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Big Tits

I am Priya and a regular visitor of this site. This incident has happened when I was 21 years old and was in the final year of my college. I used to live in Vasant Kunj, Delhi and one of my friends Shefali, who lives in defense colony invited me for a party at their neighbor’s house. It was a late night party. My parents usually won’t allow such parties. So, I had to make a story that I would be going for my friend’s place for combined study and would spend the night there. Another one of our friend Seema was also joining us in the evening I packed up my things for the party and reached my friends home in the afternoon.

We three girls have shaved our legs, did the nails and all the pretty things to make sure that we will be looking good in the evening. After all the things are done, it came to the question of what should be worn. The two other girls were planning to wear one-piece thigh length suit with a thin strap on the shoulders. Shefali’s dress was a red one and Seema’s was a black one. When it came to me, I shown my long white skirt and a striped sleeveless top. The other girls laughed at me saying that I should wear a sari instead of that dress. They kept on saying that I don’t have a taste of wearing the right dress for the parties. So, I asked Shefali to help me with the dress. Otherwise, I won’t be able to attend the party. Shefali showed me her few dresses and asked me to wear the one I like. They were all so great. But, one dress was mind blowing. I said to Shefali that the dress is too good for the party. But, I can’t wear a bra with it, as the dress doesn’t cover my back all the way from neck to the butts. My whole back would be bare if I wear it. Shefali said that I couldn’t even wear a panty with it, as the panty line doesn’t look good on it. On top of all this, the dress has a slit on either side, which will reveal my legs all the way up to the thighs. Anyway I decided to wear the dress without a bra and a panty.

We the three girls dressed up well for the party and reached there by 9PM. The party was next to the pool and people were scattered around. Some were near the pool, some at the lawn and some were sitting inside the house. Most of casino siteleri the people were in their twenties except a few in early thirties.

Shefali introduced me to a few guys and handed me a margarita drink. I had beer and rum before, but never tasted margarita. I was just holding it. Shefali left us and was talking with another guy. Seema and me were feeling little lonely. In just a few minutes few guys started talking to us and we were pretty comfortable. This guy Rohit started chatting with me and was very polite. Seema was also having good time with another guy.

I was so immersed in the conversation that I didn’t realize having margarita. I finished one and Rohit handed me another two while talking to me. The margarita was working on me. Rohit invited me for the dance and we headed to the lawn where the people are dancing. The light was dim there and was difficult to see other people except their legs.

Rohit and me started dancing and I started leaning on him after a while. Slowly, Rohit started rubbing my ass. It was feeling good. While rubbing my ass, he whispered in my ear that I was having the nicest butt he had ever seen. He started reaching my left thigh through the slit of the dress. His hands were warm like a cozy blanked in winter. Slowly, he started moving his hand on the other thigh. He raised my dress a little higher and started feeling my ass under the dress. I started moaning to him. I looked around to see if anyone is watching us. To my embarrassment, we were not at the dance floor now. He slowly moved us a little away towards some small trees. Other people won’t be able to see us. But, we can see others dancing although the faces were not clearly visible.

Rohit held me by the ass and started kissing me. It was so passionate one. He was really very gentle in handling me. He raised my dress even higher so that he could move his hands freely all the way from the thighs to the waist. We both moved a little away to a comfortable place.

Rohit started caressing my neck and the bare area top of my breasts. I opened my eyes to see that Shefali was having fun with another guy. The guy was sitting on a bush fence and Shefali was slot oyna sitting on his laps. Her dress was all the way up to the waist and the straps were down. She was almost bare except the dress covering a few inches around her waist. The guy was sucking Shefali’s breasts and she started moaning. He was moving his hands all over Shefali’s body.

Shefali pulled his pants and underwear down and was trying to climb on to the low walled fence. She kept her feet around him on the fence as the guy was sitting and put his cock in her pussy. Now, she started riding him up and down holding him with her hands around his neck. He was also holding her ass and pounding it up and down. After a few minutes, the guy said something to her. Shefali immediately came down and put his cock in her mouth. The guy must have shot all his semen in her mouth. Shefali sat next to him and started cleaning up the mess and rearranged her dress. The guy left her from one side of the fence.

Shefali just started to leave and another guy came from the other side. He handed over a drink to her and said that he was looking for her. She started saying that she was also looking for him and was trying to see whether he would be here behind the bushes. Shefali was having her drink and the guy started rubbing her ass. Shefali was giggling and laughing all the time. Shefali kept her drink down and they both started kissing. This guy looks to be in a hurry. He was doing all the kissing and fondling so fast that he may die soon and doesn’t want to waste time.

The guy moved her hands down and slid her dress down by moving the straps aside and sliding the dress down. Now she is bare with nothing on her. I doubt whether she was wearing any panty when she came to the party. She reciprocated by removing his jeans and the underpants. Now, these two people are just naked in a party. I wondered what will happen if somebody comes there. They both were hugging so desperately. Then he started sucking her breasts. She was moving all over while he was sucking her breasts. He was sucking one breast after the other and kissing her body in between. He whispered something to her and she sat on the low walled fence. She canlı casino siteleri parted her legs and he started licking her pussy. I never thought until that day that someone could do that. She was dragging him closer while he was licking her pussy. In a few minutes he got up and whispered something. She got up and leaned forward by putting her hands on the fence like a doggy style. The guy inserted his cock and started ramming her. She was moving back and forth due to the pushes. He was holding her by the ass. He rammed and rammed harder. After a few minutes, he removed his cock and dragged her by her arm closer to him. As soon as she reached closer to him, he put his cock in her mouth. She just took it in her mouth. The guy shivered for a few minutes and took his cock out from her mouth. He immediately took his clothes, wore it and left. The guy must be in a real hurry. Shefali was still on her knees trying to get up. She took her clothes and started wearing it. She is a bit tired by now. After she wore the dress, she was looking for something on the floor and Seema dropped in. Seema’s hair was a bit messy. I doubt what she did. They both were started talking something.

I was so much lost in looking at Shefali that I didn’t realize what Rohit was doing to me. When I got back to my senses, I found myself totally naked and my dress was lying on the ground around my legs. I felt embarrassed. I was not sure what this guy must have done to me. Since Rohit was too slow and patient, I guess he didn’t do much compared to the Shefali being fucked by two people during the same time.

I wasn’t really sure whether I should let this guy fuck me now, as I was still a virgin. The embarrassment that someone could come there and see us was horrifying to me. I just don’t want to do anything that he would forcefully fuck me. I pushed him away from me and said to him that I am scared to do it here and we can meet later sometime. He was pleased. I put my clothes on and he helped me with it.

I was just glad that I was not with the second guy Shefali fucked. Rohit and me came back near the pool and saw Shefali and Seema there. They came towards me and said that we have to leave, as it is already 12:30 in the midnight. Rohit agreed to accompany us till Shefali’s house. We four left the party and reached Shefali’s home.

All the readers, your comments are welcome.

– Priya

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32