed to be wet cause she got a man to please her. I should try to cover up my thoughts and sleep as soon as possible.” I thought to myself in my mind.

We reached the bungalow and walked inside with slow steps. I was totally taken aback when I found out there were more than one man in there. They were boozing and it was a total of 4 men inside including her boyfriend. But she seemed to be calm about the situation as if she was aware of this situation.

“What is this, Priya?” I questioned her in an angry tone.

Gautam came to her rescue and replied me, “Nothing to worry, Rani. They are my friends from my native. They would be sleeping in the room adjacent to you on the first floor.”

I stood there speechless unable to digest the situation I got myself in.

“You can go to sleep, Rani”

It was the last words she spoke before Gautam almost dragged her holding her hips into his bedroom. Everything happened as I had expected except the fact that I was left alone in a lonely forest cottage with 3 drunken guys eyeing me like hyenas. One of the guy came forward and smiled at me. I smiled back for the sake of courtesy even though I didn’t like them.

“I am Varun and these are my friends Rajiv & Rohan. We were almost finished when you girls came. Shall we go to sleep?” he enquired me.

I was sweating profusely scared of being alone with these hunks who seemed to act decent. While Varun talked the eyes of the other guys were all over me scanning me. They look made me feel as if I am nude before them all. Rajiv’s eyes were all over my breasts trying to find out its texture and shape which was safely covered up inside my faithful bra and salwar.

The clock didn’t pass even few consecutive minutes when I heard Priya’s low moan from the closed doors of their bedroom. Then a gasp followed by a bang on the door. By instinct I proceeded to step forward and help her. The next moment my mind realized my foolish act knowing it is not she who needs help but me. She was a willing partner in being assaulted sexually but here I stood helpless with these guys around eyeing me without breaking contact.

“Gautam….Gautam….ahhhh….yess….” Her screams echoed inside the building and her voice clearly suggested her approaching orgasm. The guys looked back at me with a wicked grin.

“I am going to sleep,” I blurted out unable to handle their piercing looks as I walked up the stairs.

“We are going to sleep too,” they replied in unison and started walking behind me. I felt their eyes on my back as I hurried myself inside my bedroom and locked it from the inside. I was panting heavily as if I had finished a marathon. My body was drenched in sweat my breasts heaving up and down heavily. I laid myself on to the soft bed resting my head on the pillow and grabbed another one to kaçak iddaa hold in my hands.

It seemed I had slept for hours but in reality I had slept for only an hour. When I woke up the clock pointed twelve in a gesture to let me know it was almost midnight. I looked out of the window into the dark beyond the trees. The silence was broken again by a shrill scream from Priya which startled me.

“Why is she such a loud girl?” I thought to myself moving out of the bed.

Another high pitched scream from her made me frightened to the core. I unlocked my bedroom door and went downstairs. The door to the bedroom was partially open through which I peeked in. I was shocked by the scene that met my eyes. Inside was my friend being gang banged by the four guys. She was trying to protest with the last of her strength but failed in her attempt. She had been stripped down to the last piece of her clothing and was lying over Varun’s hairy chest with his hard cock buried into the depths of her wet pussy. Rajiv mounted her from behind with his cock lodged deep inside her ass leaving Rohan no other choice but to take the only hole left in her body her mouth.

They were pounding her mercilessly without paying the slightest attention to her cries of despair. Her voluptuous body was being treated as a piece flesh to satisfy their animalistic lusts. I stood there still shocked seeing the scene taking place right before my eyes. I stormed inside the room in a rage to help my friend but it was too late when I realized I am a sexy piece of flesh myself and it was a wrong decision to come inside. In a flash I was in the grip of Gautam’s strong hands while his friends was busy literally struck up with his girlfriend.

“Let me go,” I tried to free myself but failed forced to watch her being molested. Soon her pleas turned into cries of pleasure. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Priya orgasm from the heavy fucking she got from these guys. Her body betrayed her mind and she was a victim of lust. Her moans of pleasure were suppressed due to Rohan’s stiff cock covering up her mouth almost fully.

“Do you like what you see, Rani?” Gautam asked me planting a soft kiss on my ear lobe which sent shivers through me arousing me at the wrong moment at the wrong place.

“No, please leave her and let us go.”

“I planned to share only my girlfriend dear but these guys told me you are a better lay than you friend. That’s what made us to make you come here.”

He informed me letting me know I would be taking up her place in the same bed once they are done with my friend. My weak female body couldn’t put up a fight against his strength when he tied me up with a rope and took me out of the room closing the door behind us.

He made me to sit on the couch and then sat near me. Soon his hands were all over my breasts feeling their smoothness over my clothes. I protested but still I know clearly I was left helpless. He touched my virgin body all over and finally gave a tight kiss on my lips. My mind screamed asking him to stop this nonsense but my body responded immediately.

Even though I know what sex is all about, I have never had a real man touch me the way he is touching me now. It kindled all my hidden desires of womanly passion which made me wet between my thighs in my most private part. His kiss got deeper and I parted my lips open. He slid his tongue inside me as if waiting for this opportunity. I felt his hand moving lower in between my thighs. I clutched his hand tight in a final attempt to protect my virginity. He freed my bondage and moved his hands inside my salwar slipping it past my wet panties. Before I knew it, his fingers were buried inside my virgin wet pussy which may no longer be a virgin. I was sure I would be getting fucked tonight but just was scared imagining four guys taking me in bed same time in all my holes.

The cries of my friend was still heard outside the door which was soon joined by my own moans and gasps. He expertly sucked my nipples as I lay nude in his arms under his control. Gautam’s teeth nibbled my kaçak bahis erect nipples and his fingers had a rhythm of going in and out of my dripping pussy. He laid me on my back and mounted my legs over his shoulders. His hands parted my thighs spreading them wider to get access to my untouched private part of my body.

“Gautam, Please don’t do this. I am a virgin,” I pleaded him with the last of my strength to save my virginity which was supposed to be depraved by my husband on our first night after my marriage.

He gave a devilish grin unzipping his pants to let his hard cock out. It hung a solid 8″ inches which made me gasp with astonishment. He kept his hand on my brownish thighs moving in between my legs. I could feel his cock at the entrance of my pussy which he pushed in the next moment with all his might. I made a loud scream digging my nails onto his back unable to bear the gripping pain. He paused for a brief moment before resuming his fucking motion. My eyes were filled up with my tears my legs trembled due to the pain. I wept feeling humiliated yet aroused the same time. He cupped my ankles tightly pounding me deep and steady.

The old couch creaked each time he made constant thrusts into my deflowered pussy. Slowly as each minute passed I started enjoying the fucking I was receiving from my friend’s boyfriend. I started co-operating by thrusting my hips back giving him complete access to every inch of my fresh untouched body. He had his palm firmly clutching my tits kneading the erect nipple causing me to whimper often.

“Mmmm….ahhh…ouch,” I blurted out when he arched his back down onto me taking my nipples in his teeth giving a rough bite and slurping them like a child feeding on its mother.

I was lost in my own world of pleasure when I heard Priya pleading the guys to stop fucking her as she was sore and exhausted. He chuckled but never stopped his motion of ramming me. I soon realized the reason behind his mock when I heard the door opening to let the guys out. She was left lying nude on the bed with her fair skin covered all over by their cum. It seemed these guys had splashed their cum all over her body and forced her to suck their softening cocks one more time before they left her. They were commenting on what a dirty slut their friend’s girlfriend was when it comes to getting humped.

Gautam grunted pumping me faster reaching his orgasm soon. I didn’t last long either and my orgasm flooded through me right in front of four horny guys watching me keenly. I screamed his name twice before my orgasm and came with a feminine grunt. As soon as he got his share of pleasure from me he got off the bed leaving me abandoned with his buddies who seemed to be hard as rock and waiting to take their turns with me. I gasped trying to catch my breath after the hard pounding I received when Rajiv came near me scooping me up in his arms. I clung to his neck tightly out of fear and excitement. My soft nude breasts touched his hairy chest arousing my nipples which he sensed instantly and smiled looking into my eyes knowingly.

I blushed. My body clearly stated the guys that I would surely let them satisfy their long time dream of feasting themselves on my feminine assets. I knew I lost this battle of protecting my virginity and decided to oblige to their desires for the rest of the night. Rajiv carried me in his strong arms walking up the stairs to my room followed by Varun and Rohan closely behind. I closed my eyes preparing myself mentally to be sexually assaulted by three men same time in the same bed.

I felt the cold air rush through the open window when Rajiv entered my room carrying me in his arms. I sensed myself being placed down on the soft bed and heard the door being locked. I opened my eyes slowly to see them all three standing around the bed smiling naughtily at me. They were feasting on my nude form from head to toe when Rajiv finally spoke out.

“Please co-operate, Rani. We won’t hurt you.”

I nodded my head slightly closing my eyes again and braced myself for the inevitable. I felt a hand on my soft brown thighs, another on my naked tits and the other on my lips. I couldn’t guess which hand belonged to whom but all I knew is every hand is after one thing. That’s me.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32